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Submitted by cummy on November 4, 2021

This is so fucking wrong it's insulting. I kind of understand retards who happen to like Emma Watson because they grew up with her even though I always fucking hated the cunt and thought she looked like shit. But Daisy Ridley is a fucking ghoul who literally has a rotten pussy and no talent whatsoever. She is the worst of every single world. And Watson is a malignant cunt herself just not literally like Daisy.

Furthermore Elizabeth is like twice as large as either of them, even if both of them teamed up on her I bet she would still have enough of a size advantage to simply subdue and eat them both. This goddess with her incredibly long genes has Polack warrior blood or something. Such incredibly strong sons and graceful long limbed otherworldly elf girl daughters would await me. The way she looks at other inferior and much smaller women is downright vampiric. With her nose sculpted by God in the hawkish elegance of the aquiline she lives up to it by often looking down it at lesser women like a predatory bird.

She's at least 2 inches taller than me without wearing heels apparently. Her feet are impressively long, and I can only imagine how they might measure up pressed flat against my penis.