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{"results": [{"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "2TtNstdJJpivPwm5i", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2019-06-04T00:09:45.687Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "EA Forum Prize: Winners for April 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "jh7D2kXKG77yBxc7F", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-06-03T18:43:06.199Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Public Spreadsheet of Effective Altruism Resources by Career Type"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "MBJvDDw2sFGkFCA29", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 119, "postedAt": "2019-06-02T04:08:30.726Z", "voteCount": 43, "title": "Is EA Growing? EA Growth Metrics for 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "pATRzxBzDRurxvuAm", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "kathrynmecrow", "username": "KathrynMecrow"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2019-06-01T21:03:13.533Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Launching the Giving Games Platform and new facilitator tools"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "nxuCebux37iKsKKFu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jackmalde", "username": "jackmalde"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2019-06-01T16:42:19.509Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Not getting carried away with reducing extinction risk?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "Q63XL564NYdhBzbem", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2019-05-31T22:22:54.299Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "On the margin, should EA focus on outreach or retention?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "4Xb7mLRCh6GExtW6w", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "nonzerosum", "username": "nonzerosum"}, "baseScore": -2, "postedAt": "2019-05-31T22:04:17.690Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Is trauma a potential EA cause area?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "xdr8N9vFXZEz3aRSi", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "siobhanbrenton", "username": "siobhanbrenton"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2019-05-31T18:27:09.903Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "RC Forward 2018 Year in Review"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "SXAmdzymaKpScez83", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "davidnash", "username": "DavidNash"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2019-05-31T16:36:21.148Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Latest EA Updates for May 2019\n"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ZYyfmMJwdpgsccnNr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_de_neufville", "username": "Robert_de_Neufville"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2019-05-31T04:01:26.222Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "GCRI Call for Advisees and Collaborators"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "SQdjFnrpuzeNhArhG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "arikr", "username": "arikr"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2019-05-31T01:08:04.246Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "[Link] A great set of free book summaries and notes"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "bGcKJiBt4HSSScF76", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 44, "postedAt": "2019-05-31T00:32:20.989Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "EA Survey 2018 Series: How Long Do EAs Stay in EA?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "KaQf9k2oX2AXCsLnc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2019-05-30T22:29:41.518Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "[Link] Act of Charity"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "pGYrC8bWZBXWKYiJB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "s_mannik", "username": "s_mannik"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2019-05-30T17:20:22.981Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Considering people\u2019s hidden motives in EA outreach"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "DJbxZTas4E3eyY4WX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "isaaccohen", "username": "IsaacCohen"}, "baseScore": -11, "postedAt": "2019-05-30T17:19:51.447Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Should we Resist Taxes?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "nA9C3GpNXmDStGHjp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "i2w", "username": "i2w"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2019-05-30T17:15:46.182Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Most effective way to recycle electronics?"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "KZkDBm6vuPMFALjQx", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2019-05-29T22:52:06.900Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Why do you downvote EA Forum posts & comments?"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "tXbekheMj9d636MmM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 94, "postedAt": "2019-05-29T19:58:55.470Z", "voteCount": 45, "title": "There's Lots More To Do"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "wqEzDz6RChf77afR8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lharrison", "username": "LHarrison"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2019-05-29T11:43:19.513Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "[Question] 20,000/40,000 Hours- MidCareer Options"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "unxuwMxX3yG23ASax", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davidmanheim", "username": "Davidmanheim"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2019-05-29T11:33:17.366Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Updating towards the effectiveness of Economic Policy?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "rWLJ3bEo5AWLoMa2X", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "niko-jo", "username": ""}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2019-05-29T03:26:17.725Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "My state allows for a 1 member nonprofit board and I like that idea in order to keep my vision. However I want to have a \"board of directors\", but have them as a body to give me advice, as opposed to the traditional governing board? How can I actually apply this and what non misleading title can I give to the \"board of directors\"?"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "FzqBbmer3QNaidWpc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2019-05-28T17:55:30.483Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "[Link] MacKenzie Bezos signs the Giving Pledge"}, {"commentsCount": 37, "_id": "kQopkweME8bz8gZZ5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benhoffman", "username": "BenHoffman"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2019-05-28T17:33:39.308Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "Drowning children are rare"}, {"commentsCount": 41, "_id": "DG2kBQYWGcPwF3wGC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2019-05-27T03:46:45.290Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "What exactly is the system EA's critics are seeking to change?"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "R2QxnTDH3kF6dzibH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 52, "postedAt": "2019-05-25T18:17:05.070Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Crowdfunding for Effective Climate Policy"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "9gJAmSx73xYWi9QgS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "darius_meissner", "username": "Darius_Meissner"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2019-05-25T12:10:19.474Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Framing Effective Altruism as Overcoming Indifference"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "RmTqKTkjiiPgRTWdL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sanjay", "username": "Sanjay"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2019-05-25T10:46:08.885Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Please use art to convey EA!"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "Hibj8ZREbJgQYhPdF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jacobjacob", "username": "jacobjacob"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2019-05-24T20:31:24.263Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Building a successful economy for collaborative cognitive work with high externalities"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "t5xBsFudvNStCwmgs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": -1, "postedAt": "2019-05-24T00:34:21.858Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "An Effective Altruist Course for Capitalism"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "FDczXfT4xetcRRWtm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2019-05-24T00:30:19.653Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "An Effective Altruist Plan for Socialism"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "JWcNfLAJCxMPZCdCu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "karolinasarek", "username": "KarolinaSarek"}, "baseScore": 43, "postedAt": "2019-05-23T15:30:00.889Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "35 Independent Pieces of Evidence for Why New Corporate Campaigns Might (or Might Not) Work"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "FYbYqwwNyneKxhuX2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "agdfoster", "username": "agdfoster"}, "baseScore": 57, "postedAt": "2019-05-23T08:55:23.292Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "EA Meta Fund Grants - March 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "4jEhHFqWH5z2zovws", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2019-05-23T00:32:34.098Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Stefan Schubert: Moral Aspirations and Psychological Limitations"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "QrGeEGMpKMEMsdThL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jamie_harris", "username": "Jamie_Harris"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2019-05-22T15:29:49.195Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "How tractable is changing the course of history?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "tnXXurcdLrNvjgssN", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "risto_uuk", "username": "Risto_Uuk"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2019-05-22T09:15:39.457Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "How to Make Short EA Videos?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "E8LLXB8QhxK8MSxSo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "andzuck", "username": "andzuck"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2019-05-22T05:54:57.421Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "[Link] Philanthropy, psychedelics and effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "QmfchinDKEcHG5uz5", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "linda-linsefors", "username": "Linda Linsefors"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2019-05-21T18:57:00.683Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Two AI Safety events at EA Hotel in August"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "qYG2ex7vZFzaBRR6t", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "givewell", "username": "GiveWell"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2019-05-21T05:47:00.659Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "GiveWell's plans for 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "riKJ9czGAa7gdGGZP", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "givewell", "username": "GiveWell"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2019-05-21T05:42:59.440Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Review: GiveWell's work in 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "ACakTpPxkax8skqbR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "hunterjay", "username": "HunterJay"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2019-05-21T05:17:11.209Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "The Case for Superintelligence Safety As A Cause: A Non-Technical Summary"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "q4MFybCuAoBk2GMaB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "dummy_1", "username": "dummy_1"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2019-05-21T05:16:39.610Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Software: Private sector to non-profits"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "fQ4HGx4AR2QXHR5RL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2019-05-21T00:26:54.713Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "EA Forum: Footnotes are live, and other updates"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "mPM7gKicJYQKhtAB8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "karolinasarek", "username": "KarolinaSarek"}, "baseScore": 35, "postedAt": "2019-05-20T18:25:24.097Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "How to improve your productivity: a systematic approach to sustainably increasing work output"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "n2Y7z5wvjTuNn5TYg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "incogneilo18", "username": "Incogneilo18"}, "baseScore": 39, "postedAt": "2019-05-20T17:06:53.950Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Cost-Effectiveness of RC Forward"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "Ju9XbCxosoAs6kRK4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "carrickflynn", "username": "carrickflynn"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2019-05-20T16:56:49.549Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "How the Giving Games Project Tracks Its Impact"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "ioXq3LJhZY2JqQvZj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robm_73-hotmail-com", "username": "[email protected]"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-05-20T08:37:38.528Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Stories and altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "oEDoC7nFH9tk835TN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2019-05-19T17:32:49.242Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "[Link] David Pearce on understanding psychedelics"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "znuJ2Z48YnEjrGLvA", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "khorton", "username": "Khorton"}, "baseScore": 74, "postedAt": "2019-05-18T13:29:24.187Z", "voteCount": 34, "title": "Why do EA events attract more men than women? Focus group data"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "P4yXkPTkBgQCcSxD3", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "davidnash", "username": "DavidNash"}, "baseScore": 45, "postedAt": "2019-05-17T23:10:58.464Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Effective Altruism London Landscape in 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "SFPam5MKbHBCq8w3h", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robm_73-hotmail-com", "username": "[email protected]"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2019-05-17T12:48:07.638Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "8 ways to free up donation money without sacrifice"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "A5EwAtoGBEBDFLDvE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robm_73-hotmail-com", "username": "[email protected]"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2019-05-17T11:16:56.641Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Minimalism and Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "yNj6xKZWreGr85sdR", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2019-05-17T06:10:14.053Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Update on the Vancouver Effective Altruism Community"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "cXK9CRY3ft7ijZmWZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "orenmn", "username": "orenmn"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2019-05-17T06:00:47.951Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Is this a valid argument against clean meat?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "dCjz5mgQdiv57wWGz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "storges", "username": "storges"}, "baseScore": 72, "postedAt": "2019-05-16T16:23:41.047Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Ingredients for creating disruptive research teams"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "ahPL4N6byqR5YvJcw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "richard_ngo", "username": "richard_ngo"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2019-05-16T12:28:54.437Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Which scientific discovery was most ahead of its time?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "YivqwF4zNCTRSfk73", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2019-05-16T11:17:13.926Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Fireside Chat with Rachel Glennerster"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "ktEfsoGfBFGsaiY46", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 38, "postedAt": "2019-05-16T06:12:39.522Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Overview of Capitalism and Socialism for Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "qqE5wGFXfLTwPCGN4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "nonzerosum", "username": "nonzerosum"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2019-05-16T01:07:23.603Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Are there groups of medical symptoms that could be impactful to be turned into a specific diagnosis? I learned that PTSD was created as a result of lobbying, previously it was just disparate symptoms."}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "fniRhiPYw8b6FETsn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 27, "postedAt": "2019-05-15T23:37:37.066Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Jade Leung: Why Companies Should be Leading on AI Governance"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "nY2SKWfuQgpxYGL9N", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "nathan", "username": "nathan"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-05-15T21:20:02.296Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "How does one live/do community as an Effective Altruist?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "RkJq9fYKbgeGyCDdE", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "80000_hours", "username": "80000_Hours"}, "baseScore": 33, "postedAt": "2019-05-13T18:01:23.384Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Recap - why do some organisations say their recent hires are worth so much? (Link)"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "YG5GuycjyWapz2Se3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "holly_elmore", "username": "Holly_Elmore"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2019-05-13T15:30:23.246Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "The Turing Test podcast #8: Spencer Greenberg"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "WiXgAtM5LG9xoJ4hg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zwcoop", "username": "zwcoop"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2019-05-13T09:47:59.746Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Non-Profit Insurance Agency"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "z7DbtsFoNToh8Tket", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2019-05-12T07:33:46.183Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "EA Still Needs an Updated and Representative Introductory Guidebook"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "TZkxCBzbjSmpFbns8", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-05-12T05:48:44.184Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "What caused EA movement growth to slow down?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "tbA7fMSCMEx8aMARe", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2019-05-12T04:34:32.667Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Does the status of  'co-founder of effective altruism' actually matter?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "pKFZ5mdnaqQvJmGLe", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "ea-hotel", "username": "EA Hotel"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2019-05-10T22:10:51.674Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "The Athena Rationality Workshop - June 7th-10th at EA Hotel"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "GB8bRgs7zARYomvjN", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2019-05-10T20:36:19.032Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Structure EA organizations as WSDNs?"}, {"commentsCount": 110, "_id": "zwno3Gxb8p6DmfadP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 44, "postedAt": "2019-05-10T18:13:04.968Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "Cash prizes for the best arguments against psychedelics being an EA cause area"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "Zbe4Dsz7P5rGBFYqw", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "holocron", "username": "Holocron"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2019-05-10T13:46:52.616Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Is EA ignoring significant possibilities for impact?"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "SgvJxTcbNhBPcDEWJ", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2019-05-09T17:31:52.354Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "[Link] \"Radical Consequence and Heretical Knots\" \u2013 an ethnography of the London EA community"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "bcqQ8MHBvsKG5RqbT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2019-05-09T14:56:50.820Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "[Link] 5-HTTLPR\n"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "X72cBBkX32nnfeKGJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davidjanku", "username": "DavidJanku"}, "baseScore": 52, "postedAt": "2019-05-09T13:57:55.346Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Effective Thesis project: second-year update"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "RiteyfxEiRHNDsZHj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jakob_j", "username": "Jakob_J"}, "baseScore": -5, "postedAt": "2019-05-09T12:41:47.769Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Why we should be less productive."}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "amBRxuSw56fMqQ6q2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "blehrer", "username": "blehrer"}, "baseScore": 31, "postedAt": "2019-05-08T20:38:58.879Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Benefits of EA engaging with mainstream (addressed) cause areas"}, {"commentsCount": 58, "_id": "CkYq5vRaJqPkpfQEt", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jon_behar", "username": "Jon_Behar"}, "baseScore": 81, "postedAt": "2019-05-08T19:33:06.076Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "A Framework for Thinking about the EA Labor Market"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "jbR9XrZbsqCsnR3vy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "maxcarpendale", "username": "MaxCarpendale"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2019-05-08T19:22:52.855Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Thoughts on the welfare of farmed insects"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "yuQaCojfFZLvprbuY", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "colinbested", "username": "ColinBested"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2019-05-08T18:51:01.443Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "What are some neglected practices that EA community builders can use to give feedback on each other's events, projects, and efforts?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "mbxgyvoGToCCEPCo9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2019-05-08T17:06:06.726Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "[Link] 80,000 Hours 2018 annual review"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "RhjnkQDRbfHxrFuHk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "utilitarian01", "username": "utilitarian01"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2019-05-08T15:19:25.070Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Charity opportunity going on over at /r/veganactivism"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "5ma9i7pMvd9Dpu3SK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_lang", "username": "Paul_Lang"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2019-05-08T08:56:24.956Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Diversifying money on different charities"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "Zrcyv2ZF4Nf2sJiZx", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "nathan", "username": "nathan"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2019-05-08T08:56:19.942Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "This website is really functional and attractive (to me)"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "xzjQvqDYahigHcwgQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ivanvendrov", "username": "IvanVendrov"}, "baseScore": 66, "postedAt": "2019-05-08T08:56:14.686Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "Aligning Recommender Systems as Cause Area"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "86sCTTpu4dK52hYgR", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "maxcarpendale", "username": "MaxCarpendale"}, "baseScore": 46, "postedAt": "2019-05-07T18:43:12.984Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "My recommendations for RSI treatment"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "g3CaLQpNvqYY3oWtb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jorgen_ljones", "username": "Jorgen_Ljones"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2019-05-07T15:37:57.992Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "What are good reasons for or against working on protecting biodiversity and ecosystem services?"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "SvnvXr9FYzM6D9xdi", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "nathan", "username": "nathan"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2019-05-07T07:25:07.387Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Is EA unscalable central planning?"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "L5t3EPnWSj7D3DpGt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cafelow", "username": "cafelow"}, "baseScore": 61, "postedAt": "2019-05-07T02:04:14.664Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "High School EA Outreach"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "bv8QGK9uPPg5fdFhk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 45, "postedAt": "2019-05-07T01:36:59.748Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "EA Forum Prize: Winners for March 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "qqqAFMpSnkQXybCSE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "emmaq", "username": "emmaq"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2019-05-06T23:05:43.999Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Aid Optimization"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "yWkybxkFjRspmK4FY", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "litvand", "username": "litvand"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-05-06T23:04:43.667Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Is there a job board with measures of impact where users can add jobs?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "mpYYsWYfpnBKk3FAy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "len-hoang-lnh", "username": "len-hoang-lnh"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-05-06T23:04:26.395Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Quantum computing concerns?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "MZgd8cfvNrXcNG8zF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2019-05-06T17:57:41.913Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "[Link] \"A Psychedelic Renaissance\" (Chronicle of Philanthropy)"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "hPJgG32orpttRNkBY", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "nathan", "username": "nathan"}, "baseScore": -3, "postedAt": "2019-05-06T11:20:51.105Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "If this forum/EA has ethnographic biases, here are some suggestions"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "jwZhhpyZXahkogbkJ", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "nathan", "username": "nathan"}, "baseScore": 39, "postedAt": "2019-05-06T10:59:41.441Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "How do we check for flaws in Effective Altruism?"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "G6aZMjXBke326WJLp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "orenmn", "username": "orenmn"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-05-06T06:42:41.563Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Should we consider the sleep loss epidemic an urgent global issue?"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "AKYcKhETR3fu9cHrE", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-05-05T17:10:45.959Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Why isn't GV psychedelics grantmaking housed under Open Phil?"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "q6h3K7cuyRbDbnoo3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benhoffman", "username": "BenHoffman"}, "baseScore": -9, "postedAt": "2019-05-05T01:44:47.210Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Should Effective Altruism be at war with North Korea?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "Ly7diLpRmKEigFpde", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "marisajurczyk", "username": "MarisaJurczyk"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2019-05-04T22:01:50.594Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Is value drift net-positive, net-negative, or neither?"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "k4tLSsFSi9D6tC6Xt", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2019-05-04T18:37:39.166Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "[Link] Totalitarian ethical systems"}, {"commentsCount": 30, "_id": "C5diBK7sJmoYWdrCs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 50, "postedAt": "2019-05-04T00:58:12.568Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "Is preventing child abuse a plausible Cause X?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "M958XZGP6w6anfEGQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "raemon", "username": "Raemon"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2019-05-04T00:15:57.178Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "What's the median amount a grantmaker gives per year?"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "qoWkjamKzEauMutwW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_west", "username": "Ben_West"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2019-05-03T23:31:40.123Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "What is the Impact of Beyond Meat?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "rB3kQng99cXDim7XH", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2019-05-03T21:20:43.340Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Open Thread #45"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "8of5dmfJ4qGcuKuui", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "nonzerosum", "username": "nonzerosum"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2019-05-03T18:30:12.254Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Book recommendation: Loonshots"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "fZp6Fpowmd5a8Lu2w", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "reallyeli", "username": "reallyeli"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2019-05-03T03:27:57.603Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "What is the current best estimate of the cumulative elasticity of chicken?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "DeYLsacSsB5mRw3XC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "holly_elmore", "username": "Holly_Elmore"}, "baseScore": 52, "postedAt": "2019-05-02T23:08:25.894Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Scrupulosity: my EAGxBoston 2019 lightning talk"}, {"commentsCount": 34, "_id": "YsH8XJCXdF2ZJ5F6o", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "holly_elmore", "username": "Holly_Elmore"}, "baseScore": 65, "postedAt": "2019-05-02T20:33:38.915Z", "voteCount": 39, "title": "I want an ethnography of EA"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "EnYWBfDNyDQHEs9kz", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jason-schukraft", "username": "Jason Schukraft"}, "baseScore": 41, "postedAt": "2019-05-02T19:37:11.592Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "EA Research Organizations Should Post Jobs on"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "zbZxisJRJBCdtYvh9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haydnbelfield", "username": "HaydnBelfield"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2019-05-01T15:34:20.425Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Centre for the Study of Existential Risk Six Month Report: November 2018 - April 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "h95YqrLvjMovGmPna", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davidnash", "username": "DavidNash"}, "baseScore": 54, "postedAt": "2019-05-01T15:08:00.695Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "Latest EA Updates for April 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "Kkw8uDwGuNnBhiYHi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tessa", "username": "tessa"}, "baseScore": 36, "postedAt": "2019-04-30T16:03:20.884Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Will splashy philanthropy cause the biosecurity field to focus on the wrong risks?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "574uaGs6LP3a4PeNM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alexherwix", "username": "alexherwix"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2019-04-29T09:14:18.361Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Getting the Rich and Powerful to Give"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "5FesXkhArfEXF47mn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "maxcarpendale", "username": "MaxCarpendale"}, "baseScore": 68, "postedAt": "2019-04-28T17:52:52.679Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "Interview with Jon Mallatt about invertebrate consciousness"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "aYyP4of3D5rkEwJJC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rakelthe1-gmail-com", "username": "[email protected]"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2019-04-28T16:11:44.266Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "The most cost-efficient way to convert money into personal health"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "uR4mEzMR7fiQzb2c7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "emanuele_ascani", "username": "Emanuele_Ascani"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2019-04-28T07:20:56.419Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Aging research and population ethics"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "wXaBQRNmDnJ8WWbgD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "olliebase", "username": "OllieBase"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2019-04-26T11:16:58.457Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "[Link] Reframing Superintelligence: Comprehensive AI Services as General Intelligence"}, {"commentsCount": 26, "_id": "Qi5ftCfCKTSHsJ5LX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "andzuck", "username": "andzuck"}, "baseScore": 56, "postedAt": "2019-04-26T02:50:54.845Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "Psychedelics Normalization"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "k8pj37aokXoSEcKiB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "matthewp", "username": "matthewp"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2019-04-25T17:30:44.324Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "[Link] Freedom Week"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "tWchkG2qKWaDLeXbc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "henry_stanley", "username": "Henry_Stanley"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2019-04-25T09:32:59.129Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Sentience Institute: US Factory Farming Estimates"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "t2iivX8TJarhhRjJf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kierangreig", "username": "kierangreig"}, "baseScore": 58, "postedAt": "2019-04-24T22:28:07.155Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "[LINK] Farmed Fish Welfare Report"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "xgbEs5BPismF86aLk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jon_behar", "username": "Jon_Behar"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2019-04-24T20:47:08.714Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "The Life You Can Save's 2018 Annual Report"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "5hKDjrGocGcreH3DC", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "risto_uuk", "username": "Risto_Uuk"}, "baseScore": 51, "postedAt": "2019-04-24T07:57:40.440Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "How to Get the Maximum Value Out of Effective Altruism Conferences"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "JbZYo9jTKuFeuDB5Z", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 55, "postedAt": "2019-04-24T00:58:15.693Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Why does EA use QALYs instead of experience sampling?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "XKXTDJixDykDzohQE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ghabs", "username": "ghabs"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-04-23T19:50:45.082Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "[Link] Advice on starting a microgrant program"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "tbRDNyRAQQ9CeGrZW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haydnbelfield", "username": "HaydnBelfield"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2019-04-23T16:03:21.275Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Lecture Videos from Cambridge Conference on Catastrophic Risk"}, {"commentsCount": 227, "_id": "CJJDwgyqT4gXktq6g", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "habryka", "username": "Habryka"}, "baseScore": 134, "postedAt": "2019-04-23T07:00:00.000Z", "voteCount": 71, "title": "Long-Term Future Fund: April 2019 grant recommendations"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "rN4KK9Ct2en4HqmQS", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "robm_73-hotmail-com", "username": "[email protected]"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2019-04-22T23:16:07.184Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Meditation and Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "szErygumbNXqZa2cW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2019-04-22T18:54:04.317Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Should EA collectively leave Facebook?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "LZKXxhFLSsypM8f2E", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "erikaalonso", "username": "erikaalonso"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2019-04-22T16:48:09.134Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "ACE's Spring 2019 Effective Animal Advocacy Fund Grants"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "hxmnJAS89QSSBPsjX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zdgroff", "username": "zdgroff"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2019-04-22T00:56:00.840Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "[Question] Pros/Cons of Donor-Advised Fund"}, {"commentsCount": 42, "_id": "TyLxMrByKuCmzZx6b", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 44, "postedAt": "2019-04-21T20:37:51.671Z", "voteCount": 53, "title": "Reasons to eat meat"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "ifpgHBtHZhKhgnQ4X", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alangreenspan", "username": "AlanGreenspan"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2019-04-19T18:55:11.554Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Solution to Housing Crisis"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "KpptCwSRh7QvdPR6o", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "justis", "username": "Justis"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2019-04-18T16:08:17.750Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Why are fund payouts filtered as Community Posts?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "r5ZaEPbxHnM3cc5b8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "pcihon", "username": "pcihon"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2019-04-17T22:17:31.272Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Supporting global coordination in AI development: Why and how to contribute to international AI standards"}, {"commentsCount": 54, "_id": "H8gC7gLfFvCTwLDsf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aaron_nesmith-beck", "username": "Aaron_Nesmith-Beck"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2019-04-17T18:34:48.115Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "Legal psychedelic retreats launching in Jamaica"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "bFM5ZorxkPTtoPiec", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-04-17T17:18:32.303Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Should EA grantmaking be subject to independent audit?"}, {"commentsCount": 59, "_id": "BwDAN9pGbmCYZGbgf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bdixon", "username": "bdixon"}, "baseScore": 92, "postedAt": "2019-04-17T06:50:12.308Z", "voteCount": 74, "title": "Does climate change deserve more attention within EA?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "6Dqb8Fkh2AnhzbAAM", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "agrippa", "username": "Agrippa"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2019-04-17T00:09:00.236Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Reducing EA job search waste"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "bbTPAN83fk3TR7gwr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2019-04-16T21:25:30.508Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Is Modern Monetary Theory a good idea?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "kh9PDKQ8xj4sTcMbp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2019-04-16T21:04:18.295Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "What Master's is the best preparation for an Econ PhD?"}, {"commentsCount": 57, "_id": "YHyvjYSEQtp3nfd6c", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ardenlk", "username": "Ardenlk"}, "baseScore": 85, "postedAt": "2019-04-16T18:51:04.319Z", "voteCount": 48, "title": "Thoughts on 80,000 Hours\u2019 research that might help with job-search frustrations"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "JmPQKoWjF6p9pahQx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2019-04-16T18:42:58.980Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "\nComplex value & situational awareness"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "5wcvBNq9WvMuGJC3D", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "elizabeth", "username": "Elizabeth"}, "baseScore": 56, "postedAt": "2019-04-16T17:57:25.756Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Literature Review: Distributed Teams"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "jDLzettqkp4Ec4ktn", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2019-04-16T17:31:53.811Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "[Link] Open Phil's 2019 progress & plans update"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "ykwQCpBxL3qPKAAqx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "karolinasarek", "username": "KarolinaSarek"}, "baseScore": 59, "postedAt": "2019-04-16T10:16:48.999Z", "voteCount": 31, "title": "Top Charity Ideas 2019 - Charity Entrepreneurship"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "6JxWPnt4ThujaTKZH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "holly_elmore", "username": "Holly_Elmore"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2019-04-15T20:35:51.995Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "The Turing Test podcast is back with Bryan Caplan!"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "ptTMSdi9BReWSFAth", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "sdspikes", "username": "sdspikes"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2019-04-15T20:26:57.767Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Berkeley REACH EA Weekend Workshop"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "hF3LdaqNbpxPrKBHJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "donychristie", "username": "DonyChristie"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2019-04-13T20:16:43.283Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "What are people's objections to earning-to-give?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "kxrMaeTSiH8QJCT97", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "david_reinstein", "username": "david_reinstein"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2019-04-13T15:49:40.178Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "A corporate skills bake sale?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "t45zhXYsJbGSeK86b", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jwbayou5", "username": "jwbayou5"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2019-04-12T14:57:16.861Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Do we have any recommendations for financial advisers for earning to give?"}, {"commentsCount": 28, "_id": "ww4fZmswiLCmMbkjJ", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2019-04-12T06:03:45.822Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Political culture at the edges of Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "FtJpESC9C3RfsKfJc", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2019-04-10T23:49:16.862Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Who in EA enjoys managing people?"}, {"commentsCount": 33, "_id": "AChFG9AiNKkpr3Z3e", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-04-10T23:09:23.892Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Who is working on finding \"Cause X\"?"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "Prxqvhr9JFj7JyJRX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rohinmshah", "username": "rohinmshah"}, "baseScore": 61, "postedAt": "2019-04-10T07:00:34.021Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "\nAlignment Newsletter One Year Retrospective"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "Gh5vrW8ctw8QLcoXZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "captainjc", "username": "captainjc"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2019-04-09T18:11:02.250Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Activism to Make Kidney Sales Legal"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "mYt4RKGobiWvcMBeL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2019-04-09T13:06:53.969Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Value of Working in Ads?"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "3Sb8B7wBKpYiHzviy", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "spanrucker", "username": "spanrucker"}, "baseScore": 42, "postedAt": "2019-04-08T22:26:38.470Z", "voteCount": 32, "title": "Can my filmmaking/songwriting skills be used more effectively in EA?"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "giCXsYXwHfx3MDs8Z", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "utilitarian01", "username": "utilitarian01"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2019-04-08T17:48:24.427Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Why animal charities are much  more effective than human ones"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "2LpW22MpmAPuiraJt", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "michal_trzesimiech", "username": "Michal_Trzesimiech"}, "baseScore": 85, "postedAt": "2019-04-08T08:54:43.775Z", "voteCount": 46, "title": "Announcing EA Hub 2.0"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "HPQJu5C5o583rMZ78", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2019-04-05T15:31:43.903Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "What role might insects play as part of the future of food?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "7W2y7BvG5hf5rXbuM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "casebash", "username": "casebash"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-04-05T11:37:00.294Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Most important unfulfilled role in the EA ecosystem?"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "wHyy9fuATeFPkHSDk", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jan_kulveit", "username": "Jan_Kulveit"}, "baseScore": 51, "postedAt": "2019-04-05T07:35:39.513Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "How x-risk projects are different from startups"}, {"commentsCount": 58, "_id": "Wghi6hpu5gGBZHvtj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "chris-smith", "username": "Chris Smith"}, "baseScore": 68, "postedAt": "2019-04-04T13:28:53.703Z", "voteCount": 35, "title": "[Link] The Optimizer's Curse & Wrong-Way Reductions"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "LhRGBERBQ79gbToDz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2019-04-03T21:32:23.408Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Why did three GiveWell board members resign in April 2019?"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "8wEDjvpcdACvYGQTq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jcroxton", "username": "jcroxton"}, "baseScore": 39, "postedAt": "2019-04-03T21:26:46.146Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "On AI and Compute"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "FTRZTiSZMCzr59o96", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "domij", "username": "domij"}, "baseScore": -4, "postedAt": "2019-04-03T17:20:53.058Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "What are the Principles (guideline, moral spirit, social contract, or whatever the name is) for Effective Altruism? "}, {"commentsCount": 28, "_id": "cXHqs3gX2DL9FZzMy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "mulholio", "username": "mulholio"}, "baseScore": 56, "postedAt": "2019-04-03T12:30:34.959Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Salary Negotiation for Earning to Give"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "Qa3AkbX9mqWZ3XuKp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2019-04-02T20:50:23.521Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Is visiting North Korea effective?"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "4FSANaX3GvKHnTgbw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "saulius", "username": "saulius"}, "baseScore": 81, "postedAt": "2019-04-02T13:16:07.994Z", "voteCount": 33, "title": "35-150 billion fish are raised in captivity to be released into the wild every year"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "pKAYYMnNw8LDf2HuR", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "yhoiseth", "username": "yhoiseth"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2019-04-02T07:12:23.253Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Tool recommendation: Polar personal knowledge repository"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "WXyeJJTtCmGMqfaXs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2019-04-02T06:33:55.802Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Candidate Scoring System, Third Release"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "NQY5jjeKYGYfbCZQ6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2019-04-02T00:29:43.742Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "The Political Prioritization Process"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "YoNHEmbcgFhhxouoa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "john_maxwell_iv", "username": "John_Maxwell_IV"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2019-04-01T20:56:47.829Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "How Flying Cars Will Solve Global Poverty"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "FFrJC7TTQo5Se9HnM", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "yhoiseth", "username": "yhoiseth"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2019-04-01T20:25:31.176Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Is any EA organization using or considering using Buterin et al.'s mechanism for matching funds?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ART6fx3oL3YmeFvDD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2019-04-01T15:49:58.795Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Eric Drexler: Reframing Superintelligence"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "5KkhSm5aYpBh2TBHq", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "ea123_123", "username": "ea123_123"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2019-04-01T10:34:39.747Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "EA's siren call to appease my longing for a just world\n"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "BM2DYWpM6rSxyZ7AS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "vipulnaik", "username": "vipulnaik"}, "baseScore": 105, "postedAt": "2019-04-01T02:23:23.107Z", "voteCount": 40, "title": "My Q1 2019 EA Hotel donation"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "cb75Auswj5gx6FSEb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "avin", "username": "AviN"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2019-03-31T22:50:30.918Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Some information on the use of fish oil in aquaculture"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "AbL4SMPdM3cbgmJMc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "edoarad", "username": "edoarad"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2019-03-31T20:33:06.581Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Innovating Institutions: Robin Hanson Arguing for Conducting Field Trials on New Institutions"}, {"commentsCount": 39, "_id": "sigun924gsxN4oZq2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "halffull", "username": "Halffull"}, "baseScore": 63, "postedAt": "2019-03-31T12:34:14.781Z", "voteCount": 35, "title": "The Case for the EA Hotel"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "dLGM88JRE96iHd7z4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ea-hotel", "username": "EA Hotel"}, "baseScore": 51, "postedAt": "2019-03-30T19:54:48.237Z", "voteCount": 32, "title": "EA Hotel fundraiser 4: concrete outputs after 10 months"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "YFiLMu9osLm3c3G8k", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2019-03-30T17:33:19.136Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Altruistic action is dispassionate"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "Cvi7hnTYMk5qutkDg", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "michal_trzesimiech", "username": "Michal_Trzesimiech"}, "baseScore": 69, "postedAt": "2019-03-30T16:48:12.964Z", "voteCount": 33, "title": "Local Effective Altruism Network's New Focus for 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "RYFJEBbZcr794ZpAk", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "davidnash", "username": "DavidNash"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2019-03-29T15:47:14.835Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Latest EA Updates for March 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "itchYSrcsjT2aH7J3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2019-03-29T15:33:13.010Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Hiski Haukkala: Policy Makers Love Their Children Too"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "bkAZxXBKJkWjdAQaW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "karolinasarek", "username": "KarolinaSarek"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-03-29T13:14:23.918Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Which asks should be prioritized in animal advocacy? - Charity Entrepreneurship"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "b3oTGiMpEKY4MnAEB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 46, "postedAt": "2019-03-29T01:53:02.491Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "EA Forum Prize: Winners for February 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "ogZyrQ9SHpyvAEwdh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joris", "username": "Joris"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2019-03-28T23:34:59.762Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "a black swan energy prize"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "RkYCQYN939KN3Nmq7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sdspikes", "username": "sdspikes"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2019-03-28T21:14:16.059Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Gauging Interest in an EA Weekend Workshop"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "gzKexa8tCFwodAozH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "halstead", "username": "Halstead"}, "baseScore": 39, "postedAt": "2019-03-28T11:46:17.623Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "[Link] New Founders Pledge report on existential risk"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "izZssKwg9smCz5qrb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "yhoiseth", "username": "yhoiseth"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2019-03-27T23:21:35.595Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "What open source projects should effective altruists contribute to?"}, {"commentsCount": 35, "_id": "ek299LpWZvWuoNeeg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "grue_slinky", "username": "Grue_Slinky"}, "baseScore": 48, "postedAt": "2019-03-27T17:03:21.035Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "$100 Prize to Best Argument Against Donating to the EA Hotel"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "eLSAyzmKGi252mTCk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cullen_okeefe", "username": "Cullen_OKeefe"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2019-03-27T16:29:40.261Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Should EA Groups Run Organ Donor Registration Drives?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "XjKHMJqobqQRD4EW9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jamiewoodhouse", "username": "JamieWoodhouse"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2019-03-27T15:34:05.300Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Does EA need an underpinning philosophy? Could sentientism be that philosophy?"}, {"commentsCount": 47, "_id": "BNQbxX7bFRrgv8Yds", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 32, "postedAt": "2019-03-26T23:20:16.794Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Why is the EA Hotel having trouble fundraising?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "fXXuCh7NzS4oHJHFR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "auroraht", "username": "auroraht"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2019-03-26T22:17:40.982Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Learning by doing internships"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "NPj98WHXqKkQasbgp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rakelthe1-gmail-com", "username": "[email protected]"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-03-26T09:39:51.995Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Mental support"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "ue47zyjMistdeBWo8", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "garibaldi", "username": "garibaldi"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-03-26T05:51:46.190Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Severe Depression and Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "X6Tv2vTiPBmdNmeFa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-03-25T17:37:30.519Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Will the EA Forum continue to have cash prizes?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "MzC74SFwQNW4XCoQm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 32, "postedAt": "2019-03-25T14:45:23.357Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Stefan Schubert: Psychology of Existential Risk and Long-Termism"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "cPZ9w2Wxxu2kA9EDg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "mschons", "username": "mschons"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2019-03-25T01:46:58.960Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Workshop: Strategy, ideas, and life paths for reducing existential risks"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "kWuSkLswMSQasDemf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "toonalfrink", "username": "toonalfrink"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2019-03-24T18:37:00.498Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Task Y: representing EA in your field"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "bKHjJBkfdHhA3SFJh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "halstead", "username": "Halstead"}, "baseScore": 49, "postedAt": "2019-03-23T15:26:13.119Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "The case for delaying solar geoengineering research"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "f2iXTsNmXrcPR6Sqg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2019-03-23T06:19:33.900Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Impact of US Strategic Power on Global Well-Being (quick take)"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "CoXauRRzWxtsjhsj6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davis_kingsley", "username": "Davis_Kingsley"}, "baseScore": 81, "postedAt": "2019-03-23T02:10:53.772Z", "voteCount": 44, "title": "Terrorism, Tylenol, and dangerous information"}, {"commentsCount": 120, "_id": "8XdAvioKZjAnzbogf", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jacy_reese", "username": "Jacy_Reese"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2019-03-22T23:05:41.142Z", "voteCount": 48, "title": "Apology"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "s4hXvWRakRMXdkuhx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2019-03-22T14:56:46.924Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Vicky Bond: How Corporate Reform is Changing the Landscape for Animals"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "rrkEWw8gg6jPS7Dw3", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "toonalfrink", "username": "toonalfrink"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2019-03-22T05:07:54.017Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "The Home Base of EA"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "FTWK4F9uyeS9BNccj", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "geoffreymiller", "username": "geoffreymiller"}, "baseScore": 38, "postedAt": "2019-03-22T02:38:14.577Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Suggestions for EA wedding vows?"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "ccc4fXMnQ63zkqGKo", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "richard_ngo", "username": "richard_ngo"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2019-03-21T13:52:58.807Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Why doesn't the EA forum have curated posts or sequences?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "fE9oFzCnTEfJ6H9WJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "risto_uuk", "username": "Risto_Uuk"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2019-03-21T13:05:04.267Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Bj\u00f8rn Lomborg About Prioritization on Jordan Peterson's Podcast"}, {"commentsCount": 35, "_id": "Lms9WjQawfqERwjBS", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "richard_ngo", "username": "richard_ngo"}, "baseScore": 75, "postedAt": "2019-03-21T12:35:23.073Z", "voteCount": 38, "title": "The career and the community"}, {"commentsCount": 54, "_id": "PagT8Fg6HZu6KjHDb", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jan_kulveit", "username": "Jan_Kulveit"}, "baseScore": 32, "postedAt": "2019-03-20T22:36:32.565Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "Request for comments: EA Projects evaluation platform"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "vMpuXz2zqS8iHya7i", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 41, "postedAt": "2019-03-20T20:56:46.817Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "EA jobs provide scarce non-monetary goods"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "qGsAy8pEu6Stq4A3L", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "davidnash", "username": "DavidNash"}, "baseScore": 47, "postedAt": "2019-03-20T11:38:00.155Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "EA London Community Building Lessons Learnt - 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "zC7ZZNLzMcnC9uriR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "booscarcity", "username": "booscarcity"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2019-03-19T22:51:13.320Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Justice, meritocracy, and triage"}, {"commentsCount": 31, "_id": "QFxtfYZZA95yNFTSK", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "brendon_wong", "username": "Brendon_Wong"}, "baseScore": 35, "postedAt": "2019-03-19T18:29:32.777Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "EA Angel Group: Applications Open for Personal/Project Funding"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "mBA6i5h2vbQzP4wQ7", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "captainjc", "username": "captainjc"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2019-03-19T18:21:04.086Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "I'll Fund You to Give Away 'Doing Good Better' - Surprisingly Effective?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "btgGxzFaHaPZr7RQm", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2019-03-19T13:11:59.494Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "A guide to improving your odds at getting a job in EA"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "6oCvsD7q2BavaFRhE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2019-03-19T11:21:09.483Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Nick Bostrom on Sam Harris' podcast"}, {"commentsCount": 27, "_id": "yhc2ZNSC6Q9DYarwa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2019-03-19T05:41:20.022Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Candidate Scoring System, Second Release"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "9JuhtbeHLH3TvyHMR", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "nonzerosum", "username": "nonzerosum"}, "baseScore": 49, "postedAt": "2019-03-19T00:00:32.716Z", "voteCount": 45, "title": "Sharing my experience on the EA forum"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "xHtAGt6uEZ9aqkrFP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2019-03-18T14:57:47.792Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Carolyn Henry: Eliminating Parasitic Worm Infections"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "sefcJfknGHvNF6KzY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "yoav_ravid", "username": "Yoav_Ravid"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2019-03-18T14:32:48.325Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Ideas for a fact checking widget"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "HPpZvPEHF2Nw2YECN", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "extra_ordinary", "username": "extra_ordinary"}, "baseScore": 73, "postedAt": "2019-03-18T06:12:38.866Z", "voteCount": 41, "title": "Effective Altruism and Meaning in Life"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "qCwyhBuAMbjCegjtC", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "arikr", "username": "arikr"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2019-03-18T00:26:28.178Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "[Link] A Modest Proposal: Eliminate Email"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "jBbtXMF4jCTL97zQD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2019-03-17T20:40:04.956Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "Announcement: Join the EA Careers Advising Network!"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "QzuTSmohFBT3cMi8q", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "benjamin-pence", "username": "benjamin-pence"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-03-17T18:44:19.901Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Making donations to individuals and projects tax deductible"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "ve2y9aqfgxwyXevX4", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "garymm", "username": "garymm"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2019-03-16T21:36:05.791Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Spencer Greenberg survey on animal welfare"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "j3wJykgREb6muqvYh", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "nonzerosum", "username": "nonzerosum"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2019-03-16T21:12:48.865Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "Concept: EA Donor List. To enable EAs that are starting new projects to find seed donors, especially for people that aren\u2019t well connected"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "pN5qwnruujugRY4AC", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "mathiaskirkbonde", "username": "MathiasKirkBonde"}, "baseScore": 45, "postedAt": "2019-03-16T19:28:28.384Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "The career coordination problem"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "gN9hSXvkcaRtqSEjX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "abrahamrowe", "username": "abrahamrowe"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2019-03-15T18:24:51.099Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "A Research Agenda for Establishing Welfare Biology"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "N4KSLXgr6J7Z9mByG", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "rhys_lindmark", "username": "rhys_lindmark"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2019-03-15T15:47:25.201Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "An Argument to Prioritize \"Tithing to Catalyze a Paradigm Shift and Negate Meta Existential Risk\""}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "fg6RrvtSJ2kxe9Ens", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2019-03-15T14:51:56.296Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Eric Drexler: Paretotopian Goal Alignment"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "JAooeaPgmwaadGPwS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "krismartens", "username": "KrisMartens"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2019-03-14T12:36:59.811Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Lobbying for better mental health care: organizing a potentially impactful event"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "do9k5WS56Zab2x24p", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "tae", "username": "tae"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2019-03-14T02:14:42.501Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Potential funding opportunity for woman-led EA organization"}, {"commentsCount": 39, "_id": "GqXQPy9duht3RL9pw", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "freethinkers-in-ea", "username": "Freethinkers In EA"}, "baseScore": 35, "postedAt": "2019-03-13T23:36:47.199Z", "voteCount": 38, "title": "The Importance of Truth-Oriented Discussions in EA"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "weYSupNayuXSY5aNK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evira", "username": "Evira"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2019-03-13T18:28:27.331Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Bayesian Investor proposes you can predictably beat the market by ~3% following a simple and easy strategy"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "hZWGbaQvbeere8hSL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "egastfriend", "username": "egastfriend"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2019-03-13T13:25:13.869Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "PAF: Opioid Epidemic"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "YhAstE5BSepe8hFu4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "utilitarian01", "username": "utilitarian01"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2019-03-13T03:00:40.526Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Charity ranking sheet I made"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "FgbN4rzTnXvjmdQpW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gogreatergood", "username": "gogreatergood"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2019-03-13T01:01:49.306Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "I Am The 1%"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "vYDFtYGsvSyBX53jB", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "mtrazzi", "username": "mtrazzi"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-03-13T01:01:41.507Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Considerateness in OpenAI LP Debate"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "YWQhzWoiuxmyGxfnq", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "danica_wilbanks", "username": "Danica_Wilbanks"}, "baseScore": 31, "postedAt": "2019-03-13T01:01:39.693Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Survey to Promote EA Mental Health"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "SS8W9sKLvXFK2hKDb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "colinbested", "username": "ColinBested"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2019-03-12T20:04:15.707Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "How can prediction markets become more trendy, legal, and accessible?"}, {"commentsCount": 26, "_id": "EP6X362Q3ziibA99e", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 126, "postedAt": "2019-03-12T17:16:44.885Z", "voteCount": 65, "title": "SHOW: A framework for shaping your talent for direct work"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "9WzvdouxnxP4nYZX4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "halffull", "username": "Halffull"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2019-03-12T10:24:06.352Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "How to Understand and Mitigate Risk (Crosspost from LessWrong)"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "Zx2Kot3JZahZYmEAw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stijnbruers", "username": "stijnbruers"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2019-03-12T09:00:03.902Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Why I made a career switch"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "YAiaNJvmAxZ7HPira", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "givewell", "username": "GiveWell"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2019-03-12T08:51:27.504Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "What is it like to work at GiveWell?"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "HwBsTZEzGyAjQLoe7", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "ben_west", "username": "Ben_West"}, "baseScore": 31, "postedAt": "2019-03-11T22:33:28.070Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Identifying Talent without Credentialing In EA"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "nSmdXemzPrPuk3WMr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "maxcarpendale", "username": "MaxCarpendale"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2019-03-11T17:54:10.089Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "The Evolution of Sentience as a Factor in the Cambrian Explosion: Setting up the Question"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "sZnSTvadnPBcauxa5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-03-11T15:02:38.322Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Brian Tse: Risks from Great Power Conflicts"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "Q5G8NgfBXTwsmFsxK", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "ea-hotel", "username": "EA Hotel"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2019-03-11T14:41:56.202Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "EA Hotel Fundraiser 3: Estimating the relative Expected Value of the EA Hotel (Part 1)"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "mdXcQuym5EBn4A5qz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "risto_uuk", "username": "Risto_Uuk"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2019-03-11T14:12:16.332Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "What Are Some Disagreements in the Area of Animal Welfare?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "47fiD2LFzs9fXeSLy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ingram-fry", "username": "Ingram Fry"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2019-03-11T09:42:51.181Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "-0.16 ROI for Weight Loss Interventions (Optimistic)"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "yAFXfuwsebEhNgLTf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sebastian_oehm", "username": "Sebastian_Oehm"}, "baseScore": 63, "postedAt": "2019-03-10T07:35:29.690Z", "voteCount": 36, "title": "Getting People Excited About More EA Careers: A New Community Building Challenge"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "Az4w4RWfoPr9X6mHH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "captainjc", "username": "captainjc"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2019-03-09T21:17:28.479Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "EA/X-risk/AI Alignment Coverage in Journalism"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "nGs8ATFHkod9T3iGF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gregory_lewis", "username": "Gregory_Lewis"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2019-03-09T06:56:12.480Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Risk Communication Strategies for the Very Worst of Cases"}, {"commentsCount": 25, "_id": "G2Pfpkcwv3bJNF8o9", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "ea-person", "username": "EA person"}, "baseScore": 98, "postedAt": "2019-03-09T01:25:55.689Z", "voteCount": 46, "title": "EA is vetting-constrained"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "RE8eRsMh43YRZvTWg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haydnbelfield", "username": "HaydnBelfield"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2019-03-08T20:42:10.796Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "CSER Advice to EU High-Level Expert Group on AI"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "whDMv4NjsMcPrLq2b", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haydnbelfield", "username": "HaydnBelfield"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2019-03-08T20:39:29.657Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "CSER and FHI advice to UN High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation "}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "9qdFwfpq6qXNGF4ZL", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "casebash", "username": "casebash"}, "baseScore": 41, "postedAt": "2019-03-08T11:34:43.164Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "A List of Things For People To Do"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ZGPhgwFFiZFnAPePf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jan_kulveit", "username": "Jan_Kulveit"}, "baseScore": 44, "postedAt": "2019-03-08T02:41:44.804Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "OpenPhil: Reflections on 2018 Generalist Research Analyst Recruiting "}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "fiQ6RLJZszAPwANwt", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "ea-hotel", "username": "EA Hotel"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-03-07T19:27:47.973Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Earning to Give at the EA Hotel"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "3HaXa7dtu86NQNEZJ", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "cafelow", "username": "cafelow"}, "baseScore": 169, "postedAt": "2019-03-07T16:07:03.465Z", "voteCount": 70, "title": "SHIC Will Suspend Outreach Operations "}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Tc3dMwosFESJS8hvz", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "mschons", "username": "mschons"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2019-03-07T04:27:19.311Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Workshop: Assessing policy & institutional interventions with the OpenPhilantrophy-Framework"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "BSJbPZP9AAyivpmBE", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "raemon", "username": "Raemon"}, "baseScore": 36, "postedAt": "2019-03-07T00:57:29.273Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "You Have Four Words"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "H76WPt7TvSLvMSC4c", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tobias_baumann", "username": "Tobias_Baumann"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2019-03-06T15:31:43.683Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "How can we influence the long-term future?"}, {"commentsCount": 29, "_id": "oNY76m8DDWFiLo7nH", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jan_kulveit", "username": "Jan_Kulveit"}, "baseScore": 69, "postedAt": "2019-03-06T11:04:21.556Z", "voteCount": 47, "title": "What to do with people?"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "j4ASyayDWFwgEEzid", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2019-03-06T09:27:58.701Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Open Thread #44"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "YdHZGiE6BLz9jhLEj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2019-03-05T15:15:30.265Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Candidate Scoring System, First Release"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "dPSMbpaP7W7L9q6EY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ai-impacts", "username": "AI Impacts"}, "baseScore": 55, "postedAt": "2019-03-05T04:47:49.027Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "Primates vs birds: Is one brain architecture better than the other?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "d2teCuzMfZNb6vrih", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "natalia-mendonca", "username": "Nat\u00e1lia Mendon\u00e7a"}, "baseScore": 33, "postedAt": "2019-03-04T21:59:48.859Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Using a mobile app to measure well-being for cause prioritization research"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ZLbS2WrHJdPGf24xh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2019-03-04T15:50:13.762Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Amanda Askell: AI Safety Needs Social Scientists"}, {"commentsCount": 31, "_id": "nqgE6cR72kyyfwZNL", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "eas-for-inclusion", "username": "EAs for Inclusion"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2019-03-04T11:30:17.734Z", "voteCount": 50, "title": "Making discussions in EA groups inclusive"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "q9ceMCWnQ26ytZ8vo", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "andavargas", "username": "andavargas"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2019-03-04T09:22:23.154Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Profiting-to-Give: harnessing EA talent with a new funding model"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "pGk6mA7oSepCJ73hi", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "concernednetizen", "username": "ConcernedNetizen"}, "baseScore": 35, "postedAt": "2019-03-04T09:22:19.974Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "Unsolicited Career Advice"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "nE2L8oPv7ZibHYLJj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 35, "postedAt": "2019-03-02T02:17:12.624Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Neglected Goals for Local EA Groups"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "ByTfM5MH2sJ7CAWzG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "darwinsrottweiler", "username": "DarwinsRottweiler"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2019-03-01T23:04:38.567Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Suffering of the Nonexistent"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "GF596cruCkKHSFRvu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "etaysom", "username": "etaysom"}, "baseScore": -1, "postedAt": "2019-03-01T19:43:14.237Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Systemic Design"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "tCcrWDsMKAgr9dZMe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2019-03-01T15:48:53.881Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Fireside Chat with Toby Ord (2018)"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "32dPBBXA2neyLfi3A", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "khorton", "username": "Khorton"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2019-03-01T11:01:11.654Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "What skills would you like 1-5 EAs to develop?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "p42SK2NR63qePX7qZ", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-03-01T08:18:22.136Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Radicalism, Pragmatism, and Rationality"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "dqEYjTkKeydk9sDgh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2019-03-01T06:24:31.846Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Is EA a community of elites?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "KGB2RWPZnQnPxDEGQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davidnash", "username": "DavidNash"}, "baseScore": 44, "postedAt": "2019-02-28T15:07:31.360Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "Latest Research and Updates for February 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "LoF5kakgN9HwmZDQw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cullen_okeefe", "username": "Cullen_OKeefe"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2019-02-28T06:14:22.176Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "On the (In)Applicability of Corporate Rights Cases to Digital Minds"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "eoCexTGET3eFQz3w2", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "incogneilo18", "username": "Incogneilo18"}, "baseScore": 50, "postedAt": "2019-02-28T02:42:06.629Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "EA Survey 2018 Series: How welcoming is EA?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "HBKb3Y5mvb69PRHvP", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "raemon", "username": "Raemon"}, "baseScore": 39, "postedAt": "2019-02-28T01:34:03.571Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Dealing with Network Constraints (My Model of EA Careers)"}, {"commentsCount": 40, "_id": "Rkr2W8ADSGwWXfRBF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "grissman", "username": "grissman"}, "baseScore": 56, "postedAt": "2019-02-27T18:07:41.487Z", "voteCount": 39, "title": "Effective Impact Investing"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "eAgeFAeGY26w527c5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 27, "postedAt": "2019-02-26T15:51:11.598Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Oscar Horta: Promoting Welfare Biology as the Study of Wild Animal Suffering"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "SRj2sb3NvYg3jyErt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "qfrerichs", "username": "qfrerichs"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2019-02-26T05:53:52.094Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Deliberative Polling-A Better Way to Gauge Public Opinion on AGI"}, {"commentsCount": 182, "_id": "jmbP9rwXncfa32seH", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "ea-applicant", "username": "EA applicant"}, "baseScore": 266, "postedAt": "2019-02-26T05:53:45.595Z", "voteCount": 166, "title": "After one year of applying for EA jobs: It is really, really hard to get hired by an EA organisation"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "cQLnspTXuzk4kykFK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2019-02-26T04:14:06.804Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Candidate scoring system for 2020 (second draft)"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "yBDnNaM9dGwMFcNRS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "huwelium", "username": "Huwelium"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-02-25T16:51:05.708Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Review of Education Interventions and Charities in Sub-Saharan Africa"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "uqJC96t7Jot9te42p", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sanjay", "username": "Sanjay"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2019-02-24T23:43:29.690Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Why you should NOT support Aubrey de Grey's work on ageing. (maybe)"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "p6j4kLCFNJfcS92v8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-02-24T11:56:33.548Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Building Support for Wild Animal Suffering [Transcript]"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "Kg4rJLjx4oBiE8dJt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2019-02-24T00:12:58.780Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Do you have any suggestions for resources on the following research topics on successful social and intellectual movements similar to EA?"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "cXQpjHsiXgfhfubfz", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2019-02-23T14:22:30.855Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Has your \"EA worldview\" changed over time? How and why?"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "YjN6cGoXxPZeqCh4Z", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "brendon_wong", "username": "Brendon_Wong"}, "baseScore": 46, "postedAt": "2019-02-23T12:24:02.970Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "EAs and EA Orgs Should Move Cash from Low-Interest to High-Interest Options"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "a5JjzvxzZyS5CwsCC", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "colm", "username": "colm"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2019-02-23T04:49:51.753Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "MIRI Summer Fellows Program: Applications open"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "k7j7oxMcHsun2nC5H", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2019-02-22T22:27:50.161Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "EA Forum Prize: Winners for January 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "ixHhEphjMGxWKgrks", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-02-22T21:24:08.377Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "How Can Each Cause Area in EA Become Well-Represented?"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "cjNkvXSFPxTuYBaaZ", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2019-02-22T20:04:47.502Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "What type of Master's is best for AI policy work?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "9ijZGySijwzsHwQed", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2019-02-22T20:01:37.670Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "What's the best Security Studies Master's program?"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "NsEeLQb6c95TWDob3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ozymandias", "username": "ozymandias"}, "baseScore": 35, "postedAt": "2019-02-22T16:10:00.406Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Bounty: Guide To Switching From Farmed Fish To Wild-Caught Fish"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "pte9N9BKX5C6Lv2Jy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 33, "postedAt": "2019-02-22T15:44:39.068Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Joey Savoie: Charity Entrepreneurship"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "4RGWGQsNsgckbqqGr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rafa_fanboy", "username": "rafa_fanboy"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2019-02-21T23:12:53.020Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Humane insecticides - 4 month update"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "SNCcWFBCezXecuXnn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stijnbruers", "username": "stijnbruers"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2019-02-21T22:45:43.560Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "The most serious moral illusion: arbitrary group selection"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "3LfyB9Dpan7fx5Jk3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cullen_okeefe", "username": "Cullen_OKeefe"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2019-02-21T17:12:51.085Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "FHI Report: Stable Agreements in Turbulent Times"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "uWWsiBdnHXcpr7kWm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alexrjl", "username": "alexrjl"}, "baseScore": 64, "postedAt": "2019-02-21T13:38:33.921Z", "voteCount": 34, "title": "Can the EA community copy Teach for America? (Looking for Task Y)"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "hnFkzrEuWfvRm6Ao6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "reallyeli", "username": "reallyeli"}, "baseScore": 31, "postedAt": "2019-02-21T00:07:36.390Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Confused about AI research as a means of addressing AI risk"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "gGT9EuSsoDa3ichqr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jacob_peacock", "username": "Jacob_Peacock"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2019-02-20T22:24:37.407Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "[Link] Surveying US College and University Dining Services for Potential Collaboration on Diet Change Research 2017-2018"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "2cCDhxmG36m3ybYbq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oagr", "username": "oagr"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2019-02-20T21:25:46.305Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Impact Prizes as an alternative to Certificates of Impact"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "pGwR2xc39PMSPa6qv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "saulius", "username": "saulius"}, "baseScore": 64, "postedAt": "2019-02-20T19:54:28.356Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "Rodents farmed for pet snake food"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "mxxtNgXHothgWLKLH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ozymandias", "username": "ozymandias"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2019-02-20T16:10:00.387Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Open Thread: What\u2019s The Second-Best Cause?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "DtSXXdZnEb2mH3jGs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2019-02-20T05:38:23.800Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Time-series data for income & happiness?"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "zu28unKfTHoxRWpGn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 78, "postedAt": "2019-02-20T01:08:48.269Z", "voteCount": 44, "title": "You have more than one goal, and that's fine"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "o5P86PR7HGt3nXjKw", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jorgen_ljones", "username": "Jorgen_Ljones"}, "baseScore": 38, "postedAt": "2019-02-19T17:16:44.045Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Pre-announcement and call for feedback: Operations Camp 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "7xveJ9MAJysLWnZZP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denkenberger", "username": "Denkenberger"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2019-02-19T15:58:01.214Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "David Denkenberger: Loss of Industrial Civilization and Recovery (Workshop)"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "t2Wqszc4wpKxMinSs", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "incogneilo18", "username": "Incogneilo18"}, "baseScore": 67, "postedAt": "2019-02-18T23:34:26.523Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": " EA Survey 2018 Series: Geographic Differences in EA"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "9Rj82MgZMDaqmkYsC", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "matthewp", "username": "matthewp"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2019-02-17T16:51:33.851Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Tech volunteering: market failure?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "5G5xspvM8wro78Gds", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "habryka", "username": "Habryka"}, "baseScore": 41, "postedAt": "2019-02-16T23:28:45.666Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Major Donation: Long Term Future Fund Application Extended 1 Week"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "W94KjunX3hXAtZvXJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kokotajlod", "username": "kokotajlod"}, "baseScore": 65, "postedAt": "2019-02-15T19:14:41.459Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Evidence on good forecasting practices from the Good Judgment Project: an accompanying blog post"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "c4GXKkgkdP44LdKwM", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "evanward", "username": "EvanWard"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2019-02-15T18:41:14.417Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "The Need for and Viability of an Effective Altruism Academy"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "Fp5CNKho2ZtfhTwxW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tdsyme", "username": "tdsyme"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2019-02-15T18:27:32.931Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "My new article on EA and the systemic change objection"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "cpJRB7thJpESTquBK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "global-priorities-institute", "username": "Global Priorities Institute"}, "baseScore": 57, "postedAt": "2019-02-15T17:11:13.646Z", "voteCount": 31, "title": "Introducing GPI's new research agenda"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "2rNQEsd4KwYgMnpS2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2019-02-15T15:53:30.191Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Dixon Chibanda: The Friendship Bench"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "EztxZhPQ8Qv8xWe3v", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 31, "postedAt": "2019-02-15T15:17:35.607Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "kbog did an oopsie! (new meat eater problem numbers)"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "3wDm3FagqGCnkFvrg", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "rossaokod", "username": "rossaokod"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2019-02-15T15:08:40.276Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "One for the World: update after 6 months of our first staff member"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "9p52yqrmhossG2h3r", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lukas_finnveden", "username": "Lukas_Finnveden"}, "baseScore": 53, "postedAt": "2019-02-15T10:47:04.239Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Quantifying anthropic effects on the Fermi paradox"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "grX3ohmkLp6vKJFbw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zepedad", "username": "zepedad"}, "baseScore": -16, "postedAt": "2019-02-14T23:28:06.143Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Effectively Addressing Climate Change"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "GB68PvCY3jwY26N2w", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "imben", "username": "imben"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-02-14T21:00:27.505Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Does giving to charity make it more likely you\u2018ll be altruistic in future?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "2Hrj3wDFbSMo4Z8uz", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "givewell", "username": "GiveWell"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-02-14T20:47:06.265Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Announcing a call for grant applicants in Southeast Asia and Bangladesh"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "Yseu9oG3gnb6ERc7n", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "beth-1", "username": "beth\u200b"}, "baseScore": 27, "postedAt": "2019-02-13T23:22:20.707Z", "voteCount": 36, "title": "Three Biases That Made Me Believe in AI Risk"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "CAKThg4yfTEL3GcyB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tobias_baumann", "username": "Tobias_Baumann"}, "baseScore": 31, "postedAt": "2019-02-13T17:51:37.632Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Risk factors for s-risks"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "MD2hXpSLqdMpRwjJY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2019-02-13T10:35:46.063Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "A system for scoring political candidates. RFC (request for comments) on methodology and positions"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "5k6mJFBpstjkjv2SJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eukaryote", "username": "eukaryote"}, "baseScore": 55, "postedAt": "2019-02-13T05:12:22.794Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "Small animals have enormous brains for their size"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "Fmw8hMQty4rQYAjfq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "chris-marzullo", "username": "chris-marzullo"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2019-02-12T19:29:55.839Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Two (huge) EA health hypotheses"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "C8pNyigL9pCh6ufkt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2019-02-12T15:59:04.429Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Rob Mather: Against Malaria Foundation \u2014 What we do, How we do it, and the Challenges"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "Wj8JymeiMN28Hrrjo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "teo-ajantaival", "username": "Teo Ajantaival"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2019-02-12T07:39:24.860Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Why do you reject negative utilitarianism?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "iCdXBhcdFru4itMJw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "leof", "username": "LeoF"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2019-02-12T00:08:14.376Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Administration costs when giving to more than one organisation"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "WF5GDjLQgLMjaXW6B", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2019-02-11T23:50:45.093Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "The Narrowing Circle (Gwern)"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "S4WmbHJr32WcmwFD7", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "david_moss", "username": "David_Moss"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2019-02-11T06:05:05.829Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "EA Survey 2018 Series: Where People First Hear About EA and Influences on Involvement"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "kqTTyz7BCt6ExrfF6", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "david_moss", "username": "David_Moss"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2019-02-11T06:04:29.333Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "EA Survey 2018 Series: Group Membership"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "9sBAW3qKppnoG3QPq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bmg", "username": "bmg"}, "baseScore": 71, "postedAt": "2019-02-09T19:17:31.671Z", "voteCount": 37, "title": "Ben Garfinkel: How sure are we about this AI stuff?"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "g3f6dDAzSziz3wfv6", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "mickofemsworth", "username": "mickofemsworth"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2019-02-09T13:34:56.747Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Reflections on doing good with lump sums - the retired person's dilemma"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "xSBSojpb8L5xjTzbZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "givewell", "username": "GiveWell"}, "baseScore": 45, "postedAt": "2019-02-09T01:17:24.296Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "How GiveWell's Research is Evolving"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "9cLAqwGgtyGTkx28k", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathancourtney", "username": "jonathancourtney"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2019-02-08T23:51:03.491Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Funding Proposal: Supporting a Campaign to Increase Canadian Official Development Assistance "}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "h5DsBjbiyFki7HYK4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "holly_elmore", "username": "Holly_Elmore"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2019-02-08T18:21:18.746Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "[blog cross-post] The remembering self needs to get real about the experiencing self."}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "TqCDCkp2ZosCiS3FB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "richard_ngo", "username": "richard_ngo"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2019-02-08T11:09:25.547Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Arguments for moral indefinability"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "medCgcajyuzE3dqyv", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jameson-quinn", "username": "Jameson Quinn"}, "baseScore": 31, "postedAt": "2019-02-07T15:23:30.001Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "EA grants available to individuals (crosspost from LessWrong)"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "ZfD4cZgAcgQc5oRNN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davidnash", "username": "DavidNash"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2019-02-06T18:19:19.865Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Hit Based Giving for Global Development"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "YmScaagEEqKrmC2TH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ianps", "username": "ianps"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2019-02-06T08:31:52.250Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Anyone has a practical guide for calculating carbon emissions?"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "FTfmAeLBhHxBQYoJ8", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "taymon", "username": "Taymon"}, "baseScore": 33, "postedAt": "2019-02-05T20:15:23.216Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "EA Boston 2018 Year in Review"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "MMHobD3YSR3XebXPb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "seanny123", "username": "Seanny123"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2019-02-05T02:37:51.783Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "How to assess employment impact"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "dRXugrXDwfcj8C2Pv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2019-02-05T02:23:03.345Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "What are some lists of open questions in effective altruism?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "dvCuqKS825AqSm7fN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-02-05T02:09:58.568Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Are there more papers on dung beetles than human extinction?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "hpvs9g4TEEhRkogBC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2019-02-05T00:07:51.973Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "My positive experience taking the antidepressant Wellbutrin / Bupropion, & why maybe you should try it too"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "zAPWr9eGtWkc8nuyH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2019-02-04T23:51:06.245Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "What we talk about when we talk about life satisfaction"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "Nvd8vPJxjw6iaDyYo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ashwinacharya", "username": "AshwinAcharya"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2019-02-04T20:58:26.023Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Near-term focus, robustness, and flow-through effects"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "j7xz4rQidfRgFo6KC", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "greg_colbourn", "username": "Greg_Colbourn"}, "baseScore": 64, "postedAt": "2019-02-04T20:41:18.823Z", "voteCount": 33, "title": "EA Hotel Fundraiser 2: current guests and their projects"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "ibxetbhQzvpKER7R7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "maxcarpendale", "username": "MaxCarpendale"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-02-04T13:51:50.241Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Sharks probably do feel pain: a reply to Michael Tye and others"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "a6qfuaPa8qefmA2XE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 27, "postedAt": "2019-02-03T01:11:09.991Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "How Can Donors Incentivize Good Predictions on Important but Unpopular Topics?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "S4iLH4CWoutghoRmT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "risto_uuk", "username": "Risto_Uuk"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2019-02-02T09:04:40.640Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "What Courses Might Be Most Useful for EAs?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "6ZnrQZzpwWst9f7eG", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "zepedad", "username": "zepedad"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2019-02-02T02:41:26.471Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "What are the easiest highly positive and effective things that people can do?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "4d5zErfDfcovBgod3", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "tombill", "username": "TomBill"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2019-02-01T20:17:11.077Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Podcast Discussion Meetings - A Potentially High-Value Event Template For Local Groups"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "XdekdWJWkkhur9gvr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "saulius", "username": "saulius"}, "baseScore": 110, "postedAt": "2019-02-01T10:24:26.297Z", "voteCount": 44, "title": "Will companies meet their animal welfare commitments?"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "2j8ERGPu68L5Bd95y", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2019-02-01T03:32:29.453Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "You Should Write a Forum Bio"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "oHiQcBtDJiqPLnoAE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "80000_hours", "username": "80000_Hours"}, "baseScore": 37, "postedAt": "2019-01-31T22:44:15.563Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "The case for building expertise to work on US AI policy, and how to do it"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "JsL2kPWJYRxn9rCWR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sarahc", "username": "SarahC"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2019-01-31T20:47:49.001Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Cost-Effectiveness of Aging Research "}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "HJaw4JXyyL9RDp2oy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "katieglass", "username": "KatieGlass"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2019-01-31T19:41:23.901Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "EA Community Building Grants Applications Open"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "gAgDQ55y6N6khMmRK", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "davidnash", "username": "DavidNash"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2019-01-31T13:06:46.998Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Latest Research and Updates for January 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "gWj6ikhTZp372uobf", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "kellywitwicki", "username": "kellywitwicki"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-01-30T21:56:39.150Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "Research on Effective Strategies for Equity and Inclusion in Movement-Building"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "gsNDoqpB2pWq5yYLv", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 46, "postedAt": "2019-01-30T21:05:05.254Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "EA Forum Prize: Winners for December 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "SnHH4XXiLjppTwFrn", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jacobjacob", "username": "jacobjacob"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-01-30T14:21:04.910Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Inviting EA forecasters to AI forecasting platform"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "TJPedCHGoHJiySuTn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2019-01-30T02:52:25.471Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "What Are Effective Alternatives to Party Politics for Effective Public Policy Advocacy?"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "W2YChXz4f4nGzZMaE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 55, "postedAt": "2019-01-28T19:12:34.114Z", "voteCount": 33, "title": "Why we look at the limiting factor instead of the problem scale"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "fJrBHDMdba2s7jfmZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "mickofemsworth", "username": "mickofemsworth"}, "baseScore": -2, "postedAt": "2019-01-27T16:52:53.504Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "We should make academic knowledge easier"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "JfoutXamSWsoCWbef", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 40, "postedAt": "2019-01-26T19:35:24.383Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "\nSimultaneous Shortage and Oversupply"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "qZiLnFmteyLNz9BK3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2019-01-26T11:16:20.674Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Vocational Career Guide for Effective Altruists"}, {"commentsCount": 25, "_id": "gBXyH9LHEdWKzeyjG", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 33, "postedAt": "2019-01-26T08:09:23.277Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "Vox's \"Future Perfect\" column frequently has flawed journalism"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "QwLKTcte8LgTNmCM2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2019-01-25T22:00:52.792Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Is intellectual work better construed as exploration or performance?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "jzikTHMSpckYg9ZPp", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "abrahamrowe", "username": "abrahamrowe"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2019-01-25T17:23:30.758Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Announcing Wild Animal Initiative"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "jn7TwAtFsHLW3jnQK", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "mjreard", "username": "Mjreard"}, "baseScore": 31, "postedAt": "2019-01-24T23:34:34.698Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "EAGx Boston 2018 Postmortem"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "ut29rXvY9hAGgatNR", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "samdeere", "username": "SamDeere"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2019-01-24T22:22:45.456Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Announcing an updated drawing protocol for the donor lotteries"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "eMMfBhAwrnCCxkJyz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kierangreig", "username": "kierangreig"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2019-01-24T19:11:10.757Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Farmed Animal Funders Custom Shallow Review: On Selecting Funding Strategies In General And On Focusing Funding On Open-Access Scientific Research For Plant-Based Alternatives "}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "cAnYmiNDzCoDWsGtJ", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2019-01-24T01:28:00.600Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "The Meetup Cookbook (Fantastic Group Resource)"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "bzu88GRy2jjxCQDC9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "maxime", "username": "maxime"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2019-01-24T01:24:42.329Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Tactical models to improve institutional decision-making"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "uWd487QgENTBcZenv", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jamie_harris", "username": "Jamie_Harris"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-01-23T22:09:32.308Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "A case study for animal-focused local EA movement building: Effective Animal Altruism London"}, {"commentsCount": 31, "_id": "JimLnG3sbYqPF8rKJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2019-01-23T20:54:58.944Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "If slow-takeoff AGI is somewhat likely, don't give now"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "LprnaEj3uhkmYtmat", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "richard_ngo", "username": "richard_ngo"}, "baseScore": 48, "postedAt": "2019-01-23T14:58:27.881Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "Disentangling arguments for the importance of AI safety"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "9yq793WkswfR3txgG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2019-01-22T04:45:56.500Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Should Global Poverty Donors Give Now or Later? An In-Depth Analysis"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "suGcEobbHZZ4Gspeh", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jtm", "username": "jtm"}, "baseScore": 33, "postedAt": "2019-01-19T10:25:36.833Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "A guide to effective altruism fellowships"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "RWvd5BrqEEduTZ9pM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rookiejourno", "username": "rookiejourno"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2019-01-19T07:27:47.825Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "What are the most ideal locations (less bureaucratic roadblocks for setting up, ease of functioning etc.) for setting up a charitable foundation, from across the world?"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "hP6oEXurLrDXyEzcT", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "david_moss", "username": "David_Moss"}, "baseScore": 65, "postedAt": "2019-01-18T16:55:31.074Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "EA Survey 2018 Series: Cause Selections"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "ukCyMczbXfMxj3KXG", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "awhitney", "username": "awhitney"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2019-01-17T21:41:45.728Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "EA Website Search Optimization"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "oFeGLaJ5bZBBRbjC9", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "habryka", "username": "Habryka"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-01-17T20:25:29.163Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "EA Funds: Long-Term Future fund is open to applications until Feb. 7th"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "jYMdWskbrTWFXG6dH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "emanuele_ascani", "username": "Emanuele_Ascani"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2019-01-17T16:33:20.753Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "A general framework for evaluating aging research. Part 1: reasoning with Longevity Escape Velocity"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "sDGn84KJw7mixBNBy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rhys_lindmark", "username": "rhys_lindmark"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2019-01-17T05:38:13.236Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "How can I internalize my most impactful negative externalities?"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "ZcXqD9AMhcEMRgKxy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "nickfitz", "username": "NickFitz"}, "baseScore": 41, "postedAt": "2019-01-16T01:37:56.551Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Introducing Sparrow: a user-friendly app to simplify effective giving"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "tbEvN2GdeZ7Pq7yqt", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2019-01-15T11:20:46.237Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "[EAGx Talk] Considerations for Fundraising in Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "unWT3YiSzq3SDYBZb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davidrooke", "username": "DavidRooke"}, "baseScore": -8, "postedAt": "2019-01-15T10:48:01.239Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Is Superintelligence Here Already?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "oqztNrHZLMNNZX8md", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "josephek", "username": "JosephEK"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2019-01-14T23:22:27.557Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Talking about EA at an investors' summit"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "g2WqsdtwQEtYE2Zm6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ozymandias", "username": "ozymandias"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2019-01-14T19:29:07.246Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Combination Existential Risks"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "gxo7xjwskCvpvYwAc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaelplant", "username": "MichaelPlant"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-01-14T17:05:02.413Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "High-priority policy: towards a co-ordinated platform?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "HtJHA2gbkAQMEGjei", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "casebash", "username": "casebash"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2019-01-14T14:07:50.062Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "What has Effective Altruism actually done?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "YLT6f4nEQCxX8FA3y", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "global-priorities-institute", "username": "Global Priorities Institute"}, "baseScore": 53, "postedAt": "2019-01-14T11:24:59.130Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Announcing a predoctoral research programme in economics\nat the Global Priorities Institute"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Lp9fmYdb4krxtsm9S", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2019-01-12T07:32:51.218Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "A spreadsheet for comparing donations in different careers"}, {"commentsCount": 37, "_id": "eJPjSZKyT4tcSGfFk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ozymandias", "username": "ozymandias"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2019-01-11T22:28:54.093Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Climate Change Is, In General, Not An Existential Risk"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "ZBN24ZXWq9KcYXGjD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "donychristie", "username": "DonyChristie"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2019-01-11T21:06:01.945Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "What are ways to get more biologists into EA?"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "9ZRenh6bERDkoCfdX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cullen_okeefe", "username": "Cullen_OKeefe"}, "baseScore": 49, "postedAt": "2019-01-10T21:17:26.812Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "EAs Should Invest All Year, then Give only on Giving Tuesday"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "KKXdGcRvysxznDaEo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rafa_fanboy", "username": "rafa_fanboy"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2019-01-10T13:30:07.705Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "thoughts on buying beef from brazil?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "eWhWTyasEeMPMtrid", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ozymandias", "username": "ozymandias"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2019-01-09T21:53:49.372Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "GiveWell Top Charities Explained: Helen Keller International"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "wF95uthxv4ZZsujva", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ozymandias", "username": "ozymandias"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2019-01-09T14:10:00.700Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "What Is Effective Altruism?"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "67SuuuWJvDC383usF", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "saulius", "username": "saulius"}, "baseScore": 56, "postedAt": "2019-01-09T11:28:29.773Z", "voteCount": 35, "title": "List of possible EA meta-charities and projects"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "bhGReNjGCoJjRCXo9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 36, "postedAt": "2019-01-09T11:04:57.048Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "An integrated model to evaluate the impact of animal products"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "rRvWNwdfveSS2uNtT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "wei_dai", "username": "Wei_Dai"}, "baseScore": 53, "postedAt": "2019-01-08T22:47:56.661Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "How should large donors coordinate with small donors?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "yjyWjguauwD7oRARz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ozymandias", "username": "ozymandias"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2019-01-08T17:51:19.116Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "GiveWell Top Charities Explained: Malaria Consortium"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "NR32d45oywC9FeYEz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "wonderingmagnatic", "username": "WonderingMagnatic"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2019-01-07T21:29:19.381Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Corporate matching - good?"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "YReJJ8MZdASANojrT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 43, "postedAt": "2019-01-07T19:53:01.080Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "The Global Priorities of the Copenhagen Consensus"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "Ns3h8rCtsTMgFZ9eH", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "avin", "username": "AviN"}, "baseScore": 83, "postedAt": "2019-01-06T16:23:57.019Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "EA Giving Tuesday Donation Matching Initiative 2018 Retrospective"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "4bg2qxWrEdzPmR3ze", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 50, "postedAt": "2019-01-06T13:51:03.483Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "EA orgs are trying to fundraise ~$10m - $16m"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "q5wJJpPxgWHXnw2K3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "technicalities", "username": "technicalities"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2019-01-06T09:58:17.919Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "[Link] The option value of civilization"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "WBAMvbGW4GGqgYXxD", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "denise_melchin", "username": "Denise_Melchin"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2019-01-05T13:32:03.778Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "EA Meta Fund: we are open to applications"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "CFjvywYNWkqGtQiZh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "so8res", "username": "So8res"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2019-01-04T20:38:24.711Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Altruistic Motivations"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "RvvLHpjj5ePMMwoZY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davidnash", "username": "DavidNash"}, "baseScore": 36, "postedAt": "2019-01-04T12:38:10.263Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Latest Research and Updates for December"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "tX7bwnPkf6qRY2Kdu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bryonymc", "username": "BryonyMC"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2019-01-03T15:47:59.348Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "are values a potential obstacle in scaling the EA movement?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "5ue8geZymHRGkBq5W", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ozymandias", "username": "ozymandias"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2019-01-03T14:10:00.489Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Donation Post: 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "txqY7LAnChroTmkTL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "mschons", "username": "mschons"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2019-01-03T09:12:22.743Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Applied Rationality Workshop Cologne, Germany"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "KaRe8Bs62T28yxipo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "reallyeli", "username": "reallyeli"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2019-01-03T05:16:48.710Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "[Offer, Paid] Help me estimate the social impact of the startup I work for."}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "Ej5dRYCpKp52Na6DK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "atlasunshrugged", "username": "atlasunshrugged"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2019-01-02T22:00:57.504Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Request For Feedback: EA Venture Fund"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "wu49AFdktJ2d9CLbK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rafa_fanboy", "username": "rafa_fanboy"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2019-01-02T13:44:43.186Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "quant model for ai safety donations?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "tqHyta3ejGTGrtjjT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oriooctopus", "username": "oriooctopus"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2019-01-02T06:00:34.666Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Finding it hard to retain my belief in altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "4wm9dTmAbbyjttHdF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aaronhamlin", "username": "aaronhamlin"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2019-01-01T00:27:23.324Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "[Link] How to set up your planned giving now"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "SzeDXYuhsrGJE8kPo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kkmd", "username": "kkMD"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2018-12-31T17:51:27.647Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Recommendation for charity working on ocean plastic pollution"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "zvby6AhksvxmbaXDW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kkmd", "username": "kkMD"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-12-31T17:45:24.386Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "\nRecommendation on charity to reduce ocean plastic pollution"}, {"commentsCount": 26, "_id": "XWSTBBH8gSjiaNiy7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaelplant", "username": "MichaelPlant"}, "baseScore": 97, "postedAt": "2018-12-31T12:09:02.026Z", "voteCount": 50, "title": "Cause profile: mental health"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "g63jms3DBCDGP8KgJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tetraspace-grouping", "username": "Tetraspace Grouping"}, "baseScore": 43, "postedAt": "2018-12-30T03:10:03.063Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "What\u2019s the Use In Physics?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "inChmthmzN6ZZ4qKr", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-12-30T00:51:03.555Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Submit questions about Giving What We Can for Q&A session December 30"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "NsHSu2wLWpgiALbwm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tobias_baumann", "username": "Tobias_Baumann"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2018-12-29T15:46:04.947Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Why I expect successful (narrow) alignment"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "wYCfsJtycGNGMh5o4", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "tee", "username": "Tee"}, "baseScore": 39, "postedAt": "2018-12-28T19:28:41.041Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "RC Forward - Canada's Effective Giving Experiment: \nResults & Plans for 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "9byWztDjiRX3Cftod", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "karolinasarek", "username": "KarolinaSarek"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2018-12-28T17:45:09.971Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "How High Contraceptive Use Can Help Animals?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "nCJCuLaWHt3oooM3y", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 45, "postedAt": "2018-12-28T17:02:41.207Z", "voteCount": 38, "title": "The Importance of Time Capping"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "eGWKTiz3M3dawMF9N", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "holly_elmore", "username": "Holly_Elmore"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-12-28T16:41:26.014Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Who sets the read time estimates?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "oWgFm6GXGazod5E9w", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "holly_elmore", "username": "Holly_Elmore"}, "baseScore": 31, "postedAt": "2018-12-28T15:41:29.448Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "[blog cross-post] On privacy"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "AfYCizss33yK6dKfF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "squeedeal", "username": "Squeedeal"}, "baseScore": -12, "postedAt": "2018-12-28T13:05:02.525Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "How To Get More Fundraising For Your Organization?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "xp76Q3QpfD62mwvxo", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "aaronhamlin", "username": "aaronhamlin"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-12-28T07:51:56.364Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "[Link] How To Be A Great Board Member\u2014And Avoid Being A Not So Great One"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "MeTrGqRXJQzoLoDia", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "toonalfrink", "username": "toonalfrink"}, "baseScore": 64, "postedAt": "2018-12-27T12:15:55.157Z", "voteCount": 33, "title": "EA Hotel Fundraiser 1: the story"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "KwW5N95Jkdbsu2kP7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "wei_dai", "username": "Wei_Dai"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2018-12-27T09:27:26.728Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Beyond Astronomical Waste"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "XDLEkuBjFi8RdQEng", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stijnbruers", "username": "stijnbruers"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-12-26T22:10:55.362Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Higher and more equal: a case for optimism"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "qmrrnZpTsb4GbzBA8", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "andy_schultz", "username": "Andy_Schultz"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-12-24T20:06:35.683Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Should EAs participate in the Double Up Drive?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "yg5dSNr2gjEymyTjF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "casebash", "username": "casebash"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-12-24T11:55:42.798Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "If You\u2019re Young, Don\u2019t Give To Charity"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "yeSLxKMC4PpuREjhb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "qwertyolol", "username": "qwertyolol"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2018-12-23T22:17:17.223Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "The harm of preventing extinction"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "dznyZNkAQMNq6HtXf", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "vipulnaik", "username": "vipulnaik"}, "baseScore": 37, "postedAt": "2018-12-23T20:38:16.877Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "My 2018 donations"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "GHHCEyeWnDxdP2ZNi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jason-schukraft", "username": "Jason Schukraft"}, "baseScore": 49, "postedAt": "2018-12-23T17:49:00.750Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Detecting Morally Significant Pain in Nonhumans: Some Philosophical Difficulties"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "YhpGMt3S7ivDvxi8Q", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "anonymous_ea", "username": "anonymous_ea"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2018-12-23T01:00:08.314Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "The case for taking AI seriously as a threat to humanity"}, {"commentsCount": 29, "_id": "BWdMWXvq3bas4wxBD", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "rk", "username": "rk"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2018-12-22T12:18:48.086Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Should donor lottery winners write reports?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "cx9LpBqpeJe3ekNnC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "monica", "username": "Monica"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2018-12-22T01:10:24.697Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Animal-Welfare Economic Research Questions"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "J7cp8SACJnquqw9ku", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tobias_baumann", "username": "Tobias_Baumann"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2018-12-21T18:23:05.249Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "A typology of s-risks"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "kMcr72cQ78q8G2jNv", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "markusanderljung", "username": "MarkusAnderljung"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2018-12-21T16:17:28.381Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "[Link] Center for the Governance of AI (GovAI) Annual Report 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "yQWYLaCgG3L6H2Lya", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davidmanheim", "username": "Davidmanheim"}, "baseScore": 37, "postedAt": "2018-12-21T10:53:27.639Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Challenges in Scaling EA Organizations"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "WgXzfsYQn2F2qTzZj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gworley3", "username": "gworley3"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-12-20T23:36:55.641Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "What movements does EA have the strongest synergies with?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "7etEYiorToG9KXGEw", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2018-12-20T22:02:46.459Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Forum Update: New Features, Seeking New Moderators"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "K3y8zNzMmkg8t5dbm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-12-20T21:01:21.607Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "What's going on with the new Question feature?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "cZ6CA5wR72Z65Fd2d", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "davidnash", "username": "DavidNash"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2018-12-20T17:29:02.631Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Survey of 2018 EA Survey"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "uW6y9AEdTygrc9SeP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 56, "postedAt": "2018-12-20T15:53:33.177Z", "voteCount": 35, "title": "Response to a Dylan Matthews article on Vox about bipartisanship"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "pAkT8bDoRzgJzcqs6", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "ozymandias", "username": "ozymandias"}, "baseScore": 63, "postedAt": "2018-12-20T07:20:01.653Z", "voteCount": 33, "title": "How Effective Altruists Can Be Welcoming To Conservatives"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "kpo3mYJwizgbeRX4s", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zdgroff", "username": "zdgroff"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-12-20T02:34:02.840Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Be Careful About a Stubborn Attachment to Growth"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "SLGdj5HGMBQqaDs7R", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jon_behar", "username": "Jon_Behar"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-12-20T00:47:29.047Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "A new, lower risk way to teach effective giving\n"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "GqcWyLqQXXPGCai9R", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sjirh", "username": "SjirH"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2018-12-19T20:34:48.447Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Women's Empowerment: Founders Pledge report and recommendations"}, {"commentsCount": 31, "_id": "AGmCwE6GxYsFuSC6A", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "agdfoster", "username": "agdfoster"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2018-12-19T18:06:02.484Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "EA Meta Fund AMA: 20th Dec 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "Rn6wgWHmcnw8HTR32", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jamie_spurgeon", "username": "Jamie_Spurgeon"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2018-12-19T14:48:39.036Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Animal Welfare Fund AMA"}, {"commentsCount": 30, "_id": "cCoCu2YNPwQwhtTuo", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "helentoner", "username": "HelenToner"}, "baseScore": 33, "postedAt": "2018-12-19T04:10:42.241Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Long-Term Future Fund AMA"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "2CvraxEYBc8qBPhK2", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "marekduda", "username": "MarekDuda"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2018-12-18T11:48:57.192Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Announcing EA Funds management AMAs: 20th December"}, {"commentsCount": 27, "_id": "BznrRBgiDdcTwWWsB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "larks", "username": "Larks"}, "baseScore": 108, "postedAt": "2018-12-18T04:48:58.945Z", "voteCount": 51, "title": "2018 AI Alignment Literature Review and Charity Comparison"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "J3T6mPN9JmY7htF5f", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "sethbaum", "username": "SethBaum"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-12-18T01:09:03.348Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Global Catastrophic Risk Institute 2018-2019 Updates"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "YLmf8bRuaEj2SvE8B", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "oagr", "username": "oagr"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2018-12-18T00:33:16.620Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Discussion: What are good legal entity structures for new EA groups?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "6cgRR6fMyrC4cG3m2", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 61, "postedAt": "2018-12-18T00:18:31.987Z", "voteCount": 40, "title": "Rethink Priorities Plans for 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "8Yx7JmoDjyoqwgkjS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stijnbruers", "username": "stijnbruers"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-12-17T22:30:59.940Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Speciesism, arbitrariness and moral illusions"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "bKagrzzpPshqMcQkx", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jamie_harris", "username": "Jamie_Harris"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2018-12-17T22:29:35.324Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Event Review: EA Global: London (2018)"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "YrxvHrQouyYu9dnAe", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jamie_harris", "username": "Jamie_Harris"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-12-17T22:26:34.669Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Book Review: The End of Animal Farming (Jacy Reese, 2018)"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "z2xBmukQwoF2GJHKm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zdgroff", "username": "zdgroff"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-12-17T17:50:41.085Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "[Link] \"Would Human Extinction Be a Tragedy?\""}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "C6ijcGZwWfMGGEjEE", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "eirine", "username": "eirine"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-12-17T11:09:06.691Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "So you want to do operations [Part two] - how to acquire and test for relevant skills"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "k4hDPn7Nv3yoXAE9R", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "yoav_ravid", "username": "Yoav_Ravid"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2018-12-17T07:29:52.617Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Best source i know for science and tech news"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "fAGeHgX8jLiX9EbNH", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "taylorjns", "username": "TaylorJns"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2018-12-16T20:49:58.729Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Why Christians should have no opposition to Super-intelligence."}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "63ajYkEWR9TbWfxC2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2018-12-16T20:23:26.147Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "College and Earning to Give"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "5jRDN56aZAnpn57qm", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "robbensinger", "username": "RobBensinger"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2018-12-15T23:39:22.975Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "New edition of \"Rationality: From AI to Zombies\""}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "NfkEqssr7qDazTquW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "janbrauner", "username": "JanBrauner"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2018-12-15T15:32:22.633Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "The expected value of extinction risk reduction is positive"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "TTi8a2w6oYr34ZLcz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-12-15T15:18:54.905Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "New web app for calibration training funded by the Open Philanthropy Project"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "jSjBHmgu3ZGcrW4t2", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "aaronhamlin", "username": "aaronhamlin"}, "baseScore": 33, "postedAt": "2018-12-15T01:43:39.636Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Why You Should Invest In Upgrading Democracy And Give To The Center For Election Science"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "k4SLFn74Nsbn4sbMA", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 49, "postedAt": "2018-12-14T21:33:10.236Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "EA Forum Prize: Winners for November 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "agYg9fe9GEpS296eA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2018-12-14T19:21:37.724Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Quality of life of farm animals"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "usL8XErNqDxwoNQj8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aron_vallinder", "username": "Aron_Vallinder"}, "baseScore": 50, "postedAt": "2018-12-13T19:03:41.448Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "Long-Term Influence and Movement Growth: Two Historical Case Studies"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "NFvCazkENqtGqFdg8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "edoarad", "username": "edoarad"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2018-12-13T07:03:22.910Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "China's Z-Machine, a test facility for nuclear weapons "}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "WhDa26A3AKaStvuD9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "fods12", "username": "Fods12"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-12-13T05:19:05.333Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Critique of Superintelligence Part 5"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "LLdHNTEHMoPYqGtHY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "fods12", "username": "Fods12"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2018-12-13T05:14:42.035Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Critique of Superintelligence Part 4"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "iKWbkomL8WrA8Yy4X", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "fods12", "username": "Fods12"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2018-12-13T05:13:38.423Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Critique of Superintelligence Part 3"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "BGWmAqrk64q2w6JjM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "fods12", "username": "Fods12"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-12-13T05:12:50.159Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Critique of Superintelligence Part 2"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "A8ndMGC4FTQq46RRX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "fods12", "username": "Fods12"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-12-13T05:10:51.613Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Critique of Superintelligence Part 1"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "PbnvjtTFnPiaT5ZJQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "scottweathers", "username": "scottweathers"}, "baseScore": 73, "postedAt": "2018-12-12T22:03:27.727Z", "voteCount": 33, "title": "Lessons Learned from a Prospective\nAlternative Meat Startup Team"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "vQpk3cxdAe5RX9xzo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "holly_elmore", "username": "Holly_Elmore"}, "baseScore": 37, "postedAt": "2018-12-12T21:20:21.300Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "[blog cross-post] We are in triage every second of every day"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "DdTpmtn7gYA5T846K", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "holly_elmore", "username": "Holly_Elmore"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2018-12-12T21:13:20.689Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "[blog cross-post] potential lost; substance gained"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "asMN3fc6ywiJ4paae", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "holly_elmore", "username": "Holly_Elmore"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2018-12-12T20:56:43.697Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "[blog cross-post] Charity hacks"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "gqNrJP8XpSe2a4X39", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "holly_elmore", "username": "Holly_Elmore"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2018-12-12T20:42:17.656Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "[blog cross-post] More on narcissism"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "M29ceDwdsH7GKdiFk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "holly_elmore", "username": "Holly_Elmore"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-12-12T20:37:24.046Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "[blog cross-post] So-called communal narcissists"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "dvHpzesXtZAMFSTk3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 41, "postedAt": "2018-12-10T18:15:16.663Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "Giving more won't make you happier "}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "PuG9Go3zzbKeY2d65", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "brendon_wong", "username": "Brendon_Wong"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2018-12-10T17:41:32.212Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Requesting community input on the upcoming EA Projects Platform"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "fvvRZMJJ7g4gzXjSH", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "critch", "username": "critch"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-12-09T20:12:44.335Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Seeking information on three potential grantee organizations"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "SnE9FpArs2uXJsRtB", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "david_moss", "username": "David_Moss"}, "baseScore": 81, "postedAt": "2018-12-09T03:58:43.529Z", "voteCount": 36, "title": "EA Survey 2018 Series: Donation Data"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "LAT5fAKby72GGi64M", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "maxcarpendale", "username": "MaxCarpendale"}, "baseScore": 49, "postedAt": "2018-12-08T19:24:25.251Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Why I'm focusing on invertebrate sentience"}, {"commentsCount": 31, "_id": "jrN4CHJooBm3KCfBK", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "john_maxwell_iv", "username": "John_Maxwell_IV"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-12-08T05:39:37.672Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Open Thread #43"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "p5LWSq3u8M7C5c2XT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "dannybressler", "username": "DannyBressler"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2018-12-06T22:46:32.744Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "[Link] Vox Article on Engineered Pathogens/ Global Catastrophic Biorisks"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "vfG87R86JjL4C5pSj", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "davidnash", "username": "DavidNash"}, "baseScore": 32, "postedAt": "2018-12-06T15:48:41.558Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Notes on \u201cThe Art of Gathering\u201d"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "ucjaZFNrebZdZAnb9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 72, "postedAt": "2018-12-06T12:13:46.544Z", "voteCount": 35, "title": "Impact investing is only a good idea in specific circumstances"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "dbeTYSJKjk3NufGrZ", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "marekduda", "username": "MarekDuda"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2018-12-06T00:50:31.605Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "EA Funds and Donor Lottery this December: Quick Update"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "nuzcbhk2JYMkALHke", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jpaddison", "username": "jpaddison"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2018-12-06T00:29:37.812Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Donor Lottery 2018 is live"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "2pNAPEQ8av3dQyXBX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "technicalities", "username": "technicalities"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2018-12-05T14:01:04.786Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "Existential risk as common cause"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "NejXPksuEcYCny9bs", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "captainplanet", "username": "captainplanet"}, "baseScore": -9, "postedAt": "2018-12-04T21:32:35.054Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Software Engs. for High-Leverage Solutions"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "yht4ffRcAY7ChKSfi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 52, "postedAt": "2018-12-04T20:29:07.454Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Which animals need the most help from the animal advocacy movement?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "DkQyGkPBb9yePuPjQ", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jonas-vollmer", "username": "Jonas Vollmer"}, "baseScore": 49, "postedAt": "2018-12-04T16:41:45.603Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Effective Altruism Foundation: Plans for 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "CWT3FfG7eEDrv7aHQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the-centre-for-effective-altruism", "username": "The Centre for Effective Altruism"}, "baseScore": 32, "postedAt": "2018-12-04T16:23:44.260Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Will MacAskill: Why should effective altruists embrace uncertainty?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "vxwcxwiDKCnyHJhbz", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 62, "postedAt": "2018-12-04T10:36:06.536Z", "voteCount": 38, "title": "Announcing the new Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "KL7u4TZo7SkttFZZA", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "davidc", "username": "davidc"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2018-12-04T00:48:55.187Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "allocating donations to years"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "dgmrCo8EE5jNgk3Em", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "agdfoster", "username": "agdfoster"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2018-12-03T10:45:26.767Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "EA Meta Fund Grants Report: Nov 18"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "N6sEjhoToiX6XSkRE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cullen_okeefe", "username": "Cullen_OKeefe"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-12-03T06:38:40.758Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Which Image Do You Prefer?: a study of visual communication in six African countries"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "3dKWKvzmNet3s6kKH", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "rosiecampbell", "username": "rosiecampbell"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2018-12-03T03:41:27.829Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Interview about CHAI"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "Az6SxKGh5QsnxfE9j", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "parker_whitfill", "username": "Parker_Whitfill"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-12-03T00:41:20.171Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Non-Consequentialist Considerations For Cause-Prioritzation Part 2"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "sTvepoxCDMgskGDDN", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "habryka", "username": "Habryka"}, "baseScore": 35, "postedAt": "2018-12-02T00:26:50.849Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "Long Term Future Fund: November grant decisions"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "sFPWpgFNiThZH32vK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "justis", "username": "Justis"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2018-11-30T21:14:38.503Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "EA Global Lightning Talks (San Francisco 2018)"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "WcWR6YkaHZ4CqYLdp", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "haydnbelfield", "username": "HaydnBelfield"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2018-11-30T20:32:01.600Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Centre for the Study of Existential Risk: Six Month Report May-October 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "oA3tuHCaDqqwLZxim", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "davidnash", "username": "DavidNash"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-11-30T15:10:22.010Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Latest Research and Updates for November"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "b9SxfAoxSzxudWzbx", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jeffrey", "username": "Jeffrey"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2018-11-30T09:33:28.616Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Effective Altruism Philippines"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "XYcscCGcFK2Hq6tri", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jasonk", "username": "jasonk"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-11-30T02:26:27.410Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Donation opportunity with The Modern Agriculture Foundation to reduce animal use for food"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "QGR5HXhjg38fLBotc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eaphilosophy", "username": "eaphilosophy"}, "baseScore": -10, "postedAt": "2018-11-29T20:37:53.478Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Would killing one be in line with EA if it can save 10?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "cRNrGDDAErbiZwrHE", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "zdgroff", "username": "zdgroff"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2018-11-29T00:02:18.455Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Should Effective Charities Prepare for a Recession?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "GxL5iHafZRtcft6Ta", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "parker_whitfill", "username": "Parker_Whitfill"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2018-11-28T22:22:10.626Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Non-Consequentialist Considerations For Cause-Prioritzation Part 1"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "624k2Acbo5Tn9Swrt", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "martin_k", "username": "Martin_K"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2018-11-28T21:39:41.911Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Introducing EA Resources by LEAN"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "Nns9DhL9bpzswitNu", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "storges", "username": "storges"}, "baseScore": 57, "postedAt": "2018-11-28T17:13:42.285Z", "voteCount": 31, "title": "Launching the EAF Fund"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "s4YCXwah6RdiuBvrZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eirine", "username": "eirine"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2018-11-28T10:23:05.437Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "So you want to do operations [Part one] - which skills do you need?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "jv2og63wwa7rkakf5", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "larissaheskethrowe", "username": "LarissaHeskethRowe"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2018-11-28T05:14:00.055Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "CEA is Fundraising for 2019"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "g57AjP4HqTmfFTAde", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "karolinasarek", "username": "KarolinaSarek"}, "baseScore": 85, "postedAt": "2018-11-27T22:28:25.444Z", "voteCount": 38, "title": "From humans in Canada to battery caged chickens in the United States, which animals have the hardest lives: results"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "EoYWz9SYm3LsqX9bh", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "kellywitwicki", "username": "kellywitwicki"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-11-27T18:49:04.919Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Sentience Institute 2018 End of Year Summary"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "A3tNmni58gTyK85yE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "adnan6809", "username": "adnan6809"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2018-11-27T15:07:09.833Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "A Checks and Balances Approach to Improving Institutional Decision-Making"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "z4EMFvmjQNMPr7XJj", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "malo", "username": "malo"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2018-11-27T06:22:52.733Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "MIRI\u2019s 2018 Fundraiser"}, {"commentsCount": 37, "_id": "3ijnLaws7mCEogD6H", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "raemon", "username": "Raemon"}, "baseScore": 66, "postedAt": "2018-11-26T23:47:58.384Z", "voteCount": 40, "title": "Earning to Save (Give 1%, Save 10%)"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "yRk9Jrb5vLg4aq6Qi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-11-26T18:50:57.764Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "2018 ACE Recommendations"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "7bMMxgqZ2YNhrcJGx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-11-26T18:50:22.620Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "2018 GiveWell Recommendations"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "iwekLd4wP9BP2x2wN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jon_behar", "username": "Jon_Behar"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2018-11-26T18:18:38.587Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Narrative but Not Philosophical Argument Motivates Giving to Charity"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "RZrikMAuTwt4e9Fs4", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "katieglass", "username": "KatieGlass"}, "baseScore": 53, "postedAt": "2018-11-26T17:56:34.750Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "EA Community Building Grants Update"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "K2u4rvy38YmSnhQ5X", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "laurenwhetstone", "username": "laurenwhetstone"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2018-11-26T06:57:30.442Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "EA Survey Series 2018: Subscribers and Identifiers"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "HS2AAJd5HpDMRPZHP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alexlintz", "username": "alexlintz"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2018-11-26T05:39:13.987Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Rationality vs. Rationalization: Reflecting on motivated beliefs"}, {"commentsCount": 27, "_id": "RnmZ62kuuC8XzeTBq", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "sanjay", "username": "Sanjay"}, "baseScore": 58, "postedAt": "2018-11-26T02:29:41.731Z", "voteCount": 35, "title": "Why we have over-rated Cool Earth"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "oJ296AM5t92obhkxQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "annafirtree", "username": "annafirtree"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-11-25T18:23:41.689Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Is The Hunger Site worth it?"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "YhPWq784eRDr5999P", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "cafelow", "username": "cafelow"}, "baseScore": 55, "postedAt": "2018-11-25T08:09:17.760Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Announcing the EA donation swap system"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "tbfNF5qCGbjSmpM8E", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "richard_ngo", "username": "richard_ngo"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2018-11-24T17:41:53.594Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "How democracy ends: a review and reevaluation"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "vhKfHHnCYbgSNL3Ci", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jross", "username": "Jross"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-11-24T09:06:41.845Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Should you have your own blog?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "NrLCM4vcf8PRqkLaH", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "huwthomas", "username": "huwthomas"}, "baseScore": 33, "postedAt": "2018-11-23T15:06:13.880Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Guide to Successful Community 1-1s"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "hSs2KzEtrZXzYNFZB", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "avin", "username": "AviN"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2018-11-23T13:44:42.045Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "EA Giving Tuesday Donation Matching Initiative 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "yeLHscpJZC8Z4z5dX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "olafvdveen", "username": "OlafvdVeen"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2018-11-23T12:32:56.516Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "[Link] Introduction to Cause Prioritisation"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "dBJwqJx3rBTdFzkqi", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "drbrake", "username": "drbrake"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-11-23T05:11:46.890Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "EA gifts for kids?"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "YkLwFmFM43dfnr4d9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "monica", "username": "Monica"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2018-11-23T05:08:36.336Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Outreach to Farmers"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "5f2oopqmL7oXXLRs9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2018-11-22T17:12:14.573Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "High welfare meat - CE ask report"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "DW4FyzRTfBfNDWm6J", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "richard_ngo", "username": "richard_ngo"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2018-11-22T13:43:40.684Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Some cruxes on impactful alternatives to AI policy work"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "25aNPveAyr4Ba8Ji2", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "tarak_", "username": "tarak_"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2018-11-21T17:48:13.369Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "EA for different abilities..."}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "TBSqE3Yae9QLBeyvE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "anonymous_ea", "username": "anonymous_ea"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2018-11-21T15:58:31.856Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Pandemic Risk: How Large are the Expected Losses? Fan, Jamison, & Summers (2018)"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "TgSRqpECJTk2bHipd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jan_kulveit", "username": "Jan_Kulveit"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-11-21T10:09:54.552Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Critique of \u201cExistential Threats\u201d chapter in Enlightenment Now"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "zJcphxSz2isHzqL3C", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "denkenberger", "username": "Denkenberger"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2018-11-21T05:20:37.922Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters (ALLFED) Progress Report & Giving Tuesday Appeal"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "gABGNBoSfvrkkqs9h", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2018-11-21T04:09:30.271Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Literature Review: Why Do People Give Money To Charity?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "jo5JzaijbBqEu94kX", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "habryka", "username": "Habryka"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2018-11-21T03:41:38.850Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "EA Funds: Long-Term Future fund is open to applications until November 24th (this Saturday)"}, {"commentsCount": 40, "_id": "ej2v2wkExivqNghJ4", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "lexande", "username": "lexande"}, "baseScore": 64, "postedAt": "2018-11-21T02:52:01.329Z", "voteCount": 41, "title": "Towards Better EA Career Advice"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "nMfhXPiqPRDtEdauY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kokotajlod", "username": "kokotajlod"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-11-20T17:34:02.854Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Tiny Probabilities of Vast Utilities: Bibliography and Appendix"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "nRJNgArBBQicwwAH6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "drbrake", "username": "drbrake"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-11-20T05:45:21.321Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Getting past the DALY: different measures of \"positive impact\""}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "CcNY4MrT5QstNh4r7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denkenberger", "username": "Denkenberger"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2018-11-19T21:57:05.518Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Cost-Effectiveness of Foods for Global Catastrophes: Even Better than Before?"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "d3cupMrngEArCygNk", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "storges", "username": "storges"}, "baseScore": 90, "postedAt": "2018-11-19T20:50:23.729Z", "voteCount": 48, "title": "Takeaways from EAF's Hiring Round"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "pHwzuut5iqQJGME9K", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "drbrake", "username": "drbrake"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2018-11-19T16:55:51.126Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Suffering relief vs life extension"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "7DhEnxBqP62jHmsAx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "raemon", "username": "Raemon"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2018-11-19T02:21:00.568Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "\"Taking AI Risk Seriously\" \u2013\u00a0Thoughts by Andrew Critch"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "KvLyxHcwCforffpkC", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "smithee", "username": "smithee"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2018-11-18T20:54:33.131Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Introduction to Effective Altruism Reading List"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "FRh3kFuRjZQXZmnNe", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "alexrjl", "username": "alexrjl"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-11-18T20:16:27.180Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Amazon Smile"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "uPFx462NAamBo5Eqq", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "david_moss", "username": "David_Moss"}, "baseScore": 48, "postedAt": "2018-11-18T00:06:12.136Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "EA Survey Series 2018 : How do people get involved in EA?"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "Q3TaTgFzZoYF9SX5W", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "max_daniel", "username": "Max_Daniel"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2018-11-17T14:53:38.803Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "When should EAs allocate funding randomly? An inconclusive literature review."}, {"commentsCount": 54, "_id": "7aqGFHirEvHTMD5w5", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "guzey", "username": "guzey"}, "baseScore": -1, "postedAt": "2018-11-17T10:15:23.206Z", "voteCount": 31, "title": "William MacAskill misrepresents much of the evidence underlying his key arguments in \"Doing Good Better\""}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "q8g2MXQCmKoYhEjsT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "halstead", "username": "Halstead"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2018-11-16T18:33:28.060Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Insomnia: a promising cure"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "5TAwep4tohN7SGp3P", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "maxdalton", "username": "Maxdalton"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2018-11-16T17:54:15.072Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "The Frontpage/Community distinction"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "zjbxdJbTTmTvrWAX9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kokotajlod", "username": "kokotajlod"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2018-11-15T21:47:58.941Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Tiny Probabilities of Vast Utilities: Concluding Arguments"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "eKxqeP9feReBvCva4", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-11-15T20:20:08.959Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Effective Altruism Making Waves"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "prWKx4MsWSsPYJ4ts", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2018-11-15T17:18:42.761Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Effective Altruism in non-high-income countries"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "ccJpTqKZvKXCKsCWn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kokotajlod", "username": "kokotajlod"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2018-11-14T16:04:14.963Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Tiny Probabilities of Vast Utilities: Solutions"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "EnPL9DPwCeKTfzYps", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "global-priorities-institute", "username": "Global Priorities Institute"}, "baseScore": 47, "postedAt": "2018-11-14T15:52:43.764Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "Updates from the Global Priorities Institute and how to get involved"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "tgo28TdzTsYhPoieS", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "ms-farkas-enc1101", "username": "ms.farkas.enc1101"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2018-11-13T16:36:45.921Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "the role of ART in EA?"}, {"commentsCount": 49, "_id": "4r3ZpiEoWft62yPwv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "mati_roy", "username": "Mati_Roy"}, "baseScore": -12, "postedAt": "2018-11-13T16:20:42.200Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Crohn's disease"}, {"commentsCount": 27, "_id": "Z9rLfMjTZ2X376izm", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "casebash", "username": "casebash"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-11-13T14:48:25.011Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Rationality as an EA Cause Area"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "hBxp5xQtFGisTaKaH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "80000_hours", "username": "80000_Hours"}, "baseScore": 48, "postedAt": "2018-11-12T20:52:08.539Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "Cross-post: Think twice before talking about \u2018talent gaps\u2019 \u2013 clarifying nine misconceptions, by 80,000 Hours."}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "ZLPEju49nGxy4cFkf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "avturchin", "username": "avturchin"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-11-12T19:48:45.759Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Wireheading as a Possible Contributor to Civilizational Decline"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "SYeJnv9vYzq9oQMbQ", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "adamgleave", "username": "AdamGleave"}, "baseScore": 96, "postedAt": "2018-11-12T19:26:32.136Z", "voteCount": 44, "title": "2017 Donor Lottery Report"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "Tar6JmceRPknkNJxM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rk", "username": "rk"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2018-11-12T16:36:28.558Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "AI development incentive gradients are not uniformly terrible"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "HLiT2YbHBaLxqhNbY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-11-11T23:22:24.712Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "W-Risk and the Technological Wavefront (Nell Watson)"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "SfMvGMPYswSwpeGDk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alexrattee", "username": "alexrattee"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2018-11-11T21:10:35.233Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Pursuing infinite positive utility at any cost"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "DEuYo4zxDyY7h7n74", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tenathau", "username": "TenaThau"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2018-11-10T18:33:02.738Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Debate and Effective Altruism: Friends or Foes?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "5rjZPTt7w3Z7AY5cT", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "risto_uuk", "username": "Risto_Uuk"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2018-11-10T16:18:31.082Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Community Builders, Watch EAG Videos with Your Members"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "NWZPDjSXcXwqttPLS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kokotajlod", "username": "kokotajlod"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2018-11-10T09:12:15.039Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Tiny Probabilities of Vast Utilities: Defusing the Initial Worry and Steelmanning the Problem"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ARJA9oQqgccwPnfov", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "oagr", "username": "oagr"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-11-09T21:00:23.318Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Current AI Safety Roles for Software Engineers"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "Z6QhwL3MDppdrygQB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jacob_peacock", "username": "Jacob_Peacock"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-11-09T20:21:29.677Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Measuring Change in Diet for Animal Advocacy"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "cYf6Xx8w7bt9ivbon", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "trammell", "username": "trammell"}, "baseScore": 74, "postedAt": "2018-11-09T18:08:24.632Z", "voteCount": 42, "title": "Which World Gets Saved"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "cEkseGBh7a2PAKWFz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sbehmer", "username": "sbehmer"}, "baseScore": 27, "postedAt": "2018-11-09T15:34:55.272Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Is Neglectedness a Strong Predictor of Marginal Impact?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "xRyXfJrwXkJ8mwc96", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "eirine", "username": "eirine"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2018-11-09T14:38:29.642Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Doing brainstorming better"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "gGdnTe7sJJuNagCmy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "karolinasarek", "username": "KarolinaSarek"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2018-11-09T12:45:43.890Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Food fortification of factory farmed animals\u2019 food -  CE ask report"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "vgFnJhTiRco8DqBoC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oagr", "username": "oagr"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-11-09T11:43:06.088Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Prediction-Augmented Evaluation Systems"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "wZzMvwi55cqGhsvSE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2018-11-09T11:20:42.330Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "\u201cThe Vulnerable World Hypothesis\u201d (Nick Bostrom\u2019s new paper)"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "ZrCNyywNPtdp9Q6rs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "konrad", "username": "konrad"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-11-09T08:47:39.172Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Book Summary: \"Messages: The Communication Skills Book\" Part I & II"}, {"commentsCount": 37, "_id": "QESJnGfPKZtef6Qtv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alexrattee", "username": "alexrattee"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-11-08T23:26:12.837Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Even non-theists should act as if theism is true"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "DdGWDCN5Dje8jJf9v", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "raltune", "username": "Raltune"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2018-11-08T22:21:42.172Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "The goods of the human saga."}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "Z6Ssc79vH496bLqL9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kokotajlod", "username": "kokotajlod"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2018-11-08T10:09:59.111Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Tiny Probabilities of Vast Utilities: A Problem for Long-Termism?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "CbBNfb8rQeH9PMmdr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-11-08T09:29:58.740Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Why donate to meta-research?"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "h26Kx7uGfQfNewi7d", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2018-11-08T00:06:06.209Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Welcome to the New Forum!"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "wrPacgwp3DsSJYbce", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "maxdalton", "username": "Maxdalton"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2018-11-07T23:24:49.981Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Why the EA Forum?"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "dMJ475rYzEaSvGDgP", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-11-07T23:09:57.464Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "What's Changing With the New Forum?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "u8PcyeKMDdF3biPzo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bfinn", "username": "bfinn"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2018-11-07T17:52:31.510Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Rationality of demonstrating & voting"}, {"commentsCount": 46, "_id": "NDszJWMsdLCB4MNoy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "elizabeth", "username": "Elizabeth"}, "baseScore": 70, "postedAt": "2018-11-07T17:00:44.986Z", "voteCount": 45, "title": "Burnout: What is it and how to Treat it."}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "rKTHAgM6JdfGsjnAX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davidnash", "username": "DavidNash"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2018-11-03T10:56:06.930Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Latest Research and Updates for October"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "rACbNFfdQBfnj65ZX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2018-10-31T18:26:52.476Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Reducing Wild Animal Suffering Ecosystem & Directory"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "mb4bhbw8deGHsqZ5J", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-10-29T11:13:25.026Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "[link] Why donate to (scientific) research?"}, {"commentsCount": 25, "_id": "9yEx7srB3QKYPrQRH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stijnbruers", "username": "stijnbruers"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2018-10-28T09:51:47.419Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Reducing existential risks or wild animal suffering?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "pZmjjeAmGz7gFiGCP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-10-28T01:51:56.710Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Why Do Small Donors Give Now, But Large Donors Give Later?"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "yYHKRgLk9ufjJZn23", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "marekduda", "username": "MarekDuda"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2018-10-27T08:48:11.774Z", "voteCount": 36, "title": "Announcing new EA Funds management teams"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "SPc9CXaLdEJGiDZy5", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 39, "postedAt": "2018-10-25T21:22:14.605Z", "voteCount": 31, "title": "Announcing: \" High-Impact Crowdfunding campaigns\" & \"Let's Fund #1: A (small) scientific Revolution\""}, {"commentsCount": 27, "_id": "FvbTKrEQWXwN5A6Tb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaelplant", "username": "MichaelPlant"}, "baseScore": 59, "postedAt": "2018-10-25T15:48:03.377Z", "voteCount": 41, "title": "A Happiness Manifesto: Why and How Effective Altruism Should Rethink its Approach to Maximising Human Welfare"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "kuZz3aB6Z7tciEhG5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peterbrietbart", "username": "PeterBrietbart"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-10-23T17:34:31.200Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Mind Ease: a promising new mental health intervention"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "b3goLZcNxt68WbHmB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tobias_baumann", "username": "Tobias_Baumann"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2018-10-23T15:59:41.415Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Thoughts on short timelines"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "BMLXJ25jz4R3TBXNu", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "alje", "username": "Alje"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2018-10-23T09:50:41.933Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Lessons from giving lectures and career workshops in the Netherlands"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "gQvaA9EbvmzQATHt3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2018-10-21T23:12:43.485Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Book Review: Enlightenment Now, by Steven Pinker"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "znFAeeKk566bCNMNE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 47, "postedAt": "2018-10-21T22:40:49.160Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Keeping Absolutes in Mind"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "SKEcxRqedDiyhPunb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davidmanheim", "username": "Davidmanheim"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2018-10-21T11:44:48.259Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Is Suffering Convex?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "4WwcNSGd3XcpBC72Y", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2018-10-19T01:35:18.898Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "On Becoming World-Class"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "qeAEB4cKmbLxYcaHj", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2018-10-18T02:59:49.556Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Open beta of the new EA Forum now available"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "iSjttL9PPq9eiqrc3", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "laurenwhetstone", "username": "laurenwhetstone"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2018-10-18T02:06:18.576Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "EA Survey 2018 Series: Distribution and Analysis Methodology"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "QofjcgYDbCxZQe8nQ", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jan_kulveit", "username": "Jan_Kulveit"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-10-17T23:35:37.241Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Suggestions for developing national-level effective altruism organizations"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "a6LXyzYPtCyEZmpS6", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "jan_kulveit", "username": "Jan_Kulveit"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2018-10-17T23:29:44.203Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Why develop national-level effective altruism organizations?"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "hZxs7cDJ7JcHMH8GZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2018-10-17T20:10:00.472Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Open Thread #42"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "hpDgnKPCxzPtwSD7i", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "brendon_wong", "username": "Brendon_Wong"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-10-16T10:51:40.054Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Antigravity Investments: Helping the EA Community Leverage Investing to Increase Funding and Donations"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "azp95f9kctPubF5gz", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2018-10-15T21:24:30.107Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Forum moving to open beta this week"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "QT55kjCvM6sQKfSxf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-10-15T20:28:10.896Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Reducing Wild Animal Suffering Literature Library: Original Research and Cause Prioritization"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "78GnWjAacLMNeTmtG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-10-15T20:24:57.674Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Reducing Wild Animal Suffering Literature Library: Consciousness and Ecology "}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "areeSd8Z4rQXjjL4y", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "kelseypiper", "username": "KelseyPiper"}, "baseScore": 39, "postedAt": "2018-10-15T18:27:09.287Z", "voteCount": 36, "title": "Vox has a new department, Future Perfect, covering the world from an effective altruist perspective"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "W2TSAAoMqD4wwTbWr", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "benjamin-pence", "username": "benjamin-pence"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2018-10-15T18:05:01.054Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Announcing the EA Angel Group - Seeking EAs with the Time and Money to Evaluate and Fund Early-Stage Grants"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "FrJ4vJfZiC9uiv7pj", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "elityre", "username": "Elityre"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-10-12T23:12:19.707Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Double Crux prompts for Effective Altruists"}, {"commentsCount": 39, "_id": "pzEJmc5gRskHjGTak", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "80000_hours", "username": "80000_Hours"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2018-10-12T18:55:01.635Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Many EA orgs say they place a lot of financial value on their previous hire. What does that mean, if anything? And why aren't they hiring faster?"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "mSfREQgub4QDxziNy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonleighton", "username": "jonleighton"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2018-10-10T12:28:16.320Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Relieving extreme physical pain in humans \u2013 an opportunity for effective funding"}, {"commentsCount": 33, "_id": "7bp9Qjy7rCtuhGChs", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "80000_hours", "username": "80000_Hours"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2018-10-09T23:33:16.803Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Survey of EA org leaders about what skills and experience they most need, their staff/donations trade-offs, problem prioritisation, and more."}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "r5W78AGjzY9wwPn8K", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "florentberthet", "username": "FlorentBerthet"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2018-10-08T12:47:42.068Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Bottlenecks and Solutions for the X-Risk Ecosystem"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "es6Du463y7rKy6WJL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jon_behar", "username": "Jon_Behar"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-10-04T18:25:56.012Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "A Research Framework to Improve Real-World Giving Behavior"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "zSyvdd9rijNsX8d9y", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haydnbelfield", "username": "HaydnBelfield"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-10-02T17:18:48.449Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "CSER Special Issue: 'Futures of Research in Catastrophic and Existential Risk'"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "SrXPDdERz2ss3GK2M", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "80000_hours", "username": "80000_Hours"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-10-01T17:48:39.710Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "List of 80,000 Hours content from the last 4 months, summary of what was most popular, and plans for future releases."}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "m85Ecd8QFE7muvojj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "trammell", "username": "trammell"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-10-01T16:27:22.590Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "RPTP Is a Strong Reason to \nConsider Giving Later"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "6KJG8WNNJS9gfMRua", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "80000_hours", "username": "80000_Hours"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-09-30T06:37:39.139Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "These are the world\u2019s highest impact career paths according to our research - 80,000 Hours"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "a9KpNLWpSKt9LxpRp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sebastianschmidt", "username": "SebastianSchmidt"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2018-09-28T11:18:44.366Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "EA community building grant: Lessons learned from working part-time on EA Denmark"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "GkhPLfrBTdgcgRPiE", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "laurenmcg", "username": "LaurenMcG"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2018-09-27T11:43:48.491Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Effective Altruism Communal Space"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "3jgpAjRoP6FbeESxg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "turchin", "username": "turchin"}, "baseScore": -3, "postedAt": "2018-09-27T10:48:26.411Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Curing past sufferings and preventing s-risks via indexical uncertainty"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "pKgWQMjPki5bz7ehZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rhys_lindmark", "username": "rhys_lindmark"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-09-23T23:05:11.425Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Memetic Tribes and Culture War 2.0 (Article Discussion)"}, {"commentsCount": 28, "_id": "S2Sonawxz2cY4YdXK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "laurenwhetstone", "username": "laurenwhetstone"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2018-09-21T04:13:58.909Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "EA Survey 2018 Series: Community Demographics & Characteristics"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "gaAreYEEHSXQhJcbm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jacy_reese", "username": "Jacy_Reese"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2018-09-19T07:58:34.213Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "2018 list of half-baked volunteer research ideas"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "jhexFncC9KN76Z5ki", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-09-18T22:47:13.721Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "EA Concepts: Share Impressions Before Credences"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "hNJsTFLWLFbHh8uke", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2018-09-18T22:33:08.618Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "EA Concepts: Inside View, Outside View"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "3hXsB5B8WMZ6usRTu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "konrad", "username": "konrad"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2018-09-18T09:33:24.673Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Better models for EA development: a network of communities, not a global community"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Zwjy4YPccnf8b4WCo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sdspikes", "username": "sdspikes"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2018-09-18T05:29:11.432Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Berkeley REACH Supporters Update: September 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "cimFBQbpjntoBAKCq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2018-09-17T23:55:51.869Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Is it better to be a wild rat or a factory farmed cow? A systematic method for comparing animal welfare."}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "nstKfMKh36Xdjsezm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2018-09-17T18:15:55.467Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "EA Grants applications are now open"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "f97Was6q9Tw6qcczF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 37, "postedAt": "2018-09-14T02:34:11.214Z", "voteCount": 35, "title": "Giving What We Can is still growing at a surprisingly good pace"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "jk7A3NMdbxp65kcJJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jai", "username": "jai"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2018-09-14T01:00:33.093Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "500 Million, But Not A Single One More"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "dmyKrC5Nuu8wHyzyj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "turchin", "username": "turchin"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2018-09-13T13:33:32.528Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Islands as refuges for surviving global catastrophes"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "tSCnGyP5wpSuEmRDQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2018-09-12T22:40:52.153Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "EA needs a cause prioritization journal"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "KMzTupG6ZJQ5YFc3M", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 35, "postedAt": "2018-09-12T21:52:52.530Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Making Organisations More Welcoming"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "mK8zDmod8qXtvjpQo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eukaryote", "username": "eukaryote"}, "baseScore": 35, "postedAt": "2018-09-10T01:43:40.241Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Book review: The Doomsday Machine"}, {"commentsCount": 54, "_id": "zf7PNhcXsKk4n3RCi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ozymandias", "username": "ozymandias"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2018-09-09T21:14:34.499Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Near-Term Effective Altruism Discord"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "Sur4yHbkWL7bpRoby", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "tonia", "username": "ToniA"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2018-09-07T18:10:29.720Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "ACE's Response to John Halstead"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "5JDveXuCn6KgnMnSG", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2018-09-07T15:35:47.733Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Additional plans for the new EA Forum"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "zri7LsivEAqnYZ6Wt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "halstead", "username": "Halstead"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2018-09-07T14:56:25.737Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "Concerns with ACE research"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "azyhmZnXfdAF7XPQP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ales_flidr", "username": "Ales_Flidr"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2018-09-06T22:00:54.360Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Wrong by Induction"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ATq9mWhHvAXM6Bwfe", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-09-06T15:55:12.835Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Self-care sessions for EA groups"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "nrDu9B8rKjJ2Kc5GK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "maxdalton", "username": "Maxdalton"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2018-09-06T07:25:01.218Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Which piece got you more involved in EA?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "Y8mBXCKmkS9eBokhG", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2018-09-05T18:19:10.207Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "EA syllabi and teaching materials"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "SbwWBhi6T6qZwxu2X", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "justis", "username": "Justis"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2018-09-05T18:08:21.617Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "The Righteous Mind book review"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "Y2iqhjAHbXNkwcS8F", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 33, "postedAt": "2018-09-05T17:22:55.831Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "How to use the Forum"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "Wvwx29aoH9Jvs9SXN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2018-09-05T04:10:26.243Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "The Ethics of Giving Part Four: Elizabeth Ashford on Justice and Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "DHFMSiFj2mRD6HwXr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davidmoss", "username": "DavidMoss"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2018-09-05T02:27:25.247Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "What Activities Do Local Groups Run"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "WmHwhR3AC5jwuH3X5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zdgroff", "username": "zdgroff"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2018-09-04T15:55:33.514Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "What I Learned from a Year Spent Studying How to Get Policymakers to Use Evidence"}, {"commentsCount": 29, "_id": "XbkCwCfXeAt25vFsA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "john_maxwell_iv", "username": "John_Maxwell_IV"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2018-09-03T02:21:51.927Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Open Thread #41"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "yfsNZ9aKSDEFsiS68", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "adamaero", "username": "adamaero"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2018-08-29T15:00:54.682Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Doing vs Talking at EA Events"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "89B9tQzfJB4wLKyvF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gworley3", "username": "gworley3"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-08-29T00:13:22.489Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "HLAI 2018 Field Report"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "znGdyq2J2LbCyeuat", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2018-08-27T05:38:06.870Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Good news that matters"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "jR2LKoXoL4Aq9T2MQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 32, "postedAt": "2018-08-27T00:42:20.437Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "How to make an impact in animal advocacy, a survey."}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "rmKwTzX5XLGs94fcB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cscanlon_duplicate0-8895599732012125", "username": "cscanlon_duplicate0.8895599732012125"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2018-08-25T12:34:53.813Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Public Opinion about Existential Risk"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "5XumhBiJKjvn6XkqQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "henry_stanley", "username": "Henry_Stanley"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2018-08-24T21:04:28.709Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Awesome Effective Altruism - a curated list of EA resources"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "BtptBcXWmjZBfdo9n", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joel_duplicate0-5816669276037654", "username": "joel_duplicate0.5816669276037654"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-08-22T04:37:25.134Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "EA Facebook Group Greatest Hits: Top 50 Posts by Total Reactions"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "A7NWTjnWZPmjyLdtT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "riceissa", "username": "riceissa"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-08-21T04:36:18.183Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Donations List Website: tutorial and request for feedback"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "93GmXP8ikHhQzjs2i", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rhys_lindmark", "username": "rhys_lindmark"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2018-08-15T20:24:31.312Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "What is the Most Helpful Categorical Breakdown of Normative Ethics?"}, {"commentsCount": 32, "_id": "awS28gHCM9GBmhcAA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2018-08-15T00:38:00.111Z", "voteCount": 32, "title": "CEA on community building, representativeness, and the EA Summit"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "92wCvqF73Gzg5Jnrr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "johannes_treutlein", "username": "Johannes_Treutlein"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-08-13T18:20:08.837Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Request for input on multiverse-wide superrationality (MSR)"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "pSWwYLJKquZa55WWA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cullen_okeefe", "username": "Cullen_OKeefe"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-08-12T22:17:20.304Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Fisher & Syed on Tradable Obligations to Enhance Health"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "dqRfiFsvjaGyH3jW8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2018-08-10T14:01:25.819Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "The Ethics of Giving Part Three: Jeff McMahan on Whether One May Donate to an Ineffective Charity"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "2RfQT7cybfS8zoy43", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "khorton", "username": "Khorton"}, "baseScore": 36, "postedAt": "2018-08-09T15:51:29.187Z", "voteCount": 34, "title": "Are men more likely to attend EA London events? Attendance data, 2016-2018."}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "ACdHpmmmtxMXxbjno", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "konrad", "username": "konrad"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-08-09T08:22:13.543Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Local Community Building Funnel and Activities - EA Geneva"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "iY5cAnfDg78F3mNtr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "vegjosh_duplicate0-31458027352151907", "username": "vegjosh"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-08-09T01:47:59.709Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Announcing WASR's Grants Competition"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "EKBt7uvYug7haDAfu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "baxterb", "username": "baxterb"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-08-08T23:52:14.854Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Students for High-Impact Charity: 2018 Update"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "gGiiktK69R2YY7FfG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "saulius", "username": "saulius"}, "baseScore": 46, "postedAt": "2018-08-08T20:56:25.455Z", "voteCount": 38, "title": "Fish used as live bait by recreational fishermen"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "6ojaD4vmxsSrZyBBF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "markusanderljung", "username": "MarkusAnderljung"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2018-08-08T13:15:41.286Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Representation for Future Generations in Sweden \u2013 a summary of our work so far"}, {"commentsCount": 30, "_id": "oC2cJM5aiJHnMtvmE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "marekduda", "username": "MarekDuda"}, "baseScore": 33, "postedAt": "2018-08-07T18:21:19.973Z", "voteCount": 33, "title": "EA Funds - An update from CEA"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "frYYAAa5K4nHqRCPG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rhys_lindmark", "username": "rhys_lindmark"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2018-08-06T18:05:54.763Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Current Estimates for Likelihood of X-Risk?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "NceQ2JxaqusiCRJNq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denise_melchin", "username": "Denise_Melchin"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2018-08-06T15:51:45.619Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "When causes multiply"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Wab6KrMLaEdqfLatg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2018-08-06T11:53:49.744Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "The Ethics of Giving part two: Christine Swanton on the Virtues of Giving"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "5uWX6iNhaMp6Gnz7q", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "farhan", "username": "Farhan"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-08-05T04:29:27.261Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Bangladesh is in Desperate Need For Effective Altruists"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "knMYeBDJqC5d9vonH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cullen_okeefe", "username": "Cullen_OKeefe"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-08-04T22:47:29.289Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Harvard EA's 2018\u201319 Vision"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "FA794RppcqrNcEgTC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "hollymorgan", "username": "hollymorgan"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2018-08-04T21:03:12.286Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Why are you here? An origin stories thread."}, {"commentsCount": 60, "_id": "2qGL7FoTEZTwp38ij", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 40, "postedAt": "2018-08-03T19:25:02.371Z", "voteCount": 47, "title": "Problems with EA representativeness and how to solve it"}, {"commentsCount": 72, "_id": "qYbqX3jX4JnTtHA5f", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "throwaway", "username": "throwaway"}, "baseScore": 38, "postedAt": "2018-08-03T05:19:43.030Z", "voteCount": 61, "title": "Leverage Research: reviewing the basic facts"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "E8mx588jRLzbKHXoG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rossaokod", "username": "rossaokod"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2018-08-01T23:40:06.688Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "One for the World as a potential vehicle to expand the reach of Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "YuwXeASg3aeiPdLdh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ruth_freiling_duplicate0-9597937224729234", "username": "Ruth_Freiling_duplicate0.9597937224729234"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2018-08-01T21:17:15.684Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "A Critical Perspective on Maximizing Happiness"}, {"commentsCount": 58, "_id": "wkLjwiGQ8fRdTDqou", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 62, "postedAt": "2018-07-23T00:39:10.742Z", "voteCount": 63, "title": "The EA Community and Long-Term Future Funds Lack Transparency and Accountability"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "64KbxYQ9iEvxqLp2g", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-07-20T20:06:30.020Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "The Ethics of Giving part one: Thomas Hill on the Kantian perspective on giving"}, {"commentsCount": 75, "_id": "gNHFRWyo58cTQ8pe8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "marekduda", "username": "MarekDuda"}, "baseScore": 38, "postedAt": "2018-07-19T11:25:13.870Z", "voteCount": 37, "title": "EA Forum 2.0 Initial Announcement"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "PoYi6fynNfHScf7qB", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "marekduda", "username": "MarekDuda"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2018-07-18T23:00:00.000Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "EA Forum 2.0 Initial Announcement"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "2RvpoWWQDiFpptpam", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "hollymorgan", "username": "hollymorgan"}, "baseScore": 27, "postedAt": "2018-07-15T16:38:15.554Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Accountability buddies: a proposed system"}, {"commentsCount": 25, "_id": "3poYR8mXfcr9YM34Z", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "halstead", "username": "Halstead"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2018-07-11T13:51:23.354Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "New research on effective climate charities"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "KnoWtbBtXB8amBDpS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "naryan", "username": "Naryan"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-07-11T02:10:34.666Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Impact Investing - A Viable Option for EAs?"}, {"commentsCount": 37, "_id": "io6yLz6GtF6kvXt99", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "brendon_wong", "username": "Brendon_Wong"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2018-07-10T06:12:29.993Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Ideas for Improving Funding for Individual EAs, EA Projects, and New EA Organizations"}, {"commentsCount": 88, "_id": "6DPSFPoQXrXrjSvgS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-07-08T17:51:47.777Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Open Thread #40"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "en6sZT53fWxahFJ9W", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cullen_okeefe", "username": "Cullen_OKeefe"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-07-07T13:31:13.728Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Governmental CBA as an EA Career Step: A Shallow Investigation"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "7ctcuQci6JXCni3cZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lukefreeman", "username": "lukefreeman"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2018-07-06T02:58:42.938Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Positly wants to accelerate social science research and have a greater impact within the EA community\u2026 and you can help"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "NHpTnqAg3KBNtfHZm", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2018-07-04T15:46:47.959Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Potential funding gap: full-time EA community strategisers"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "oQCew7TYn35HycJpq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "katherinesavoie", "username": "katherinesavoie"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2018-06-30T21:23:58.089Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "How to have cost-effective fun"}, {"commentsCount": 33, "_id": "Ekzvat8FbHRiPLn9Z", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "remmelt", "username": "remmelt"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2018-06-30T09:26:44.363Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "The Values-to-Actions Decision Chain: a lens for improving coordination"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "KPwgmDyHaceoEFSPm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "turchin", "username": "turchin"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2018-06-23T12:54:12.976Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Informational hazards and the cost-effectiveness of open discussion of catastrophic risks"}, {"commentsCount": 34, "_id": "gFxgPhn3myvjo7NSo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "marcus_a_davis", "username": "Marcus_A_Davis"}, "baseScore": 38, "postedAt": "2018-06-18T22:33:58.656Z", "voteCount": 45, "title": "Announcing PriorityWiki: A Cause Prioritization Wiki"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "v7wg6mHz2DykatCAc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "henry_stanley", "username": "Henry_Stanley"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-06-16T01:05:31.582Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Visualising animal agriculture"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "q2tNYdtyXegAp9spc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cole_haus", "username": "cole_haus"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2018-06-15T15:51:06.030Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Doning with the devil"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "Jp5Gs9nsRA6pzBeQN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ericherboso", "username": "EricHerboso"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-06-13T19:43:07.214Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Effective Advertising and Animal Charity Evaluators"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "9ozoJpPoNBL6Z5BX5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "saulius", "username": "saulius"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2018-06-12T11:38:39.913Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "A lesson from an EA weekend in London: pairing people up to talk 1 on 1 for 30 mins seems to be very useful"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "F78jJidgsdh5sfrN8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "annewissemann", "username": "AnneWissemann"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-06-11T19:11:35.067Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Announcing the second AI Safety Camp"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "JPtptap3cdvXRq2BY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-06-08T04:35:16.582Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Effective Altruism as Global Catastrophe Mitigation"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "HgiLypeTFmfj9sjB7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rebecca_raible", "username": "rebecca_raible"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2018-06-08T02:44:18.853Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "BERI's \"Project Grants\" Program - Round One"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "yLd2c2rg5Jrq9HR6K", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lynettebye", "username": "lynettebye"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2018-06-08T00:08:25.811Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Want to be more productive? "}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "pdcDDC4eFr3xNXJmm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sdspikes", "username": "sdspikes"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-06-08T00:07:02.526Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Reflections on Berkeley REACH"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "DsPyfxhXTi2Ph2pZf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "remmelt", "username": "remmelt"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2018-06-07T18:49:06.249Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "The first AI Safety Camp & onwards"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "9ShnvD6Zprhj77zD8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2018-06-07T04:06:02.831Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Animal Equality showed that advocating for diet change works. But is it cost-effective?"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "MDxaD688pATMnjwmB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "arikagan", "username": "arikagan"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2018-06-06T21:41:18.306Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "To Grow a Healthy Movement, Pick the Low-Hanging Fruit"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "6YBypGG2iC7Xcctzi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "marcus_a_davis", "username": "Marcus_A_Davis"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2018-06-06T03:18:22.906Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Lessons for estimating cost-effectiveness (of vaccines) more effectively"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "k8adLKtEBJw7QWPK5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 27, "postedAt": "2018-06-05T23:51:54.705Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "Introducing Charity Entrepreneurship: an Incubation and Research Program for New Charities"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "DvmYL7hB7xrDvYarW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jon_behar", "username": "Jon_Behar"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-06-05T20:58:50.122Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "The Giving Game Project's 2017 Annual Report"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "bkjNa2WAZvqahqpoH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "hollymorgan", "username": "hollymorgan"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2018-06-05T10:16:05.731Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "It\u2019s Supposed To Feel Like This: 8 emotional challenges of altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "rQdsPRbCWrRfCdwnu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "80000_hours", "username": "80000_Hours"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-06-04T22:34:07.354Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "List of 80,000 Hours content from the last 2 months, summary of which were most popular, and plans for future releases."}, {"commentsCount": 100, "_id": "JdqHvyy2Tjcj3nKoD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "greg_colbourn", "username": "Greg_Colbourn"}, "baseScore": 75, "postedAt": "2018-06-04T18:09:09.845Z", "voteCount": 67, "title": "EA Hotel with free accommodation and board for two years"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "xgYodA7fom4mbD6v4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jan_kulveit", "username": "Jan_Kulveit"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2018-05-31T18:45:22.248Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Effective Thesis project review"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "TcS6squwsJSg2kdQm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tobiaspulver", "username": "tobiaspulver"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2018-05-31T16:45:29.750Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "A Concrete Model for Running an EA Group"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "tny62ELsfnPNtY2Tx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "charliers", "username": "CharlieRS"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-05-31T16:00:05.950Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "A Model of an EA Group"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "MZPfcHuFZ36HdMy87", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-05-30T20:41:26.915Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Why EAs in particular are good people to start charities"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "qxBfbwStHfA4Qfe5A", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "casebash", "username": "casebash"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-05-28T07:26:32.333Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Three levels of cause prioritisation"}, {"commentsCount": 25, "_id": "i3SBTvPuqkXgrBdAv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "richenda", "username": "Richenda"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2018-05-27T20:37:57.821Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "Why Groups Should Consider Direct Work"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "EP8x3vHRQJP57TjFL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "halstead", "username": "Halstead"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2018-05-27T10:54:03.677Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "The counterfactual impact of agents acting in concert"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "fnBnEiwged7y5vQFf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2018-05-26T23:00:16.677Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Triple counting impact in EA"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "SYymYwgT89wcZBPYr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "emanuele_ascani", "username": "Emanuele_Ascani"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-05-26T09:34:36.046Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Expected cost per life saved of the TAME trial"}, {"commentsCount": 34, "_id": "KhwiyLpJmW6fcAuuo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaelplant", "username": "MichaelPlant"}, "baseScore": 58, "postedAt": "2018-05-23T10:30:43.748Z", "voteCount": 51, "title": "Ineffective entrepreneurship: post-mortem of Hippo, the happiness app that never quite was"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "TwJb75GtbD4LvGiku", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lukas_gloor", "username": "Lukas_Gloor"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2018-05-22T15:49:52.516Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "1. What Is Moral Realism?"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "x8yrkBqwAT468D4gK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-05-21T16:28:27.239Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Do Prof Eva Vivalt's results show 'evidence-based' development isn't all it's cut out to be?"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "CjPrNjSeDJJpHJhXk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "katherinesavoie", "username": "katherinesavoie"}, "baseScore": 41, "postedAt": "2018-05-20T22:07:53.761Z", "voteCount": 32, "title": "\u201cEA\u201d doesn\u2019t have a talent gap. Different causes have different gaps."}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "JoezRXNpNGrm8f8nP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "david_reinstein", "username": "david_reinstein"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-05-19T09:37:01.877Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Employee Giving incentives: A shared database... relevant for EA job-seekers and activists"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "kg2YNppX72q4LMqka", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ronja_lutz", "username": "Ronja_Lutz"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2018-05-16T14:02:18.237Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Worldview uncertainty"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "d8Q3tFQsjG4iiXQgs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2018-05-13T20:13:10.400Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "Why founding charities is one of the highest impact things one can do"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "MYth4Ju4kbfHmJRbA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 31, "postedAt": "2018-05-13T07:43:10.705Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "Remote Volunteering Opportunities in Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "FYuMgcNq2quC8CSyc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denise_melchin", "username": "Denise_Melchin"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2018-05-12T12:08:35.307Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Against prediction markets"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "8xQDJ8SgscWBeXMzw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oge", "username": "oge"}, "baseScore": -4, "postedAt": "2018-05-11T09:34:53.951Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "A case for developing Aldehyde Stabilized Cryopreservation into a medical procedure (1/4)"}, {"commentsCount": 34, "_id": "eRo5A7scsxdArxMCt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "darius_meissner", "username": "Darius_Meissner"}, "baseScore": 79, "postedAt": "2018-05-08T09:50:14.302Z", "voteCount": 53, "title": "Concrete Ways to Reduce Risks of Value Drift and Lifestyle Drift"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "4FDYHJpgcbpZAawRz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-05-08T07:43:43.262Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Cost-Effectiveness of Vaccines: Appendices and Endnotes"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "9t2ANzWw4M9qBBJvb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-05-08T07:42:53.369Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Cost-Effectiveness of Vaccines: Exploring Model Uncertainty and Takeaways"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "3Tvu55ETMNx5T5tJ3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-05-08T07:41:10.595Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "What is the cost-effectiveness of researching vaccines?"}, {"commentsCount": 28, "_id": "H38METsWhPwAXp7RC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 33, "postedAt": "2018-05-06T00:39:43.833Z", "voteCount": 35, "title": "The Importance of EA Dedication and Why it Should Be Encouraged"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "hcH98hXCkmYRi4Dfp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-05-05T03:23:15.858Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Reducing Wild Animal Suffering Literature Library: Introductory Materials, Philosophical & Empirical Foundations"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "RJr68pMkN2YfMkFnC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-05-05T00:56:04.991Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Wild Animal Welfare Project Discussion: A One-Year Strategic Review"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ERptCBkG5Xdmuywd9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "marcus_a_davis", "username": "Marcus_A_Davis"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-05-05T00:08:14.727Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "How beneficial have vaccines been?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "hnb7yYfJ5bjLdYvGq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jon_behar", "username": "Jon_Behar"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-05-03T19:53:48.663Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "The Life You Can Save's 2017 Annual Report and 2018 Strategic Plan"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "sF7Loj5joocgykSZ7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jamie_cassidy", "username": "jamie_cassidy"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-05-03T12:21:36.712Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Giving Later in Life: Giving More"}, {"commentsCount": 58, "_id": "MQWAsdm8MSzYNkD9X", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "maxdalton", "username": "Maxdalton"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2018-05-02T07:58:24.124Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "Announcing the Effective Altruism Handbook, 2nd edition"}, {"commentsCount": 31, "_id": "g4QMF5uXBfRu6wEJ4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "randomea", "username": "RandomEA"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2018-05-01T15:34:01.183Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Should there be an EA crowdfunding platform?"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "6NWMo9MgAsTW288uG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "egastfriend", "username": "egastfriend"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-04-25T21:53:36.053Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Syllabus for Course on Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "tBovvSWFBWnuBjjzL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tee", "username": "Tee"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2018-04-25T17:48:07.796Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Please Take the 2018 Effective Altruism Survey! "}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "SwRtdKYzYeSpnRcTY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-04-25T05:07:39.734Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Ten Commandments for Aspiring Superforecasters "}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "Rjb9oTjQ9RJMFw2Yo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ales_flidr", "username": "Ales_Flidr"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2018-04-24T10:03:24.686Z", "voteCount": 33, "title": "Heuristics from Running Harvard and Oxford EA Groups"}, {"commentsCount": 65, "_id": "mZWFEFpyDs3R6hD3r", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 105, "postedAt": "2018-04-22T23:31:00.407Z", "voteCount": 83, "title": "Empirical data on value drift"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "6x4yhyKS7bCEauuZv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "frankfredericks", "username": "frankfredericks"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-04-20T18:27:21.409Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Applying EA Measures to Peacebuilding and Violent Conflict"}, {"commentsCount": 42, "_id": "y3pkt43XsiGmg4Mje", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "turchin", "username": "turchin"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2018-04-16T10:18:23.041Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "[Draft] Fighting Aging as an Effective Altruism Cause"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "KAsnFWNdasSSTu9rP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-04-13T22:10:16.460Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Excerpt from 'Doing Good Better': How Vegetarianism Decreases Animal Product Supply"}, {"commentsCount": 34, "_id": "dfiKak8ZPa46N7Np6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gregory_lewis", "username": "Gregory_Lewis"}, "baseScore": 41, "postedAt": "2018-04-13T01:44:54.244Z", "voteCount": 31, "title": "The person-affecting value of existential risk reduction"}, {"commentsCount": 27, "_id": "bEPBMu2wB2DE4kaku", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denise_melchin", "username": "Denise_Melchin"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2018-04-11T23:48:56.176Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "Comparative advantage in the talent market "}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "tNfDWLzBMi9HnoTkE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "harald", "username": "harald"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-04-08T11:40:05.029Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "UK Income Tax & Donations"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "s2wdLdZCmjqJJRi8W", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "80000_hours", "username": "80000_Hours"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2018-04-06T01:06:26.514Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Compilation of 32 new(ish) 80,000 Hours research pieces for the effective altruist community"}, {"commentsCount": 26, "_id": "r8Qv7QHjJyafmiLnp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jan_kulveit", "username": "Jan_Kulveit"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2018-04-05T20:10:04.290Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Review of CZEA \"Intense EA Weekend\" retreat"}, {"commentsCount": 37, "_id": "gXtM43zR2xa2DvCRG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "henry_stanley", "username": "Henry_Stanley"}, "baseScore": 42, "postedAt": "2018-04-04T09:27:47.838Z", "voteCount": 39, "title": "How to improve EA Funds"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "f4rH64WrjN3gda96L", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rhys_lindmark", "username": "rhys_lindmark"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-04-03T21:59:43.951Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "An Argument To Prioritize \"Positively Shaping the Development of Crypto-assets\""}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "CmNBmSf6xtMyYhvcs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "david_althaus", "username": "David_Althaus"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2018-04-03T13:31:32.112Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Descriptive Population Ethics and Its Relevance for Cause Prioritization"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "4HcggJWghXogSS25b", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haydenw", "username": "HaydenW"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2018-04-01T13:13:35.423Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Job opportunity at the Future of Humanity Institute and Global Priorities Institute"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "aZFzgsipkAqd95CBd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "avin", "username": "AviN"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-03-31T22:17:06.901Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Cost-effectiveness of The Humane League's corporate campaigns: 2015-2017"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "jsEyvSAqbKBD64ZDe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "randomea", "username": "RandomEA"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2018-03-31T01:20:08.675Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Would an EA world with limited money fund costly treatments?"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "kR4fpHjEM8SvQjEFJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jan_kulveit", "username": "Jan_Kulveit"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-03-27T22:32:15.211Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Optimal level of hierarchy for effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 120, "_id": "YCAEbRFT8pha3JiXZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "holdenkarnofsky", "username": "HoldenKarnofsky"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2018-03-26T16:32:28.313Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Hi, I'm Holden Karnofsky. AMA about jobs at Open Philanthropy"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "e2heLEnbeqTHaJqBf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 36, "postedAt": "2018-03-24T21:18:03.897Z", "voteCount": 32, "title": "When to focus and when to re-evaluate"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "ccYmLL7KWgAhma6TB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robbensinger", "username": "RobBensinger"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2018-03-23T21:20:05.203Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "AI Summer Fellows Program: Applications open"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "LAfC3posWTm7LMHrd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-03-23T13:57:53.133Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Upcoming AMA with Holden Karnofsky on job openings at the Open Philanthropy Project (Monday March 26, starting 9:30 am Pacific)"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "iiqWXvjuwjSK2vywn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "halstead", "username": "Halstead"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2018-03-20T10:48:01.316Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Climate change, geoengineering, and existential risk"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "cbdtXGb9nPFvd4tTH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tuukka_sarvi_duplicate0-37695336887822717", "username": "Tuukka_Sarvi"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-03-19T21:43:46.855Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "A rough estimate of social impact of a psychotherapist in QALYs added"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "Lb766K69SfmA6urbb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "nonzerosum", "username": "nonzerosum"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2018-03-18T20:25:12.232Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "An easy way for charities to increase revenue: Add Apple Pay and Google Pay to donation checkout"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "rBHa6ygzvQhxQb5pX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denise_melchin", "username": "Denise_Melchin"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-03-16T21:14:20.570Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Meta: notes on EA Forum moderation"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "Zzgcy7iRiPEA4ausW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ericherboso", "username": "EricHerboso"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2018-03-15T13:46:41.098Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Animal Charity Evaluators Introduces the Recommended Charity Quiz"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "qPTwC53TqiJw6Pgcw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cassidynelson", "username": "cassidynelson"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2018-03-15T05:29:29.854Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Enlightened Concerns of Tomorrow"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "7Dg7xvsZ9GfjF2Z4u", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2018-03-14T18:58:52.912Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Why we should be doing more systematic research"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "3oukNayDZXWLzte7c", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kathy_forth", "username": "Kathy_Forth"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2018-03-14T15:07:05.694Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "EA Survey: Sexual Harassment Questions - Feedback Requested"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "apWuHfh4zxrzuFZQp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "chriscundy", "username": "ChrisCundy"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-03-14T11:01:59.580Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Predicting Slow Judgments: Practice Predicting and Generate Data for AI Safety"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "ZidxqR8utH8CCkf3X", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-03-13T19:22:20.654Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": " Current Thinking on Prioritization 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 129, "_id": "BAWiSLZAsia6qCgCP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeffhe", "username": "Jeffhe"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2018-03-13T02:18:35.250Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Is Effective Altruism fundamentally flawed? "}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "E5uGZguvMhSuuga6M", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jan_kulveit", "username": "Jan_Kulveit"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2018-03-12T22:01:49.556Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Introducing Czech Association for Effective Altruism - history"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "EAi24qrjxdzup3GjJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gworley3", "username": "gworley3"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2018-03-12T20:52:06.475Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Avoiding AI Races Through Self-Regulation"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "rqmuTjmknnQE2oaPS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "risto_uuk", "username": "Risto_Uuk"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-03-12T18:59:08.793Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Reading group guide for EA groups"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "HqatEhdEb42vhSo7B", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alexflint", "username": "alexflint"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2018-03-12T02:10:16.160Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Opportunities for individual donors in AI safety"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "LFS5muaDW9LpbNT72", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "geoffreymiller", "username": "geoffreymiller"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2018-03-09T18:59:02.990Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Cognitive and emotional barriers to EA's growth"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "rMhZo3anefAPJ9ZKK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "janklenha", "username": "janklenha"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2018-03-08T09:57:31.800Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Policy prioritization in a developed country"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "T3zQzs5BcS4v93X53", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "arepo", "username": "Arepo"}, "baseScore": -3, "postedAt": "2018-03-07T17:23:56.094Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Founders Pledge is seeking a Community Manager"}, {"commentsCount": 56, "_id": "Z95TxtkjHGPq4TAqY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 59, "postedAt": "2018-03-05T02:17:20.153Z", "voteCount": 60, "title": "Why not to rush to translate effective altruism into other languages"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "nhLecBGBJxT7gk6ce", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "turchin", "username": "turchin"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-03-03T18:39:56.988Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "[Paper] Surviving global risks through the preservation of humanity's data on the Moon"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "JDM2tgaxJMujP5D7H", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jorgen_ljones", "username": "Jorgen_Ljones"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-03-03T11:40:54.507Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "A short review of the Effect Foundation in 2017"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "zTmxvDQ46tDz4JYDL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "marcus_a_davis", "username": "Marcus_A_Davis"}, "baseScore": 42, "postedAt": "2018-03-02T21:03:36.196Z", "voteCount": 39, "title": "Announcing Rethink Priorities "}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "rQfjJf8jEk5vCNywE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "remmelt", "username": "remmelt"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2018-03-02T14:54:30.803Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "The Values-to-Actions Decision Chain: a rough model"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "ctduj4nkf6ZZG8gA8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "weeatquince_duplicate0-37104097316182916", "username": "weeatquince"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-03-02T13:42:18.961Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": " Where I am donating this year and meta projects that need funding"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "zFiGfWbZGgT8sGwRC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "crosspost", "username": "Crosspost"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2018-03-02T11:16:05.802Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "AI impacts and Paul Christiano on takeoff speeds"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "y4Kmnmf8meMix5DBc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2018-03-01T21:18:46.124Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "New recommended career path for effective altruists: China specialists"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "qwZj8f7eq4HxmBzus", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "richenda", "username": "Richenda"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-02-28T07:14:36.604Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "2017 LEAN Impact Assessment: Evaluation & Strategic Conclusions"}, {"commentsCount": 41, "_id": "rhidnFTcWufnzypfh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "dunja", "username": "Dunja"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-02-27T23:33:54.632Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "How effective and efficient is the funding policy of Open Philanthropy concerning projects on AI risks?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "877YnBmZXZzhxDyEv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-02-26T15:33:03.710Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "How much does it cost to roll-out a vaccine?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "BjBmcfwg2awqPJLin", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-02-24T01:23:33.601Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "How much does it cost to research and develop a vaccine?"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "6kFcr6L2jZhcsZnao", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "hbesceli", "username": "hbesceli"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2018-02-22T17:09:18.593Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Announcing Effective Altruism Community Building Grants"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "W9BauyoRzdcyzt32M", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "amylabenz", "username": "AmyLabenz"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-02-22T16:16:11.142Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Save the dates for EA Global: San Francisco & London"}, {"commentsCount": 67, "_id": "BY8gXSpGijypbGitT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jacy_reese", "username": "Jacy_Reese"}, "baseScore": 57, "postedAt": "2018-02-20T18:29:12.819Z", "voteCount": 59, "title": "Why I prioritize moral circle expansion over artificial intelligence alignment"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "5ynh5xL6JLj4Qri6g", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gworley3", "username": "gworley3"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2018-02-19T21:31:36.942Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Prioritization Consequences of \"Formally Stating the AI Alignment Problem\""}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "PkSncEsBgHkz5iD5E", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2018-02-19T20:49:45.024Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "What is Animal Farming in Rural Zambia Like? A Site Visit"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "iZp7TtZdFyW8eT5dA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2018-02-18T17:41:31.873Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "A generalized strategy of \u2018mission hedging\u2019: investing in 'evil' to do more good"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "X2n6pt3uzZtxGT9Lm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2018-02-15T05:04:25.291Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Doing good while clueless"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "CbYgMbEPDWgafPfyL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "janpaul123", "username": "JanPaul123"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2018-02-15T03:07:36.649Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "On funding medical\u00a0research"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "Z6FoocxsPfQdyNX3P", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2018-02-11T21:55:09.730Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Where Some People Donated in 2017"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "Xiv8g92M4JMTFdfva", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2018-02-10T08:25:53.644Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Lessons for Building Up a Cause"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "7ccsecGA75va8fzRN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "crosspost", "username": "Crosspost"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2018-02-07T15:49:24.551Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "[Link] OpenPhil's Update on Cause Prioritization at Open Philanthropy"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "zeRfEuPAaH37tyqpw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "arepo", "username": "Arepo"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2018-02-06T19:14:13.419Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Founders Pledge hiring a Personal & Development Assistant in the US"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "SovfPFFePJ4LJETd7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "geoffreymiller", "username": "geoffreymiller"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-02-05T23:26:57.041Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Global catastrophic financial risks?"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "eBLqrugTuc2nSWfh9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "randomea", "username": "RandomEA"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-02-04T21:29:41.564Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Would it be a good idea to create a 'GiveWell' for U.S. charities?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "ji5YNqCaRgWAsZHCr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "randomea", "username": "RandomEA"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2018-02-04T21:28:01.733Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "How much further does your dollar go overseas?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "RM77XJj3xGLXZk2es", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "markusanderljung", "username": "MarkusAnderljung"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2018-02-02T12:18:47.734Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Effective Altruism Sweden plans for 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "uaJ4ZGeYSphFG4tbC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "remmelt", "username": "remmelt"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-02-02T08:07:31.869Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Proposal for the AI Safety Research Camp"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "n8nXqqgbwp58wuo6a", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gregory_lewis", "username": "Gregory_Lewis"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-02-02T06:23:54.282Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "How fragile was history?"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "225Aq4P4jFPoWBrb5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lukas_gloor", "username": "Lukas_Gloor"}, "baseScore": 33, "postedAt": "2018-01-31T14:47:11.961Z", "voteCount": 32, "title": "Cause prioritization for downside-focused value systems"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "Bueoanm4d7tc2ht4F", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "henry_stanley", "username": "Henry_Stanley"}, "baseScore": 35, "postedAt": "2018-01-31T08:10:24.954Z", "voteCount": 32, "title": "EA Funds hands out money very infrequently - should we be worried?"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "BJrdKZHTkgmhmjDDC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-01-30T01:36:45.368Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "How scale is often misused as a metric and how to fix it"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "Ez9m9ejbeYTJZwiMa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "arepo", "username": "Arepo"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2018-01-28T17:59:07.040Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "The almighty Hive will"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "GhHirpH9uzxKCr3Lx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "geoffreymiller", "username": "geoffreymiller"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2018-01-25T19:25:43.864Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "New Effective Altruism course syllabus"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "ScLHyCY6JCr5FtuiY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "khorton", "username": "Khorton"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2018-01-24T16:09:11.731Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Effective Volunteering"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "CQqxXFrY2dqbkCWKR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kokotajlod", "username": "kokotajlod"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2018-01-23T22:22:08.173Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Ongoing lawsuit naming \"future generations\" as plaintiffs; advice sought for how to investigate"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "84utmyNmRqCS9Ytka", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaelplant", "username": "MichaelPlant"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2018-01-22T16:26:30.577Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Could I have some more systemic change, please, sir?"}, {"commentsCount": 26, "_id": "n6dtnP5babfNaz2bW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2018-01-21T22:47:32.094Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "69 things that might be pretty effective to fund"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "HnxQF6kkLuyiSZjhN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2018-01-20T12:07:16.024Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "AI alignment prize winners and next round [link]"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "Yo2QTnSQR4i8M8XRg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "mirco_vogelgesang", "username": "Mirco_Vogelgesang"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-01-19T18:23:39.485Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Two critical Mega-trends that Effective Altruism has missed so far [Edited]"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "BEb36kr8MoY835eKS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jorgen_ljones", "username": "Jorgen_Ljones"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2018-01-18T10:56:56.438Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Project Report - On the Potential of Norwegian CSR-donations to Effective Charities"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "o7DxtCiRKa8vu7cNp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denkenberger", "username": "Denkenberger"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2018-01-15T21:46:27.407Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "[Paper] Interventions that May Prevent or Mollify Supervolcanic Eruptions"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "3MbPLi9GJgsdvfmW9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "turchin", "username": "turchin"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2018-01-14T10:07:26.123Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "[Paper] Global Catastrophic and Existential Risks Communication Scale, similar to Torino scale "}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "vuQobY5yQvWdtPiab", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "avin", "username": "AviN"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2018-01-14T00:48:02.297Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "EA #GivingTuesday Fundraiser Matching Retrospective"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "shyCoFzvN3o9JSKBG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sanjay", "username": "Sanjay"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2018-01-13T10:06:16.605Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Nudging donors towards high-impact charities (a request for funding for SoGive)"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "hYh6jKBsKXH8mWwtc", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 53, "postedAt": "2018-01-12T17:04:14.404Z", "voteCount": 54, "title": "A contact person for the EA community"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "BxMzd4CRYBF8wuwFW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "daniel_eth", "username": "Daniel_Eth"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2018-01-12T01:10:07.056Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "The Technological Landscape Affecting Artificial General Intelligence and the Importance of Nanoscale Neural Probes"}, {"commentsCount": 26, "_id": "AREuWgfX7Py79whPc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 31, "postedAt": "2018-01-10T06:41:47.857Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "How to get a new cause into EA"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "6BvGzeLweswSJondR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "turchin", "username": "turchin"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2018-01-04T14:31:56.824Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "[Paper]: Artificial Intelligence in Life Extension: from Deep Learning to Superintelligence"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "zS3gmg45ooRiZ8cmy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "crosspost", "username": "Crosspost"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2018-01-04T12:50:27.271Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Updates from the GiveWell blog"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "nft9YktXLhrroZHiF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "richenda", "username": "Richenda"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2018-01-03T20:42:54.335Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "2017 LEAN Impact Assessment: Qualitative Findings"}, {"commentsCount": 26, "_id": "ocD2KeKRHb53J8ZJF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "halstead", "username": "Halstead"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2018-01-02T22:33:36.355Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Economics, prioritisation, and pro-rich bias \u00a0"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "ga5qCreTmruCkoL4F", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "truepath", "username": "TruePath"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2017-12-31T08:37:10.422Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Cosmic EA: How Cost Effective Is Informing ET?"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "YKTKsZB8j5gXNsNB6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "nonzerosum", "username": "nonzerosum"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2017-12-31T01:40:17.518Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Where can I donate to support insect welfare?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "Q8isNAMsFxny5N37Y", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2017-12-29T18:52:56.369Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "How tractable is cluelessness?"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "EpNLw6F7rzB5eMeSL", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2017-12-28T22:44:29.794Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "The expected value of the long-term future"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "63XdGhoCDpJpXsadZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "casebash", "username": "casebash"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2017-12-28T10:09:43.004Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Viewing Effective Altruism as a System"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "RBTWyi5MW3LyeX23L", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2017-12-27T20:31:05.395Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "80,000 Hours annual review released"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "9x7Ya4SJeMYhCfhvs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2017-12-23T22:25:49.690Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Donation Plans for 2017"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "yRt583tWpA2cSdEkN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "crosspost", "username": "Crosspost"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-12-22T01:05:32.368Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Updates from the Open Philanthropy Blog"}, {"commentsCount": 30, "_id": "MWquqEMMZ4WXCrsug", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-12-21T19:37:07.709Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "\u201cJust take the expected value\u201d \u2013 a possible reply to concerns about cluelessness"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "XKwiEpWRdfWo7jy7f", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "larks", "username": "Larks"}, "baseScore": 42, "postedAt": "2017-12-20T21:54:07.419Z", "voteCount": 42, "title": "2017 AI Safety Literature Review and Charity Comparison"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "CPjJw24azSxaySEzX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "annasalamon", "username": "AnnaSalamon"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2017-12-20T18:58:11.507Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "CFAR's end-of-year Impact Report and Fundraiser"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "HwFqCwvBRWctgAGmJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zdgroff", "username": "zdgroff"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2017-12-20T03:53:43.456Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Updates Thread: How Have You Changed Your Mind This Year?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "KP6GwYCgDxBQSsqgM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "crosspost", "username": "Crosspost"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2017-12-19T22:46:14.194Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Updates from the GiveWell Blog"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "4ScGewqBqdcege85w", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "larissaheskethrowe", "username": "LarissaHeskethRowe"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2017-12-19T14:02:03.231Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA): an overview of 2017 and our 2018 plans"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "DrK9zwKvjn4DsEsea", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "halstead", "username": "Halstead"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-12-18T12:30:02.429Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "We're hiring! Founders Pledge is seeking a new researcher"}, {"commentsCount": 39, "_id": "3q3mPbrqZEWARjrgE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "samdeere", "username": "SamDeere"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2017-12-16T00:34:51.988Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Announcing the 2017 donor lottery"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "mwbaM5SeMy8GJMQus", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonas-vollmer", "username": "Jonas Vollmer"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2017-12-15T15:09:17.168Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Effective Altruism Foundation update: Plans for 2018 and room for more funding"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "vqoTDGs5YC5Jy7WvW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kelly_witwicki", "username": "Kelly_Witwicki"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2017-12-14T20:57:48.618Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Sentience Institute 2017 Accomplishments, 2018 Plans, and Room for Funding"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "JXuCqrAzqSfzHqjeh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2017-12-14T14:57:22.838Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "New releases: Global Priorities Institute research agenda and posts we\u2019re hiring for"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "km3KhsDyGZS3rpnyw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "donychristie", "username": "DonyChristie"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2017-12-14T04:40:26.648Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "We Could Move $80 Million to Effective Charities, Pineapples Included"}, {"commentsCount": 30, "_id": "EgCiFPbcQqbphv4Pv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 39, "postedAt": "2017-12-12T07:17:14.418Z", "voteCount": 42, "title": "Four Organizations EAs Should Fully Fund for 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "bPq9MWccENRAkKMn9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "andy_schultz", "username": "Andy_Schultz"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-12-09T21:49:04.224Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Donation timing with U.S. tax reform"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "4BsAtZgXoevoc48fS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "baxterb", "username": "baxterb"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2017-12-09T01:44:02.378Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Rethink Charity Forward: Giving Platform for Canadian Donors"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "z2huyAYoZryy6c2g2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "richenda", "username": "Richenda"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-12-08T20:54:09.759Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "2017 LEAN Impact Assessment: Quantitative Findings"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "9QHDQ2PwSnMEJ5Pzw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "henry_stanley", "username": "Henry_Stanley"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2017-12-08T11:37:56.149Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Introducing EA Work Club \u2013 high-impact jobs and side projects for EAs"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "GivLDGtG2CHuYjjFG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cafelow", "username": "cafelow"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2017-12-07T00:14:52.652Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Project for Awesome: You can move ~$1K to a top charity by making a short video - no talent required!"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "SX3ZCEBBfpWmCSMWH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tobiaspulver", "username": "tobiaspulver"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2017-12-06T16:04:34.764Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Wild-Animal Suffering Research\u2019s Plans for 2018 and RFMF"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "yWNMkYy9BK8ybASFH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alex_barry", "username": "Alex_Barry"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2017-12-03T16:00:30.745Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Causal Network Model IV: Climate Catastrophe "}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "koAZybrvJppmjLPQD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benhoffman", "username": "BenHoffman"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-12-01T23:35:09.534Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Cash transfers are not necessarily wealth transfers"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "GxmJ2ntyMiaG2PPSu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "malo", "username": "malo"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-12-01T20:06:44.014Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "MIRI 2017 Fundraiser and Strategy Update"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "Ys97mD6QGsHXxogTR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "mackgrenfell", "username": "mackgrenfell"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2017-12-01T16:30:25.511Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Would any EA chapters like help running an AdWords grants account?"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "gkbpbSzEaEteF8FSm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "elizabeth", "username": "Elizabeth"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-11-30T19:04:43.375Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Cost Effectiveness of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Ci2cAxfeLiQ9mMiuY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ericherboso", "username": "EricHerboso"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-11-30T16:45:53.521Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "[LINK] AMA by Animal Charity Evaluators on Reddit"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "2gxvnxt2Nm5b2gqi8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tobiaspulver", "username": "tobiaspulver"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2017-11-30T13:38:01.116Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Wild-Animal Suffering Research 2017 Retrospective"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "ymsDLFRbhYFm3cB9q", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2017-11-29T23:28:04.498Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Charity Science Health has room for more funding"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "DdCKagpLfMNZFLa9R", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denkenberger", "username": "Denkenberger"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2017-11-27T02:23:44.742Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "How you can save expected lives for $0.20-$400 each and reduce X risk"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "QhabG3Tk5X42tqy9u", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michael_pj", "username": "Michael_PJ"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-11-26T17:01:59.212Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Towards effective entrepreneurship: what makes a startup high-impact?"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "St8LAzYigo7Cc7ZCn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michael_pj", "username": "Michael_PJ"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2017-11-26T16:56:08.288Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Towards effective entrepreneurship: Good Technology Project post-mortem"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "werW78GfeAgBRbvF3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2017-11-26T14:58:10.490Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Cause Area: Human Rights in North Korea"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "rHA4NTTm9X7AoFmJY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "williamkiely", "username": "WilliamKiely"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2017-11-25T20:40:12.834Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "#GivingTuesday: Counter-Factual Donation Matching is the Lowest-Hanging Fruit in Effective Giving"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "6SNpMgswT3SBLdYhz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "david_reinstein", "username": "david_reinstein"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2017-11-25T19:34:06.732Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Wiki/Survey: Experiences in fundraising/convincing people/organisations to support EA causes"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "hMaDWHiM4Q9E63Mm6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_west", "username": "Ben_West"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2017-11-25T14:41:00.477Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "Deliberate Performance in People Management"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "A9jipsY9s99Pb7oBx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "turchin", "username": "turchin"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2017-11-25T11:51:50.606Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Message to Any Future AI: \u201cThere are several instrumental reasons why exterminating humanity is not in your interest\u201d"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "LPMtTvfZvhZqy25Jw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2017-11-23T18:27:21.894Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "What consequences?"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "Gm4EThxfxtFY8EcQQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jamie_cassidy", "username": "jamie_cassidy"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2017-11-23T13:23:45.711Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Volunteering for a non-EA charity - a write up"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "sJq4a5s9RidYms2Mk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "elizabeth", "username": "Elizabeth"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-11-22T16:11:43.720Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Measuring the Impact of Mental Illness on Quality of Life"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "dFYDjr3spMn59zTwP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alex_barry", "username": "Alex_Barry"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2017-11-22T15:43:14.476Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Causal Network Model III: Findings"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "nAccbCPkLatXNBKdZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "80000_hours", "username": "80000_Hours"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-11-20T18:34:40.766Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Interview with Prof Tetlock on epistemic modesty, predicting catastrophic risks, AI, and more"}, {"commentsCount": 34, "_id": "if24DY4pW2FZPPT4G", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "elizabeth", "username": "Elizabeth"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2017-11-20T18:34:24.355Z", "voteCount": 31, "title": "Mental Health Shallow Review"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "EmGNuADrNBq5ZcXJJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alex_barry", "username": "Alex_Barry"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2017-11-19T21:16:39.361Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Causal Network Model II: Technical Guide"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "suiTJeeEMnv7aPu8p", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kathy_forth", "username": "Kathy_Forth"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2017-11-18T04:03:12.688Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Sexual Violence Risk Reduction - Let's Do Tracking!"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "RmM54frMt9SGuvgwc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denise_melchin", "username": "Denise_Melchin"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2017-11-17T14:51:50.396Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Causal Networks Model I: Introduction & User Guide"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "Cyuq6Yyp5bcpPfRuN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tee", "username": "Tee"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-11-17T04:44:05.688Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "EA Survey 2017 Series: How do People Get Into EA?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "dWCFuday6NfKciS2k", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eliezeryudkowsky", "username": "EliezerYudkowsky"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2017-11-16T21:52:19.366Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Status Regulation and Anxious Underconfidence"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "vwDjfnJ9656fAQvsC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2017-11-16T20:22:46.114Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Talking About Effective Altruism At Parties"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "ftshCQDZJ726RtY3s", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eliezeryudkowsky", "username": "EliezerYudkowsky"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-11-14T21:26:48.198Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Against Modest Epistemology"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "9R58Mg4djr5Qctw2r", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "scottweathers", "username": "scottweathers"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2017-11-14T14:59:32.618Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Looking for People Interested in Exploring Plant-Based Startups"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "5pXzuJ3qYJ79jpwLy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kastrel", "username": "kastrel"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2017-11-13T16:55:48.777Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Finding and managing literature on EA topics"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "hubTokmtBmNPYHZ3L", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "turchin", "username": "turchin"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-11-13T13:02:43.446Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Military AI as a Convergent Goal of Self-Improving AI"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "XW4Nou4ToBcGgteoC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eliezeryudkowsky", "username": "EliezerYudkowsky"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-11-12T22:23:47.083Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Blind Empiricism"}, {"commentsCount": 162, "_id": "gFpaHk2aKq2jGijnd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kathy_forth", "username": "Kathy_Forth"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2017-11-11T20:32:21.835Z", "voteCount": 41, "title": "An Exploration of Sexual Violence Reduction for Effective Altruism Potential"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "tc7JQktLt7GWR2isp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "janbrauner", "username": "JanBrauner"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-11-11T19:17:37.615Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "An algorithm/flowchart for prioritizing which content to read"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "bzoWKMPhDuxNRrvXs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eliezeryudkowsky", "username": "EliezerYudkowsky"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-11-09T21:47:27.193Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Living in an Inadequate World"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "25n24XdM5JQMi66sZ", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2017-11-08T20:40:37.595Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Modesty and diversity: a concrete suggestion"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "cZCdfR2nxXQgrzESQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "emilytench", "username": "EmilyTench"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2017-11-08T17:34:02.374Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "The extraordinary value of ordinary norms "}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ccdaCNGisZ5L5vjF4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eliezeryudkowsky", "username": "EliezerYudkowsky"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2017-11-06T21:34:51.158Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Moloch's Toolbox (2/2)"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "KiY7h7Z75uQveuDJM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "nonzerosum", "username": "nonzerosum"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2017-11-05T20:25:58.054Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Has someone migrated/exported the .impact HackPad?"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "gzNNKENkocAZ6T4nZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eliezeryudkowsky", "username": "EliezerYudkowsky"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-11-04T21:47:50.825Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Moloch's Toolbox (1/2)"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "SJFDMsTQHDMbzxBLW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "80000_hours", "username": "80000_Hours"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2017-11-03T23:35:32.079Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Survey of leaders in the EA community on a range of important topics, like what skills they need and what causes are most effective"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "7vTwej6np9LzFaeXg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2017-11-03T04:41:28.760Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Talent gaps from the perspective of a talent limited organization."}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "HFa28vs5tMg9mmMcs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "remmelt", "username": "remmelt"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2017-11-02T22:01:17.922Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Reflections on community building in the Netherlands"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "7MdLurJGhGmqRv25c", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lukas_gloor", "username": "Lukas_Gloor"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2017-11-02T10:17:14.386Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Multiverse-wide cooperation in a nutshell"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "JRaMhtJkAYkBvz6tC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "arepo", "username": "Arepo"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2017-11-01T23:09:04.526Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Against neglectedness"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "NbWbeTN77dXStiXLf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eliezeryudkowsky", "username": "EliezerYudkowsky"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2017-10-31T22:25:02.739Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "An Equilibrium of No Free Energy"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "9nyFLa4QsuMEpfnNt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tee", "username": "Tee"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2017-10-31T18:45:27.551Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "SHIC Workshop Experiment and Revised Impact Strategy 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "dq3m4ZukTHHYd2g4H", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lkor", "username": "LKor"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2017-10-31T17:01:35.069Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Introducing Canada\u2019s first political advocacy group on AI Safety and Technological Unemployment"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "SHynRjYwrskPTCZRr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "scottweathers", "username": "scottweathers"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2017-10-30T18:22:50.303Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "How Two EAs Got Published in the New York Times"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "7XRjb3Tx8j36AcBpb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denkenberger", "username": "Denkenberger"}, "baseScore": 31, "postedAt": "2017-10-29T23:28:39.440Z", "voteCount": 33, "title": "Should we be spending no less on alternate foods than AI now?"}, {"commentsCount": 45, "_id": "WKPd79PESRGZHQ5GY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gregory_lewis", "username": "Gregory_Lewis"}, "baseScore": 48, "postedAt": "2017-10-29T19:15:10.455Z", "voteCount": 44, "title": "In defence of epistemic modesty"}, {"commentsCount": 30, "_id": "rEk9FTxMFeGfW77Re", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eliezeryudkowsky", "username": "EliezerYudkowsky"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2017-10-28T22:02:31.066Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "Inadequacy and Modesty"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "9feKRSCkSzWMKeGYG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "hollymorgan", "username": "hollymorgan"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2017-10-28T05:49:09.483Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Effective Altruism London - Strategic Plan & Funding Proposal 2018"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "soSph9SajQd5wWtnq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "e19brendan", "username": "e19brendan"}, "baseScore": 36, "postedAt": "2017-10-27T13:54:55.314Z", "voteCount": 36, "title": "Introducing fortify hEAlth: an EA-aligned charity startup"}, {"commentsCount": 241, "_id": "YCPc4qTSoyuj54ZZK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kelly_witwicki", "username": "Kelly_Witwicki"}, "baseScore": 41, "postedAt": "2017-10-26T13:20:40.239Z", "voteCount": 66, "title": "Why & How to Make Progress on Diversity & Inclusion in EA"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "oWF3GCM5Zo3GBjs6m", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kevinwatkinson", "username": "KevinWatkinson"}, "baseScore": -3, "postedAt": "2017-10-24T09:51:27.717Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Effective Altruism for Animals: Consideration for different value systems"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "uXeJdnQkXGdW8Quc8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "80000_hours", "username": "80000_Hours"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-10-23T21:10:12.053Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "80,000 Hours' 20 most enduringly popular pieces of research"}, {"commentsCount": 85, "_id": "4E7f9eNbe4dMbnsme", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "willpearson", "username": "WillPearson"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-10-23T20:26:23.277Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Open Thread #39"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "XcLzQxDxnXW6xH6tx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oliverbramford", "username": "oliverbramford"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2017-10-21T14:28:49.686Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "5 Types of Systems Change Causes with the Potential for Exceptionally High Impact (post 3/3)"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "76m7rdty9SdE4wTcB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oliverbramford", "username": "oliverbramford"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2017-10-21T14:21:43.051Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Effective Altruism Paradigm vs Systems Change Paradigm (post 2/3)"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "RXCcAqzjBgYWavjMM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oliverbramford", "username": "oliverbramford"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2017-10-21T14:16:42.473Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Why to Optimize Earth? (post 1/3)"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "CGStmNv9SckAoxWjF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2017-10-19T12:31:12.737Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism MOOC [link]"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "9jLKQK7uREK4Za4vS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2017-10-19T00:08:06.199Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Rob Wiblin's top EconTalk episode recommendations"}, {"commentsCount": 30, "_id": "Qgq4zJPzR9TCJ89wj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kaj_sotala", "username": "Kaj_Sotala"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2017-10-17T11:10:52.069Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Anti-tribalism and positive mental health as high-value cause areas"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "GS5YN7vXbWEeffb3j", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2017-10-12T20:58:40.288Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Oxford Prioritisation Project Review"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "jL3ts6NyDQmcneGPy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "weeatquince_duplicate0-37104097316182916", "username": "weeatquince"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2017-10-10T18:24:05.400Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "General lessons on how to build EA communities. Lessons from a full-time movement builder, part 2 of 4"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "xrXBEWmsXQosTsfSH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "khorton", "username": "Khorton"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-10-10T14:09:50.556Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Changing the Government's Approach to Catastrophic Risks"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "MrCjtdTxHvRzqu8fp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zdgroff", "username": "zdgroff"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2017-10-09T15:58:02.154Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "The Hidden Cost of Shifting Away from Poverty"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "FuzoJwhPtaJTCkSzr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "pouyajafari", "username": "PouyaJafari"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2017-10-06T20:56:08.241Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "The Effective Altruism Equality and Justice Project"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "A54Lrz5vQK5kgtxA2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tee", "username": "Tee"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-10-06T15:51:49.329Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "EA Survey 2017 Series: Have EA Priorities Changed Over Time?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "HHeaoX47aAa8dgt7a", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "weeatquince_duplicate0-37104097316182916", "username": "weeatquince"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2017-10-04T18:14:12.357Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Lessons from a full-time community builder. Part 1 of 4. Impact assessment"}, {"commentsCount": 33, "_id": "4kRPYuogoSKnHNBhY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lee_sharkey", "username": "Lee_Sharkey"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2017-10-01T18:29:15.685Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "An intervention to shape policy dialogue, communication, and AI research norms for AI safety"}, {"commentsCount": 39, "_id": "org8QYG3gqgDK7St6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "roxanne_heston", "username": "Roxanne_Heston"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2017-09-29T20:05:53.514Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "Effective Altruism Grants project update"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "ifkFqcnw3u2p6EScB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aspencer", "username": "aspencer"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-09-27T20:51:52.409Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Update on Envision: progress thus far and next steps"}, {"commentsCount": 28, "_id": "RCvetzfDnBNFX7pLH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "carrickflynn", "username": "carrickflynn"}, "baseScore": 37, "postedAt": "2017-09-27T16:52:49.146Z", "voteCount": 36, "title": "Personal thoughts on careers in AI policy and strategy"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "uR6nqHS568dGfYKa2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "vipulnaik", "username": "vipulnaik"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-09-26T15:55:37.077Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "The AIDS/malaria puzzle: bleg"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "J49YemrTzXGtnri9n", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tee", "username": "Tee"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2017-09-21T01:36:50.004Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "EA Survey 2017 Series: Qualitative Comments Summary "}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "aYSJu3PzTaqNBRbXe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "danae_arroyos", "username": "Danae_Arroyos"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2017-09-20T21:18:55.546Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "What do DALYs capture?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "S7EPTq2J5tvHkSFca", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gentzel", "username": "Gentzel"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2017-09-19T01:00:14.519Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Getting Nuclear Policy Right Is Hard"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "K8D8hmaCYFtvhg5ZJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "astupple", "username": "astupple"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2017-09-18T17:31:20.770Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Can a Transparent Idea Directory reduce transaction costs of new ideas?"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "Em7kSysc3STrH9HhQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tee", "username": "Tee"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2017-09-18T15:51:47.118Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "EA Survey 2017 Series: Demographics II"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "MCfa6PaGoe6AaLPHR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tobias_baumann", "username": "Tobias_Baumann"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-09-18T08:05:39.850Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "S-risk FAQ"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "Ecq43jCkuTApwG6uA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "richenda", "username": "Richenda"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2017-09-17T00:48:59.235Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "2017 LEAN Impact Assessment"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "744omz9Q72hLqNCKj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "halstead", "username": "Halstead"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-09-15T08:30:54.508Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Capitalism and Selfishness"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "S2ypk8fsHFrQopvyo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tee", "username": "Tee"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2017-09-12T01:29:56.716Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "EA Survey 2017 Series: Donation Data"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "gKADk68wvi53zj6G6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ales_flidr", "username": "Ales_Flidr"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2017-09-11T01:20:38.543Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "The Turing Test"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "J7XLAwiB47L3zjTcR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "80000_hours", "username": "80000_Hours"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2017-09-07T02:25:36.080Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Ten new 80,000 Hours articles made for the effective altruist community"}, {"commentsCount": 27, "_id": "f6WnAe3qDQqmmz38x", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2017-09-05T23:36:39.591Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Is EA Growing? Some EA Growth Metrics for 2017"}, {"commentsCount": 35, "_id": "qMGFf8u32no9HtEhc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "randomea", "username": "RandomEA"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2017-09-05T21:10:19.667Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Which five books would you recommend to an 18 year old?"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "oXzRPoCmYkEySevj8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "geoffreymiller", "username": "geoffreymiller"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2017-09-01T18:52:47.012Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Ideological engineering and social control: A neglected topic in AI safety research?"}, {"commentsCount": 43, "_id": "xeduPnHfCQ9m9f3go", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tee", "username": "Tee"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2017-09-01T14:55:27.596Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "EA Survey 2017 Series: Cause Area Preferences"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "YnXwXKbvmCDnHWx8s", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kevinwatkinson", "username": "KevinWatkinson"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2017-08-31T13:50:30.073Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Should EAs think twice before donating to GFI?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "YFoddZtXdeJE5KEM7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "willpearson", "username": "WillPearson"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2017-08-29T22:22:26.206Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Looking at how Superforecasting might improve some EA projects response to Superintelligence"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "nJ2JpZZquqFrSakK5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tee", "username": "Tee"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2017-08-29T18:36:16.146Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "EA Survey 2017 Series: Community Demographics & Beliefs"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "TuzkYANf7tmQDF2Hk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tee", "username": "Tee"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-08-29T18:31:51.850Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "EA Survey 2017 Series: Distribution and Analysis Methodology"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "rFSy5ir5wxFhHNTHe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2017-08-28T02:52:29.953Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Nothing Wrong With AI Weapons"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "zXLcsEbzurd39Lq5u", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2017-08-26T19:57:30.492Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Setting our salary based on the world\u2019s average GDP per capita"}, {"commentsCount": 46, "_id": "uAjQjvNnzNknyQ5uS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "willpearson", "username": "WillPearson"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-08-22T10:01:15.557Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Open Thread #38"}, {"commentsCount": 27, "_id": "xfetacPEqzwnpPEcT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "halstead", "username": "Halstead"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2017-08-17T13:24:44.537Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "How should we assess very uncertain and non-testable stuff?"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "KZz5ajM5gLfY29SCH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaelplant", "username": "MichaelPlant"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2017-08-12T18:03:34.835Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "High Time For Drug Policy Reform. Part 4/4: Estimating Cost-Effectiveness vs Other Causes; What EA Should Do Next"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "iBvmKaqb7YE32W5EK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "richenda", "username": "Richenda"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2017-08-11T22:07:51.877Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Local Group Support Overview: CEA, EAF and LEAN"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "Co9wY9E4NykXZWguj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaelplant", "username": "MichaelPlant"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2017-08-11T15:17:40.007Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "High Time For Drug Policy Reform. Part 3/4: Policy Suggestions, Tractability and Neglectedess"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "XvbBCP3ryme5H5RsS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaelplant", "username": "MichaelPlant"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2017-08-10T19:34:24.567Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "High Time For Drug Policy Reform. Part 2/4: Six Ways It Could Do Good And Anticipating The Objections"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "NkJv2F4zfrnnjTEtF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "willpearson", "username": "WillPearson"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-08-10T08:00:04.207Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Introducing Improving autonomy "}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "wu9nEXWtvhEnYQTxG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaelplant", "username": "MichaelPlant"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2017-08-09T13:17:20.012Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "High Time For Drug Policy Reform. Part 1/4: Introduction and Cause Summary"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "Tqr8urzr87SeMvzY3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "remmelt", "username": "remmelt"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2017-08-06T02:29:28.683Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Effective Altruism as a Market in Moral Goods \u2013 Introduction"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "tBH9txe2TLhH2acGo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sanjay", "username": "Sanjay"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2017-08-05T15:41:06.692Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Medical research: cancer is hugely overfunded; here's what to choose instead"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "vbbWtTBpzjxwZowaF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jayquigley", "username": "jayquigley"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2017-08-05T14:53:47.331Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "How We Banned Fur in Berkeley"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "jqCCM3NvrtCYK3uaB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "grue_slinky", "username": "Grue_Slinky"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2017-08-05T03:56:12.114Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Blood Donation: (Generally) Not That Effective on the Margin"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "DzMygM3g5fqEaEJnD", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2017-08-03T13:16:55.859Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "How much donation splitting is there, and should you split? "}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "7AjqtQFDLjnnKgdhM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "purplepeople", "username": "purplepeople"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2017-08-02T19:50:54.269Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Paper Ballots in the 2020 US Election"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "4NnvA2sXbB87CqArF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-08-02T02:07:46.769Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Reading recommendations for the problem of consequentialist scope?"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "zFiJHemx4DXubDvSA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "randomea", "username": "RandomEA"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2017-07-27T20:49:06.425Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Does Effective Altruism Lead to the Altruistic Repugnant Conclusion?"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "ugdPy7r54vgcG4fKp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "roxanne_heston", "username": "Roxanne_Heston"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2017-07-23T06:12:19.625Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "EAGx Relaunch"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "38ZpdnHMcJG9vHKJf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "willpearson", "username": "WillPearson"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2017-07-21T10:35:11.952Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Towards a measure of Autonomy and what it means for EA"}, {"commentsCount": 78, "_id": "FfJ4rMTJAB3tnY5De", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "mikejohnson", "username": "MikeJohnson"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2017-07-20T20:46:27.298Z", "voteCount": 33, "title": "Why I think the Foundational Research Institute should rethink its approach"}, {"commentsCount": 28, "_id": "kNKpyf4WWdKehgvRt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_west", "username": "Ben_West"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2017-07-19T22:03:17.393Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "An Argument for Why the Future May Be Good"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "8qyqx6mvAb96t5FEd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kaj_sotala", "username": "Kaj_Sotala"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-07-16T16:10:13.384Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "An argument for broad and inclusive \"mindset-focused EA\""}, {"commentsCount": 53, "_id": "wRAZkgBbeEpeZ7TEM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaelplant", "username": "MichaelPlant"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2017-07-08T11:34:52.445Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "The marketing gap and a plea for moral inclusivity"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "YRzELEmB8eqqwpp8J", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2017-07-07T04:45:55.619Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "How can we best coordinate as a community?"}, {"commentsCount": 64, "_id": "SEL9PW8jozrvLnkb4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "daniel_dewey", "username": "Daniel_Dewey"}, "baseScore": 48, "postedAt": "2017-07-07T01:17:24.909Z", "voteCount": 48, "title": "My current thoughts on MIRI's \"highly reliable agent design\" work"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "L32odKCdp7xqJ3p5w", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "remmelt", "username": "remmelt"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2017-07-03T11:28:33.393Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Testing an EA network-building strategy in the Netherlands"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "bwoqzGiz9NNgowsGt", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2017-07-02T17:34:18.441Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Changes to the EA Forum"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "bdssHHKSze7irv8zB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tobias_baumann", "username": "Tobias_Baumann"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-06-29T07:31:27.891Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Strategic implications of AI scenarios"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "8qMDseJTE3vCFiYec", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2017-06-28T23:20:04.289Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "How long does it take to research and develop a new vaccine?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "N25rHWerRFLaTtDMm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "richenda", "username": "Richenda"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-06-28T20:12:33.491Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "2017 LEAN Statement"}, {"commentsCount": 66, "_id": "sxukPJiS5ZnWDX5E3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lukeprog", "username": "lukeprog"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2017-06-28T15:49:11.655Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Hi, I'm Luke Muehlhauser. AMA about Open Philanthropy's new report on consciousness and moral patienthood"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "m49ZMamTnNJj8wbQo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 33, "postedAt": "2017-06-27T03:16:49.074Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Can we apply start-up investing principles to non-profits?"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "Eh8Ep3fEPoRnnZwfK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "petersinger", "username": "PeterSinger"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-06-25T12:30:21.946Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Getting to the Mainstream"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "fFAH7b3orCexrFN78", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "raemon", "username": "Raemon"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2017-06-24T16:43:25.995Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Earning to Give as Costly Signalling"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "mH5Wq59rAqHCsjNEs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaelplant", "username": "MichaelPlant"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2017-06-24T10:23:58.519Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "The Philanthropist\u2019s Paradox"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "P6ndNnsF9axjBgGXq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2017-06-21T21:56:48.696Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Upcoming AMA with Luke Muehlhauser on consciousness and moral patienthood (June 28, starting 9am Pacific)"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "SrnWxsApLoNTGnc5P", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "80000_hours", "username": "80000_Hours"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2017-06-20T22:19:34.311Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "80,000 Hours articles aimed at the EA community"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "C665bLMZcMJy922fk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2017-06-18T14:49:56.832Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "What is valuable about effective altruism? Implications for community building"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "5imWEcfyXqKHzFQwr", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2017-06-15T23:01:38.937Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "QALYs/$ are more intuitive than $/QALYs"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "uGz86QFqs7mSLK9cc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "nonzerosum", "username": "nonzerosum"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-06-15T19:38:25.106Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Note: Jeff Bezos posted on Twitter today asking for philanthropy ideas"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "574d3ybRG3ZT4a74o", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "roxanne_heston", "username": "Roxanne_Heston"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2017-06-15T19:20:05.907Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Introducing the EA Involvement Guide"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "RzpnxTkbetWaNX7Aw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "casebash", "username": "casebash"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2017-06-14T01:58:47.207Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "EA should beware concessions"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "ucEgGZDYpenXLDCWR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2017-06-12T16:19:52.178Z", "voteCount": 33, "title": "Projects I'd like to see"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "waYZEYXkH6wp4qqM8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cafelow", "username": "cafelow"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2017-06-09T18:38:36.017Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Review of EA New Zealand\u2019s \u2018Doing Good Better\u2019 book giveaway"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "wYaSxg4uGFLz4kJ6d", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "maxdalton", "username": "Maxdalton"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2017-06-09T10:28:15.441Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Announcing Effective Altruism Grants"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "XpuWDpTeeYn37SFui", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "klloyd", "username": "klloyd"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-06-06T22:20:58.709Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "A Paradox in the Measurement of the Value of Life"}, {"commentsCount": 39, "_id": "WdMnmmqqiP5zCtSfv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kaj_sotala", "username": "Kaj_Sotala"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2017-06-05T13:46:49.688Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "Cognitive Science/Psychology As a Neglected Approach to AI Safety"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "zkq8GY9PXmXRA3Bnh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "thebestwecan", "username": "thebestwecan"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2017-06-02T14:43:45.784Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Introducing Sentience Institute"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "CHsrPENNDnXwRfw8w", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-06-01T18:52:21.513Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Discussion: Adding New Funds to EA Funds"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "Cn3dAZhtqeBXYmQvF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stefan_schubert", "username": "Stefan_Schubert"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2017-05-31T22:41:27.190Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Considering Considerateness: Why communities of do-gooders should be exceptionally considerate"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "a3sScjxdgNTCseBMJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tee", "username": "Tee"}, "baseScore": 27, "postedAt": "2017-05-30T20:45:01.645Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": ".impact is now Rethink Charity"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "8B3bwtoK4K4XD2GE4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "david_reinstein", "username": "david_reinstein"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2017-05-26T19:36:09.542Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Give if you win (innovation in fundraising)"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "SJMiToN9m5RTsv23H", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jon_behar", "username": "Jon_Behar"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-05-23T23:21:42.879Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "The Giving Game Project's Vision and Strategic Plan"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "yhs3eqbk6N4prEQC2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "maxdalton", "username": "Maxdalton"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2017-05-23T08:22:44.935Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Returns Functions and Funding Gaps"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "mRr8vg35jZbeyFxAi", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-05-21T12:50:04.907Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Four quantitative models, aggregation, and final decision - Oxford Prioritisation Project"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "JfDW9LfcMFGXhLxTC", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-05-21T12:49:40.433Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "A model of 80,000 Hours - Oxford Prioritisation Project"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "RaXK7AeCqaBxudef7", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-05-21T12:40:51.005Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Expected value estimates we (cautiously) took literally - Oxford Prioritisation Project"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "hvE7rN8crdzmgz2Fj", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2017-05-21T12:33:35.324Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "A model of Animal Charity Evaluators - Oxford Prioritisation Project"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "NbFZ9yewJHoicpkBr", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2017-05-21T12:26:41.848Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "A model of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute - Oxford Prioritisation Project"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "Qonzpx2Fsks2Gguro", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-05-19T16:14:02.892Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Modelling the Good Food Institute - Oxford Prioritisation Project"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Zt82Dbx7fodsMPYaX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "baxterb", "username": "baxterb"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-05-16T17:56:32.696Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "SHIC's Recommended Charities 2017"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "T4F6ZW5Hzv4Tz9Mrm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "toby_ord", "username": "Toby_Ord"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2017-05-16T13:11:45.984Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "The value of money going to different groups"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "dkQemkyzQXSh3xvov", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-05-13T15:10:52.179Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "A model of StrongMinds - Oxford Prioritisation Project"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "8AABHubnwpoqZXABh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jon_behar", "username": "Jon_Behar"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-05-13T00:36:41.371Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Are Giving Games a better way to teach philanthropy?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "ohmc3GKcHz2b38R4S", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "weeatquince_duplicate0-37104097316182916", "username": "weeatquince"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2017-05-11T14:55:05.711Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Understanding Charity Evaluation"}, {"commentsCount": 36, "_id": "SMRHnGXirRNpvB8LJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "saulius", "username": "saulius"}, "baseScore": 32, "postedAt": "2017-05-10T22:33:21.864Z", "voteCount": 31, "title": "Fact checking comparison between trachoma surgeries and guide dogs "}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "PCQ4i5EK7vZ8pR2tF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "konrad", "username": "konrad"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2017-05-09T14:31:18.798Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Why you should consider going to EA Global"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "CJZGFxzHfdPuu2X76", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2017-05-06T02:07:05.630Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "A mental health resource for EA community"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "oxkNRmKkoQYvcEWvy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "halstead", "username": "Halstead"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2017-05-04T09:36:53.654Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Where should anti-paternalists donate?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "ZstNjEhxxrfwiJqgj", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-05-03T15:16:49.891Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "How much does work in AI safety help the world? Probability distribution version (Oxford Prioritisation Project)"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "vDsGvWEzoccPnJqDQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2017-05-03T05:05:55.750Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Informatica: Special Issue on Superintelligence"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "qLSygonzMqWbKszXT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jon_behar", "username": "Jon_Behar"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2017-04-26T22:46:55.707Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "The Life You Can Save's 2016 Annual Report"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "kXDZCs6j4N6hS2dJ4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "arepo", "username": "Arepo"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-04-26T14:26:12.764Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Job: Country Manager needed for Germany at Founders Pledge"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "3NGaArb5s3dSPH2wJ", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2017-04-25T13:36:57.043Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Charity Evaluators: first model and open questions (Oxford Prioritisation Project)"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "fywZAX74GuLFbfRJP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2017-04-24T21:01:26.039Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "The 2017 Effective Altruism Survey - Please Take!"}, {"commentsCount": 52, "_id": "rpFjPmCL4tcfBic6a", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benhoffman", "username": "BenHoffman"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2017-04-23T06:11:20.903Z", "voteCount": 41, "title": "Effective altruism is self-recommending"}, {"commentsCount": 94, "_id": "MsaS8JKrR8nnxyPkK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2017-04-20T17:20:03.808Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Update on Effective Altruism Funds"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "pfEpu3gMG5bRMyfee", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "so8res", "username": "So8res"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2017-04-14T00:42:16.065Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Intro to caring about AI alignment as an EA cause"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "gbhgam7m6bRhbT4Wv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jay_shooster", "username": "Jay_Shooster"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2017-04-13T14:11:38.472Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Two Easy Ways to Help Each Other"}, {"commentsCount": 29, "_id": "LaXGf6hZXXqZ7sj5m", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2017-04-06T04:49:45.335Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "How accurately does anyone know the global distribution of income?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "55giwB2Pmv5YM6JuQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2017-04-05T16:48:45.220Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "How do EA Orgs Account for Uncertainty in their Analysis?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "GdWyH3ScsjvSXhK6h", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "turchin", "username": "turchin"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2017-04-05T08:06:31.780Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Surviving Global Catastrophe in Nuclear Submarines as Refuges"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "AbrL4M9sPsqZWBio2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "baxterb", "username": "baxterb"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2017-04-03T22:27:29.233Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Students for High-Impact Charity Interim Report"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "Rh5a5CHhpP955Winn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "amylabenz", "username": "AmyLabenz"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-04-01T16:01:18.215Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Applications are open for EA Global Boston"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "otwnXitAXq5iQiHPi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michael_s", "username": "Michael_S"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2017-04-01T14:45:16.674Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "An Effective Altruist Message Test"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "XHuBagT6n7yRKobig", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davidnash", "username": "DavidNash"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-03-31T18:21:49.204Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "A Third Take on Trump"}, {"commentsCount": 29, "_id": "nkLNAvyHqkeC6tpBv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaelplant", "username": "MichaelPlant"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-03-30T11:25:30.479Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Intuition Jousting: What It Is And Why It Should Stop"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "N95ZziqxBbEbZJWmJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zeke_sherman", "username": "Zeke_Sherman"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2017-03-28T02:54:51.490Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Utopia In The Fog"}, {"commentsCount": 44, "_id": "LG6gwxhrw48Dvteej", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "richard_batty", "username": "Richard_Batty"}, "baseScore": 31, "postedAt": "2017-03-25T18:12:50.765Z", "voteCount": 33, "title": "Concrete project lists"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "64yrq2nzwSaCFH7Ei", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stefan_schubert", "username": "Stefan_Schubert"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-03-22T17:06:50.202Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Effective altruism: an elucidation and a defence"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "hAeL4DdrDjqfo98t7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "taramacaulay", "username": "TaraMacAulay"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2017-03-18T21:50:20.356Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "CEA's strategic update for February 2017"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "eyDDjYrG3i3PRGxtc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stefan_schubert", "username": "Stefan_Schubert"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2017-03-17T17:54:34.688Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Hard-to-reverse decisions destroy option value "}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "wmmBv3LtJGW4PiBJ7", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-03-17T09:49:00.793Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Daniel May: \"Should we make a grant to a meta-charity?\" (Oxford Prioritisation Project)"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "9kbei4jEqhniMge56", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-03-17T09:48:49.598Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Alice and Bob on big-picture worldviews (Oxford Prioritisation Project)"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "q36uhfREa98tec5XM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "pablo_stafforini", "username": "Pablo_Stafforini"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2017-03-17T06:48:47.986Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "[link] 'Crucial Considerations and Wise Philanthropy', by Nick Bostrom"}, {"commentsCount": 34, "_id": "THXP2gy5TqxF8nJkd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zachweems", "username": "ZachWeems"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-03-15T03:39:05.959Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Open Thread #36"}, {"commentsCount": 26, "_id": "wnzophSMnp49ui3eD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gentzel", "username": "Gentzel"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2017-03-12T02:34:30.078Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Ethical Reaction Time: What it is and why it matters"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "JW9yxiDN8X9EfkuKd", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-03-11T11:28:32.070Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Sindy Li: \"On DALY Disability Weights\" (Oxford Prioritisation Project)"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "Nvi3HcTCBokQiwXNu", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2017-03-11T11:04:44.068Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Oxford Prioritisation Project: Version 0"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "6F6ix64PKEmMuDWJL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stefan_schubert", "username": "Stefan_Schubert"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2017-03-10T17:43:51.345Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Understanding cause-neutrality"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "wmKiMQqyDBQttNkAy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "halstead", "username": "Halstead"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2017-03-09T22:05:26.700Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "The asymmetry and the far future"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "MQvGLDXwj8fXCKnYG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the_jaded_one", "username": "the_jaded_one"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2017-03-08T17:53:10.260Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Peter Singer no-platformed by pro-disability protestors at Canadian university"}, {"commentsCount": 45, "_id": "Zxuksovf23qWgs37J", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 40, "postedAt": "2017-03-08T01:57:00.660Z", "voteCount": 44, "title": "Introducing CEA's Guiding Principles"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "mdMyPRSSzYgk7X45K", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2017-03-07T01:49:08.971Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "Advisory panel at CEA"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "XYabDJ3vSKLv8HQ45", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "amylabenz", "username": "AmyLabenz"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2017-03-04T03:29:44.296Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Save the Date for EA Global Boston and San Francisco"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "DYXfLQreKq9o4XA79", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joangass", "username": "JoanGass"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2017-03-03T19:00:13.207Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Time sensitive actions to move billions in global health funding [Effective Altruism Lobbying]"}, {"commentsCount": 27, "_id": "iYoSAXhodpxJFwdQz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "taramacaulay", "username": "TaraMacAulay"}, "baseScore": 31, "postedAt": "2017-02-28T03:40:32.247Z", "voteCount": 31, "title": "EA Funds Beta Launch"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "JSqQsu7ahCNgHhZt2", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2017-02-27T15:01:54.575Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Practical political action on global health "}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "2QhtwLnxLa2DoBx2Z", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_west", "username": "Ben_West"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-02-26T13:54:21.430Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Vote Pairing is a Cost-Effective Political Intervention"}, {"commentsCount": 41, "_id": "DkQaJwYMkSFN6E3f9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "raemon", "username": "Raemon"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2017-02-25T20:07:10.956Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "What Should the Average EA Do About AI Alignment?"}, {"commentsCount": 39, "_id": "gTaDDJFDzqe7jnTWG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "holdenkarnofsky", "username": "HoldenKarnofsky"}, "baseScore": 45, "postedAt": "2017-02-23T17:29:09.085Z", "voteCount": 46, "title": "Some Thoughts on Public Discourse"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "vbdYzG7EX9ndjJByu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2017-02-21T10:29:01.945Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "In some cases, if a problem is harder humanity should invest more in it, but you should be less inclined to work on it"}, {"commentsCount": 61, "_id": "75yoq89r23sr53kiG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lila", "username": "Lila"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2017-02-19T17:42:44.422Z", "voteCount": 38, "title": "Why I left EA"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "R7Z3CgqkCP6ph5z9N", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "beth_barnes", "username": "Beth_Barnes"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2017-02-17T11:26:17.426Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "CHCAI/MIRI research internship in AI safety"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "zt2XFTuANNL7XrJHw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "scottweathers", "username": "scottweathers"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2017-02-16T23:31:54.214Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "The Moral Obligation to Organize"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "x87EKumG8gS4aH7xP", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2017-02-15T15:41:49.000Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Daniel May: \"Open Science: little room for more funding\""}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "tF9qcfszCtnX29ruF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benhoffman", "username": "BenHoffman"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2017-02-14T10:29:57.250Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "GiveWell and the problem of partial funding"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "6awzwbnXz33iw5Mib", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "daniel_eth", "username": "Daniel_Eth"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-02-14T04:20:31.664Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Donating To High-Risk High-Reward Charities"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "seN2JXJSnGfiQys4F", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2017-02-13T20:56:21.121Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "[CEA Update] Updates from January 2017"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "gCDx9xFxEd99du8f7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haydnbelfield", "username": "HaydnBelfield"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-02-13T19:32:23.538Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "New Vacancy: Policy & AI at Cambridge University"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "CMMRK2jgqaLJKz38Z", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-02-13T17:54:43.915Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Should the Oxford Prioritisation Project look for lego bricks?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "DDb539P9Kr7tw9aiS", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-02-13T13:31:42.402Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Laurie Pycroft: \"CRISPR biorisk as an Oxford Prioritisation Project topic\""}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "KNYxQx8tgEzfKTsdh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "80000_hours", "username": "80000_Hours"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2017-02-13T07:50:35.092Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Changes to how 80,000 Hours prioritises the world's problems"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "EbEgXfue5qMMCoshX", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2017-02-11T18:52:03.485Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Introducing the Oxford Prioritisation Project blog"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "2NLGpdHd4tM7Dqu4Z", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "roxanne_heston", "username": "Roxanne_Heston"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2017-02-09T06:38:45.608Z", "voteCount": 34, "title": "Use \"care\" with care."}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "i4KRJFfiXCK5WZHYS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "linch", "username": "Linch"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2017-02-09T02:44:42.224Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Outcome of GWWC Outreach Experiment"}, {"commentsCount": 62, "_id": "a8eng4PbME85vdoep", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 46, "postedAt": "2017-02-09T00:15:29.301Z", "voteCount": 46, "title": "Introducing the EA Funds"}, {"commentsCount": 94, "_id": "QYGNmzqjhHgxfbyhy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robbensinger", "username": "RobBensinger"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2017-02-07T21:42:24.686Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "Anonymous EA comments"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "8WidB4d7vc4JHm6eB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "katherinesavoie", "username": "katherinesavoie"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-02-06T22:13:54.295Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "What if you\u2019re working on the wrong cause? Preliminary thoughts on how long to spend exploring vs exploiting. "}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "drJP6FPQaMt66LFGj", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 39, "postedAt": "2017-02-06T20:07:29.719Z", "voteCount": 39, "title": "Clarifying the Giving What We Can pledge"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "4DzsmQpLDseqsvFfF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alex_barry", "username": "Alex_Barry"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2017-02-06T14:41:05.189Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Proposed methodology for leafleting study"}, {"commentsCount": 28, "_id": "zNGKnCzidNcsB7SRv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michael_pj", "username": "Michael_PJ"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2017-02-05T17:11:34.506Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "EA should invest more in exploration"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "N638cECPG4uTppg6L", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-02-04T04:33:04.769Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Selecting investments based on covariance with the value of charities"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "Q83ayse5S8CksbT7K", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sebastian_farquhar", "username": "Sebastian_Farquhar"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2017-02-03T13:09:58.217Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "Changes in funding in the AI safety field"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "nsCFsRjfW6b72gJuB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lee_sharkey", "username": "Lee_Sharkey"}, "baseScore": 47, "postedAt": "2017-01-31T16:13:20.165Z", "voteCount": 49, "title": "Increasing Access to Pain Relief in Developing Countries - An EA Perspective"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "QopY2jA22LpCJrtfp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-01-29T20:31:19.188Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "EAs are not perfect utilitarians"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "gzmxpW75L3qhjsSMv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "fluttershy", "username": "Fluttershy"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-01-29T20:24:46.105Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "OPP's \"Last Dollar\""}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "F54oFHeeHKKhn2Dnh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_west", "username": "Ben_West"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2017-01-29T16:07:28.405Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Living on minimum wage to maximize donations: Ben's expenses in 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 57, "_id": "kWzh6HGEeytinzJey", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "the_jaded_one", "username": "the_jaded_one"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-01-28T18:42:26.069Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "80,000 Hours: EA and Highly Political Causes"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "6iWsYGfCL6SuguLoJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kathy", "username": "Kathy"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2017-01-28T10:38:29.959Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Collaborators Wanted: Could war disrupt EA orgs in the US or UK in the next 10 years?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ZTiBf5HAah2bYnbrQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kdbscott", "username": "kdbscott"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2017-01-27T12:43:24.526Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "FHI is hiring a project manager"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "ktPoBywhke638b7kk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jamessnowden", "username": "JamesSnowden"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2017-01-26T10:42:58.434Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "The Giving What We Can Pledge: self-determination vs. self-binding"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "kxX5PsXvtj3CFskQM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "amylabenz", "username": "AmyLabenz"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2017-01-23T19:03:51.669Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "EAG 2017 Boston Update: moved to June "}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "WtKqESpyc66NEdkSY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "capybaralet", "username": "capybaralet"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2017-01-22T22:07:15.983Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "EA essay contest for <18s"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "hzArZnEWFQfDtSdhz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "riceissa", "username": "riceissa"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2017-01-20T03:57:17.689Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Essay contest: general considerations for evaluating small-scale giving opportunities ($300 for winning submission)"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "dMWyeJ457GtcFADQF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kathy", "username": "Kathy"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-01-20T01:44:46.131Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "3 Examples You Can Use To Promote Causes Honestly and Effectively"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "voDm6e6y4KHAPJeJX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "askell", "username": "Askell"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2017-01-18T23:49:22.831Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Act utilitarianism: criterion of rightness vs. decision procedure"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "zRnuMC8BCarXPoeN9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jacobtref", "username": "JacobTref"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2017-01-16T11:34:53.472Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Why I donated to the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "BMavJAXksqnWmLm24", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "mikejohnson", "username": "MikeJohnson"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2017-01-13T02:01:11.223Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "A review of what affective neuroscience knows about suffering & valence. (TLDR: Affective Neuroscience is very confused about what suffering is.)"}, {"commentsCount": 80, "_id": "hM4atR2MawJK7jmwe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "raemon", "username": "Raemon"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2017-01-11T17:45:48.394Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Building Cooperative Epistemology (Response to \"EA has a Lying Problem\", among other things)"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "jvsooiwXWh3iWnfgp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_christiano", "username": "Paul_Christiano"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2017-01-11T00:52:21.116Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Donor lottery details"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "YSA3vRNky4oSu8hpJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kelseypiper", "username": "KelseyPiper"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2017-01-10T21:09:17.448Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Giving What We Can Pledge thoughts"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "6j7PSJEeEazueZCyu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": -7, "postedAt": "2017-01-08T13:28:28.203Z", "voteCount": 35, "title": "Rational Politics Project"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "2SJaaASuLogAjtfGb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "linch", "username": "Linch"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2017-01-08T10:19:09.644Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Proposal for an Pre-registered Experiment in EA Outreach "}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "3Y9CbeKrzqeJtmCGj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2017-01-08T03:22:46.745Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "How Should I Spend My Time?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "BzKTY3Fd2HsSLMagG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2017-01-06T05:10:45.783Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Where I gave and why in 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "yvdL3FPa96BHHrQTs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "baxterb", "username": "baxterb"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2017-01-05T20:27:45.791Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "SHIC Interim Report Survey"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "wy8Xozh6Biji3TE7Y", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-01-05T19:54:52.833Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "My 5 favorite posts of 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "D4guDdwgQcMtgb5Tm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2017-01-05T02:11:23.505Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "Effective Altruism is Not a Competition"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "MbhtZFCpaGQFPGPYA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "hbesceli", "username": "hbesceli"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2017-01-03T20:58:49.216Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Talking about the Giving What We Can Pledge"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "WSdkQknttrzcSb3Kh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2017-01-03T06:25:32.114Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Tell us how to improve the forum"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "xsfQAhERD7RhZdEn9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jsteinhardt", "username": "jsteinhardt"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-12-31T22:16:11.995Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Individual Project Fund: Further Details"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "QXpWsT7iHMsmbvq3X", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "vipulnaik", "username": "vipulnaik"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-12-31T21:23:04.132Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Effective Altruism Forum web traffic from Google Analytics"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "BhvTMY7K7z97tbHgS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "carl_shulman", "username": "Carl_Shulman"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2016-12-31T02:19:35.457Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Risk-neutral donors should plan to make bets at the margin at least as well as giga-donors in expectation"}, {"commentsCount": 30, "_id": "JDBYoLv6vCfAiC5Mi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-12-30T22:28:48.381Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Semi-regular Open Thread #35"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "ZM84q2yhmC2cRSTMW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2016-12-29T23:18:20.338Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Charity Science Effective Legacies"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "P4pwD2DA6ZyWu7HHB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "purplepeople", "username": "purplepeople"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2016-12-28T23:44:57.179Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Resources regarding AI safety"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "wQLEKsmnXPwcrhhkp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jsteinhardt", "username": "jsteinhardt"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2016-12-28T17:03:22.239Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "My Donations for 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "GyiqvQvWdXnrwutoe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2016-12-28T00:02:57.065Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Why I Took the Giving What We Can Pledge"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "i9tpqX7WHTi44sQAa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kokotajlod", "username": "kokotajlod"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2016-12-25T21:14:39.612Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Anyone have thoughts/response to this critique of Effective Animal Altruism?"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "WKkF36bJsH8FmYZkw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2016-12-24T17:04:38.089Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Why donate to 80,000 Hours"}, {"commentsCount": 37, "_id": "57fB4dWcXenheyxas", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "carneades", "username": "carneades"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2016-12-24T11:25:43.310Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "We Must Reassess What Makes a Charity Effective"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "hCgTKgDFX8NWWw5B6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-12-23T04:35:25.797Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "The Value of Time Spent Fundraising: Four Examples"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "6iChzc36Bjpsc2xAK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-12-21T13:58:13.662Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Estimating the Value of Mobile Money"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "o6gnfmFNBfr8Q8ZCH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oagr", "username": "oagr"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2016-12-21T01:40:45.222Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Emotion Inclusive Altruism vs. Emotion Exclusive Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 48, "_id": "vMtnMi3RHcy7Yaef5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rohinmshah", "username": "rohinmshah"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-12-20T21:36:39.498Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Thoughts on the \"Meta Trap\""}, {"commentsCount": 28, "_id": "RzWqMpmwNG7FhhCxD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "purplepeople", "username": "purplepeople"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2016-12-19T16:43:38.961Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Lunar Colony"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "G4Wbr82Hn3RTASoau", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denkenberger", "username": "Denkenberger"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2016-12-18T19:16:02.114Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Futures of altruism special issue?"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "drRsWTctSqNRveK56", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-12-18T02:02:16.774Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "What is the expected value of creating a GiveWell top charity?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "nsr7uyj7hn3sNgTem", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "vipulnaik", "username": "vipulnaik"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-12-16T22:19:23.712Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Looking for global health-related Wikipedia contributors"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "Wqtc7MJjG2yQhhwTC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "nahyungkim1220", "username": "nahyungkim1220"}, "baseScore": -2, "postedAt": "2016-12-15T23:07:39.151Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Charity vs Consumerism in EA"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "6Z2c6Yz9HfaTqykRr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denkenberger", "username": "Denkenberger"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2016-12-14T15:38:38.561Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Saving expected lives at $10 apiece?"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "nSot23sAjoZRgaEwa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "larks", "username": "Larks"}, "baseScore": 52, "postedAt": "2016-12-13T04:36:48.060Z", "voteCount": 54, "title": "2016 AI Risk Literature Review and Charity Comparison"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "ESQS57Jn7kLsi5dc2", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2016-12-09T16:00:28.601Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "EAs write about where they give"}, {"commentsCount": 50, "_id": "kxHRn7Lye6FdQ3tEE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "mikejohnson", "username": "MikeJohnson"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2016-12-09T05:47:23.087Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Principia Qualia: blueprint for a new cause area, consciousness research with an eye toward ethics and x-risk"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "kgdxE3yFcjLSpLFSL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-12-09T03:08:25.796Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "How many hits does hits-based giving get? A concrete study idea to find out (and a $1500 offer for implementation)"}, {"commentsCount": 47, "_id": "jpN7SdRAySoPPPSWf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "xccf", "username": "xccf"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2016-12-07T21:57:54.151Z", "voteCount": 32, "title": "A Different Take on President Trump"}, {"commentsCount": 37, "_id": "WvPEitTCM8ueYPeeH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "carl_shulman", "username": "Carl_Shulman"}, "baseScore": 38, "postedAt": "2016-12-07T13:07:26.306Z", "voteCount": 38, "title": "Donor lotteries: demonstration and FAQ"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "pbsphyaY2u8MYKyad", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2016-12-06T18:21:29.486Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "What the EA community can learn from the rise of the neoliberals"}, {"commentsCount": 35, "_id": "fM6Qv7aAe7FJGDC3D", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-12-06T16:42:36.985Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "CEA is Fundraising! (Winter 2016)"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "5wjEw2YtsSfivsSks", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "amylabenz", "username": "AmyLabenz"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2016-12-06T16:10:31.148Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "EA Global 2017 Update"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "SkoqqGqyBEEFt2LSd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "samdeere", "username": "SamDeere"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2016-12-06T16:07:30.766Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "CEA Staff Donation Decisions 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "t4SWFHxxeXF8NwoH9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2016-12-05T21:20:03.946Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "A new reference site: Effective Altruism Concepts"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "guvsD78ZXhfCaT7SH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaelplant", "username": "MichaelPlant"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2016-12-05T21:03:24.496Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "The Unproven (And Unprovable) Case For Net Wild Animal Suffering. A Reply To Tomasik"}, {"commentsCount": 46, "_id": "4WWXNKWHXQNFk3afc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaelplant", "username": "MichaelPlant"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2016-12-05T18:57:59.806Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "Are You Sure You Want To Donate To The Against Malaria Foundation?"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "wRAYPL7DFWbuhevaY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2016-12-05T15:21:22.121Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "[meta] New mobile display "}, {"commentsCount": 80, "_id": "ebyQSRqdZLBTzSDMT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alyssavance", "username": "AlyssaVance"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2016-12-04T20:46:31.933Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "Contra the Giving What We Can pledge"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "vprRvgjz4uW5LhfEC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2016-12-02T17:12:44.731Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Thoughts on the Reducetarian Labs MTurk Study"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "p589jkyFnkPSywrvr", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2016-12-02T16:21:45.435Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Running an EA reading group"}, {"commentsCount": 32, "_id": "WAxSTJbdXMvFScPSa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2016-11-30T22:21:20.234Z", "voteCount": 34, "title": "Why I'm donating to MIRI this year"}, {"commentsCount": 44, "_id": "QWLwfqkLxuhaqh3fg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-11-29T21:56:36.528Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Should effective altruism have a norm against donating to employers?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "q7s8v7LjAdcYXAyAs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 32, "postedAt": "2016-11-26T02:21:29.740Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Using a Spreadsheet to Make Good Decisions: Five Examples"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "qyX2YG2LCKCsMc2oX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "weeatquince_duplicate0-37104097316182916", "username": "weeatquince"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-11-22T12:37:41.752Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Cause: Better political systems and policy making."}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "875GY9G4PTDH9mDkr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haydnbelfield", "username": "HaydnBelfield"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2016-11-18T18:02:46.526Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "President Trump as a Global Catastrophic Risk"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "wsEFusED4jpF4H3vC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2016-11-16T20:28:42.966Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Charity Science Health receives GiveWell Experimental grant and other updates"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "hvZD3RQ3nfJDGZci4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "georgie_mallett", "username": "georgie_mallett"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-11-15T18:59:12.169Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": ".impact updates 3 of 3: Impact Missions, peer-to-peer fundraisers, matching donations"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "DE6dqBdozAoZdsXuY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-11-15T14:49:34.107Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "[CEA Update] October 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "CfcvPBY9hdsenMHCr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_christiano", "username": "Paul_Christiano"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2016-11-14T20:56:27.585Z", "voteCount": 32, "title": "Integrity for consequentialists"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "eWj8EvNTpvZmBaubS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jorgen_ljones", "username": "Jorgen_Ljones"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2016-11-13T17:49:08.079Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Reorganizing EA NTNU into agile self-organizing teams"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "5MthsdEMcJoh6N8j9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-11-12T13:13:14.314Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Donor coordination under simplifying assumptions"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "a2gYyTnAP36TxqdQp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benhoffman", "username": "BenHoffman"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-11-12T03:30:32.349Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Matching-donation fundraisers can be harmfully dishonest"}, {"commentsCount": 70, "_id": "KLP6FpqskAnwu4XTa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jay_shooster", "username": "Jay_Shooster"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2016-11-10T18:57:55.316Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "What does Trump mean for EA?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "tYWXbDWqx4PehcJaZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "leah_e", "username": "Leah_E"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-11-08T17:21:15.255Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Easy Ways to Volunteer Effectively for Animals"}, {"commentsCount": 60, "_id": "TCwEqwqApFZnrg4Bh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2016-11-08T01:33:03.646Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "The Best of EA in 2016: Nomination Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "CdS9JSRLYchehTMhN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "milan_griffes", "username": "Milan_Griffes"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-11-07T16:10:29.709Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Should Good Ventures focus on current giving opportunities, or save for future giving opportunities?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "aSMZELBXECJvs9WKt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2016-11-04T14:36:46.572Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Three Heuristics for Finding Cause X"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "jnveZazf5MFructGu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "turchin", "username": "turchin"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-11-03T15:34:30.738Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "The Map of Impact Risks and Asteroid Defense"}, {"commentsCount": 38, "_id": "3ZTBwEiRy5y43LjPA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2016-11-01T04:10:02.389Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Where I Am Donating in 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 25, "_id": "cqSao5Kpcps5GEd64", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2016-10-30T03:26:44.215Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Dedicated Donors May Not Want to Sign the Giving What We Can Pledge"}, {"commentsCount": 60, "_id": "qg9LjPmjcmYhJQA5c", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2016-10-26T22:44:30.324Z", "voteCount": 38, "title": "Setting Community Norms and Values: A response to the InIn Open Letter"}, {"commentsCount": 28, "_id": "HE24HLyGTjbQB3WwL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-10-24T23:18:58.122Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Taking Systemic Change Seriously"}, {"commentsCount": 186, "_id": "fn7bo8sYEHS3RPKQG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 41, "postedAt": "2016-10-24T12:04:22.501Z", "voteCount": 53, "title": "Concerns with Intentional Insights"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "dhuyxs4wmQhAC9LC6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "turchin", "username": "turchin"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2016-10-22T10:22:45.429Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "The Map of Shelters and Refuges from Global Risks (Plan B of X-risks Prevention)"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "m5C6HPcZi4KaSA6Eq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-10-12T18:44:34.883Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "CEA Update: September 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "WXyaNv8t7ciecJddw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-10-12T18:41:43.964Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "CEA Updates + August 2016 update"}, {"commentsCount": 80, "_id": "GA7ytcMeRQe5b27ge", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robbensinger", "username": "RobBensinger"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2016-10-11T19:54:25.621Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Ask MIRI Anything (AMA)"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "Y5HggjkG5ZPSv3arM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "daniel_dewey", "username": "Daniel_Dewey"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2016-10-10T00:06:23.329Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "How I missed my pledge and how I'm fixing it"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "EKfjh5W7PkykLM7eG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "so8res", "username": "So8res"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2016-10-09T22:05:50.211Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "MIRI Update and Fundraising Case"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "jWnqBGNhAMy2WbvDz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "georgie_mallett", "username": "georgie_mallett"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-10-09T18:13:31.168Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": ".impact updates (2 of 3): LEAN and SHIC"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "xwqjjH7MGtPgyYDTS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "turchin", "username": "turchin"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-10-07T12:17:15.954Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "The map of organizations, sites and people involved in x-risks prevention"}, {"commentsCount": 28, "_id": "pm6Mn4a3h4oekCCay", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jay_shooster", "username": "Jay_Shooster"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2016-09-28T16:23:41.473Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Two Strange Things About AI Safety Policy"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "54dh65Rba5bZegYQL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2016-09-27T21:05:44.340Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Students for High Impact Charity: Review and $10K Grant"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "BH62G6rykfHo6FmS6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "mbennedsen", "username": "mbennedsen"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2016-09-26T19:44:36.635Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "The world is ready for a charity app! (New idea inside, please critique and comment)"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "EcuREbZAS8RRsYdu7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "georgie_mallett", "username": "georgie_mallett"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-09-26T00:17:34.677Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": ".impact updates (1 of 3): New leadership, organizational overview and changes, LEAN"}, {"commentsCount": 34, "_id": "HQBbpMzw4Yjvadvws", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "iandavidmoss", "username": "IanDavidMoss"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-09-25T18:44:42.347Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "All causes are EA causes"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "toAMJ3cWQiWDheaKD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2016-09-25T15:01:28.753Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "If you want to disagree with effective altruism, you need to disagree one of these three claims"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "wAWiQ5cDzMXrGELtM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-09-25T06:03:27.079Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Effective Altruism subreddit"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "7qt2sZqEoPpgozukr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-09-25T04:22:38.817Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "A Method for Automatic Trustworthiness in Study Pre-Registration"}, {"commentsCount": 36, "_id": "Ebjm8rNFP4mGEjtFD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2016-09-23T11:53:59.453Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Is the community short of software engineers after all?"}, {"commentsCount": 44, "_id": "Cv9PBTfqnYdQnaHNK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "amylabenz", "username": "AmyLabenz"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2016-09-20T15:51:03.917Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "Review of EA Global 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "jp6Mcb8fzr2C3Swdv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldello", "username": "MichaelDello"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2016-09-19T06:40:45.619Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "The need for convergence on an ethical theory"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "mMEzk55R33vvHPgyd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "iandavidmoss", "username": "IanDavidMoss"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2016-09-18T13:38:25.752Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "Reflections on EA Global from a first-time attendee"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "yq2tYgHa5ZMw8b5d7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_west", "username": "Ben_West"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-09-16T15:28:46.898Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Voter Registration As an EA Group Meetup Activity"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "6DEH7ESgFgwWxN3gX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldello", "username": "MichaelDello"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-09-14T12:36:55.861Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Is not giving to X-risk or far future orgs for reasons of risk aversion selfish?"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "u9gHAT82Zs3X4xdQu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-09-14T00:35:52.694Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Review of EA Global 2016 Marketing"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "nEYcCs2ofL83WPGhM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonas-vollmer", "username": "Jonas Vollmer"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2016-09-13T11:25:17.151Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Fundraiser: Political initiative raising an expected USD 30 million for effective charities"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "riYBss8yM4STMsCaz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rohinmshah", "username": "rohinmshah"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-09-11T06:37:02.183Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "EA Berkeley Spring 2016 Retrospective"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "NCXKP5bv9GxmHNYx8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rohinmshah", "username": "rohinmshah"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-09-11T06:27:16.316Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "EAGxBerkeley 2016 Retrospective"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "Tj8vrZbn3eEHqyCRN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2016-09-11T04:19:39.164Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Altruistic Organizations Should Consider Counterfactuals When Hiring"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "uQ8Z4jabBTknP5idu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathanstray", "username": "jonathanstray"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2016-09-06T15:47:03.793Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "A technical note: Bayesianism is not logic, statistics is not rationality"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "nmo4siTc3hnx2SR35", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "chriscundy", "username": "ChrisCundy"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2016-09-05T18:50:10.526Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread \u2013 September 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "k4uAZjv6hDLeRgF4r", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oliverbramford", "username": "oliverbramford"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2016-09-02T13:42:32.426Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "How to Measure and Optimize EA Marketing"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "bAsqoNpBciaWAKcai", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2016-08-31T19:44:02.391Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Improving the Effective Altruism Network"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "58iAACYP45XEFkXs9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sean_o_h", "username": "Sean_o_h"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2016-08-31T09:06:12.796Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Centre for the Study of Existential Risk update"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "crzbiH4dHxxZehkPR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2016-08-30T14:16:51.942Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Should donors make commitments about future donations?"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "ZomLqNFCtRXdPrm33", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jayquigley", "username": "jayquigley"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-08-28T14:42:14.935Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Film as an EA outreach tool"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "Bk6emznuAxukDPgMe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2016-08-26T02:08:53.190Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "Why the Open Philanthropy Project Should Prioritize Wild Animal Suffering"}, {"commentsCount": 81, "_id": "LrKFNQxjETPvzXQcv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2016-08-25T22:37:19.691Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Should you switch away from earning to give? Some considerations."}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "ch5fq73AFn2Q72AMQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "thebestwecan", "username": "thebestwecan"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2016-08-22T16:50:40.800Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Why Animals Matter for Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "yaM7a8ifhAuwvsLvC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jasonk", "username": "jasonk"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2016-08-20T15:30:15.208Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Promoting EA in Russia: Barriers and opportunities"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "bTHEPkmXDXTshboQL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "weeatquince_duplicate0-37104097316182916", "username": "weeatquince"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2016-08-19T09:42:07.397Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Thinking about how we respond to criticisms of EA"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "xuQ4dCHBtRXFZG487", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "riceissa", "username": "riceissa"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-08-17T15:25:42.662Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "June 2016 GiveWell board meeting"}, {"commentsCount": 39, "_id": "vcjAALrukCQ6KTYuY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2016-08-14T19:25:03.007Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Effective Altruists really love EA: Evidence from EA Global"}, {"commentsCount": 83, "_id": "dyg8EpQdGq9G556WP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oagr", "username": "oagr"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2016-08-13T02:59:02.685Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Ideas for Future Effective Altruism Conferences: Open Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "C3F87C8r6QFXwnwqp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "turchin", "username": "turchin"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-08-11T20:03:47.241Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "The Map of Global Warming Prevention"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "F26BTRMmEtNtZWoq8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "chriscundy", "username": "ChrisCundy"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2016-08-10T23:23:45.048Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread \u2013 August 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "nXWTbh6zzGQXfDM5D", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lucarade", "username": "lucarade"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2016-08-10T18:49:26.562Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Introducing Envision: A new EA-Aligned Organization"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "FoCpbrb9QMWM4yboS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gentzel", "username": "Gentzel"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-08-10T17:37:23.369Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Transgenic mosquitoes, update Effective Altruism Policy Analytics"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "vP7DfPhFcNBRpFJHX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "chriswaterguy", "username": "Chriswaterguy"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-08-08T01:44:27.315Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Starting a conversation about Effective Environmentalism"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "7rjhXeXWK2od6iv3C", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jamessnowden", "username": "JamesSnowden"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-08-05T17:58:15.854Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "New version of"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "aAoc6fHBaCo3tTivW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonas-vollmer", "username": "Jonas Vollmer"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-08-04T19:35:28.201Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Political initiative: Fundamental rights for primates"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "H9nTdHZ737pgAqT5X", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "marcus_a_davis", "username": "Marcus_A_Davis"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2016-08-04T01:08:25.804Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Charity Science: Health - A New Direct Poverty Charity Founded on EA Principles"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "a6LMQcER6Awhawtqq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-08-02T19:24:58.259Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Using Amazon's Mechanical Turk for Animal Advocacy Studies: Opportunities and Challenges"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "YEEjrqBARcR7Ye3Zy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-08-02T14:37:16.849Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Accomplishments Open Thread - August 2016 "}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "GdCEJ9F59SG4Ziats", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "angelinahli", "username": "angelinahli"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2016-08-02T00:54:33.709Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "[EA Database] Update and calls for help"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "SDhmmfYTkx49sZJpq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "chriscundy", "username": "ChrisCundy"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2016-08-01T22:07:39.404Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "The First Effective Altruism Group Organizers' Survey: Results and Analysis"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "rufKYrboxiirSYybg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jon_behar", "username": "Jon_Behar"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2016-08-01T18:17:05.548Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "A Request for Funding from The Giving Game Project"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "dtrwAZjagCMM9tYxj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-07-30T15:13:45.310Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Promoting Effective Giving at Conferences via Speed Giving Games"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "KgmdvhhJNy5NFNtBt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cdc482", "username": "cdc482"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2016-07-30T03:04:59.114Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Earning to Give v. Pursuing your Passion/Direct Work"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "EqgF5amS96TahanzK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "chriscundy", "username": "ChrisCundy"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2016-07-29T19:50:09.435Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "The 2015 Survey of Effective Altruists: Results and Analysis"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "WAhFnueRgHkAf8KHc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2016-07-29T01:09:18.503Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Making EA groups more welcoming"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "mnMHkMRiHMTyBzKmb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-07-28T03:39:44.235Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Five Ways to Handle Flow-Through Effects"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "7Jf4oJP2mBszAhYEe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "angelinahli", "username": "angelinahli"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-07-26T05:02:45.827Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "EA database/reading list: Why it might be useful"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "oBeDSBAFSo3t4FF9S", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2016-07-24T20:44:33.042Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "\"Everyday Heroes of Effective Giving\": Catherine Low, Jo Duyvestyn, Peter Livingstone"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "z7s23jiFLF7B3JNT8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2016-07-23T14:33:38.192Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Scientific Charity Movement"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "JNC9ciAvTDvPEB7Dj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cdc482", "username": "cdc482"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-07-23T04:31:38.205Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "50% every 5 years > 10% every year"}, {"commentsCount": 40, "_id": "jXTewtSm9eJ3xSmvA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 31, "postedAt": "2016-07-23T04:29:02.144Z", "voteCount": 33, "title": "Some Organisational Changes at the Centre for Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "wN97gWJ4g8MQyJuet", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "egastfriend", "username": "egastfriend"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2016-07-21T20:05:25.127Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Philanthropy Advisory Fellowship: Mental Health in Sub-Saharan Africa"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "n4Pv7eqZGzLKBcNjW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "egastfriend", "username": "egastfriend"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-07-21T20:04:07.304Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Philanthropy Advisory Fellowship: Water, Sanitation, and Handwashing"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "5k2zfqfDqbqN955a8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jon_behar", "username": "Jon_Behar"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-07-20T18:07:47.070Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "The Giving Game Project's Annual Report"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "ekr3BjBwt27osmQyD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "casebash", "username": "casebash"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2016-07-20T06:22:39.675Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Reasons for EA Meetups to Exist"}, {"commentsCount": 60, "_id": "4tHjbSht2c2LqdtwF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cdc482", "username": "cdc482"}, "baseScore": -1, "postedAt": "2016-07-13T03:56:27.143Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "EA != minimize suffering"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "C8qjifJRQPnok7TaP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "anj", "username": "Anj"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-07-11T19:44:00.834Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "EA Global: Call for Volunteers"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "syDR74wkFEd4iZh2j", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "chriscundy", "username": "ChrisCundy"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2016-07-08T20:11:46.867Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread \u2013 July 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "7tgpBy4C36Nk8bmAR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-07-07T15:43:26.345Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Accomplishments Open Thread - July 2016 "}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "YwB4mXRczcQxubMP2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "roxanne_heston", "username": "Roxanne_Heston"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-07-05T00:09:51.838Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Fun does not preclude burnout (by Andrew Critch)"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "5Re4cfisPRfffi349", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "roxanne_heston", "username": "Roxanne_Heston"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-07-05T00:06:41.211Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "\"Entitlement to believe\" is lacking in Effective Altruism (by Andrew Critch)"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "nFDNGvgt2uwREX2uC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": -1, "postedAt": "2016-06-28T20:34:26.604Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Month-long EA movement building experiment: Effective Altruism: Grow"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "CHcmNrkqtj6aeamhK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2016-06-28T20:11:52.534Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "End-Relational Theory of Meta-ethics: A Dialogue"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "DzDEnq5EBmTFvLPk5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeffmjordan", "username": "JeffMJordan"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-06-28T13:30:30.367Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "2016 Effective Altruism Global Research Meeting: Call for Abstracts"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "knuJ2AXNnQn6EYpAZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "allisonsmith", "username": "AllisonSmith"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2016-06-27T21:40:56.719Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Thoughts about organizing an EAGx Conference"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "tTeawyQAYD6tmap3o", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-06-27T19:22:45.748Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "2016\u2019s Living On Less fundraiser: join EAs around the world getting sponsored to eat for under $2.50 a day"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "Mok9FwM7vQiDcAAk9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldello", "username": "MichaelDello"}, "baseScore": -1, "postedAt": "2016-06-24T09:35:51.537Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "(Draft & looking for feedback/review) How to vote like an EA in the Australian Federal election"}, {"commentsCount": 58, "_id": "A278Run59FenZ4kae", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaelplant", "username": "MichaelPlant"}, "baseScore": 27, "postedAt": "2016-06-22T15:29:58.125Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "Is effective altruism overlooking human happiness and mental health? I argue it is."}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "DTGckXxMqqAk7Tkbs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jesseclifton", "username": "JesseClifton"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2016-06-20T21:40:40.334Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Scenarios for cellular agriculture"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "px5BGvLSs8kiCrPjN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jon_behar", "username": "Jon_Behar"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2016-06-20T21:03:15.599Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Wish Peter Singer a happy 70th birthday!"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "B9kvuBbmmjxZ2g4Mh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cdc482", "username": "cdc482"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2016-06-19T21:31:07.038Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Frugal Car"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "eMfzhSh86Mj66jRNC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2016-06-17T18:02:59.373Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Help SHIC Get Off The Ground"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "5Mx6MxMJYeL3bP9TR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2016-06-14T15:30:57.649Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Announcing \"Everyday Heroes of Effective Giving\" Series"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "QbtH3QxHJCGKRuoRd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-06-13T17:03:45.558Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "How should we prioritize cause prioritization? "}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "fMDxYL7ehWeptQ66r", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-06-10T21:35:50.236Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Evaluation Frameworks (or: When Importance / Neglectedness / Tractability Doesn't Apply)"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "XXJXNTvytXoGrMDbY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-06-06T20:22:45.304Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Accomplishments Open Thread - June 2016 "}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "4eNqLMwG3mCTqc8jm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2016-06-06T20:15:55.875Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "An EA at a CFAR Rationality Workshop: Thoughts and Review"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "BL9PfyvsumrZGk2v9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-06-06T19:04:47.360Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Effective Legacies have arrived!"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "kP3YxPePR7TiXjv9S", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-06-06T17:32:43.818Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "A Case for Empirical Cause Prioritization"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "pkuEPDdFpc8QahYz9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-06-03T16:51:33.922Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "6 common mistakes in the effective altruism community"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "ocJNRNjGDjdnnExp2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2016-06-03T16:32:24.717Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Why more effective altruists should use LinkedIn"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "timwumzSNrydiJB5g", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldello", "username": "MichaelDello"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-06-03T10:33:36.351Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "The morality of having a meat-eating pet"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "sHSZ48DvDcfxXsaxK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jamessnowden", "username": "JamesSnowden"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2016-06-02T16:09:54.261Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Should charity prioritise the worst off?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "ntgA492T9htAhnTjY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-06-02T00:30:08.809Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Starting charities: When to Do it Yourself, Hire, and Inspire?"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "7JXiCXfEqe7RzqpsT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-05-31T15:02:32.339Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Global poverty could be more cost-effective than animal advocacy (even for non-speciesists)"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "arrsdtar9sqL4AvzG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2016-05-27T03:00:29.228Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "More Thoughts (and Analysis) on the Mercy For Animals Online Ads Study"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "F7Meos9nE2Lg4MEkA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "theron", "username": "Theron"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-05-25T20:10:03.079Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Risky Giving*"}, {"commentsCount": 39, "_id": "fogJKYXvqzkr9KCud", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2016-05-18T02:17:28.769Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "A Complete Quantitative Model for Cause Selection"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "Gg6SvNy8ZRAjYRbCZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-05-18T02:15:07.240Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Quantifying the Far Future Effects of Interventions"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "D6sKBrvoGh3XQLTvn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jesseclifton", "username": "JesseClifton"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2016-05-17T19:32:17.248Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Lessons from the history of animal rights"}, {"commentsCount": 51, "_id": "3h3mscSSTwGs6qbei", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2016-05-17T01:51:15.218Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "GiveWell's Charity Recommendations Require Taking a Controversial Stance on Population Ethics"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "qKah99saPajei6ERi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "vipulnaik", "username": "vipulnaik"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-05-15T20:41:08.108Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "GiveWell money moved in 2015: a review of my forecast and some future predictions"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "2FaZzxzdLd5qKHm9K", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "andy_schultz", "username": "Andy_Schultz"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-05-14T20:04:58.907Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Upcoming workshops on future of AI [link]"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "roAsnFnSKEt63fnaA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-05-12T13:52:37.487Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Room For More Funding In AI Safety Is Highly Uncertain"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "6BLcCLgAwmbXFxXoX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stephenr", "username": "StephenR"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-05-11T17:17:48.007Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Assessment of Accounts for Local Groups"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "WX5ydzFGNeprvoJF3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2016-05-11T02:21:05.849Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "$500 prize for anybody who can change our current top choice of intervention "}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "pgtpvBeq7BLMrQKRT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zdgroff", "username": "zdgroff"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2016-05-10T23:05:36.032Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Institutional Change in Animal Rights vs. Global Poverty"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "e6L9exWzzx6qE37fL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-05-10T11:14:47.777Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Improving long-run civilisational robustness"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "KBhM5DYkA4BnS3yAa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stephenr", "username": "StephenR"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-05-09T23:21:19.906Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Career Workshop Recommendation"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "p9ZCtarJ4HZobfBYM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-05-09T15:15:49.233Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "EA Links"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "cAS2xLFSjdhJWyRq4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathonsmith", "username": "jonathonsmith"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-05-08T21:38:15.700Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "MFA Ad Study Targeting Former Vegetarians"}, {"commentsCount": 31, "_id": "EQu73CSadLbFZCnMZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-05-06T20:36:59.737Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Accomplishments Open Thread - May 2016 "}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "J8ee2FoBjskQ42fww", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaltrzesimiech", "username": "michaltrzesimiech"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2016-05-06T20:03:18.790Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread \u2013 May 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "NZ3WREQRiJeqPd4EY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2016-05-04T22:56:18.874Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Collaborative Truth-Seeking"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "hvYvH6wabAoXHJjsC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 32, "postedAt": "2016-05-03T21:05:28.852Z", "voteCount": 32, "title": "Philosophical Critiques of Effective Altruism by Prof Jeff McMahan"}, {"commentsCount": 29, "_id": "tzkXfdt99D3ht3DuZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eric_bruylant", "username": "Eric_Bruylant"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-05-01T16:37:51.046Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Update on the New EA Hub"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "e3DMEyFoSd8Y2vK67", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-04-29T19:59:47.775Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": ".impact's pivot to focus projects"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "PKgcjtmakNRoAJCdp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "georgie_mallett", "username": "georgie_mallett"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-04-28T22:53:01.509Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Stories of Local Effective Altruism Groups"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "bMQZHq7LSbS2AgZb9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-04-28T06:43:10.413Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "The Attribution Moloch"}, {"commentsCount": 27, "_id": "n5jjEnZJrk2WbRZ5J", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-04-26T22:35:14.359Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "On Priors"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "JsbeFZTb6ATbsMY69", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2016-04-25T20:46:38.304Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "How Should a Large Donor Prioritize Cause Areas?"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "h2kGhaTYtnd7M8fov", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2016-04-24T21:25:53.942Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Why Poverty?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "GGSKPgq93kqatwuMP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "rebecca_raible", "username": "rebecca_raible"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2016-04-24T20:31:23.488Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "11 changes to the Effective Altruism Forum: EA Profiles integration and more"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "hJhhYe5RZBHdRot2t", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "chriswaterguy", "username": "Chriswaterguy"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2016-04-24T07:46:32.208Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "\"Horrifying Things Caused By Shockingly Naive Charities\""}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "sfAZgN8DQth9BhbSN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denkenberger", "username": "Denkenberger"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-04-23T23:20:02.455Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Advice Wanted on Expanding an EA Project"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "X6KQAkkr6Fpv9Rzs3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-04-22T16:39:30.688Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Effective Altruism Is Exploring Climate Change Action, and You Can Be Part of It"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "tLdtftZakmpWq73kA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-04-22T12:54:14.312Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Giving What We Can is Cause Neutral"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "Cx2ewtDtz8XMxRnd6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zdgroff", "username": "zdgroff"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-04-21T21:17:08.793Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "The Poor Meat Investor Problem"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "yw2twyXcojTyCHb5s", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "marinellacapriati", "username": "MarinellaCapriati"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-04-21T15:02:48.141Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Giving What We Can's outreach and 'active membership'"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "KFgdMj8a7xezG9n82", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sean_o_h", "username": "Sean_o_h"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-04-20T12:12:10.471Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Environmental risk postdoctoral research position at CSER."}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "ahL6BL3nYFinNdu47", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haydenw", "username": "HaydenW"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-04-19T15:29:26.329Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "New climate change report from Giving What We Can"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "yBwTcKHWv9Lgunhrm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "vipulnaik", "username": "vipulnaik"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-04-17T04:37:21.267Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Looking for Wikipedia article writers (topics include many of interest to effective altruists)"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "CzEZzkpqFLz3cGFuP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2016-04-11T15:14:28.623Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "The Science of Effective Fundraising: Four Common Mistakes to Avoid"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "Y3WTCaM6CmPjCufbe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "annasalamon", "username": "AnnaSalamon"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-04-10T02:02:17.144Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Four free CFAR programs on applied rationality and AI safety"}, {"commentsCount": 25, "_id": "hRawFu8nPZTcc89jJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaltrzesimiech", "username": "michaltrzesimiech"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2016-04-08T15:49:26.952Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread \u2013 April 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "3RFLvzurCFScTjLkX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-04-07T20:39:19.387Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Accomplishments Open Thread - April 2016 "}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "A6gfMAEvmz7LgyCCk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathancourtney", "username": "jonathancourtney"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-04-07T08:39:15.392Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Giving What We Can Chapter Efforts: 1 Year Review and 6 Month Plan"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "gYZpzPuSRpsjRvfRk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-04-07T01:57:28.627Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Why You Should Visit Vancouver"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "NrngAPt4xZYKqZTdR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2016-04-06T15:11:59.359Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "Expected Value Estimates You Can (Maybe) Take Literally"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "CE9C4dxA5j2cgK6r7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_christiano", "username": "Paul_Christiano"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-04-06T01:18:03.612Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "What is up with carbon dioxide and cognition? An offer"}, {"commentsCount": 65, "_id": "DBc8n6iAmY4QMQJt7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-04-05T13:17:06.874Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "EA Forum FAQ"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "9EhiugYc4urXTFeJt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bernadette_young", "username": "Bernadette_Young"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-04-05T09:02:13.634Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "End of year celebration thread!"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "BhvqmZrvhfm6ZsTeh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "elo", "username": "elo"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2016-04-03T11:25:26.780Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Lesswrong Diaspora survey"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "EdCcG8M5dbYH4XSqQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2016-03-28T14:24:32.423Z", "voteCount": 36, "title": "Guidelines on depicting poverty"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "crznSRKcF3FrZ2ESK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "johnadam111", "username": "johnadam111"}, "baseScore": -4, "postedAt": "2016-03-28T11:58:21.242Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Can Food Security Contribute to Economic Growth?"}, {"commentsCount": 26, "_id": "XBZRAFXKZ9z3Pb8GZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldello", "username": "MichaelDello"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-03-26T03:48:26.405Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "The great calculator"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "hSLLqikGJLoHTAx9F", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2016-03-21T17:47:45.904Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Charity Entrepreneurship Research Summary"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "AhYvAuJKtRk3Kg862", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-03-21T16:31:02.923Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Review of Giving What We Can staff retreat"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "PDyZRxAnvMHe2XieG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-03-20T04:12:38.976Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "EA project updates for Dec 2015/Jan 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "ENukke4THHfJe4vhQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denkenberger", "username": "Denkenberger"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-03-17T01:49:12.131Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Essay Competition on Preparation for Global Food Catastrophes"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "GgPrbxdWhyaDjks2m", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tyleralterman", "username": "tyleralterman"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2016-03-16T23:55:17.748Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "The Multiple Stage Fallacy"}, {"commentsCount": 43, "_id": "gtAGLGcuHG4E5QY5h", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-03-15T21:47:00.554Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Using Breaking News Stories for Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "m5EH24FrLyBccE3P5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "turchin", "username": "turchin"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2016-03-14T14:51:15.784Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Plan of Action to Prevent Human Extinction Risks"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "S6WZrJZBaFLLE4eZw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-03-14T12:46:39.712Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Call for papers for a special journal issue on EA"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "xCZxoBHKcAix7M4Zv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "georgie_mallett", "username": "georgie_mallett"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-03-13T05:54:43.960Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Why I Think You Should Start Saving Lives "}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "dmrLcaYGk6yhJa2mZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2016-03-10T11:49:45.914Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Effective Altruism, Environmentalism, and Climate Change: An Introduction"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "Dqq4Y8qWvXTii6jwG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "egastfriend", "username": "egastfriend"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-03-09T18:40:20.780Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "PAF: Off to a Good Start"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "JcZy6ht7WmcvNuDk4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zackrobinson", "username": "zackrobinson"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-03-07T06:45:04.372Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "The Donor's Dilemma: The Time Value of Money and Maximizing Effectiveness"}, {"commentsCount": 27, "_id": "DWxwiKQHywANT9bZS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2016-03-06T21:51:11.528Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Accomplishments Open Thread - March 2016 "}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "nKvNXQR3QC7BwafMr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaltrzesimiech", "username": "michaltrzesimiech"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2016-03-06T17:48:21.518Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread \u2013 March 2016 Edition"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "Jvq75g5ms7BxGDYWa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-03-06T05:15:02.628Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Finance Careers for Earning to Give"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "dsezqdaPoar2cJCWk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "egastfriend", "username": "egastfriend"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-03-06T03:40:36.464Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Philanthropy Advisory Fellowship: Gene Drive Report"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "Nrr294hTW2LgTECxL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldello", "username": "MichaelDello"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-03-04T13:33:41.408Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Causality in altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "CFph2f7yMFduY6w4x", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "soerenmind", "username": "SoerenMind"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-03-03T22:54:14.614Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Working at EA Organizations Series: Animal Charity Evaluators"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "DMLcNpWz9QRA8RTsa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "georgie_mallett", "username": "georgie_mallett"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-03-03T22:12:32.207Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": ".impact is recruiting for jobs and internships!"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "HSBJygheHyte9GJB6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "soerenmind", "username": "SoerenMind"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-03-02T23:22:25.652Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Working at EA Organizations Series: Giving What We Can"}, {"commentsCount": 80, "_id": "gA57ThbaS3znib242", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "scottweathers", "username": "scottweathers"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2016-02-29T21:28:47.908Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "The Meat Eater Problem: Developing an EA Response"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "u3nMJNGyxxbFbtGvP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-02-29T18:28:01.426Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "9 Strategies for Effective Donors "}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "8sLJn2eRXHMGSiACW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "nicole_ross", "username": "Nicole_Ross"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-02-28T18:13:24.346Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "EA Interview Series, February 2016: John Salvatier"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "4SPYHZzuMRJYexWMA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2016-02-26T16:37:10.089Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Charity Science 2.5 Year Internal Review and Plans Going Forward"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "PKqoDnLNcbbgmjnw3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gram_stone", "username": "Gram_Stone"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-02-25T23:17:10.141Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "On 'Why Global Poverty?' and Arguments from Unobservable Impacts"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "oGQWBNi2NkxA2CGpd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tyleralterman", "username": "tyleralterman"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2016-02-25T02:22:12.034Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Should you start your own project now rather than later?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "4BxyeHi2nHoBwY6fE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldello", "username": "MichaelDello"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-02-24T09:48:30.937Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Opportunity to increase your giving impact through AMF"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "EgAoyThYASzvr3ygf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2016-02-21T21:42:28.036Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Is EA growing? A concrete study idea to find out (and a $100 offer for implementation)"}, {"commentsCount": 43, "_id": "2vmiMQjNAH7rQcmz5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-02-20T12:32:14.584Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Why don't many effective altruists work on natural resource scarcity?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "53Ya4H2AsB43f9pZq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2016-02-20T04:48:29.296Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Independent re-analysis of MFA veg ads RCT data"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "ZpHNMuboGu5jFMwrw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kierangreig", "username": "kierangreig"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2016-02-19T16:43:25.689Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "An Initial Response to MFA's Online Ads Study"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "jHteJiLpqZ4jDwThf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2016-02-19T07:18:55.158Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Let's conduct a survey on the quality of MIRI's implementation"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "hJrDuGsaRWE9kqsnP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2016-02-18T08:42:38.857Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "The most persuasive writing neutrally surveys both sides of an argument"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "sWQcvRKrEYT4vPzbj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2016-02-17T09:23:26.227Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "How you can contribute to the broader EA research project"}, {"commentsCount": 35, "_id": "gExo5wwH6GvZXoXEv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-02-17T00:54:45.835Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "The Value of Those in Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "onrwuJ3mq6oXhGgZn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lila", "username": "Lila"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-02-16T23:22:22.728Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Announcement: crowdsourcing argumentation at IARPA"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "ZTThE6eSBz6MASPe3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2016-02-16T10:26:05.764Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "If tech progress might be bad, what should we tell people about it?"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "JEC6xhd9Ew5bnFXZ7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "anj", "username": "Anj"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2016-02-15T23:26:31.574Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "A review of the safety & efficacy of genetically engineered mosquitoes"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "NAZpuCC6Rtk3adryf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2016-02-15T12:42:41.292Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Should effective altruists work on taxation of the very rich?"}, {"commentsCount": 28, "_id": "9fTGkBMamRN93JM8y", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tyleralterman", "username": "tyleralterman"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2016-02-14T01:43:49.457Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Why and how to assess expertise"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "MEpiDqL2igSxHXYxT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tyleralterman", "username": "tyleralterman"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2016-02-14T01:24:15.939Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "\"Allkind\""}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "Ar5ssiPoreFHEf2pQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jon_behar", "username": "Jon_Behar"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2016-02-12T23:22:45.302Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "The Life You Can Save's 2015 Year in Review"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "XbyzzQzpoGyxuKo8k", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tyleralterman", "username": "tyleralterman"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-02-11T18:44:35.653Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "$250 donation for best EA intro essay - deadline: March 10"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "LvXEELuSScqjzhLKR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2016-02-10T18:17:53.953Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Am I an Effective Altruist for moral reasons?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "cP8iKFKG4XjWvng2A", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "clairezabel", "username": "ClaireZabel"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2016-02-10T18:14:55.224Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Talk about donations earlier and more"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "XbRMm4RokwMQq5ao7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kierangreig", "username": "kierangreig"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-02-10T06:32:51.941Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Requesting feedback to shape research into possible conditional cash transfer charity"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "Tu2EcKMqNpQtySJm6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2016-02-09T20:19:08.574Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Giving What We Can's 6 monthly update"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "vosfnRijGP9q4XSYW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joseph_oneill", "username": "Joseph_ONeill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2016-02-08T02:24:25.204Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Social Drinks with EA Melbourne"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "xsK6RCceFbmKh4Tmc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joseph_oneill", "username": "Joseph_ONeill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2016-02-07T07:22:03.466Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : \"Why I prioritise animal causes\" with Jacy Reese"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "C6MDKkZ333Eitf5wL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-02-07T02:45:48.838Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Accomplishments Open Thread - February 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "59wEswT8xx7NZKfDF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaltrzesimiech", "username": "michaltrzesimiech"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-02-06T10:09:23.081Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread \u2013 February 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "QxgcGDS6Z6kcsy7kN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "weeatquince_duplicate0-37104097316182916", "username": "weeatquince"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2016-02-05T18:37:54.897Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Effective Altruism London \u2013 a request for funding"}, {"commentsCount": 36, "_id": "NExT987oY5GbYkTiE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tyrael_duplicate0-9104184676187539", "username": "tyrael"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2016-02-04T03:21:09.823Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Some considerations for different ways to reduce x-risk"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "3Gs65Nesm6H4SvT5F", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": -1, "postedAt": "2016-02-01T17:00:42.511Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "The Valentine\u2019s Day Gift That Saves Lives"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "dy73E5eo9HhivzQiz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ghabs", "username": "ghabs"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2016-01-28T21:03:12.379Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Effective Altruism Prediction Registry"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "4N5BsDkcWjr5MRSQy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "larks", "username": "Larks"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-01-28T03:59:15.614Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Being a tobacco CEO is not quite as bad as it might seem"}, {"commentsCount": 33, "_id": "3osntvEp5Wq3nQasr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldello", "username": "MichaelDello"}, "baseScore": -3, "postedAt": "2016-01-26T04:36:02.411Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Effective Altruism and ethical science"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "yiTmzDg6yC6hHTfJr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-01-26T04:14:33.973Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "The Impact Calculator"}, {"commentsCount": 35, "_id": "zTeo6DkeXvmJiEF8h", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denkenberger", "username": "Denkenberger"}, "baseScore": -1, "postedAt": "2016-01-25T15:29:48.579Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Investment opportunity for the risk neutral"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "F7hZ8co3L82nTdX4f", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2016-01-25T04:20:10.880Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Do EAs underestimate opportunities to create many small benefits?"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "omoZDu8ScNbot6kXS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gregory_lewis", "username": "Gregory_Lewis"}, "baseScore": 35, "postedAt": "2016-01-24T19:11:12.437Z", "voteCount": 41, "title": "Beware surprising and suspicious convergence"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "74oJS32C6CZRC4Zp5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2016-01-24T15:10:55.665Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "The Important/Neglected/Tractable framework needs to be applied with care"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "tB4wtQWEydqNXxa9v", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-01-24T13:52:45.111Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Notice what arguments aren't made (but don't necessarily go and make them)"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Ky9swF77tuTsfKNdL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2016-01-22T20:14:07.121Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Consider Applying to Organize an EAGx Event, And An Offer To Help Apply"}, {"commentsCount": 92, "_id": "gMj88JtPfuoRcNRzD", "meta": true, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2016-01-21T16:15:37.410Z", "voteCount": 39, "title": "Against segregating EAs"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "KPpjTv9MFiH2CSASY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tyleralterman", "username": "tyleralterman"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-01-21T00:54:49.499Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "A call for mechanistic thinking in movement-building"}, {"commentsCount": 35, "_id": "YLaw4xHb39kZCdsAS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diogenes", "username": "Diogenes"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2016-01-20T04:57:39.861Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "EA is elitist. Should it stay that way?"}, {"commentsCount": 29, "_id": "Zm3tREjAcBHZbqCq3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-01-20T01:05:38.397Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "Celebrating All Who Are in Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "De2agczEr4dcW8bhg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2016-01-19T05:20:41.989Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Request for feedback on research process (Charity Entrepreneurship)"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "abDejNtraamEkYA7Q", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "roxanne_heston", "username": "Roxanne_Heston"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2016-01-19T02:41:01.837Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Apply to be an EAGx Event Director"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "gaaFLfsnEe4miLwG7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "linch", "username": "Linch"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2016-01-19T00:50:58.305Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Tentative Summary of the Giving What We Can Pledge Event 2015/2016"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "5b3QsMAJDcdtqPKpH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sebastian_farquhar", "username": "Sebastian_Farquhar"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2016-01-18T14:04:25.519Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Donations to Global Priorities Project matched for just two more weeks"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ZT27Yf2sfnecD4TuC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2016-01-18T02:31:33.417Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Secular solstices around the world"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "SqGND8BNiuAwQA3jB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2016-01-18T02:29:24.703Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Vancouver socials/topic discussions"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "TYuXTyhkeBkcCwMwK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "chriswaterguy", "username": "Chriswaterguy"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2016-01-15T01:41:25.187Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "How the Giving What We Can pledge event has inspired me to action in 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "9CfkBboTAHu2ajLY2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "danielfilan", "username": "DanielFilan"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2016-01-14T19:35:35.595Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "On running fundraisers for weird charities"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "mDA9MMKHcReHtPwDY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "thebestwecan", "username": "thebestwecan"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-01-12T17:02:13.987Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "EA Interview Series, January 2016: Perumal Gandhi, Cofounder of Muufri"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "ohrmN8Y6LKJii8qA7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "richard_batty", "username": "Richard_Batty"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2016-01-12T07:44:30.920Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Announcing the Good Technology Project"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "WfnFSFvaWrnfuM2kv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "linch", "username": "Linch"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2016-01-10T20:16:47.673Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "The Bystander "}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "8jEWJTYsEboYPYZaS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "soerenmind", "username": "SoerenMind"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2016-01-07T23:19:19.163Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "The EA Newsletter & Open Thread - January 2016"}, {"commentsCount": 36, "_id": "9nWuYNYb7QcM7ziyr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2016-01-07T19:39:56.967Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Accomplishments Open Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 70, "_id": "Yix7BzSQLJ9TYaodG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "clairezabel", "username": "ClaireZabel"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2016-01-05T17:49:01.191Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "Ethical offsetting is antithetical to EA"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "tyaFsmwJkNYD6fT9i", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2016-01-02T16:53:21.860Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Intentional Insights and the EA Movement \u2013 Q & A"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "w5GGagSFEDLAn7ZZp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2016-01-01T22:54:53.607Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Finding more effective causes"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "e5pD3muRuN8K4DA7e", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "andy_schultz", "username": "Andy_Schultz"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2016-01-01T19:17:09.824Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Increasing risk tolerance by growing your investments"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "2qXpsiz9f3dES45Mv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2015-12-30T17:51:59.470Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "Why do effective altruists support the causes we do?"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "Bt4nkCGHKBkDk97mn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oagr", "username": "oagr"}, "baseScore": 41, "postedAt": "2015-12-30T17:30:55.414Z", "voteCount": 43, "title": "Guesstimate: An app for making decisions with confidence (intervals)"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "oLjZbapat9YjhvnjA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-12-30T04:06:24.587Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Why You Should Be Public About Your Good Deeds"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "NRK2rMXurhERhgxx6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lila", "username": "Lila"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-12-27T16:48:31.415Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Moral anti-realists don't have to bite bullets"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "ZcAJQoHQZMgoyokno", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lila", "username": "Lila"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2015-12-26T19:36:49.262Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "The big problem with how we do outreach"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "vAWbkoKMvDjM5fAgZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "carl_shulman", "username": "Carl_Shulman"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2015-12-26T18:35:44.511Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "The age distribution of GiveWell recommended charities"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "89uAvHonh5w2MRsS9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldello", "username": "MichaelDello"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-12-26T01:52:10.869Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Doing Good Better - Book review and comments"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "adZcTvJ7uAN3JMFZy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-12-24T02:06:12.175Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Tapping Skeptic Hearts Through Giving Games"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "AkTyXr5AHtkjEAotZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "casebash", "username": "casebash"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-12-22T22:34:53.087Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Population ethics: In favour of total utilitarianism over average"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "E2sNEHTbyX7qD6b2t", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "thebestwecan", "username": "thebestwecan"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2015-12-22T15:46:58.036Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "EA Interview Series: Michelle Hutchinson, December 2015"}, {"commentsCount": 38, "_id": "YH4zm6JDLELnPyLP9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kbog", "username": "kbog"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2015-12-22T11:30:42.615Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "Quantifying the Impact of Economic Growth on Meat Consumption"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "Nk5nJYPYYheQsZ6zn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "clairezabel", "username": "ClaireZabel"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2015-12-21T20:06:02.912Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Impossible EA emotions"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "6fzEkiiSjGn46aMWZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2015-12-21T19:19:54.464Z", "voteCount": 38, "title": "If you don't have good evidence one thing is better than another, don't pretend you do"}, {"commentsCount": 59, "_id": "ajPY6zxSFr3BbMsb5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2015-12-21T04:05:07.675Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Are GiveWell Top Charities Too Speculative?"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "BDdKjtgyNLAy6wPsK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2015-12-20T23:16:20.652Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Support Promoting Effective Giving - Intentional Insights"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "5jBa7chCZudMHWe39", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "vipulnaik", "username": "vipulnaik"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-12-20T22:33:57.990Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Donation insurance"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "JSSyQzgGp6AevpJsc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2015-12-20T16:58:33.276Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "What if you want to have a big social impact and live in a poorer country?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "SA6qHpYpnXXoBBM2e", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "vipulnaik", "username": "vipulnaik"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-12-20T06:16:41.829Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Conditional donation commitment to GiveWell top-recommended charity"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "fzS9YHvZzkCjh5dXp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-12-20T00:46:45.843Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "How big a deal could GWWC be? Pretty big."}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "iGhat6MuRQBGXGxbe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-12-19T22:26:19.482Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "An under-appreciated observation about giving now vs later"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "JRZipptLFXvJQEvQh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "vipulnaik", "username": "vipulnaik"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-12-19T20:22:21.563Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "GiveWell money moved forecasts and implications"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "xTSwwDYir5cxbr7TT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "josephkijewski1", "username": "josephkijewski1"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-12-19T19:05:54.016Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Internships with .impact: My Experience"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "yisrgRsi4v3uyhujw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-12-19T16:12:49.618Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "What is a 'broad intervention' and what is a 'narrow intervention'? Are we confusing ourselves?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "nw4rTtt9HTqE23qSM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-12-19T15:09:24.619Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Threads on Facebook worth being able to refer back to"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "5wQPnnn28qLCpawko", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-12-18T18:16:13.552Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "The most read 80,000 Hours posts from the last 3 months"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "fxijnGzPq7nLRbDbL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_christiano", "username": "Paul_Christiano"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-12-16T20:28:45.709Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Final Round of the Impact Purchase"}, {"commentsCount": 26, "_id": "ZYxFvZbmu5pJYXpjR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-12-16T19:41:41.034Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Promoting Effective Giving Using List-Style Articles"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "Grxut2uDuXxF6Z6jJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-12-16T00:22:46.723Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Is legacy fundraising actually higher leverage?"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "t8MJpio89cinCKo6L", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-12-15T23:45:52.079Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Effective Giving Merchandise - \"Be A Proud Superdonor\" "}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "Ra6RzWoofGo75iCtW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2015-12-15T17:13:38.977Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "No, CS majors didn't delude themselves that the best way to save the world is to do CS research"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "AavAe5t5vDdTt26AX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaltrzesimiech", "username": "michaltrzesimiech"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-12-15T16:53:27.925Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread - 15 December 2015"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "gukzP2sM8HkxKbmyR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-12-15T14:06:03.863Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Two observations about 'skeptical vs speculative' effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "vYb2qEyqv76L62izD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2015-12-15T13:48:27.186Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Saying 'AI safety research is a Pascal's Mugging' isn't a strong response"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "NyWfpLPSXigjFoZ38", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-12-14T23:44:55.943Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "Effective Giving vs. Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "TxLaGukLmb9PG3MRd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-12-14T19:46:47.202Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Netherlands: meta-meetup (strategy EA Netherlands)"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "eSwKH2aLAi7Ta8jjr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-12-14T19:38:02.016Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Netherlands: high-impact careers"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "XSjRCZAScjJ7kLzGi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2015-12-11T17:34:04.050Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Effective Altruism Outreach winter fundraiser"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "hJNPrWiz8cEhGeJdB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zdgroff", "username": "zdgroff"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-12-11T17:21:22.365Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Announcing ImpactMatters: Auditing Charity Impact across Causes"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "LhaCwa8kNmpyRxgAw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-12-10T19:56:58.422Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Donate Your Christmas to GiveWell Charities!"}, {"commentsCount": 54, "_id": "2XKacRbvxiKd33YkA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sebastian_farquhar", "username": "Sebastian_Farquhar"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-12-09T16:39:19.984Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "CEA is launching a winter fundraising round"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "WTBqQbzqW894aZL6u", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "andrew_sb", "username": "Andrew_SB"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-12-08T16:34:06.090Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Future of Humanity Institute is hiring"}, {"commentsCount": 35, "_id": "Kp5XgBtgjunJfTNeK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-12-07T23:24:53.359Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Giving What We Can needs your help this Christmas!"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "cbCNXRE2nPfuhtZA7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-12-07T18:10:05.757Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Maximizing Donations to Effective Charities"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "NoDM7myLtZtN79xgJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joshjacobson", "username": "joshjacobson"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-12-06T19:41:28.166Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "[Meta] Up and down voting should be added next to the circles with the scores (to the left of this title), like on Reddit"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "N9m5TWDPDhhcjsWrz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-12-04T02:02:40.009Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "[Link] Huffington Post article promoting Effective Altruist ideas"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "oYaynKjd3fYJMBbfG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sean_o_h", "username": "Sean_o_h"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-12-03T10:02:10.216Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "New Leverhulme Centre on the Future of AI (developed at CSER with spokes led by Bostrom, Russell, Shanahan)"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "dKcdT8zpB6foZ6cMg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sebastian_farquhar", "username": "Sebastian_Farquhar"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2015-12-02T19:38:12.585Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "New UK aid strategy \u2013 prioritising research and crisis response"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "m92MZMyvqNcT5iTrw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alvinpark", "username": "alvinpark"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-12-02T08:17:24.742Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Experts Meet"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "oAGsougkQtNbvdrdN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-12-01T22:37:13.002Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "EA projects update - November 2015"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "hpmuZ4JDhS23QhxnY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kierangreig", "username": "kierangreig"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2015-11-30T22:39:56.414Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Why EAs should do Charity Science\u2019s Christmas Fundraiser"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "kryFsZBEtqdizHAwu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-11-30T01:16:02.874Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Theory of Change feedback"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ztYLug354dHK7w9YE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "soerenmind", "username": "SoerenMind"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-11-29T19:53:48.154Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Working At EA Organizations series: Charity Science"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "cgAtNz5dopGN7jE4m", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-11-28T09:00:06.749Z", "voteCount": 32, "title": "My Coming of Age as an EA: 12 Problems with Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "kDgANzH6maNghmrcT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-11-28T02:01:31.845Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "New project announcement: Charity Entrepreneurship!"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "gitKTfqTmzZGcCzsz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-11-27T15:04:48.219Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Updates from Giving What We Can"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "sFNXiw99BmdkRHSka", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "soerenmind", "username": "SoerenMind"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-11-26T10:01:05.809Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread - 23 November 2015 Edition"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "7jPtQdyhmBMJFxth9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2015-11-24T17:32:39.266Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "2015 EA Survey: please take!"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "73xCrb3SuccqYApgt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-11-23T17:37:08.001Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Measuring QALYs from advocating a rational response to the Paris attacks and ISIS"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "LR2LG8wggLTG5Gjbe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "annewissemann", "username": "AnneWissemann"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2015-11-22T08:29:01.123Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "EA Workspace: virtual co-working chatroom for EAs"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "nQahqPPYG6eg4exEa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-11-21T02:49:59.680Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "[link] GiveWell's 2015 recommendations are out!"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "j6KETiLWFmAfkLCt3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2015-11-19T18:23:28.370Z", "voteCount": 23, "title": "An embarrassment of riches"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "mdgGkYEBzDYxavACC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "soerenmind", "username": "SoerenMind"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-11-19T10:35:28.141Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Working at EA organizations series: .impact"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "aZJZwfPY5Ri8EJQW2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-11-16T17:31:40.493Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "More on REG's Room for More Funding"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "nevDBjuCPMCuaoMYT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2015-11-13T19:21:42.309Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "We care about WALYs not QALYs"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "fax59imtcipYx9H3L", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "daniel_dewey", "username": "Daniel_Dewey"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2015-11-13T18:11:20.797Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Three areas of research on the superintelligence control problem"}, {"commentsCount": 31, "_id": "qQjewgAWzoMhRJXzB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tyrael_duplicate0-9104184676187539", "username": "tyrael"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2015-11-13T17:37:25.326Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "Why EA events should be (at least) vegetarian"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "Zpu5e3EWGWWWbDMjR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaltrzesimiech", "username": "michaltrzesimiech"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-11-10T09:48:38.505Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread - 9 November 2015 Edition"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Xr4QA57ntS8ad6aY4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "wanyi", "username": "Wanyi"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-11-10T06:41:35.266Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : How can we do the most good in Singapore? "}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "cKejseyKxYNuCFN9x", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-11-09T18:22:20.446Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "\u201cBe A Superdonor!\u201d: Promoting Effective Altruism by Appealing to the Heart "}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "xM8wJ2b75tjhgHdg7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2015-11-08T00:32:48.799Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "(Publicly) Introducing the Local Effective Altruism Network"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "KDvqee67wsGhEY6sG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "riceissa", "username": "riceissa"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-11-07T17:13:27.145Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "An overview of Y Combinator\u2019s non-profit program"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "DcSm8cn5dyaonjQfB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathanstray", "username": "jonathanstray"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-11-05T18:35:15.831Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "The limits of RCTs in international development"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "WfNZoquLhRnT3nC4e", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "soerenmind", "username": "SoerenMind"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-11-01T12:49:16.910Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Working at EA organizations series: Machine Intelligence Research Institute"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "5CYYfDTuKTKYs9Yca", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gentzel", "username": "Gentzel"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-10-30T17:35:36.551Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "How to support and improve the Reach Every Mother and Child Act"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "eeBwfLfB3iQkpDhz6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gregory_lewis", "username": "Gregory_Lewis"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-10-29T23:37:13.619Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "At what cost, carnivory?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "McahHJJPL9Py2Cum3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "johnystamy", "username": "johnystamy"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-10-29T23:15:18.928Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Long-Terms Effects of Malaria on Labour Productivity"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "kENnS9KDoSRkQ6npA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kierangreig", "username": "kierangreig"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2015-10-29T21:53:51.771Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Why Charity Entrepreneurship?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "cADpYquhfADegCzJ2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "scienceforseekers", "username": "ScienceForSeekers"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-10-29T00:56:34.242Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "GiveBots vs. Humans"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "RYRaYt4ESdvHC6h5Z", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-10-29T00:34:20.836Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "EA projects update - October 2015"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "vP4nveEZNunND4TwK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "holdenkarnofsky", "username": "HoldenKarnofsky"}, "baseScore": 32, "postedAt": "2015-10-28T19:40:30.129Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "Why the Open Philanthropy Project isn't currently funding organizations focused on promoting effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "R45ybs7RYxSae5Bir", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kierangreig", "username": "kierangreig"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-10-28T17:01:21.077Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "What Makes the New Atheists So Charitable?"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "AQK37mte5ywqTfPJr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "soerenmind", "username": "SoerenMind"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-10-27T11:58:47.670Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread - 26 October 2015 Edition"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "r58LcozGJWdkEbXJ4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-10-27T05:30:37.899Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Even More Reasons for Donor Coordination"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "3QPeyvWn6aNct4KCv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gentzel", "username": "Gentzel"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2015-10-27T05:24:18.450Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "End of Project Write Up: Effective Altruism Policy Analytics"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "iSGELE62jZrdCBvms", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "dale", "username": "Dale"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2015-10-27T01:57:38.784Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "The Triumph of Humanity Chart"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "gndkzkxDqfmhFAxzp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "danielmay", "username": "DanielMay"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-10-26T21:47:09.864Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Giving Game: \u00a310 to charity for every attendee! GiveDirectly vs DMI."}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "cGBHjeyHJoooJCjwQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "soerenmind", "username": "SoerenMind"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-10-26T16:34:31.368Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Working at EA organizations series: Effective Altruism Foundation"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "ZGW8Tmc6mDWZTnqyo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2015-10-23T13:15:26.672Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "Burnout and self-care"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "jzb9EMFFy64j5mGKx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "scienceforseekers", "username": "ScienceForSeekers"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-10-23T03:03:21.468Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Evaluating Small, Effective Charities Vs. Large, Less Effective Charities"}, {"commentsCount": 40, "_id": "Nxmshrz3EeJb7Ng3w", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gregory_lewis", "username": "Gregory_Lewis"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-10-22T20:15:20.773Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Don't sweat diet?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "W6qmkiTqR9qQbhQcq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "econcow", "username": "EconCow"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-10-22T10:50:08.002Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "New YouTube video on Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ayzEiBgnnHX7DADwD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "soerenmind", "username": "SoerenMind"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-10-21T19:06:21.546Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Working at EA organizations series: 80000 Hours"}, {"commentsCount": 33, "_id": "x7GLQYgZXfmoomJZY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-10-20T16:27:44.204Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Effective Altruism Merchandise Ideas"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "j7uN8MHiqNt2gY8Sc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eric_bruylant", "username": "Eric_Bruylant"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2015-10-20T00:31:41.887Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Announcing the new EA Wiki!"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "Tf7Qz5DYf8Gc9ym2A", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "soerenmind", "username": "SoerenMind"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-10-18T09:42:59.474Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Working at EA organizations series: Why work at an EA organization?"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "MPgTafWo9J2RrJaCf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-10-17T20:24:23.286Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Improving the Effectiveness of Effective Altruism Outreach"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "HuJZv7TgyRuhvBzYi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-10-16T18:34:17.724Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Boost Your Impact by Matching for the Christmas Fundraiser"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "jT7A9rBAEY2sfJMPo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldello", "username": "MichaelDello"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-10-16T06:10:14.025Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Movement building - An online course"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "iifGFBLfBsRjq3FFr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "soerenmind", "username": "SoerenMind"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-10-14T14:21:01.902Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread - 12 October 2015 Edition"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "hDGNyetsSHRWEJ2HE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sydmartin", "username": "SydMartin"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-10-13T20:53:25.111Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Possible Reasons to Donate to Innefective Causes"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "8RCGxLRFYdXynfofe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gleb_t", "username": "Gleb_T"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-10-13T10:25:45.912Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Making Effective Altruism more emotionally appealing"}, {"commentsCount": 63, "_id": "5Mc8vDzDtobvpyjqQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_davidson", "username": "Tom_Davidson"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2015-10-11T13:44:28.542Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "EA's Image Problem"}, {"commentsCount": 38, "_id": "JaKYXEGw9beTG5vmb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-10-10T19:27:04.119Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "EA Open Thread: October"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "6u7RdvDqHKLcFjueq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldello", "username": "MichaelDello"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-10-09T00:28:00.767Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "How does fighting diarrhoea stack up to malaria in effectiveness?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "zujSYZBSWSHoaTxxp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-10-07T16:19:32.298Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "An update on the Global Priorities Project"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "9WwF3R3sNna7fE4bD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-10-06T19:53:03.552Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : EA Vancouver monthly meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "tn9s6NxxFGM7zFSq3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "danielmay", "username": "DanielMay"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-10-06T12:34:25.775Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : An Introduction to Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "kq6ra7XkwQzfgEqpt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-10-05T20:16:43.945Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Cause Selection Blogging Carnival Conclusion"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "Cc3bktsPzibYusfeT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sean_o_h", "username": "Sean_o_h"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2015-10-05T17:55:07.679Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "New positions and recent hires at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "M9PihwHRtmvzLz78g", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "williamkiely", "username": "WilliamKiely"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-10-02T20:43:30.808Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "What is the expected effect of poverty alleviation efforts on existential risk?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "rJj52h7d2ynvqBxbz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alexrichard", "username": "AlexRichard"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-09-29T20:11:15.623Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Stanford EA Meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "h7nNpZ8z7MWFfDRkK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "harysh", "username": "harysh"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-09-29T15:51:06.164Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : EA Chennai Meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "Yg7tMZZqcfMrAqm7b", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "romeostevens", "username": "RomeoStevens"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-09-28T20:16:19.754Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Systematically under explored project areas?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "KKFg3HnWvSqa3QSZq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathanstray", "username": "jonathanstray"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2015-09-28T16:16:03.733Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Bertrand Russell on statistical empathy"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "Mfk8TRfrcub6RDRxH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-09-27T22:51:38.652Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "The last 3 months in EA projects"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "qrBq2v44Pyf3KgqmH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldello", "username": "MichaelDello"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-09-27T06:24:42.319Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Low hanging fruit and 'quick wins'"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "KT8fF3r7cCNCYvJox", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 22, "postedAt": "2015-09-26T22:40:43.933Z", "voteCount": 34, "title": "Why we need more meta"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ba92GFBcaQwwhaALv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sebastian_farquhar", "username": "Sebastian_Farquhar"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-09-24T13:18:03.391Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "CEA is Hiring! Applications due by 18th October"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "NyaPFGQJeZMwwCAHq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lucasnarukami", "username": "LucasNarukami"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2015-09-24T00:24:15.630Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "Empathic communication and strategy for Effective Altruism, Part 1"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "dE8uyNbXR9g76qdCg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kierangreig", "username": "kierangreig"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2015-09-23T23:25:38.783Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "We\u2019ll write you a will for free if you leave a gift to GiveWell\u2019s top charities"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "4TQ9LKG54uMmm7z7Q", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "maxdalton", "username": "Maxdalton"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2015-09-23T15:00:36.615Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Should we give to SCI or fund research into schistosomiasis?"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "qnGkejbe7S8tpCaBx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeffmjordan", "username": "JeffMJordan"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-09-22T06:35:14.801Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Humane Pesticides as the Most Marginally Effective Cause"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "7DfaX75zGehPZWJTx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-09-21T02:27:47.835Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Thread for discussing critical review of Doing Good Better in the London Review of Books"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "omx8BsnKxEpMkXgjB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alasdairgives", "username": "AlasdairGives"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-09-20T18:43:31.385Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "A minimal definition of Effective Altruism:"}, {"commentsCount": 39, "_id": "wtNCs2TgtDpu3W7Ke", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": -5, "postedAt": "2015-09-20T15:22:43.083Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Charities I Would Like to See"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "zY2jLwfdXENm6mGQP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sophieritchie", "username": "sophieritchie"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-09-20T12:50:25.177Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Effective Altruism and Religious Faiths: Mutually Exclusive Entities, or an Important Nexus to Explore? "}, {"commentsCount": 69, "_id": "suhqGL78x7MTKJgM9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2015-09-15T23:29:40.701Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "My Cause Selection: Michael Dickens"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "gGWnhLDch8ex6B8mX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jay_shooster", "username": "Jay_Shooster"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-09-15T05:06:19.778Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "The EU is legally obligated to double foreign aid spending"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "7AxJ26vc9EmKMBZPo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lila", "username": "Lila"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-09-13T21:11:27.378Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Might wireheaders turn into paperclippers?"}, {"commentsCount": 62, "_id": "26fsvJXFBvkhbxZQf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-09-13T14:22:20.627Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "September Open Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "ZvDSPKDDixYxJbG38", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stefan_schubert", "username": "Stefan_Schubert"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-09-13T11:01:32.358Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Should people be allowed to ear-mark their taxes to specific policy areas for a price?"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "rzduHKZJ3tYN363Ex", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2015-09-12T18:17:19.298Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "You Can Now Make Any Event a Fundraiser for Effective Charities"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "zRqcXkN6u7vvTDpoJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathonsmith", "username": "jonathonsmith"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-09-12T17:59:12.696Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "The term \"Vegan\" needs to evolve"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "3ey98KnGqkyhECPFJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-09-12T04:25:43.242Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "A new response to effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "CYyaQ3N4ipLFR4fzX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stefan_schubert", "username": "Stefan_Schubert"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-09-11T14:58:04.983Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Effective Altruism\u2019s fact-value separation as a weapon against political bias"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "yPkiBNW49NZvGvJ3q", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stefan_schubert", "username": "Stefan_Schubert"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-09-11T14:52:47.510Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Political Debiasing and the Political Bias Test"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "BpuTtsz6J6GBycYvJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-09-11T03:57:55.148Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "On Values Spreading"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "ZomJ6FqE3iFHxefuh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-09-10T11:52:07.140Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Cause selection: a flowchart [link]"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "BzHZmws5Jkob9tGXw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-09-09T22:33:03.230Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Reducing Catastrophic Risks: A Practical Introduction"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "L8au4tfhm5bHM9PPh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-09-08T21:56:01.033Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Some Writings on Cause Selection"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "tJxpGjs6yKbupHJP5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ericherboso", "username": "EricHerboso"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2015-09-07T21:00:29.231Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "A Defense of Normality"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "N8DTaMWPSkxT7ZSrS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joshjacobson", "username": "joshjacobson"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2015-09-07T17:12:08.796Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "To Grow, Hit the Brakes (Why Conversion Rate Matters So Much and Means EA is Not Doing Anywhere Close to as Well as We Think)"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "GoRjouCcJgnCKaKYi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "larks", "username": "Larks"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-09-06T01:30:01.596Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Permanent Societal Improvements "}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "3xf95aLesxmyLZgK6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davidnash", "username": "DavidNash"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-09-05T21:48:27.856Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "EA London Strategy Quarterly"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "bH85uy2N9vnrM8vKp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "imben", "username": "imben"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2015-09-03T21:36:29.611Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Introducing the EA Assembly"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "kqX9zgbbEzq27Y2Tv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-09-03T17:47:20.230Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "The Redundancy of Quantity"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "d7iYdECurYq8RjktH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-09-02T11:28:51.383Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "My Cause Selection: Denis Drescher"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "o4TFvDuuT6BQyWsJ3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tjmather", "username": "tjmather"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-08-29T12:11:50.271Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "My Cause Selection: Thomas Mather"}, {"commentsCount": 30, "_id": "jd4ycHq8aqFgJGvkY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oagr", "username": "oagr"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-08-27T17:50:36.180Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Is there a hedonistic utilitarian case for Cryonics? (Discuss)"}, {"commentsCount": 66, "_id": "J3gZxFqsCFmzNosNa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 44, "postedAt": "2015-08-25T15:22:26.620Z", "voteCount": 51, "title": "EA risks falling into a \"meta trap\". But we can avoid it."}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "oDkvTckCyhja55vmQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sebastian_farquhar", "username": "Sebastian_Farquhar"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2015-08-24T11:52:19.218Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Effective Altruism is a Big Tent"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "bfnmBR8pjRyYXJuqT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "petermcintyre", "username": "PeterMcIntyre"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2015-08-24T10:14:04.287Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "12 Awesome Things You Should Do After EA Global"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "GNKcX8rxNzkqY78bp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haseebq", "username": "HaseebQ"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2015-08-23T22:26:46.448Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Why I Became an Effective Altruist"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "osEajEoAy5ZsDhdWx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "williamkiely", "username": "WilliamKiely"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-08-23T15:35:29.717Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Charity Redirect - A proposal for a new kind of Effective Altruist organization"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Yiw4fiaNZm8u3sDP2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-08-20T18:38:27.846Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Superforecasters [link]"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "zi3YDwhLhkNj3ogk2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathanstray", "username": "jonathanstray"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-08-20T18:05:22.840Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "P-hacking explained through an interactive visualization"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "69Pn2GcsFk6zgG4iR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "topherhallquist", "username": "TopherHallquist"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-08-19T14:54:13.154Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Rich-country policy changes that could greatly benefit poor countries"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "KPGFhgwR2HnA2nmcL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kelseypiper", "username": "KelseyPiper"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2015-08-18T21:52:18.522Z", "voteCount": 24, "title": "Pitfalls in Diversity Outreach"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "CkrXL63eWCf4oPXMo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathanstray", "username": "jonathanstray"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-08-18T21:02:55.483Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Ethical Fourier Transform"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "H3jWERhkmWcHr2XsT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oagr", "username": "oagr"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-08-18T20:55:13.854Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "EA Assembly & Call for Speakers"}, {"commentsCount": 51, "_id": "Ah7dAjMpDS8XonFjs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "soerenmind", "username": "SoerenMind"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-08-18T20:18:16.268Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "How to get more EAs to connect in person and share expertise?"}, {"commentsCount": 79, "_id": "k6bBgWFdHH5hgt9RF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 46, "postedAt": "2015-08-17T15:42:07.612Z", "voteCount": 49, "title": "Peter Hurford thinks that a large proportion of people should earn to give long term"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "Ybapay39nm2CtwqJv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2015-08-17T00:11:32.288Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Charity Science Updates"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "CAoEMopMv3EMNiKKC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denkenberger", "username": "Denkenberger"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-08-16T15:06:25.456Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "My Cause Selection: Dave Denkenberger"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "7Rn5HyvbHPJawapaR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-08-16T01:07:22.005Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "EA Blogging Carnival: My Cause Selection"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "u2aazYxA5eMyfM33Z", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "daniel_dewey", "username": "Daniel_Dewey"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-08-14T22:32:08.188Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "How much does work in AI safety help the world?"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "5FPhSTdHeYehisAuo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-08-14T22:21:05.819Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "[Housekeeping Notice] The 'meetups' sidebar is temporarily broken"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "Hr5bQLH22wdAvFA7D", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-08-13T22:38:23.903Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "The long-term significance of reducing global catastrophic risks [link]"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "ti6Z6NKYzowfGbheh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jorgen_ljones", "username": "Jorgen_Ljones"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-08-13T12:50:09.081Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "EA introduction course and YouTube playlists"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "MJjWntfSNiP5W4KDB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aliwoodman", "username": "aliwoodman"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-08-13T12:42:11.012Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Introducing Rebecca Raible, a new moderator"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "jLvvSLhFJTuuWsfa4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-08-12T17:41:12.855Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Moral Economics in Practice: Musing on Acausal Payments through Donations"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "sY4NxytMKP45nTJ2G", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jamessnowden", "username": "JamesSnowden"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-08-12T15:13:34.927Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Why effective altruism used to be like evidence-based medicine. But isn\u2019t anymore"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "a3PDjRBu9uTkRGeBS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-08-11T12:58:38.930Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "A response to Matthews on AI Risk"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "ReJT7ck9Em2xQANSz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "clairezabel", "username": "ClaireZabel"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2015-08-11T06:21:09.211Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "How we can make it easier to change your mind about cause areas"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "DaA4DqF8GdsfGp3tg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-08-11T02:27:24.080Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Moral Economics - What, Why, Whom, How, When, What For?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "fxw7tJGcEP33Chmoj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "buck", "username": "Buck"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-08-08T19:57:30.985Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "A way of thinking about saving vs improving lives"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "Ew8bD9aM8oDbCrmdN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-08-05T09:44:11.863Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Some objections and counter arguments against global poverty/health interventions"}, {"commentsCount": 25, "_id": "PfkwPxymcEpkZjKRa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-08-04T03:37:13.789Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Why Effective Altruists Should Use a Robo-Advisor"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "b5oMMXgtqpuBH6ais", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-08-03T20:45:42.530Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "[LINK] Will MacAskill AMA on Reddit"}, {"commentsCount": 28, "_id": "NLrY35EXsWhG4BmFz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-08-01T15:42:07.625Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "August Open Thread: EA Global!"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "8yEWsjYMyzmmLZkn6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-08-01T13:49:23.484Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Efective Altruism Quotes"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "zr6npybA2oT8jJm8e", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aliwoodman", "username": "aliwoodman"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-07-30T14:31:24.786Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "What I learnt from talking to over 100 Giving What We Can members "}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "Zt7PjoDpNYEwmRTQK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "so8res", "username": "So8res"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-07-28T02:43:02.036Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "2015 MIRI Summer Fundraiser: How We Could Scale"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "BXFCXfH5EtKedoquu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-07-28T01:07:53.100Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Direct Funding Between EAs - Moral Economics"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "fkX5dcvyifuD7WcRa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-07-27T18:38:42.190Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Charity Science is hiring"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "BsMvWRmEKMv2eAKnk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "larks", "username": "Larks"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-07-26T16:35:54.894Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "EA Facebook New Member Report"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "FK4fHkQqEbgijABqb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-07-26T11:41:48.500Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Results of the Effective Altruism Outreach Survey"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "H2MaFXcQ9eBDyLiHe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathonsmith", "username": "jonathonsmith"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2015-07-25T19:24:04.039Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "TLYCS Pamphlet Pilot Results"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "TbHMdwP9kuqYMmrYi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gentzel", "username": "Gentzel"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-07-24T20:26:55.542Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Effective Altruism Policy Analytics Update"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "bqgxafGxcTaRYvg5K", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zdgroff", "username": "zdgroff"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-07-24T13:17:28.778Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "A Note on Framing Criticisms of Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "7a854pgQJCefYJ3C3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "fluttershy", "username": "Fluttershy"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-07-24T02:51:34.472Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Quick Thoughts on New Career Profiles on 80,000 Hours"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "GdMc3jrrRYqkJKyYJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-07-23T18:19:59.535Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Giving What We Can's response to recent deworming studies"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "34Yd6G4DcZbZCgBCZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "giles", "username": "Giles"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-07-21T23:38:12.398Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : .impact workathon: Toronto node"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "jRdySxzmezcDZQrQJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "giles", "username": "Giles"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-07-21T19:16:19.652Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Iason Gabriel writes: What's Wrong with Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "TXSe2Zqft8238EuA5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-07-21T18:17:04.171Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Peter's 2015 Q2 Personal Review"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "6PHSwNbNaxfoMK88J", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-07-21T03:26:41.814Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Moving Moral Economics Forward"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "aHSJsZEAMdRys4Ncj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "daniel_dewey", "username": "Daniel_Dewey"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-07-20T19:34:10.822Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Effective Altruism Global SF panel on AI: question submissions thread"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "8SA5LniqnQGYKYTi6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stefan_schubert", "username": "Stefan_Schubert"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2015-07-20T19:29:13.261Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Why the triviality objection to EA is beside the point"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "CqmkN52P3CKHowMaf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oagr", "username": "oagr"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-07-20T06:17:48.890Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Deep Dive with Matthew Gentzel on Recently Effective Altruism Policy Analytics"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "6uiT5xuSxLkqvXQfy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gina_stuessy", "username": "Gina_Stuessy"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-07-19T15:59:15.269Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Northern Midwest EA Meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "B53Hgi58G5yWHE9Zx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-07-19T00:02:18.999Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Join .impact's Third Workathon this Sunday at Noon Pacific"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "RCqNLh3znXfyWtM7E", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-07-18T23:59:31.012Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : .impact's Third Workathon"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "xfxKaYCNFDMZND3jL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "josephkijewski", "username": "JosephKijewski"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-07-18T20:42:39.306Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : .impact's 3rd remote and in-person Workathon"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "gRM9zswWGWFTiFDTt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-07-17T23:55:12.454Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Moral Economics Concepts"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "7PnbLnCoTTB3KGKiM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jorgen_ljones", "username": "Jorgen_Ljones"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2015-07-16T16:18:18.938Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "EA-commercials on national TV in Norway - for free!"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ZiRsvD7ijDCGejGJf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tyleralterman", "username": "tyleralterman"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-07-16T02:54:02.206Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "New EA Global: Oxford program now live"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "nbjAuBFjEKaXbn4y4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-07-14T07:13:09.254Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Introducing Moral Economics"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "4HwgjhYrGat9Lcds5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zdgroff", "username": "zdgroff"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-07-13T23:23:51.741Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "That UMD Extra Credit Question"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "HbunzTyFPRwcYihg6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-07-13T16:08:20.169Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Long-lasting insecticide treated nets: $3,340 per life saved, $100 per DALY averted. How is this calculated?"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "tfyMZqare9ZfCn3pA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tyleralterman", "username": "tyleralterman"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2015-07-13T02:28:04.883Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Should EAs influence corporate giving?"}, {"commentsCount": 44, "_id": "NKzY7oBZKXk87gFpz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-07-12T20:07:20.000Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Looking for EA work for your spare time? Look at (and add to) this list!"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "CsRyvwwop66dgo5gu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lila", "username": "Lila"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2015-07-11T23:44:20.366Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "The Bittersweetness of Replaceability "}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "BJ3sSyqX5XDTNX46s", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sydmartin", "username": "SydMartin"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-07-09T23:48:14.405Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Seattle Monthly Meetup - Lightning Talks!"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "eKaZBTPifpGntK5M7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "topherhallquist", "username": "TopherHallquist"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-07-09T16:09:50.490Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Have we underestimated the risk of a NATO-Russia nuclear war? Can we do anything about it?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "kf4bxfKsydYbLSb8z", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oagr", "username": "oagr"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-07-09T07:38:12.143Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "The first .impact Workathon"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "nSSCjuGFY4ufwjGHH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "mhpage", "username": "mhpage"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-07-07T01:14:58.162Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "What If You Could Save the World in Your Free Time?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "qrp5xRgpfubDBcJa6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joshjacobson", "username": "joshjacobson"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-07-06T00:02:19.303Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Announcing the Doing Good Better Giveaway"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "HqbGYhx5xvQCQWJ2F", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robbensinger", "username": "RobBensinger"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-07-05T19:02:24.163Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "MIRI is seeking an Office Manager / Force Multiplier"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "FdTxTPZnDrdX6Bh5w", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sebastian_farquhar", "username": "Sebastian_Farquhar"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-07-02T16:10:13.343Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "We're hiring an AI Senior Policy Fellow"}, {"commentsCount": 41, "_id": "eqjxL6DiXPBJhakZE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-07-02T13:41:52.991Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "July Open Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "avr2q6cSKzPN4fpSZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2015-07-02T03:36:56.688Z", "voteCount": 25, "title": "Stanford EA History and Lessons Learned"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "jD4otddxmB4XJABw3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-07-02T01:16:05.861Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Random idea: crowdsourcing lobbyists"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "TuJvmZQ3QfmwEPWSn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lukeprog", "username": "lukeprog"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-06-30T01:22:05.169Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : GiveWell research event for Bay Area effective atlruists!"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "NDhjoWvTA8z4pq8hD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "xccf", "username": "xccf"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2015-06-28T18:33:01.268Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Veg*n recidivism seems important, tractable, and neglected"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "b8gmF2jbeeC3KPXLq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cadac", "username": "cadac"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-06-27T18:35:53.909Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : July Munich Meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "T8JqFbGoFSfET39CW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-06-25T16:26:31.611Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Giving What We Can needs your support \u2014 only 5 days left to close our funding gap"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "Ce4pHskhve8XKua7P", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sydmartin", "username": "SydMartin"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-06-23T22:30:01.726Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Revamping Existing Charities"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "jqvSYeSWQ7HhLDaoD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "samdeere", "username": "SamDeere"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-06-22T17:52:54.351Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Opportunity to talk to Against Malaria Foundation founder Rob Mather"}, {"commentsCount": 94, "_id": "FPDzJjHo75cGjcZRY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2015-06-20T02:19:07.131Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "The career questions thread"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "vGbbrTrtccPbcu7gP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zdgroff", "username": "zdgroff"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-06-19T13:11:37.358Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Collective Action and Individual Impact, Part II"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "5myr8o8XoLFg3H2hb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gentzel", "username": "Gentzel"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-06-18T16:07:22.694Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Effective Altruism Policy Analytics, cooperative documents and feedback"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "6uTW66KcfM5Ez4bPu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-06-16T20:29:36.185Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "2015 Summer Welcome Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "GsmF23mjn6t3tMSPE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-06-16T20:20:00.044Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "[Announcement] The Effective Altruism Course on Coursera is Now Open"}, {"commentsCount": 36, "_id": "6SsGAunuDYTntRHKS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_christiano", "username": "Paul_Christiano"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-06-16T17:16:12.858Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Impact purchase round 3"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "EwGRzxJQpoeirPs56", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gentzel", "username": "Gentzel"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2015-06-12T21:25:36.391Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Introducing Effective Altruism Policy Analytics: Request for help and expert consultation"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "JEyDH82yBQQad9yo3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-06-12T19:36:19.398Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "What Got Us Here Won\u2019t Get Us There: Failure Modes on the Way to Global Cooperation"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "Ap83HNQewaihRcB3N", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-06-11T23:01:56.055Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "May in EA Projects"}, {"commentsCount": 128, "_id": "cuB3GApHqLFXG36C6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "so8res", "username": "So8res"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2015-06-10T15:47:38.362Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "I am Nate Soares, AMA!"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "pYaYtCT3Fc5H4rfWS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stefan_schubert", "username": "Stefan_Schubert"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-06-09T14:35:32.973Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Opinion piece on the Swedish Network for Evidence-Based Policy "}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "eQpAPSbfejeud8fkj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-06-08T21:29:18.349Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "EA Ventures Request for Projects + Update"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "s7nqmFPnWthoL5b9E", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-06-08T16:41:51.213Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "We are living in a suboptimal blogosphere"}, {"commentsCount": 30, "_id": "6kri6hBbDaKHQcwse", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-06-08T15:42:34.113Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "[Discussion] What have you found great value in not doing?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "hfLCSyNwC7xjJHBvD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-06-08T13:36:16.414Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "An update on Project Healthy Children"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "2uK3c36Tai2BqMcSH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gina_stuessy", "username": "Gina_Stuessy"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-06-07T22:41:40.920Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Meet up at Mad City Vegan Fest"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "gYb4nSMdneB3xmDsx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oagr", "username": "oagr"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-06-07T20:50:21.908Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "FAI Research Constraints and AGI Side Effects"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "ToTpmYyhcLXzYFDXN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tyleralterman", "username": "tyleralterman"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-06-07T19:52:26.201Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "[Discussion] What does winning look like?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "GsYp3YbMrGS9sYgc7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-06-05T23:30:32.785Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "[Discussion] Are academic papers a terrible discussion forum for effective altruists?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "RD9ztxR4y6jYaPbT7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-06-03T14:48:07.317Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Room for more funding: Why doesn\u2019t the Gates foundation just close the funding gap of AMF and SCI?"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "yNQ9rbEFGk8Wyec2a", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "egastfriend", "username": "egastfriend"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-06-02T20:40:28.092Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "You Could be the Warren Buffett of Social Investing"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "vZexLadSaR98fB34X", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-06-02T15:05:56.021Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Upcoming AMA with new MIRI Executive Director, Nate Soares: June 11th 3pm PT"}, {"commentsCount": 33, "_id": "nwSYEbPk8cTNZujsY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-06-01T12:04:00.027Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "June Open Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "pZqGSzFPkMCsnu5rv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-05-28T16:09:26.349Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Introducing Alison, our new forum moderator"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "jc5RePDF2aTK5uX2A", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "zdgroff", "username": "zdgroff"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-05-28T03:12:24.347Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Collective Action and Individual Impact"}, {"commentsCount": 30, "_id": "8MXhcnLearxSbeePe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-05-28T01:04:42.999Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Solving donation coordination problems"}, {"commentsCount": 32, "_id": "kFcRBJSfGzXf7Mikq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-05-27T17:06:27.056Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Questions about Effective Altruism in academia (RAQ)"}, {"commentsCount": 35, "_id": "hM6vf8RZYZKecYi2Q", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-05-26T22:11:33.646Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Giving What We Can needs your help!"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "NPN25ZXA5citvnAC4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "brayden", "username": "Brayden"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-05-25T22:21:44.522Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : San Francisco Effective Altruism meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "c9QshT3wesPwTchDa", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2015-05-25T21:49:19.888Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Effective Altruism as an intensional movement"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "uLxjjdq6s94X5Yyoc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bernadette_young", "username": "Bernadette_Young"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2015-05-24T14:09:48.083Z", "voteCount": 26, "title": "On everyday altruism and the local circle"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "gubonEBHXt6epehmS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gina_stuessy", "username": "Gina_Stuessy"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-05-24T13:52:37.165Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Drinks & Discussion on Animal Welfare as an Effective Cause"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "Nb3xGPits57SfX5PY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-05-21T23:48:41.952Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Suggestions thread for planning and executing the 2015 EA Survey"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "bAqxkEGuiLvivCAxb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-05-21T22:26:50.906Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Don't Be Discouraged In Reaching Out: An Open Letter"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "t3wFMBPR3LJwntHwk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "katja_grace", "username": "Katja_Grace"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-05-21T20:07:40.495Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Impact Purchase: Round 2"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "xPyYuEeJTZsjSXbRh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "elizabeth", "username": "Elizabeth"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2015-05-20T17:56:37.627Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Map of Open Spaces in Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "54QW6uBjWXJzR7c4E", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gregory_lewis", "username": "Gregory_Lewis"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-05-19T21:07:28.986Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Log-normal lamentations"}, {"commentsCount": 73, "_id": "4385HNATyQLg28ztL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2015-05-19T20:41:47.098Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "How important is marginal earning to give?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "e5RrwitHKqHXurDcT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tomstocker", "username": "tomstocker"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-05-19T08:23:27.430Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Reference movements for Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "rJytF5pvu5PjhcGfP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-05-18T22:26:18.674Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Three new offsite posts"}, {"commentsCount": 54, "_id": "WDiBMR2eXmNKSRjvd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jess_whittlestone", "username": "Jess_Whittlestone"}, "baseScore": 25, "postedAt": "2015-05-17T12:06:18.096Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "Should I be vegan?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "zn53hrbQBfNngo4f3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haseeb_qureshi", "username": "Haseeb_Qureshi"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-05-15T05:34:22.446Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : 2015 EA Survey Deep Dive and General Discussion"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "pcygusgiy6ZabnB93", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2015-05-14T20:54:44.210Z", "voteCount": 22, "title": "How valuable is movement growth?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "TERTGRjggtF4FHLcX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "soerenmind", "username": "SoerenMind"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-05-14T16:49:56.581Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : 'The most good you can do\""}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Rmpko8hH8efyh2Emt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "soerenmind", "username": "SoerenMind"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-05-14T16:48:40.519Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : 'The most good you can do\""}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "SwSH25XmigRSxHBvf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-05-14T11:27:21.834Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Dissociation for Altruists"}, {"commentsCount": 59, "_id": "XRkcopJfkwJuuMy6G", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-05-13T22:50:38.288Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Suggestions thread for questions for the 2015 EA Survey"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "gMPtWgvAzCaR7hmu5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haukehillebrandt", "username": "HaukeHillebrandt"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2015-05-13T15:13:29.362Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Feedback and $2k in funding needed for EA essay competition"}, {"commentsCount": 30, "_id": "EdYBQ67se4Wyz9uzm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tyleralterman", "username": "tyleralterman"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-05-13T05:36:47.859Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "How to save more lives today than in a year of earn-to-give"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "BG29SFAaXgWWx98so", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-05-12T22:57:11.512Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Last month in EA projects"}, {"commentsCount": 17, "_id": "4nkyFGyoayjX9T7gB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-05-12T02:55:43.734Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Should you give your best now or later?"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "8AHxqgNHFRRt6ENN2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_west", "username": "Ben_West"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2015-05-10T22:41:51.353Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "You are a Lottery Ticket"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "MEGgyD2JzscuMreii", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-05-10T19:40:40.990Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Effective Altruism Berlin Meetup #3"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "usRDRd5xQrYY5Gkef", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-05-10T11:02:46.433Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Incentivizing Charity Cooperation"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "GE8DjberQpCF346qT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cadac", "username": "cadac"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-05-09T13:18:24.059Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : First Munich Meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "yYgNHeTKvnHgtbWPT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-05-07T18:43:33.048Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "[Link] Discounting for uncertainty in health"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "mzD4XCgSXugrgMAw8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-05-07T18:39:57.405Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Introducing the .impact fund - paying for small costs and VA work for independent EA projects"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "GBW6NrBKzAAKB2LJ5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-05-07T14:45:18.094Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Save the date for EA Global in August!"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "cNJ25F3ek3d5TjhBC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "stefan_schubert", "username": "Stefan_Schubert"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-05-07T10:52:36.891Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "The effectiveness-alone strategy and evidence-based policy"}, {"commentsCount": 46, "_id": "Dd3XF4tw8FE482XrS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denise_melchin", "username": "Denise_Melchin"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2015-05-06T10:22:15.298Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Request for Feedback: Researching global poverty interventions with the intention of founding a charity."}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ZrzrXRF2NBKE9yPNn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "petermcintyre", "username": "PeterMcIntyre"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-05-06T01:10:22.473Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : TrivEA Night by Effective Altruism UNSW"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "7653jQfT3kiA2e3m5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "saganka", "username": "saganka"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-05-05T05:46:25.772Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : EA Warsaw Meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "D4mTFuJviza6mcc5i", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "niel_bowerman2", "username": "Niel_Bowerman2"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-05-03T15:39:04.785Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": " now redirects to this forum"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "Who2J8N4gLDENAj7g", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-05-02T16:22:28.948Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Expected Utility Auctions"}, {"commentsCount": 31, "_id": "uFf7T8hDmgsovSXMH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-05-01T09:53:47.278Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "May Open Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "BrceoZNxrr363qBFR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "mhpage", "username": "mhpage"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-04-29T17:03:41.561Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "EA Handbook Hard Copies for Local Hubs"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "ZSLcKCES8Jo2LfP44", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tomstocker", "username": "tomstocker"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-04-28T23:09:15.388Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "The problem with development research"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "72qS2Jrb6RfYesgzb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "chrisjenkins", "username": "ChrisJenkins"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-04-28T16:44:42.747Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Peter Singer\u2019s $10,000 giving game - announcement and details"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "tDufaFuCt35oaxn46", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tomstocker", "username": "tomstocker"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-04-28T09:47:25.844Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Behavioural Insights Team are hiring"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "YvGntsuLXzff6Gbdg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-04-25T01:33:26.380Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Peter's 2015 Q1 Personal Review"}, {"commentsCount": 46, "_id": "NJ5XvxeF5e8tAuzFi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2015-04-24T18:22:16.230Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Please support Giving What We Can this Spring"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "SKvNx7KnmoNt6Lfam", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-04-23T15:22:42.464Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "The effective altruists doing Experience Poverty"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "rCHqLDBBrP9e5Ln6N", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 26, "postedAt": "2015-04-23T14:23:28.013Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "Effective Altruism Handbook - Now Online"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "FnBwyJcEg3PmLLswt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sebastian_farquhar", "username": "Sebastian_Farquhar"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-04-21T11:51:50.676Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Global Priorities Project Interns - applications by May 10th"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "KBNeqRxTfcKxiFR6T", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_christiano", "username": "Paul_Christiano"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-04-20T20:52:29.894Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Impact purchase: changes and round 2"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "EpQqh6wCDtfZkeneg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "petermcintyre", "username": "PeterMcIntyre"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-04-20T11:15:34.931Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Should You Visit an EA Hub?"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "xmKX3HNDNrcm4TqHX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "mhpage", "username": "mhpage"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-04-19T20:12:50.399Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "America\u2019s Provincialism Ratio"}, {"commentsCount": 34, "_id": "CW3aDcuQ8dxCQP36J", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "dale", "username": "Dale"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2015-04-18T00:05:26.744Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "The Importance of GWWC Cohort Data"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "2DyWySGtWGNTCiAqr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2015-04-17T21:15:43.090Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Spreading EA messages to friends - including giving the hard sell"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "BjXouszM4DbyfCDyf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-04-17T00:40:39.961Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "One week left for CSER researcher applications"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "5p5MsvYkxySuNsmN5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-04-16T03:00:34.329Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": " Charity Science job opening!"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "oFogqyXX5HTrxitF6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-04-16T00:53:20.126Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Explaining impact purchases"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "gLpAai6D3HertcXhQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "daniel_dewey", "username": "Daniel_Dewey"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-04-15T11:46:27.808Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Research position at Future of Humanity Institute"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "3S3WsFJDtq529Yneu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2015-04-14T16:36:05.363Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "How We Run Discussions at Stanford EA"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "HeuEyKepQxe263K4M", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "konrad", "username": "konrad"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-04-14T14:12:23.365Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Meetup : Geneva, Ethnobar"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "zeoh5naxtW2fJMfKL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-04-13T20:18:52.049Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "The role of time in comparing diverse benefits"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "9YY6L8mySfc5HKwzH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "raemon", "username": "Raemon"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-04-13T00:07:47.159Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Brooklyn EA Gathering"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "feLKGb2Jjt38nTymM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gregory_lewis", "username": "Gregory_Lewis"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-04-12T04:19:33.582Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "How best to aggregate judgements about donations?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "vXkhEFLaqvcheLMZD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "niel_bowerman2", "username": "Niel_Bowerman2"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2015-04-10T15:11:36.582Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Marketing Effective Altruism: What can we expect from book sales?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "9wAj5SQMXBx772gTw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gina_stuessy", "username": "Gina_Stuessy"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-04-10T14:55:37.789Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Potluck & Discussion"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "khtWwb5LMrnTXuT2e", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "katja_grace", "username": "Katja_Grace"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-04-10T03:43:37.056Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Impact purchase first round results"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "tgZTz6ci92BKSgrQs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-04-09T18:51:48.656Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "How Much is Enough [LINK]"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "uX8p2MrTY6zxh8vHP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "haseebq", "username": "HaseebQ"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-04-09T04:31:03.760Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : 35th .impact projects meeting"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "hNW4fwpgmSERhSgxs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "marcus_a_davis", "username": "Marcus_A_Davis"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-04-07T19:19:59.877Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Reintroducing .impact"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "XMRbtkgpBYa6Jo6Dm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jorgen_ljones", "username": "Jorgen_Ljones"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-04-07T00:45:08.879Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Book-campaign in Norway - The plan and a request for input"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "Gekz3iTi3T2RaJ8PZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_west", "username": "Ben_West"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-04-05T15:45:49.192Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Earning to Give: Programming Language Choice"}, {"commentsCount": 52, "_id": "f7dAQKDpMvobeRiZ7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "brian_tomasik", "username": "Brian_Tomasik"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-04-02T11:04:49.951Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Best way to invest with leverage?"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "MPocMjfZJG4p4zBGp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "john_maxwell_iv", "username": "John_Maxwell_IV"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-04-02T02:31:48.509Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Five books to make you super effective"}, {"commentsCount": 35, "_id": "fQy4YG96grnAKa5K2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-04-01T22:42:48.295Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "April Open Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "zu32ZuqPwpN6Cku6x", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "patrick", "username": "Patrick"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-04-01T05:18:40.212Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "New Free Stuff on"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "6s27dyv4jLYxSxFp3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-03-31T23:03:22.962Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Join EAs around the world getting sponsored to eat for under $2.50 a day"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "aoAAw8oaYFyX9eo24", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "chrisjenkins", "username": "ChrisJenkins"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-03-31T17:38:33.752Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "The Most Good - promotional prizes for EA chapters from Peter Singer, CEA, and 80,000 Hours"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "mqC49oWXt4mNiCaSW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathancourtney", "username": "jonathancourtney"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-03-31T14:59:29.497Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "New Volunteer-Driven Chapter Growth Strategy! "}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "HwZGdmR5jwoM4xDQq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-03-30T16:44:21.146Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Small actions, big impact (part 2)"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "gn4FiGPGzdN9ZDCvq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-03-29T18:50:56.188Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Telofy\u2019s Effective Altruism 101"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "9qqds7Z3Ykd9Kdeay", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "vipulnaik", "username": "vipulnaik"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2015-03-28T18:58:20.337Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Should you donate to the Wikimedia Foundation?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "FToWZyZCSDdp2jdhY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sean_o_h", "username": "Sean_o_h"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-03-26T18:03:27.544Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Postdoctoral research positions at CSER (Cambridge, UK)"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "JurQ38r7sQSjDjg3H", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-03-26T16:55:04.882Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : EA Berlin #2"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "RK58u9ZjjDK6CQs4e", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ales_flidr", "username": "Ales_Flidr"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-03-26T15:55:05.245Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "EA Week at Harvard"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "4fPxQjq6GFZgurSsf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lukas_gloor", "username": "Lukas_Gloor"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2015-03-26T14:10:52.928Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Room for Other Things: How to adjust if EA seems overwhelming"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "4jBvkrJqTHJQzY7mM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-03-25T19:12:11.614Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Marcus Davis will help with moderation until early May"}, {"commentsCount": 28, "_id": "C9ocXigPfNndZqn8j", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2015-03-25T15:41:49.269Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "We might be getting a lot of new EAs. What are we going to do when they arrive?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "2C3S6AcZeEwgbMgpu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathancourtney", "username": "jonathancourtney"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-03-25T14:26:47.217Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Giving What We Can September Internship- Applications Open! "}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "5KT2K3fpyjP5HQvik", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "romeostevens", "username": "RomeoStevens"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-03-25T02:20:15.761Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Criminal Justice Reform: DEA enforcement incentives?"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "2pCkRYGJ7LfafdYPz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "chrisjenkins", "username": "ChrisJenkins"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-03-24T20:41:08.054Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "EA Advocates announcement"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "8XjFEaepdhWz93TK9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "pappubahry", "username": "pappubahry"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-03-24T02:37:06.394Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "EA Survey bar chart plotter"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "peqLP4SrtjHuNtPuA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-03-23T17:49:07.261Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Non-English language effective altruism (including a list of venues)"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "ATgDNMhXvi9X3HWtS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gina_stuessy", "username": "Gina_Stuessy"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-03-23T13:19:57.970Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Global Poverty Discussion & Prep for \"Experience Poverty\" Fundraiser"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "8j3irerawuhH8LDyg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denise_melchin", "username": "Denise_Melchin"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-03-23T13:17:00.725Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : How can you choose the best career to do the most good?"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "fiGwaK7AAw9xLHcaw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-03-23T09:25:36.304Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Common Misconceptions about Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "qAqsYp5beGBaYvMwT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bitton", "username": "Bitton"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-03-22T22:22:09.183Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Should altruism be selfless?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "gT3BxddC899gmpGxG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-03-22T00:13:37.886Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "What Cause(s) Do You Support? And Why?"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "RSF9yLfmuJj3f4pCi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-03-21T20:55:14.834Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Precise Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 31, "_id": "xxanTNJsco5Hkzqso", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-03-19T17:52:17.386Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Tech job Q&A"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "MxwmSuChbMpPtPRCA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "romeostevens", "username": "RomeoStevens"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-03-18T20:07:52.496Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "At the intersection of Global Health and Global Risks: Bill Gates talks about epidemic preparation [LINK]"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "E3t6adWgDXm3pNoYh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-03-18T12:02:38.223Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Assessing EA Outreach\u2019s media coverage in 2014"}, {"commentsCount": 32, "_id": "dTw2ZocntaMso4iaA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sebastian_farquhar", "username": "Sebastian_Farquhar"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-03-17T15:59:12.529Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "We are Seb Farquhar and Owen Cotton-Barratt from the Global Priorities Project, AUsA!"}, {"commentsCount": 70, "_id": "z5swaf6342AbG93Mp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2015-03-17T00:29:07.352Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "The 2014 Survey of Effective Altruists: Results and Analysis"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "Fiqu3FiEb2GooxJu8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sebastian_farquhar", "username": "Sebastian_Farquhar"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-03-16T13:51:29.799Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Why averting a DALY through deworming may be better than through malaria nets"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Qb6RiMdcj5Hr7z6DT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "giles", "username": "Giles"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-03-16T04:27:36.677Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Toronto: Is existential risk reduction a good use of resources?"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "6rSi8Mq6jf4Po5Huy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-03-15T06:58:33.257Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Last month in EA projects (from .impact - next meeting on Sunday)"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "7gqjXdicKXDcxEuoF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-03-15T01:52:54.157Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Rationality: From AI to Zombies was released today!"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "kyTSjXhmriZ6Gruuv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathancourtney", "username": "jonathancourtney"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-03-12T17:27:58.577Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Keep Track of Your Giving with MyGiving"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "TXs3QpuCk58DzBorq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-03-11T22:43:30.967Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "GiveWell Updates"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "WwA9f3eCKm9yAHvKj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2015-03-11T06:05:51.545Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Announcing the Effective Altruism Newsletter"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "3yPMwrPwdpxfHNnmo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-03-10T21:25:39.329Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Upcoming AMA: Seb Farquhar and Owen Cotton-Barratt from the Global Priorities Project: 17th March 8pm GMT"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "JtjZa2hRPWgmPxMxb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "petermcintyre", "username": "PeterMcIntyre"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-03-09T08:07:15.578Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup :  Effective Altruism UNSW Social Night"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "AH9dEWDtCxsFWDEJv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "katja_grace", "username": "Katja_Grace"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-03-09T06:00:52.754Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "The economy of weirdness"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "sKYbd9mZKM4rLY2pw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bitton", "username": "Bitton"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-03-09T01:17:59.561Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Bitton's 3-month Personal Review"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "tvBGG7gwa8BZBE38e", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bitton", "username": "Bitton"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-03-09T00:39:42.178Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Figuring Good Out - February"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "GG6HiDFhKqG5whrHN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-03-04T16:33:41.087Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Neutral hours: a tool for valuing time"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "4buQy94XWXvTFepPr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sarasavona", "username": "SaraSavona"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-03-04T14:09:31.259Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Effective Altruism Meetup Switzerland"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "v4ydsWX47vyBTRZzu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "squark", "username": "Squark"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-03-03T19:50:01.524Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Maximizing long-term impact"}, {"commentsCount": 38, "_id": "65HMSxa4FjX4NB2qX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sethbaum", "username": "SethBaum"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2015-03-03T19:38:19.141Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "I am Seth Baum, AMA!"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "YiFdK2D8xq2YxyhNi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "brian_tomasik", "username": "Brian_Tomasik"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2015-03-03T13:47:07.747Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Can we set up a system for international donation trading?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "hQtayqi3r6bo3EPoh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2015-03-02T22:02:40.295Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "The Counterfactual Validity of Donation Matching"}, {"commentsCount": 34, "_id": "2LLsLAWpJqGBaoSFg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-03-01T17:14:59.382Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "March Open Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "GQTgTtvja4toZHwrk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-03-01T14:50:59.154Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "A call for ideas - EA Ventures"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "GiMB54XKnGfX8k9Qx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-03-01T07:30:55.575Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Results from a survey of people's views on donation matching"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "s3i84SPuiezxyuE5q", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denise_melchin", "username": "Denise_Melchin"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-02-27T20:42:24.786Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Frankfurt: \"Which charities should we donate to?\""}, {"commentsCount": 38, "_id": "TFDTKfemMnGbKp3YG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kerry_vaughan", "username": "Kerry_Vaughan"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2015-02-27T20:03:34.072Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Announcing Effective Altruism Ventures"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "6sNpy87SsRuedrJM7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-02-27T11:46:02.094Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : London drinks and/or dinner"}, {"commentsCount": 29, "_id": "2ZjdGTZv5QscFzJX6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_christiano", "username": "Paul_Christiano"}, "baseScore": 19, "postedAt": "2015-02-25T19:54:29.881Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "$10k of Experimental EA Funding"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "vwb4B6qxFGP59y9P8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jess_whittlestone", "username": "Jess_Whittlestone"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-02-25T15:06:46.013Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Hope: How Far Humanity Has Come"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "HuhC2MvW6a8DJvWnL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-02-25T09:52:15.326Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : EA Brighton"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "on34kaRXfQXMFvE6N", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 40, "postedAt": "2015-02-24T12:41:43.096Z", "voteCount": 40, "title": "Six Ways To Get Along With People Who Are Totally Wrong*"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "9qqHu6fNsRLTA3QW9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-02-23T12:37:51.817Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Seth Baum AMA next Tuesday on the EA Forum"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "p6YgPpdhMpajBZ2Lf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "weeatquince_duplicate0-37104097316182916", "username": "weeatquince"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2015-02-21T00:43:28.703Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Tips on talking about effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "GYEmaX99ikgXcSbFo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2015-02-21T00:13:53.034Z", "voteCount": 19, "title": "Creating a local effective altruist presence - in 52 new cities so far"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "HENbwrDYnTktRtNdE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-02-20T16:34:47.403Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Report -- Allocating risk mitigation across time"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "pRqhzr8bZCDtNh399", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-02-20T02:47:41.839Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Boston dinner/discussion"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "3p8QvF25xiCFvM8RQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-02-19T13:37:22.007Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "A form for people interested in EA projects or volunteering"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "vjqagNvYeuk95ZRb4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathancourtney", "username": "jonathancourtney"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2015-02-18T17:09:25.469Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "The Value of Starting a Giving What We Can/EA Chapter"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "apKTPEcRm6jSFaMya", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "so8res", "username": "So8res"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-02-17T17:33:56.374Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "The Value of a Life"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "ySi72Ni2YayviMh5Y", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bitton", "username": "Bitton"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-02-17T04:49:15.803Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Motte-and-Bailey Explanations of EA"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "rokASALwwTo74tFYN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-02-16T17:42:35.208Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "February Open Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "groHTNtfFhxm7DJnP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-02-13T18:40:16.440Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Long-term reasons to favour self-driving cars"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "hHwFMK6ccpyykuxWM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gregory_lewis", "username": "Gregory_Lewis"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2015-02-12T19:03:05.269Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Saving the World, and Healing the Sick"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "pqRGTZsYy2bM44bBc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "erikaalonso", "username": "erikaalonso"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-02-12T00:30:58.076Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Animal Charity Evaluators is hiring"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "ks4aQ8TBK4gEd22AC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "petermcintyre", "username": "PeterMcIntyre"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-02-11T23:36:13.668Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "4 Common (Hedonic) Prediction Failures and How to Fix Them"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "CsqnaotQsNvdfdeTs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gina_stuessy", "username": "Gina_Stuessy"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-02-10T16:44:39.346Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Effective Altruism Madison: Documentary + Dinner"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "jyznuc2ia8RLEThW2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-02-10T11:31:43.530Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "[LINK] GiveWell is hiring"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Qi29QhmtGJeBkHuF8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "annariedl", "username": "AnnaRiedl"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-02-09T18:42:30.648Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Vienna - 1. EA Meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "2NsnGWtC2jxLxEQYR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "weeatquince_duplicate0-37104097316182916", "username": "weeatquince"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-02-08T22:20:43.455Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "How I organise a growing effective altruism group in a big city in less than 30 minutes a month."}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "o77aWTyYy3WAeApxc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denise_melchin", "username": "Denise_Melchin"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-02-07T23:13:32.758Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "What we learned from our donation match"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "uykLQmdHdPQtHR3hu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jacob_hilton", "username": "Jacob_Hilton"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-02-06T16:12:04.924Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Effective Altruism Leeds Pub Social"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "a8uBjCsnNEhACWmp2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "daniel_dewey", "username": "Daniel_Dewey"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-02-06T14:46:15.628Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Request for proposals for Musk/FLI AI research grants"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "vfQdGnjgu94Ztnstm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "andrew_sb", "username": "Andrew_SB"}, "baseScore": 13, "postedAt": "2015-02-04T17:22:23.663Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "$5 billion in moral trade surplus?"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "ggrjRA7RdARyKZZqA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2015-02-03T19:39:58.616Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "The AI Revolution [Link]"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "w4zfPNtX4ythfZjBi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-02-03T17:57:04.323Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "February Meetups Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "FrSaKohTYqkA4KZYs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gentzel", "username": "Gentzel"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-02-03T04:55:58.136Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Should your choice of charity change based on how much money you have?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "eZWT7CJKrcia82kqm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-02-02T18:53:42.679Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Effective Altruism for the masses"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "oc67uNCygHuW22zNC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-02-02T18:51:53.783Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Small concrete actions you could take"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "t8KdopLvryz5JseNJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2015-02-02T18:51:18.741Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Meetup : Present the charity you'd like to give to"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "cxyuyrtHCkwqkDyKw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-02-02T18:22:37.768Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Utrecht: Cancelled"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "ha3pnxoe3gt2H5kan", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tyleralterman", "username": "tyleralterman"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-02-02T04:06:26.617Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Announcing"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "RCrqC8JaQaTYxiAEk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "weeatquince_duplicate0-37104097316182916", "username": "weeatquince"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-02-01T23:34:10.912Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Super fun EA London Pub Social Meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "rb5YDEk3zej3HF5bg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "agb", "username": "AGB"}, "baseScore": 24, "postedAt": "2015-02-01T00:40:05.862Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "EA Diversity: Unpacking Pandora's Box"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "4gKqaGdDLtxm6NKnZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bitton", "username": "Bitton"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-01-31T16:23:40.890Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Figuring Good Out - January"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "pmWfCBv7duaCAmkJt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2015-01-30T20:25:15.191Z", "voteCount": 20, "title": "EA is the best choice I've ever made"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "5fYz6tnJaAZM9yhJF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathonsmith", "username": "jonathonsmith"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-01-30T18:02:42.341Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "TLYCS Pamphleting Pilot Plan"}, {"commentsCount": 55, "_id": "gaoBE2d9JwYH9jST2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-01-30T11:18:15.943Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Effective Altruism and Utilitarianism"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "rmHGEZB286wRYj7Ct", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tomstocker", "username": "tomstocker"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-01-29T14:50:29.266Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Many winding roads: an EA origin story"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "cPihAcJ8z5BZQ8hDB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-01-27T22:06:13.728Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "On making spaces friendlier to parents"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "6LruduxDH92d8vJKs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-01-27T19:37:30.175Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Does It Make Sense to Make Multi-Year Donation Commitments to One Organization?"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "RPJhCLWEizLYXzyGd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2015-01-26T17:54:23.274Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Donate to keep Charity Science running"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "WT6CvHJLYozrMe9pF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "giles", "username": "Giles"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-01-25T22:53:57.568Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : The most good you can do in 5 minutes"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "FzbdRr3uGEnHkyypi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-01-25T21:37:25.430Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Initial research into corporate fundraising"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "TsbLgD4HHpT5vrFQC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bernadette_young", "username": "Bernadette_Young"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2015-01-25T20:26:44.825Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Dorothea Brooke: an alternative origin story for Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "aRAK6ct8AvXg3gicA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2015-01-25T13:51:48.885Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Why I Give"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "MLuKNAsYjh3JE6Xw8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "giles", "username": "Giles"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-01-24T04:40:52.595Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Comments on Ernest Davis's comments on Bostrom's Superintelligence"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "HTwg2DMWCz3xRzNYS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-01-22T15:43:57.345Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "The map of EAs and local groups"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "cinrg2DXXKcn8bybM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "telofy", "username": "Telofy"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-01-21T16:46:18.527Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Telofy\u2019s Introduction to Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "2XJzkXAGEcjCh2vJ5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-01-20T22:17:46.291Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "EA housemates: a good idea? Plus how to find them"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "i7AEZDqh6Jfuz5mcy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-01-19T19:07:01.673Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : How to live on a low budget"}, {"commentsCount": 59, "_id": "YLwHcFFrc4brRCKNz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-01-19T18:12:55.433Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "January Open Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "pBBePCYkr24JhwJtu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "chrishart44", "username": "chrishart44"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-01-18T02:48:52.845Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : THINK OTTAWA"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "CkikpvdkkLLJHhLXL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2015-01-15T16:35:57.403Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Supportive scepticism in practice"}, {"commentsCount": 39, "_id": "DYr7kBpMpmbygBiEq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 23, "postedAt": "2015-01-14T01:59:51.446Z", "voteCount": 27, "title": "The Privilege of Earning To Give"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "qeQgpMjr9oN6oznWr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-01-13T15:54:38.076Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Risky Giving"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "hE3JqDapM4v8ZdY8B", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jorgen_ljones", "username": "Jorgen_Ljones"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-01-13T12:40:01.016Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Lunch meeting: Aid - Does it work?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "sjTNSzJ7YvmNK9zPm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-01-11T21:01:10.451Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "[link] Importance Motivation: a double-edged sword"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "cZoTWtBDJBA9SJTgR", "meta": false, "user": null, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2015-01-11T03:52:03.240Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Why I Don't Account for Moral Uncertainty"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "eDoSuRF2x7Xw8fdNi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-01-11T03:49:56.538Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "[cross-post] Does donation matching work?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "ucqtraThZFoa8w56s", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "roxanne_heston", "username": "Roxanne_Heston"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-01-10T20:40:26.394Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Giving What We Can 2014 Year in Review"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "L9TWehZhpPAf6tcrj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2015-01-10T19:55:08.421Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Increasing existential hope as an effective cause?"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "QWBkjXAweqpQ5fCFN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bitton", "username": "Bitton"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2015-01-10T18:26:15.934Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "The Choose-your-Charity Tax"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "Si9r4zbXCXzoGCAQy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathancourtney", "username": "jonathancourtney"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-01-10T00:55:46.692Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "EA Vloging"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "jJnT2gagkZ8PBnmAN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-01-09T20:10:56.333Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : A critique of effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "MbTxNy2CNPwdd67vu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2015-01-08T17:44:37.793Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "I am Samwise [link]"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "JrbLYqRY3oDz6tbXR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathancourtney", "username": "jonathancourtney"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-01-08T00:44:30.873Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "What do I do as the Director of Community for Giving What We Can?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "xSQwZ4ekqdgL9wyvb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bitton", "username": "Bitton"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-01-06T14:16:03.470Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "EA Origin Story: Changing"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "vWSqS3j6sZpRizzNf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "fluttershy", "username": "Fluttershy"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-01-06T02:39:01.021Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Tentative Thoughts on the SENS Foundation"}, {"commentsCount": 34, "_id": "LjeqMHkYavQsaveh3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonathonsmith", "username": "jonathonsmith"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-01-05T23:31:15.425Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "TLYCS Pamphleting Pilot Program"}, {"commentsCount": 70, "_id": "B3fYvmwJLRiDeM6Cd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2015-01-05T18:37:48.862Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "The Outside Critics of Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "iTQ44empnAiq6jbHX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-01-05T16:08:38.455Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "January Meetups Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "9kvtwgkLhfa99gGDJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "riceissa", "username": "riceissa"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2015-01-04T22:01:18.847Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Discussion Meetup: Volunteering"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "jcY5ajrLaJh5YDDxo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "giles", "username": "Giles"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2015-01-03T20:20:41.700Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Another fundraiser report"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "69wvx9vBmfpaovWTs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2015-01-03T20:01:44.178Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "A taxonomy of EA origin stories"}, {"commentsCount": 20, "_id": "r7cYRfiMGfcqsBxFg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2015-01-03T01:48:41.930Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Peter's Personal Review for Oct-Dec 2014"}, {"commentsCount": 72, "_id": "9D6zKRPfaALiBhnnN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_west", "username": "Ben_West"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2015-01-01T20:47:41.918Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Problems and Solutions in Infinite Ethics"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "YtkDDqdC59kZpwk3e", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bitton", "username": "Bitton"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2015-01-01T00:49:21.986Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Figuring Good Out - December"}, {"commentsCount": 57, "_id": "ADuroAEX5mJMxY5sG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "dale", "username": "Dale"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2014-12-31T22:25:38.721Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Blind Spots: Compartmentalizing"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "mKGWZYnDPPj8njCiZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2014-12-31T17:08:56.986Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "EAs on RSS and Reddit!"}, {"commentsCount": 34, "_id": "7oEMDW8gSZ4DTpg8d", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jess_whittlestone", "username": "Jess_Whittlestone"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2014-12-30T12:04:55.169Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "The perspectives on effective altruism we don't hear"}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "7HgJHPs9vQWHf3atD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2014-12-29T06:22:39.597Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "List of Introductory EA Presentations"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "to8eDqg5kJj2jjvfR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-12-26T14:05:55.599Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "CFAR's annual update [link]"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "E4JJCbAh5KyHcbGym", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ruthie", "username": "ruthie"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2014-12-26T02:07:13.504Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "The Impact you can (and can't) Make in an Hour"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "aPYa87MJphdAzMKGe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oagr", "username": "oagr"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-12-24T21:39:53.332Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Gratipay for Funding EAs"}, {"commentsCount": 22, "_id": "nLZv9DHi3pLwy8smW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2014-12-24T15:06:18.236Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "How much does it cost to have a child? "}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "6mmACsHiFB7Qajgnh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "oagr", "username": "oagr"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2014-12-24T00:41:50.234Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Why \"Changing the World\" is a Horrible Phrase"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "WgucsWuK4SunwNBvj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2014-12-24T00:27:30.639Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "MIRI posts its technical research agenda [link]"}, {"commentsCount": 27, "_id": "59KBJXSeZvTt6fB6u", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2014-12-23T15:29:43.162Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "How I Raised $5010.32 for AMF and How You Can Too!"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "t4QnSNSnGACiFQ6Lv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-12-23T12:12:08.789Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Factoring cost-effectiveness"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "b2Mb3xi9wviMKXrK5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "weeatquince_duplicate0-37104097316182916", "username": "weeatquince"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-12-23T02:09:15.289Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Top Tips on how to Choose an Effective Charity"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "DRPRR4uXxE6FCASPu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-12-22T13:21:17.388Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Upcoming Christmas Meetups (Upcoming Meetups 7)"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "mbQNdKrKYYRi7f3dh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alasdairgives", "username": "AlasdairGives"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2014-12-21T16:58:54.106Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Effective Altruists elsewhere: Bronies for Good"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "bt3MGwcZcZY3B8Mot", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2014-12-20T23:54:09.031Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "How to Read"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "yGZWnxLqJoGW3vRfA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2014-12-19T23:40:03.676Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Two examples of EAs raising thousands from their friends"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "T8hAzJfDnrpWGz2Fg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-12-19T18:26:44.524Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : .impact project updates meeting (via Google Hangouts)"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "7GnJsRQXP7szHBSDA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2014-12-19T18:20:41.620Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Optional whether to give, therefore optional where to give?"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "PY5t76osnkAJyZget", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2014-12-17T19:51:45.403Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Can you think of any fundraising ideas?"}, {"commentsCount": 49, "_id": "TBZnvm9RSTKdE4A77", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hartree", "username": "Peter_Hartree"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2014-12-17T13:21:14.006Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "What should an effective altruist be committed to?"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "6YrXuiBxgwsX8HGm8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bitton", "username": "Bitton"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2014-12-16T03:22:57.384Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Summary of Cialdini's Influence"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "B778dXS39nS5MraBj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2014-12-16T00:05:45.810Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Help a Canadian give with a tax-deduction by swapping donations with them!"}, {"commentsCount": 37, "_id": "xW4X6rRbASxaEAk45", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-12-15T16:31:35.803Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Christmas 2014 Open Thread (Open Thread 7)"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "zDRu5Y8HtvZHnkoEX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2014-12-14T17:21:38.322Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Generic good advice: do intense exercise often"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "mymPTK9gcqfiXDzkY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "alasdairgives", "username": "AlasdairGives"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-12-13T19:27:40.626Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Please vote for our video on Deworm the World in this online poll."}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "JyYw4YtfTokpP6DGE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "giles", "username": "Giles"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-12-12T21:54:23.291Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Toronto meetup writeup: 2014-12-11"}, {"commentsCount": 25, "_id": "QMpfPCwojoQ24WHkh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2014-12-12T03:32:17.417Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Where are you giving and why?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "hNiN7z5a6JR5FmZqx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2014-12-11T17:08:02.170Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "How can you compare helping two different people in different ways?"}, {"commentsCount": 59, "_id": "WoQ8pub55TNzCjJb8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "niel_bowerman2", "username": "Niel_Bowerman2"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2014-12-11T14:54:39.846Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Effective Altruism Outreach needs your donations this Christmas!"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "Ekgk5M4xTjBsSxweY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2014-12-11T11:49:13.771Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Make your own cost-effectiveness Fermi estimates for one-off problems"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "nEGgyRE4BLD7MS4Nu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2014-12-11T10:50:53.679Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Estimating the cost-effectiveness of research"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "WzYPT6XcscRha28Jd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "yboris", "username": "yboris"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2014-12-11T00:55:19.138Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Frugal living without sacrifice"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "z2nKz3kSBWxuxahBJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ales_flidr", "username": "Ales_Flidr"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2014-12-10T20:38:47.481Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "How much attention does climate change warrant? A Conversation with Climate Scientist and Energy Technology and Public Policy Expert David Keith"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "CTD4yLt4Tgrr4wE2x", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "giles", "username": "Giles"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-12-10T16:42:03.354Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Anti Publication Bias Registry"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "pFCs54XG5JGj6aey3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "giles", "username": "Giles"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2014-12-10T04:40:01.782Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Stuck? Talk to an EA Buddy!"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "uthnm5ZXKFiwn6WPy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-12-08T17:29:00.830Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Upcoming Meetups 6"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "4eYQboiQ3tDaStPYS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-12-07T18:03:19.034Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Want to make $100/hr for charity? Raise money this Christmas, with donation matching"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "pF3rZw8RzmiqQn26L", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ales_flidr", "username": "Ales_Flidr"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2014-12-07T04:32:03.802Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Interview with Nir Eyal on Population-Level Bioethics and Non-Utilitarian Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "AuPXwvGHrXmSQQczM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_christiano", "username": "Paul_Christiano"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-12-05T00:51:44.715Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Economic altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "ttLkgziaDn6AqmTcx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "giles", "username": "Giles"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-12-04T20:17:39.072Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Toronto EA meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "6KrsMimFJb3BiRFAp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2014-12-03T20:48:46.211Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Introducing a website for local EA groups"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "9XFofMHc8hJpGeWka", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2014-12-02T02:47:04.545Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Ideas for new experimental EA projects you could fund!"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "f4MaRHPLcbcbTnxrN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bitton", "username": "Bitton"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2014-12-01T22:57:04.307Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Figuring Good Out - Launch Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 50, "_id": "3b87XHvfgd7N7aLgy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-12-01T21:58:29.063Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Open Thread 6"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "k4W42YzHk6n2ZDnFE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2014-12-01T17:43:26.683Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "The new Animal Charity Evaluators recommendations are out"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "aJnH5A5GPTqZPdWPB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2014-12-01T17:22:27.537Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "The new GiveWell recommendations are out: here's a summary of the charities"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "NrM5J7GwmELMH3iof", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2014-12-01T16:52:41.206Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Should we launch a podcast about high-impact projects and people?"}, {"commentsCount": 33, "_id": "YCTHxP6tcT4FcDwki", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2014-11-30T00:02:32.521Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Spitballing EA career ideas"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "a8qYJ5Re75Mo7zoMC", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "pablo_stafforini", "username": "Pablo_Stafforini"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2014-11-28T17:26:05.861Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Effective Altruism Blogs"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "gPGFXNLLWjmScqxPo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gina_stuessy", "username": "Gina_Stuessy"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-28T14:13:35.453Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : EA Madison: Giving Games"}, {"commentsCount": 45, "_id": "MH9suFZbxXCYsr5Z5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2014-11-27T21:08:36.573Z", "voteCount": 30, "title": "You have a set amount of \"weirdness points\". Spend them wisely."}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "frJPjswnu2X66Bdg3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "vincent_deb", "username": "Vincent_deB"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2014-11-27T14:37:51.671Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Tell us about your recent EA activities: thread 2"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "Ro9Z4gFD9SC3teSkD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2014-11-25T13:48:36.283Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "The Centre for Effective Altruism is hiring to fill five roles in research, operations and outreach"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "6GHCqkzLmZz5SWmWJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "danielmay", "username": "DanielMay"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-25T12:13:03.754Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : An Introduction to Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "kF5KGRKTfbXzsbtRR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-24T21:02:07.631Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Upcoming Meetups 5"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "tPtY46ucbnMfNJjFE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gregory_lewis", "username": "Gregory_Lewis"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2014-11-24T15:55:29.144Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Expected value estimates you can take (somewhat) literally"}, {"commentsCount": 57, "_id": "kscC6AhLJbE2Hsra5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "katja_grace", "username": "Katja_Grace"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2014-11-23T05:23:51.290Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "When should an Effective Altruist be vegetarian?"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "tsPxdNB9LXSoGJxWB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "patrick", "username": "Patrick"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2014-11-22T18:16:27.337Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "EARadio: A New Podcast for Effective Altruists"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "6PBo5Gmcr4gnJj5Kc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-22T07:22:31.224Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Utrecht: a critique of effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "A3Q6dQ7CE3gDh843z", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-22T07:21:18.725Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Utrecht"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "WiyqQr59ELFacLuwq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-22T07:19:48.530Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Utrecht: Game Theory"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "WdtcxCKFLLCeLBR6H", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2014-11-21T00:12:34.020Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Why long-run focused effective altruism is more common sense"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "wr46E3DQ3xBjWesEi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2014-11-19T14:06:48.291Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "An interactive webpage showing how to donate to effective charities tax-deductibly in any country"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "DpRTqSmfiHKrqqkFb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "riceissa", "username": "riceissa"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-18T00:12:17.364Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Donation Decision Day"}, {"commentsCount": 87, "_id": "JdqzNvvPscsghW8xR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-11-17T15:57:12.988Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Open thread 5"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "5APWrFEkQYnYXH372", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "carolineellison", "username": "CarolineEllison"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-11-16T08:38:01.872Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Meetup : Stanford Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "pt3Y3EAzbEFkrpXr9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "dale", "username": "Dale"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2014-11-15T23:39:28.899Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Happy Birthday, Giving What We Can!"}, {"commentsCount": 48, "_id": "yTu9pa9Po4hAuhETJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2014-11-15T11:53:04.671Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Kidney donation is a reasonable choice for effective altruists and more should consider it"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Tpnwg6egWjhTbkKd7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-13T15:32:37.286Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : .impact project updates meeting (via Google Hangouts)"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "x68a56F9fPzEcvMgi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2014-11-12T14:06:39.089Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Effective Altruism at Your Work"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "kg7t2vGyM6WLEgH5e", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "gina_stuessy", "username": "Gina_Stuessy"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-11T20:19:57.178Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Effective Alruism Madison (2nd meetup)"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "QnyJyuWRZ7TfST3Qd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jai", "username": "jai"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-11T08:25:25.155Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Secular Solstice (Seattle)"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "yNn2o3kEhixZHkRga", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_christiano", "username": "Paul_Christiano"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2014-11-11T05:22:42.438Z", "voteCount": 13, "title": "Certificates of impact"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "RM3DX3ozvqo3AK3xm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-10T13:54:39.551Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Upcoming Meetups 4"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "L2SWdcecLywdPBgjx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-09T15:16:45.883Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Utrecht: Rationality Games"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "JWSiybr8LGPt7n3oG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-09T15:09:53.523Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Game Theory: People Respond to Incentives... How?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "3QqHs8yptSRXmQwn3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2014-11-09T09:30:18.236Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "People and charitable causes are importantly different things"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "25vy2j8ZnxFa2yj6F", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "carolineellison", "username": "CarolineEllison"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-09T04:10:10.639Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Stanford Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Ae3pLwMPa76EfmxKi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "carolineellison", "username": "CarolineEllison"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-11-07T18:37:33.504Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Meetup : Stanford Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "ebcvJwEFo5NqcKG5B", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2014-11-06T12:55:36.227Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Saving administration costs or saving lives?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "TCr8gEfeFyZQcEHFR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2014-11-05T23:17:25.314Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Productivity 101 For Beginners"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "2oHRPta8Akzo2EamJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-11-05T05:57:04.588Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Comparative Bias"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "mAct6rZFi8tdxqh7P", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joseph_oneill", "username": "Joseph_ONeill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-05T05:14:43.948Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : EA Brisbane Social Lunch"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "YJjeCrAs8rcvu8zno", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "angie_jo", "username": "Angie_Jo"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-11-03T20:07:25.562Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Harvard College Effective Altruism presents:  Steven Pinker on \"The Past, Present, and Future of Violence\""}, {"commentsCount": 86, "_id": "yz5bqvG2sG92tLHmM", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-11-03T16:57:07.873Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Open Thread 4"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "a9s8tYStGawjX9WNb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "carolineellison", "username": "CarolineEllison"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-31T19:58:32.063Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Stanford EA meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "JdpE5ZQcpR3G8NcPL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "romeostevens", "username": "RomeoStevens"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2014-10-30T08:09:17.489Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "How Much Can We Generalize from Impact Evaluations? (link)"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "MDTxRbcYYaaAZovRG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "riceissa", "username": "riceissa"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-29T20:16:34.309Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Discussion with Jonathan Courtney from Giving What We Can"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "dD69FByBGHEmEzwrc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_west", "username": "Ben_West"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-29T18:03:47.983Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Madison, Wisconsin"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "ygNkcHYL5h5T2KA7S", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2014-10-29T16:57:43.758Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "How to leave money to charity in your will: a simple guide"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "XvHrFnSbT37GFLYme", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "weeatquince_duplicate0-37104097316182916", "username": "weeatquince"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2014-10-28T01:58:14.236Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Outreaching Effective Altruism Locally \u2013 Resources and Guides"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "7JTZAuuohSGisPTvw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-27T22:02:04.564Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Upcoming Meetups 3"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "NW8RWuvitKeghuEaX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-27T07:00:09.491Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : .impact project updates meeting (via Google Hangouts)"}, {"commentsCount": 27, "_id": "ks7gHgFCzWZRjhLaH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2014-10-26T08:56:49.899Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Shop for Charity: how to earn proven charities 5% of your Amazon spending in commission"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "oXy7wpRazXn7n2F8D", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-23T11:34:41.170Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : .impact project updates meeting (via Google Hangouts)"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "fTyT8jF4ZGpBHPBRR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michaeldickens", "username": "MichaelDickens"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-10-23T02:10:42.641Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Meetup : Stanford THINK"}, {"commentsCount": 144, "_id": "9Xp7BGoKnbSiP3Ng8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "michelle_hutchinson", "username": "Michelle_Hutchinson"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2014-10-22T16:40:35.480Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Should Giving What We Can change its Pledge? "}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "t49q8tNxFoDhdyiYB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "geuss", "username": "Geuss"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-10-21T23:33:59.138Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "The Harvard Research Center in Creative Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "utSBRjbPNLPFNXKZd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2014-10-21T07:45:38.200Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Charity Science's first annual review: how effective is fundraising?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "4MCkuXk8GrcP9MJGP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joey", "username": "Joey"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-20T21:58:52.957Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : How to Evaluate a Charity Meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 45, "_id": "FpjQMYQmS3rWewZ83", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "helentoner", "username": "HelenToner"}, "baseScore": 72, "postedAt": "2014-10-16T04:16:15.951Z", "voteCount": 70, "title": "Effective Altruism is a Question (not an ideology)"}, {"commentsCount": 30, "_id": "zHQaSBxqNFPHQMLgk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2014-10-15T17:04:02.457Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Open Thread 3"}, {"commentsCount": 33, "_id": "L9tpuR6ZZ3CGHackY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_christiano", "username": "Paul_Christiano"}, "baseScore": 29, "postedAt": "2014-10-15T07:03:21.055Z", "voteCount": 29, "title": "On Progress and Prosperity"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "XwXpkwQ45acG5guLb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "fods12", "username": "Fods12"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-15T02:14:54.615Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Effective Altruism Melbourne Screening & Discussion: Does Foreign Aid Work?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "D22kwgFWPnKjoqWuS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "andreas_mogensen", "username": "Andreas_Mogensen"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2014-10-14T12:33:27.671Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Giving Without Sacrifice? (Some excerpts) "}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "rK2gn939BAnSpZ2Xz", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "denise_melchin", "username": "Denise_Melchin"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2014-10-14T09:49:42.426Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "How can people be persuaded to give more (and more effectively)?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "5uAQ3CaKZ5CWmfxGw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davidbernard", "username": "DavidBernard"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-13T21:06:37.038Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : EA Uppsala Introduction Talk"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "2Mdih3jfB4xtJsFG6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "riceissa", "username": "riceissa"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-13T05:18:47.293Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Animal Suffering Documentary Night"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "CmGPp5p9RvTLuuzbt", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2014-10-11T17:26:53.809Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "Aim high, even if you fall short"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "NuzHBJRh8SgysoP8K", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joseph_oneill", "username": "Joseph_ONeill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-11T09:15:41.325Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Effective Altruism Brisbane Meet Up."}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "mgnsvBCAmfP4hEE9j", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2014-10-10T22:51:51.504Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "One month in - it's time for more introductions"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "JrtgQMxEcJDRZCg2r", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2014-10-10T19:22:48.411Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Types of planners and plans for EAs"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "udwhAe2FKn9oDx4n4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-10T16:40:38.752Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : .impact's fortnightly projects meeting"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "NMA3nriCkPPa6Dpzr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kaj_sotala", "username": "Kaj_Sotala"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-10T15:26:50.876Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Social EA career path meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "j8Aqb5EmRwD4aqfxR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kaj_sotala", "username": "Kaj_Sotala"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2014-10-10T13:18:14.313Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Tell us about your recent EA activities"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "mXhAFQC7yf6sHPD2v", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "mattvdm", "username": "mattvdm"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-09T15:42:51.178Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Doing Good Better - Rory Brooks & Will MacAskill"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ih4o9NbgwgdgfqmLh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "riceissa", "username": "riceissa"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-08T20:33:23.917Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Challenges of Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "hkimyETEo76hJ6NpW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "so8res", "username": "So8res"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2014-10-07T05:12:16.238Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "On Caring"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "D32ujb3MbKS6DTCCZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "aarongertler", "username": "aarongertler"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-07T02:59:35.605Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Yale Effective Altruists"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "EgMRzYLjRxXhceCxH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2014-10-06T23:29:47.195Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Peter's Personal Review for July-Sep 2014"}, {"commentsCount": 75, "_id": "7xFQAQrWuH4ye73QS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2014-10-06T18:54:51.842Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Open Thread 2"}, {"commentsCount": 42, "_id": "sm3axpxJLtphvF6Jj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "topherhallquist", "username": "TopherHallquist"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2014-10-06T17:56:15.718Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "How a lazy eater went vegan"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "xDAJYSuNDJ2DXaxh9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-10-05T22:41:58.103Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Upcoming Meetups 2"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "QQXtNxjY7ioCedTfZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-05T22:18:55.703Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Peter Singer presents at Glasgow University"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "npKtTvHBRGDeSXhhT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kelseypiper", "username": "KelseyPiper"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-04T19:15:39.307Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Stanford THINK"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "ktsPJuhvTvgG3nkKn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2014-10-03T23:15:04.255Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Introducing an EA Donation Registry"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "5kFwcwDawAHZx6Tqd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2014-10-03T23:01:37.317Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Introducing EA Profiles"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "rAoznpQSF4u7XJWzW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2014-10-03T21:44:12.163Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Two interviews with Holden"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "J65EZcjLjdGcBjyHw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "matt_sharp", "username": "Matt_Sharp"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-10-02T23:37:37.669Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Introduction to Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "98Fe4vYuDAAT7v6MY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-10-02T22:00:52.756Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Improvements to the Effective Altruism Forum"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "zvRerivrWdZ5J5rD9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2014-10-01T18:36:15.177Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Effective policy? Requiring liability insurance for dual-use research"}, {"commentsCount": 34, "_id": "tRr8PMJnzaEN4P43H", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "katja_grace", "username": "Katja_Grace"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2014-09-30T22:10:16.444Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Why is effective altruism new and obvious?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "LzooYBq4cEfp6BLsj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-09-30T18:20:28.169Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "We're looking for stories of EA career decisions"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "mkCB5NAFizkCAzBxr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2014-09-30T12:28:53.296Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "How to Meet Effective Altruists"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "S5eQJ4Rg3xxPNAnFN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2014-09-30T03:25:17.885Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Your Good Deeds 2014 Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "srNh2kF46i63Gybwx", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-29T03:35:43.061Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Bay Area EA meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "gexGsWorARHffT8iZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 16, "postedAt": "2014-09-28T21:37:38.685Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "Career choice: Evaluate opportunities, not just fields"}, {"commentsCount": 66, "_id": "QRQkj2bXDL4JBbKE3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2014-09-28T19:15:59.373Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Brainstorming thread: ideas for large EA funders"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "X2HtiEFn9izcoihLP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kaj_sotala", "username": "Kaj_Sotala"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-27T21:09:33.762Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Johdatus efektiiviseen altruismiin"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "QrKzfKZWsgihQJpoj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "diego_caleiro", "username": "Diego_Caleiro"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2014-09-27T20:43:31.643Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "On Media and Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "fjJcnquRG9JM9uKvW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joseph_oneill", "username": "Joseph_ONeill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-27T05:16:39.007Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Brisbane, Australia"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "LwmEr3B9dpBrFq3du", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "kaj_sotala", "username": "Kaj_Sotala"}, "baseScore": 34, "postedAt": "2014-09-26T09:17:13.992Z", "voteCount": 34, "title": "Effective altruism as the most exciting cause in the world"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "TqGEZwT2BZAdQ6TcP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2014-09-25T15:23:55.889Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "How to Make Your Article Have Consistent Formatting"}, {"commentsCount": 14, "_id": "txY8KtLqZCJP8hDx8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2014-09-25T12:19:29.251Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "Lawyering to Give"}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "73hurnFXE9BHWC6hR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "evan_gaensbauer", "username": "Evan_Gaensbauer"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2014-09-24T10:59:20.874Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Learning From Less Wrong: Special Threads, and Making This Forum More Useful"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "jCTMyWPGSzERLBFFd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "erica_edelman", "username": "Erica_Edelman"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2014-09-24T05:15:28.895Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Should You Move to a High Cost of Living City?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Pot2cZDSLkkoFwoRR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-23T17:06:46.177Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Utrecht: Climate Change"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "g8hJsxoaaNa2C49uQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-23T17:03:30.891Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Utrecht: Artificial Intelligence "}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Qj5a4SN936Yvyaofw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-23T17:01:56.958Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Meetup : Utrecht: Effective Altruism and Politics "}, {"commentsCount": 15, "_id": "ZqiGXrqLQg2ocFGQk", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 18, "postedAt": "2014-09-23T10:47:11.357Z", "voteCount": 18, "title": "Cooperation in a movement supporting diverse causes"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "7Qb4LRoyTrwkArKzc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "geordie_lucas", "username": "Geordie_Lucas"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-23T03:23:07.580Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Sydney Meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "QHQvEofSFtAvdqfPg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "joseph_oneill", "username": "Joseph_ONeill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-22T22:25:18.795Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Effective Altruism Brisbane"}, {"commentsCount": 19, "_id": "8EgnnAFjaDEvD8pYD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2014-09-21T21:46:04.430Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "An epistemology for effective altruism?"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "zJXmtLtGkRMM6eAN5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-09-21T14:32:08.271Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Meetup Summary"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "M6TpRMAbrL4zF7Nc7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "topherhallquist", "username": "TopherHallquist"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2014-09-19T20:50:56.620Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Why earn to give? (transcript)"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "Z4Y2giTWp8fEyecoJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "pablo_stafforini", "username": "Pablo_Stafforini"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-19T18:50:57.302Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : .impact's 26th project meeting"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "7sD4LYQn5pATEAaLX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "niel_bowerman2", "username": "Niel_Bowerman2"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2014-09-19T15:54:44.017Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Help spread the movement!"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "kEJokp8TbRiHdrjrR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jorgen_ljones", "username": "Jorgen_Ljones"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-19T06:58:58.850Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Open EA Kick-off: Lunch meeting - EA NTNU"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "7qCyvv8P7MGa39WtH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 14, "postedAt": "2014-09-19T04:05:01.573Z", "voteCount": 14, "title": "Lessons from running Harvard Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "xmn6RkHvdNu3Hqify", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "pablo_stafforini", "username": "Pablo_Stafforini"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2014-09-18T19:53:52.287Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "[link] The Economist on \"extreme altruism\""}, {"commentsCount": 21, "_id": "qBbyx8KyGhFe3Dy3C", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jess_whittlestone", "username": "Jess_Whittlestone"}, "baseScore": 43, "postedAt": "2014-09-18T14:02:36.734Z", "voteCount": 43, "title": "Supportive Scepticism"}, {"commentsCount": 29, "_id": "72tsrbeQ2xb9mRYoE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2014-09-18T14:00:51.920Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Minor Updates"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "TnD9tsT7eLcs3FyvR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "carolineellison", "username": "CarolineEllison"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-17T19:17:19.123Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Stanford EA"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ftKYdrShdLTPmEnSB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "davidbernard", "username": "DavidBernard"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-17T16:31:34.316Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Giving What We Can Sweden Pub Night"}, {"commentsCount": 66, "_id": "TYEt3ZN8KwcAqQ8Nf", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2014-09-17T15:24:07.397Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Introduce Yourself"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "B57HTYam9yi7p67nd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "pablo_stafforini", "username": "Pablo_Stafforini"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-09-17T06:47:27.140Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Effective altruism quotes"}, {"commentsCount": 13, "_id": "5d3td2YpuCiE8L7yr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2014-09-16T17:34:26.617Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "To Inspire People to Give, Be Public About Your Giving"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "bRmzcCN6rKqpPeDeR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jess_riedel", "username": "Jess_Riedel"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-16T15:00:05.440Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : New York City"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "TeAfotdH5GoAKDRuw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 11, "postedAt": "2014-09-16T03:34:05.358Z", "voteCount": 11, "title": "A Brief Summary of \"How to Raise Money Without Killing a Kitten\u201d"}, {"commentsCount": 163, "_id": "4Pek6aKbEoXSZvNFT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2014-09-15T15:40:17.810Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Open Thread"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "uxmmkKSsKHQugbzT6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 28, "postedAt": "2014-09-14T21:20:09.036Z", "voteCount": 28, "title": "What small things can an EA do?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "K8eAjG7uuSHaeHnRL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "erwan_atcheson", "username": "Erwan_Atcheson"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-14T11:54:41.593Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : GWWC Glasgow: first meeting/social"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "PPAuf6dmj5JgbTtL4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "weeatquince_duplicate0-37104097316182916", "username": "weeatquince"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-12T07:11:14.138Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Under the influence @ the Shakespeare's Head"}, {"commentsCount": 23, "_id": "TgdXtRvnQH85mswZQ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2014-09-11T21:34:58.961Z", "voteCount": 12, "title": "Disability Weights"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "eZS2a9nSAbkoP22B9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "immasix", "username": "ImmaSix"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-09-11T17:10:49.579Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Meetup : Debiasing Techniques"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "n5CNeo9jxDsCit9dj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "niel_bowerman2", "username": "Niel_Bowerman2"}, "baseScore": 17, "postedAt": "2014-09-11T12:29:10.708Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "Good policy ideas that won\u2019t happen (yet)"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "zECwKu2gua4MTkqfY", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "curiousepic", "username": "curiousepic"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-10T16:09:51.631Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : NCEA - Second Meetup"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "CWSqgjhszg3sofjbP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "helentoner", "username": "HelenToner"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-10T09:13:24.262Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Cookie Bank with EA Melbourne"}, {"commentsCount": 42, "_id": "etvgLwj59Bs74cuxX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "topherhallquist", "username": "TopherHallquist"}, "baseScore": 30, "postedAt": "2014-09-10T07:30:27.903Z", "voteCount": 32, "title": "Cosmopolitanism"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "WL2DMREp4d6M6bwBE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "danielmay", "username": "DanielMay"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-10T00:46:29.476Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Effective Altruism pub meetup!"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "AXkbKxw2znzRcDEcS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2014-09-09T16:45:12.298Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "All Animals Are Equal"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "Tu4S9prsSi5teeWJe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-09-09T16:40:16.258Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "The Haste Consideration"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "dzz6qigHnHv6duN53", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-09T16:39:15.864Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Your Dollar Goes Further Overseas"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "6T983XLsCa6uBhFf6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-09-09T16:38:26.411Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "How to Assess the Impact of a Career"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "uWTGciTBktopnSHKB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2014-09-09T16:32:13.765Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "High Impact Science"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "D32Edox9vgvmnfEQi", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-09T16:19:18.615Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "GiveWell's Top Charities for Giving Season 2013"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "drD955rDYAJDCGaFX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2014-09-09T16:15:20.688Z", "voteCount": 7, "title": "Estimation Is the Best We Have"}, {"commentsCount": 24, "_id": "2X9rBEBwxBwxAo9Sd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2014-09-09T16:14:02.658Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "The Moral Imperative Towards Cost-effectiveness"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "3wvLSv6aYaGBKwf9S", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2014-09-09T16:10:05.218Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "How Not to Be a \"White in Shining Armor\""}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "m5TyghdWtrTCmcSWF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2014-09-09T16:08:14.148Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "\"Efficiency\" Measures Miss the Point"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "ddgchPxD96RSMS4z8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-09-09T15:17:39.899Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Scope Insensitivity"}, {"commentsCount": 10, "_id": "SwG8Tj9RkG8DzpM4f", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2014-09-09T15:16:26.643Z", "voteCount": 17, "title": "The Drowning Child and the Expanding Circle"}, {"commentsCount": 12, "_id": "5uxmiDzEsav8B5ewL", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 21, "postedAt": "2014-09-09T15:11:18.162Z", "voteCount": 21, "title": "Introduction to Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "pDFxaHQssgZnqkFP7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "introduction", "username": "Introduction"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-09-09T01:58:37.920Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Meetup : Meetup for effective altruists"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "fZrbutTsTShGePv7f", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "katja_grace", "username": "Katja_Grace"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-09-01T05:55:19.000Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Superintelligence reading group"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "aiNbxdzKC5fbi5mJF", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-08-21T02:23:06.000Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Why we should err in both directions"}, {"commentsCount": 7, "_id": "KA8icGDEZynRqqHmg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "nick_beckstead", "username": "Nick_Beckstead"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2014-08-18T04:30:03.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Conversation with Holden Karnofsky, Nick Beckstead, and Eliezer Yudkowsky on the \"long-run\" perspective on effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "SZbA2AkZR8PKz2tWS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2014-08-13T00:18:47.000Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Strategic considerations about different speeds of AI takeoff"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "SbmJfGk5wH3g2XbXc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "nick_beckstead", "username": "Nick_Beckstead"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2014-08-06T00:55:16.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "A relatively atheoretical perspective on astronomical waste"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "3a3viueN5DA2jwxCu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "david_goll", "username": "David_Goll"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-07-30T21:38:04.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Agricultural research and development"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "yHwFesN6ScWJXXMMA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2014-07-30T02:57:26.000Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "How to treat problems of unknown difficulty"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "LdwmSMSjuy2Qug4Me", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "admin3", "username": "admin3"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2014-07-23T07:53:39.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Ben Kuhn on the effective altruist movement"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "342Nb9pp7snWrupTT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "andreas_mogensen", "username": "Andreas_Mogensen"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2014-07-18T22:42:35.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Audio recordings from Good Done Right available online"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "FzjJpZWmnMpbaJpCc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "niel_bowerman2", "username": "Niel_Bowerman2"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-07-07T15:47:40.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "'Special Projects' at the Centre for Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "owZ54ujtaFkcjp45T", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "toby_ord2", "username": "Toby_Ord2"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2014-07-04T04:08:24.000Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "The timing of labour aimed at reducing existential risk"}, {"commentsCount": 29, "_id": "DcFFjqtK7tXzptCdJ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-06-24T17:19:54.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "On 'causes'"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "5dgFWods87kkE9TpZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "nick_beckstead", "username": "Nick_Beckstead"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2014-06-22T18:19:50.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Will we eventually be able to colonize other stars? Notes from a preliminary review"}, {"commentsCount": 18, "_id": "ndvcrHfvay7sKjJGn", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2014-06-02T00:10:15.000Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Human and animal interventions: the long-term view"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "qvofaSbPPGX9XTPr9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "katja_grace", "username": "Katja_Grace"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2014-05-29T15:51:55.000Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Apples and oranges? Some initial thoughts on comparing diverse benefits"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "viAPyZNSzHTADeC6b", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-05-28T12:59:47.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "How much do Y Combinator founders earn?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "oGBdBsPc45ZrRPkwZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "lila_rieber", "username": "Lila_Rieber"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2014-05-13T05:53:06.000Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Consider raising IQ to do good"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "M96zDMpStfqZJvjhZ", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-05-08T00:45:45.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Interview with Boris Yakubchik"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "6ANGzPD8bE3Md4fwd", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "niel_bowerman2", "username": "Niel_Bowerman2"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-05-02T23:30:37.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Effective altruism outreach plans"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "Mn4fDHSdRWsDDJkqc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2014-05-02T04:39:13.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "2014 survey of effective altruists"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "TBpJRFRLiSayMTNa5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "admin3", "username": "admin3"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-04-22T16:25:04.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "2014 Weekend Away"}, {"commentsCount": 25, "_id": "bz2A2gRvtrpHAsToN", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "bernadette_young", "username": "Bernadette_Young"}, "baseScore": 8, "postedAt": "2014-04-14T01:28:23.000Z", "voteCount": 8, "title": "Parenthood and effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "WCw3PbGTjQ9GvT7wo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "luke_muehlhauser", "username": "Luke_Muehlhauser"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-04-09T15:27:32.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Will MacAskill on normative uncertainty"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "kNJNziSDZbeWE4nXs", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "admin3", "username": "admin3"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-04-07T15:00:10.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Good Done Right: a conference on effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "b6y9zSkRtxvKSdqcc", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "admin3", "username": "admin3"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2014-03-23T22:44:56.000Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Paul Christiano on cause prioritization"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "oJ4bsxgxvynMq7FMr", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-03-16T13:00:35.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Announcing a forthcoming book on effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "LmbZE57yMCcZH6Q2o", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-03-14T18:56:02.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "EA transparency update: Sep 13 - Mar 14"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "sncGG5Wv3knJhwWHw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_landau-taylor", "username": "Ben_Landau-Taylor"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-03-13T04:11:14.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Effective Altruism Summit 2014"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "9a7xMXoSiQs3EYPA2", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 20, "postedAt": "2014-03-11T02:03:32.000Z", "voteCount": 16, "title": "The history of the term 'effective altruism'"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "rmLS3Q4B5aewENHu7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_levinstein", "username": "Ben_Levinstein"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-03-08T21:25:26.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "An argument for more effectual giving"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "QYFij3GkS7saBMzhb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2014-03-03T20:10:33.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Effective altruism is not a competition"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "dZbb63ufnkMCR4WGK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2014-02-24T22:01:20.000Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Ten ways to meet effective altruists"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "fHjeEanG7PyWMFFQR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-02-24T17:28:55.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "End of year review of Effective Altruism Melbourne"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ttodwEu2ynbHSaXky", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "niel_bowerman2", "username": "Niel_Bowerman2"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-02-21T00:25:40.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Career opportunities in effective altruism outreach"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "fTDhRL3pLY4PNee67", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "nick_beckstead", "username": "Nick_Beckstead"}, "baseScore": 7, "postedAt": "2014-02-19T22:17:03.000Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "Improving disaster shelters to increase the chances of recovery from a global catastrophe"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "9FfTt97NoxiswNDgq", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-02-13T20:37:08.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Jobs and internships available at the Centre for Effective Altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "yXvnxQ3aMyeZ4HG8K", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "owen_cotton-barratt", "username": "Owen_Cotton-Barratt"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2014-02-07T01:21:18.000Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Keeping the effective altruist movement welcoming"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "pLgi8orS52tRB7u5K", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "tom_ash", "username": "Tom_Ash"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2014-01-28T15:37:53.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Where I'm giving and why: Tom Ash"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "goKe9XjE484ACn8n4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "david_barry", "username": "David_Barry"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2014-01-19T05:18:08.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Notes on GiveWell's recommended charities"}, {"commentsCount": 16, "_id": "JdK4CeErZGhnaSxgB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-12-30T23:00:54.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Where I'm giving and why: Will MacAskill"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "3fmvjfoa54WgWuqJD", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-12-27T20:05:48.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Where I'm giving and why: Julia Wise"}, {"commentsCount": 9, "_id": "poXKmegFoNqoDRCr9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2013-12-24T22:34:34.000Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Where I'm giving and why: Peter Hurford"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "pNFp7PsWLHYWCqW9s", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eric_friedman", "username": "Eric_Friedman"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-12-21T19:33:28.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Where I'm giving and why: Eric Friedman"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "YujtHBxk7L6o6YPaP", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-12-10T19:16:42.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "What's the best domestic charity?"}, {"commentsCount": 4, "_id": "mtj9NyXdnyhA8Qfw7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-12-03T01:39:43.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "A critique of effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 29, "_id": "dYvMmRRagJEmiWHmK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "carl_shulman", "username": "Carl_Shulman"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2013-11-05T23:08:35.000Z", "voteCount": 6, "title": "A Long-run perspective on strategic cause selection and philanthropy"}, {"commentsCount": 3, "_id": "iekQZgWk48P7SC27L", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "richard_batty", "username": "Richard_Batty"}, "baseScore": 5, "postedAt": "2013-10-28T19:10:43.000Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "Effective altruism reading list"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "kNW3uhTdPpvgWLmpB", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "katja_grace", "username": "Katja_Grace"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2013-10-22T17:23:10.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Which stage of effectiveness matters most?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "2qCiTg55dekGr27iT", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "eric_friedman", "username": "Eric_Friedman"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-10-01T04:00:57.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Creating a world with more effective charitable giving"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "DAdfz7fsuxYupYz7K", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "cari_tuna", "username": "Cari_Tuna"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-09-26T21:24:16.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Learning to be an effective altruist"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "GfWePZEbhfwzkQRF5", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ozzie_gooen", "username": "Ozzie_Gooen"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-09-23T19:50:55.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Navigating the epistemologies of effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "x5Q3SJXp4ACaDmR37", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-09-22T04:00:15.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Want to give feedback on a draft sample chapter for a book on effective altruism?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ka4pRcDHjhSdbNYp3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-09-16T04:00:36.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Case study: designing a new organisation that might be more effective than GiveWell's top recommendation"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "JFWuW6wqXcTghF6qo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-09-06T04:00:13.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Altruism isn't about sacrifice"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "BofiJMpH55g2FJELS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-09-04T19:19:54.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "How might we be wildly wrong?"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "2iAwiBQm535ZSYSmo", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "scott_siskind", "username": "Scott_Siskind"}, "baseScore": 15, "postedAt": "2013-09-03T04:40:05.000Z", "voteCount": 15, "title": "Efficient charity: do unto others..."}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "hvqvaEdYx5iDfW44K", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-09-03T04:00:39.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Pitching \"effective altruism\"?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "urayBifZX4cj74okH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-08-29T04:00:52.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Replaceability in altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "ZKY7y58FQhm3roXgH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "luke_muehlhauser", "username": "Luke_Muehlhauser"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-08-26T04:00:40.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "How efficient is the charitable market?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "diu9Zx44s5uZhyBru", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "holden_karnofsky", "username": "Holden_Karnofsky"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-08-21T04:00:49.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Excited altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "tXoE6wrEQv7GoDivb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_singer", "username": "Peter_Singer"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2013-08-19T21:07:57.000Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "Preventing human extinction"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "kygztj85BC37aK4Dy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "holden_karnofsky", "username": "Holden_Karnofsky"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-08-14T04:00:40.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Fq5RiuzenvHpLNTXg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "sean_oheigeartaigh2", "username": "Sean_OHeigeartaigh2"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2013-08-12T04:00:28.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Update on the establishment of Cambridge\u2019s Centre for Study of Existential Risk"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "XB7uvweiLLcQzxvMh", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "admin3", "username": "admin3"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-08-09T04:00:51.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "CEA is hiring"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "htCtF4DFKHGxaLfro", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 12, "postedAt": "2013-08-07T04:00:42.000Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Why I'm skeptical about unproven causes (and you should be too)"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "4TQPRfQQkgfcWvuN6", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "benjamin_todd", "username": "Benjamin_Todd"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2013-08-06T04:00:52.000Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Show me the harm"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "DANWyKar6QRtqC6vS", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-08-05T04:00:57.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Effective altruists and outsiders"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "FJ4CyKXuRPjbvN8zb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-07-31T04:00:49.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Personal consumption changes as charity"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "td5tB4gqqD3zrvM9D", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-07-29T04:00:59.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Money can buy you (a bit) of happiness"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "eddgDPYt8gZvFhG5H", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "brian_tomasik", "username": "Brian_Tomasik"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-07-24T04:00:08.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Counterfactual credit assignment"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "7uJcBNZhinomKtH9p", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 10, "postedAt": "2013-07-23T04:00:39.000Z", "voteCount": 10, "title": "Giving now vs. later: a summary"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "vi8FP936nasxqGowX", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-07-22T04:00:53.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "On discount rates"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "AjJ2qPRchmp7BuMLu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-07-19T04:00:57.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Haiti and disaster relief"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "6A7hvvzPCtjMvZyhp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "robert_wiblin", "username": "Robert_Wiblin"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-07-17T04:00:46.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Why it should be easy to dominate GiveWell\u2019s recommendations"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "Y8KCmeDMCKPaYEW3c", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-07-15T04:00:05.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Notes on not dying"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "xeDkRwGd5ez7KRhmb", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "katja_grace", "username": "Katja_Grace"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2013-07-10T04:00:11.000Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Effectiveness or altruism?"}, {"commentsCount": 11, "_id": "pfbLKnJmDKYSPPCEW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "luke_muehlhauser", "username": "Luke_Muehlhauser"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2013-07-08T04:00:02.000Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Four focus areas of effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "LXEacnfi8JiuWDiu4", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-07-05T04:00:59.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Spending on yourself vs. charity"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "p6YZHzLqkqRfwvFR9", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2013-07-01T04:00:08.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Helping other altruists"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "cuafY5TTWqzTdBfbm", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jeff_kaufman", "username": "Jeff_Kaufman"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-06-28T04:00:07.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Keeping choices donation neutral"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "WqATQy9erBHLqPfGR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2013-06-26T04:00:15.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "What Is earning to give?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "u2h4mS8AZ8YT2jCnw", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-06-24T04:00:29.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "The rules of effective altruism. Rule #1: don\u2019t die"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "4kqiHGrZh6Rj7EmEW", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "julia_wise", "username": "Julia_Wise"}, "baseScore": 32, "postedAt": "2013-06-21T04:00:03.000Z", "voteCount": 32, "title": "Cheerfully"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "omCFSYF6MZqRFRJCv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "peter_hurford", "username": "Peter_Hurford"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-06-18T04:00:19.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Giving now currently seems to beat giving later"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "GE2yRLTYCkcRCSctv", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "katja_grace", "username": "Katja_Grace"}, "baseScore": 4, "postedAt": "2013-06-17T04:00:42.000Z", "voteCount": 4, "title": "Using time effectively as a student"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "9A2E246FkjJj9f3Y7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_christiano", "username": "Paul_Christiano"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-06-14T04:00:31.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "The best reason to give later"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "NZao4Am9AAj4ZbBok", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonah_sinick", "username": "Jonah_Sinick"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2013-06-12T04:00:14.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "A personal history of involvement with effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "JfTKi4tB4x9xH7LNE", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ben_kuhn", "username": "Ben_Kuhn"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-06-10T04:00:05.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Common responses to earning to give"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "vyDsn4dfbRFPBfXfR", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonah_sinick", "username": "Jonah_Sinick"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2013-06-08T04:00:22.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Social impact, effective altruism, and motivated cognition"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "Pq644DBrNTkwn7Pjy", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-06-07T04:00:43.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Vegetarianism, health, and promoting the right changes"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "RCLiC33g2No3SiHgH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "ryancarey", "username": "RyanCarey"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2013-05-30T04:00:24.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Could you live on the international poverty line?"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "yZ42AhZXXkibpDr3k", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "jonah_sinick", "username": "Jonah_Sinick"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-05-28T04:00:54.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Earning to give vs. altruistic career choice revisited"}, {"commentsCount": 1, "_id": "RXpJbWKDJ7WFWqEin", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "nick_beckstead", "username": "Nick_Beckstead"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2013-05-27T04:00:57.000Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "A proposed adjustment to the astronomical waste argument"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "hNHTqQcRBezpAXPcA", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-05-24T04:00:47.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "On the robustness of cost-effectiveness estimates"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "6ytoanpFegbZCC5di", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-05-22T04:00:50.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Peter Singer's TED talk on effective altruism"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "h6npqeGQ87RMHbts7", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-05-20T04:00:41.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Getting inspired by cost-effective giving"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "EPTxTyxwEhg8KMZM8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-05-17T04:00:25.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "$1.25/day - What does that mean?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "YdLaiL7ao6zwtDhzu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2013-05-15T04:00:16.000Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "An example of do-gooding done wrong"}, {"commentsCount": 8, "_id": "7hNr5WuYMJHTxqNun", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 9, "postedAt": "2013-05-13T04:00:31.000Z", "voteCount": 9, "title": "What is effective altruism?"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "3B7o6HJLuzodjRm7b", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-04-18T04:00:02.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Doing well by doing good: careers that benefit others also benefit you"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "kyKK23BmdWPkpBkPe", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_christiano", "username": "Paul_Christiano"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-03-12T04:00:04.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Giving now vs. later"}, {"commentsCount": 6, "_id": "85cFXbr6XqbYZsaC3", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_christiano", "username": "Paul_Christiano"}, "baseScore": 3, "postedAt": "2013-02-28T05:00:34.000Z", "voteCount": 3, "title": "Risk aversion and investment (for altruists)"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "gMzWWtdsArkwqNJEK", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_christiano", "username": "Paul_Christiano"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2013-02-27T05:00:49.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "Why might the future be good?"}, {"commentsCount": 5, "_id": "3DGYg2RxXHgekLGeG", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2013-02-27T05:00:23.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "To save the world, don\u2019t get a job at a charity; go work on Wall Street"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "5ykoKBcHBz6pXHLHu", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "paul_christiano", "username": "Paul_Christiano"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2013-01-22T05:00:52.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Replaceability"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "ZRYsM2Tti9tGvHRQp", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2012-12-23T05:00:10.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Some general concerns about GiveWell"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "no2TGoDBjQEBwwwq8", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 1, "postedAt": "2012-11-30T05:00:28.000Z", "voteCount": 1, "title": "GiveWell's recommendation of GiveDirectly"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "7xENXeR9dsPQ5xcur", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2012-11-12T05:00:37.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Researching what we should"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "BoWSNAPHGkRPWJJQH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 6, "postedAt": "2012-10-15T02:28:58.000Z", "voteCount": 5, "title": "The most important unsolved problems in ethics"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "yaoHaqvzbaBeNuchg", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2012-09-27T04:00:27.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "How to be a high impact philosopher, part II"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "f384sGgrp74DWdGyj", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2012-05-08T04:00:25.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "How to be a high impact philosopher"}, {"commentsCount": 0, "_id": "5Chut58EATH8JH85u", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 2, "postedAt": "2012-01-31T05:00:01.000Z", "voteCount": 2, "title": "Practical ethics given moral uncertainty"}, {"commentsCount": 2, "_id": "W7Ms6fvE2ZzoqcEPH", "meta": false, "user": {"slug": "william_macaskill", "username": "William_MacAskill"}, "baseScore": 0, "postedAt": "2011-11-25T05:00:04.000Z", "voteCount": 0, "title": "Giving isn\u2019t demanding*"}]}