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Submitted by cummy on October 2, 2021

(throwaway account for obvious reasons) i was beating off in front of my computer and my dad opened the door without knocking, i had no choice but to shove my dick back into my pants and close the chrome tab i had up, but i foolishly forgot to bring up something else like a game to make him not think i was looking at just my blank desktop, but i had no choice as my hands were dirty and i didn’t want to get dick fluids on my keyboard and/or mouse, so i just was sitting there, holding the tissue under the desk as he walked in, asking about the shitty wifi bandwidth that we were experiencing (caused by me updating a game). i pulled up the steam window with my clean pinky finger and he looked at it, then turned to me and asked, ‘Why are you so sweaty?’, i sorta just sat there and shrugged, because i was yet to experience the postnut clarity and was currently thinking about boobs, while absentmindedly using the tissue to dry my hands. he asked what i was hiding under the desk and quickly threw the tissue into the bin under my desk and showed him my recently cleaned hands and he finally let me, probably knowing, just not wanting to make the situation more awkward. i’m only posting this here because i’m too afraid to tell my friends lol