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Submitted by cummy on January 3, 2022

Joe and Peter (Text)

Joe woke up one morning as usual, he went to after his woke up for a run and jog. Peter was bleeding and out suffering on the side walk ahhh ahh so he joe walked up to him which he cum on the boo boos bleeding they the heal peter goes up to joe asnd he frenched kissed his butt hole, sweet mama brownie salt sugar everywhere.! joe moans louder than 499 decibles  which was 500 descibles. loud peter then bleeds out of hers ears and goe sblind joe cums again an fuck his ear makig the blood stop. peter loves joe so much joe has a wheelchairy penis but his muscular legs always work. then after he had was done the john gotti from mario and ludigi pizza comes up and pisses on petesr/ joe doesn't tlike that so hge goes up to him and cums out hudroclhorlic acid melting his penis off kind asussy like though like amon us . peter and joe walk to the bank anad kiss more love love. the end of a tragic tale of life death and romance, and sad cry