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Submitted by cummy on October 4, 2021

You have COMPLETELY misunderstood the idea of /b/. /b/ is not "hey guys take a look at this funny link ha ha." /b/ is not Facebook's whiteknighting. /b/ is not Reddit, Tumblr or 9gag.com. /b/ is a place for people to be monsters. Disturbing, cold, heedless monsters that they really are. Tsunami kills people in Asia and we laugh. Psychotic emo fulfills her sick desires with her cat and we laugh. A man rapes his grandchildren, we laugh and demand more. Suicide, foul play, genocide- we laugh. Racism, sexism, discrimination, xenophobia, rape and unfounded wrath- we laugh.  

We are cruel; we do not forgive; we do not forget; we are the real face of the internet.