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Submitted by cummy on November 25, 2021

I pooped on my boyfriends dick during sex and to save myself from years of embarrassment, I ate it. I don't know if he knows.

Me and my boyfriend were in the car (don't ask) and we've had anal sex for a while, so we did in there too. My stomach was already upset from drinking and eating the night before. Anyways, while I'm top of him, I slide off after a while and while he's still leaning back I notice there's a CHUNK of shit right in his pubes, so I guess he didn't feel it. Like around a little bit smaller than a penny but in a ball type of shape. There was also some on the side of his dick.

In the 4 longest seconds of my life I decided I NEED to get this off of him. I would NEVER live that down, I still think about embarrassing moments from 5 years ago. I went down like I was going to give him head and when he was trying to look at me I was like "Omg don't look yet I'm shy" he still did but leaned his head back again (and I was already kind of over it so he didn't see)

**So I literally sucked it in my mouth and tried put it to the side of my mouth while licking the rest off.**

At this point, I'm gagging and I can't fucking spit it out CAN YOU F\*CKING IMAGINE? Choking up a piece of shit. In front of him. No, I feel like I'm about to puke so I just swallow it. I was still visually gagging. After this, I told him I need to stop for a second and ran out of the car and sat down hyperventilating. My boyfriend kept asking me what was wrong while I was literally holding my stomach and GAGGING. My mouth had an indescribable taste like **extremely** spoiled milk mixed with wet play-dough. All with the smell of shit. The smell was the worst part. It lingered in my mouth.

I can't stop worrying he noticed the poop, ignored it to save me embarrassment, and looks back, the poops gone, and I'm gagging about to puke. This is actually pushing me away from him out of sheer embarrassment. I don't know if he knows. He would be the type of guy not to say anything.

TLDR I shit in my boyfriends pubes while I was on top of him, turned around and noticed it before he did. I sucked it in my mouth and swallowed it as I didn't want to choke up a piece of shit in front of him. I feel like he noticed the poop, ignored it to save me embarrassment, and then noticed me choking with the shit gone.