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Submitted by cummy on April 8, 2021

found on r/coprophiles 


I‘m a 20 y/o Male from Europe who had this fantasy of serving a Woman as her full Toilet for a few years at this point but i just couldn‘t get over myself to really do it because of the following reasons:

1. i always felt ashamed because of this type of fetish
2. due to the fact that i wanted to eat straight out of a girls asshole i was really scared of what would happen if i couldn‘t swallow it all or even worse if i vomit.

Well Saturday 21/11/2020 came and i havn‘t had an Orgasm for 3 weeks to a Month which i kind off planned because for my first experience i wanted to be as horny as i can to higher my chances of swallowing my future queens full load and to give her the best experience of using a Male toilet that every beautifull Woman deserves. On Friday evening i saw this ad from a skinny 21 year old amateur dom on a fetish Website and i wrote her some small details about me and what my ultimate fantasy would look like. She nicely wrote back on Saturday morning if i had time at 6pm which i replied with „yes“ , and so i moved to an almost 3h trip (around 300km) to meet her. The whole trip i wasn‘t as nervous as i thought i would be , i relaxed and enjoyed the whole drive till i finally made it to her destination. While it was already getting dark outside i entered her apartment complex and rang on the doorbell (at this point i was extremely nervous). She opened the door and WOW a absolutely gorgeous , young , skinny around 1,65cm girl with long brown hair was standing in front of my eyes and the first thing she said „Hey so you wanna be my slave tonight“ with a dirty smile on her face. We got inside her apartment and chilled on her bed, we had a bit of smalltalk about the fetish and her as a amateur dom till she asked „are you ready?“ and at this point i was more ready than ever . She pulled down her pants, laid on the bed with her legs spread and told me to eat her pussy like a good slave to get her in the mood after around 15min of eating her out she turned around with her Ass up to my face and said:„alright your gonna eat my ass next so you can get a taste of what‘s coming later“. Trust me i never enjoyed liking a girls asshole more than at this moment with all the things in my mind whats coming next. After eating her ass like a good boy she told me to lie down on the floor with my mouth wide open. I followed her instructions and from this point on i really knew i was her slave and i couldn‘t do anything about it. I watched up to this beautifull female body hovering above me and slowly lifting down to me. I opened my mouth as wide as i could and put it around her gorgeous shaved pussy so nothing spills beneath me and i would‘t create a mess because would a normal toilet? After a little bit of waiting her golden stream entered and filled my mouth within a second (i was impressed how much pee comes out of the vulva within this little period of time) i enjoyed it in my mouth for a second and swallowed it with no problem. She told me to lick her pussy clean with my tounge because thats what all good toilets do. With pleasure i licked every drop off her and left her spotlessly clean so she could use me for her other needs. She turned around with her ass right in my face and her face facing towards my feet. She asked if i‘m ready to become a full usefull human toilet for every other female to use and if i knew what honour it is to consume the waste of her beautifull female body which i nervously replied with: „yes miss, i will do my absolute best to satisfy you“. My wide opened mouth was glued to her asshole , ass she started to push her gasses hit my face but i knew by now i was a toilet boy and thats what toilets have to deal with. As soon as i saw a small brown piece coming out of her asshole she already pushed her soft excrement right into my mouth and all i could think of now was chew chew chew... after i think half of it went down my throat she told me to put the small pile that went on top of my face into my mouth and swallow it too , which of course i did. I was focused and swallowed for around 5-10 minutes while she was standing , smiling at me and playing with her feet on my dick. Due to the soft texture of her shit (which is btw. my favourite i got very lucky haha) i think i had it a bit easier to swallow. I gagged a few times but at the end her complete stool went in my mouth and down my throat like a good female toilet (nothing went on the floor only a bit on my face so there is still room for improvement). After i ate all she got down on my face again and told me to lick her clean so she doesnt has to use scratchy toilet paper. I spread her ass cheeks and yep her asshole was dirty of course after a soft serve like that one. With a lot of pleasure i licked her dirty asshole spotlessly clean. I layed on the floor thinking „damn i did it. I really ate a full load from a girls ass“. She asked if i enjoyed , which of course i did, we had some more smalltalk and smoked a cigarette. We hugged,thanked each other and said bye.I got some fuel for my car and bought a RedBull and drove back home still with thousand thoughts in my mind such as:

„I really did it , i ate full load of girls shit“

„I passed my first task as a Human Toilet“

„I now can be used officially by any female as a toilet slave and with more training even by 2 or more in one session“

Sorry if that was quit a long read but i could’ve wrote a lot more if i tried to fit in any small detail. I still hope you enjoyed reading if you made it to the end ;)

I think my next session is going to be with her girlfriend (while we had smalltalk she mentioned that her girlfriend is also using toilet slaves) so i‘m looking forward to that and might share this experience too.