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Submitted by cummy on January 9, 2022

I’m not allowed to make tuna in front of people anymore because it grosses everyone out that I LOVE the taste of the tuna water. It’s better than the actual sandwich. If I could buy it as a drink, I’d buy a 24 pack every time I go to the store.

People say the tuna juice is for the animals and believe me I love my dog more than some people but I don’t love him that much! I get the juice he gets what’s left in the can after I make a sandwich. Some people without animals even pour the juice out in the sink… what a waste! The juice is by far the best part.

Now drown me in upvotes because I’ve never ever met anyone who doesn’t gag at this opinion.

Edit: Obligatory, RIP my inbox! And genuine, thank you for the awards kind strangers!