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Description: Code: The BCT PGP/GPG Public Key Database: Stake Your PGP Key Here
Submitted by mdayonliner on March 11, 2019

[quote][size=13pt][u][b]NOTE 1[/b][/u][/size]: [size=11pt][b][color=red]Please make sure that you also post your PGP fingerprint along with your PGP Public Key.[/color] Refer [url=]this link[/url].[/b][/size]
[size=13pt][u][b]NOTE 2[/b][/u][/size]: [size=11pt]After a recent scam pulled by an escrow agent master-P, few changes have been made below. Please make sure you ask for a PGP signature and also [b]make sure that the fingerprint of the PGP signature matches with the PGP fingerprint given in the ([b]PARENTHESIS[/b]) beside the username below[/b].[/size]
[size=13pt][u][b]LAST UPDATE[/b][/u][/size]: [size=11pt][b][color=red]13 January 2019.[/b][/size]

In recent times, it's becoming very difficult to differentiate between the real veteran member and a newbie ready to scam you. For example, [url=;u=60820]DannyHamilton[/url] has been an active member for long and is trusted as an escrow agent but there are many accounts which have similar usernames which should be avoided.

Most of the veteran members who are specifically involved in activities like Escrow Service, Currency Exchange, Signature Campaign, etc which involve transfer of huge amounts of money sign the address with PGP which can be verified using their respective PGP/GPG Public Keys.

Hence, I am hereby linking all the PGP/GPG Public Key of different members. I am categorizing them on the basis of their Member Levels.


[size=14pt][b][u]Bitcoin Core Developers[/u][/b][/size]
[li][url=]Gavin Andresen[/url][/li]
[li][url=]Gregory Maxwell[/url][/li]
[li][url=]Jeff Garzik[/url][/li]

[li][url=]BadBear[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]0x532DD290F0BEB516[/b])[/li]


[li][url=]achow101[/url] (Previously, [b]knightdk[/b]) --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]1528 1230 0785 C964 44D3 334D 1756 5732 E08E 5E41[/b]) - (Promoted to Staff, refer [url=][b]this thread for more info[/b][/url].)[/li]
[li][url=]BitRentX[/url] ([b]0xBF79A2900C04619F[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]franckuestein[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]1FC6 21C1 946F 3740 6F6D 0AAA 81AF DAA8 D1B1 995A[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Mitchełł[/url] ([b]EEDB 5C36 3A89 797E 9EFE C653 782C FCF0 08CE 9C49[/b])[/li]

[size=14pt][b][u]Forum Members[/u][/b][/size]
[li][url=]0x0010[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]40B9 B0FD D125 0D97 1B97 9C4D A59C E919 9CB6 536B[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]2c0de[/url] ([b]DDBF 069E 3453 6EE3 BE72  E3A8 30D0 2F4F 3BC7 E444[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]aakashsangwan[/url] ([b]E0E3 F6B9 AAD8 23C1 1B74 8528 1ADB A2EF E018 61BB[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]abhiseshakana[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]2E38 8973 F1F1 0693 8173 4056 3E01 A207 7B8A 810B[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Abiky[/url] ([b]55A1 61CC E886 B123 FB16  9E12 EB5E 6937 33A9 8796[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]actmyname[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]2A59 EF11 A725 10B7 FA71 1EFB B73F 5AE8 7ABC 1BFA[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]AdolfinWolf[/url] ([b]CEE2 3431 54F9 7BE7 A795 5B19 132B E1E8 C4C5 24E3[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]alfaboy23[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]5BC2 6E6C 9444 097D A50F 7DBF 76B0 5E98 49CF 0548[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Athertle[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]6D69 9E0C 974C D0A3 595F E1E0 653F 646F A56F 60BF[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]atp1916[/url] ([b]9886 9E75 9EBC A489 C6E3 1781 96B7 AE1E 77C3 B695[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]BitCoinDream[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]0A92 7D97 66C4 6CCF 4E27 2E65 7058 0793 95EC B085[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]BitCryptex[/url] --- ([b]21F8 C5D6 509F BCC9 8A13 B93E 6A39 19A2 7CB4 9A2F[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]bitpop[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]B373 0808 9667 2344 3B7F E863 93EB C90F D4FF E997[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]bL4nkcode[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]B8C3 B938 B4B0 CD15 2180 8395 555A 57E0 DDB8 D92C[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Blazed[/url] ([b]0x104499EDE036C548[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Blazr[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] --- [url=]LINK 3[/url] ([b]851E 59A1 4E68 9192 5754  700A 5C34 AC76 2916 3393[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]BoXXoB[/url] ([b]CD39 2946 0D48 B15A FA9A 4EB0 AEFE 092B 7A9B 009B[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]bones261[/url] ([b]6BAF2F53353A8734F25715A7B3DF4AF45C3E2B2B[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Cobalt9317[/url] ([b]F404 68CE 7C81 659A 2E9E  EB06 B869 11E0 CE6C 5544[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]CrackedLogic[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]7545 D232 6E4A AC8E BAE1 8BF7 76CF 0ECE C396 44F5[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]criptix[/url] ([b]CD4C 3D02 8F5E E20C CC65 E5BA E4CE 867F 9388 BF36[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]cryptapus[/url] ([b]692C 0756 E57D 2FA1 7601 3729 010B 717F 231C E7AA[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]DaddyMonsi[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]EA0D 8E9D C212 F04D F929 965C 959B 03C3 D430 B550[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]DarkStar_[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]58AB AEE9 0659 EEE5 2F32 1FBA 96BF FCB0 D6CC EE10[/b]) - [url=][color=red][b]User Signed Message Using Different PGP Key (0x8655BE21F5200CAD)[/b][/color][/url][/li]
[li][url=]DannyHamilton[/url] ([b]0xDE9CBC0020CA5E05[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Decoded[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]338B BE95 EFCD 0BF1 C4D3 3363 F842 75E9 4779 4A09[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]devthedev[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]C143 7558 07E4 EFB5 7734 3A00 A07B 6D7B 55D1 075A[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Digitalbitcoin[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]0127 7BE0 52A5 8B55 9652  0922 AD2C 7CD7 A387 FFEE[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]DireWolfM14[/url] --- ([b]8FE4A7A028980A92143F2E936FC0D490FA1861B8[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]DrthCaedus[/url] ([b]EC5E 1F8A CC5D CAC7 AF8D 5144 0ED5 B01C 30CD EC1E[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]dsyahputera[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]E4C0 014A FBC9 0816 E388 7FE5 71BB AFBE 7D78 9D3F[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Dudeperfect[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]925D 7BF3 DCDF 14B6 045C 898F 7CFE 50C8 5D2D BC04[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]EcuaMobi[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]37D0 6E1D 43EC 62B8 74DD 5686 8DAF D805 AE6D 5F7A[/b]) ([b][s]C9DA 8217 40A7 1D0B 8D59 3F69 B0AC CED7 AC0B 3E80[s][/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Emerge[/url] ([b]DDD8 AA0B 5F33 F4B7 74CE  67FE 88E1 8A57 6211 CB59[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]ETFbitcoin[/url] ([b]5E77 6764 B3A2 BA3D 47F6  B495 7881 C3F1 0433 226B[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]fitty[/url] ([b]25B1 CE7A A2C5 13B5 092D E38C DC7C C8D1 654F 06AB[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]FrilledShark[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]D8B6 7F81 FE08 2F66 2E54 138D 2730 9663 5DFF 59B6[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]ged00u[/url] ([b]3EA4 916F DAFA BD49 CE42 EA71 2B79 F0F6 C4F5 5901[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]greyhawk[/url] ([b]BAA2 BD3F F8B2 298F 00F5  EAFE 5E63 8505 9E11 BE79[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]grtthegreat[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]D10B 475F 51C8 B26A AFA8 3512 3AE9 0D7E 1C34 9841[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]guitarplinker[/url] ([b]BF6C 1D6A 6762 7186 ED49 80F0 EFFB C281 7A4C 2195[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Husna QA[/url] ([b]RSA: 0x58BC997445D96F68DB65C169A2CA884F183D22E9[/b]) ([b]ECC: 0xC9B290C8C87C9BB5F440E82AD21FD04306AED362[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]iamalone1[/url] ([b]5FF3 05AD 1B47 1C14 4E00 3356 31BC 6993 3BC7 64B8[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]idev[/url] ([b]35D6 B697 B364 B02F E070 71F8 E794 DCE2 58E1 4D08[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]IMZ[/url] ([b]50B4 486E 9DC9 8AB1 A363 1C03 23A6 2E2C A3DB DCBB[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Indianacoin[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]3C49 8345 8FC1 7288 C05B 96EF 7A7B 5D39 4428 6671[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]instacalm[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]163E 54EA 7618 E5E5 5C80 ACD2 C504 680C A1D7 B5B7[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]inPRIVACYweBELIEVE[/url] --- ([b]D16A7AE99D77AA59EFCE1BCEF201260F1DE38389[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]irfan_pak10[/url] ([b]B455 831A 61A9 A934 0099 14CD 6A7C AD19 3093 FF54[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Joel_Jantsen[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]3804 9205 3954 A27E 7125 3F44 C057 0476 8E23 FFA3[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]joniboini[/url] ---  [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]7726 FE9F CDA4 A02D 3E37 9EBF B0AB B741 D8EF 9E69[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]kingaltcoins[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]016A DAD0 635E B616 427E 23D8 B67B FFF5 D403 1FDC[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]kipper01[/url] ([b]DE88 75FC A810 F4F0 36D9 DAC4 2DBA 75F5 A785 AFC5[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Lasergun[/url] ([b]B703 BD71 674C 7B28 C247 8867 86B1 3F71 AC2F D6C8[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Lauda[/url] ([url=]NEW URL[/url]) ([b]67C1 D8F7 8C0C 4530 4789  E437 897F 3993 8C2D 0592[/b]) ([b][s]CBB8 39C0 188B ADE8 A80C 90B2 F4E3 AD3C 52F9 9ADB[/s][/b])[/li]
[li][url=]leowonderful[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]DFF4 DF3A CE1A 2352 32DC AE7F 974F D699 F323 C42F[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]LouReed[/url] ([b]0x304F45A4BE34AAF2[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Lutpin[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]AD9F 3852 68B2 6221 BC1C 128D A36E D850 A91F 682E[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Mahirap[/url] ---  ([b]9375 2A49 5975 217E E991 79FF 4F52 1C62 5AA7 0810[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]monkeynuts[/url] ---  ([b]39721450B4FC5A8336CC7D6D0D69016FC0BECB71[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]mattcode[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]0xBC2BB1D36104939BE924AA51A09E643F541C0FC5[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]mcb1221[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]589F 466A 95EA EA5C FD25 1EC9 9BDB CD75 AD76 9D72[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]mdayonliner[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]81DA EE69 0159 E01E 28FF 9510 86FE A0B6 5C6E 1B2C[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Meretrix[/url] ([b]0xB589C6F74DCAE7A2E932A9773E0E253A[color=red]69696969[/color][/b]) --- [color=red][b]Now, that's SEXY[/b][/color]![/li]
[li][url=]MetaCode[/url] ---  ([b]8765610ED744B032FAC95328F08CA8C2E1869844[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]mexxer-2[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] --- [url=http://[url=]OLD PUBLIC KEY[/url] ([b]7EB3 63AD 9F56 74C5 1D24 B585 402D 8187 A271 C15B[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]minifrij[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]A7CE B316 251B 64F3 78D1 3685 C935 BE28 4A69 8495[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]mocacinno[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]E633 2440 C530 8609 9B38 5055 5ABD 41A2 5588 B3CD[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]monbux[/url] ([b]4A9A A150 44A6 8891 085C BA95 FE28 A8B9 7BAC 8955[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Muhammed Zakir[/url] ([b]7F6F 77C6 B7DA 2E6F 2130 79B3 1867 030B 45C3 46CA[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]n691309[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]E627 B75C B371 0675 2BA2 1789 3CB3 A3DB 4681 9C80[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]ndnhc[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]42AD DEF8 DBC7 B0C0 3729 F548 65A4 C9EC E105 BEBC[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]nihilnegativum[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]8526 9F29 7D00 4923 8045 1E44 0738 884B 56F6 F82D[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Nixtren[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]5E12 F902 8C82 7785 0506 C306 06F5 D91B DF0F 427B[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]notaek[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]435D 744F FB0F 759D AE7C 2A59 B18E 520B 2CD9 D7DB[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]oksana28[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]9FDE 250D 968E CE6C A5E7 FF74 3F6B 18E6 8E2E 092F[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]OmegaStarScream[/url] ([b]A1AF FA94 E0C4 571C FE91 7698 58B5 19CF 9C5E C834[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]oracleongoodbye[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]E7FC 14D2 1F41 2DC9 5E6D 1693 4AC1 4127 21EB C48B[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]pandalion98[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]3FBB C0DA A445 C1DC EB91 401A 55C2 4D74 0CDB F5D9[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Panthers52[/url] ([b]0xB8C552BD827D2A60[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Parazyd[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] --- [url=]LINK 3[/url] ([b]6CB4 6C63 641D B1F1 F811 5B3A BB5E 2E35 B92E 373E[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]PieCrafted[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]F08A 595A 318F 4DE6 FFE5 EE19 95B5 4BDB 900F 48AB[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Quickseller[/url] ([b]0x532DD290F0BEB516[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]ranochigo[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]8FD0 1AF2 31B2 72EF 2692 21E1 F92A 496A 08DF 0619[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]redsn0w[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]920D E630 024D B5EB 2C68 0616 31CA 2DE7 9E76 68D7[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Royse777[/url] ([b]AC25 D18F 9293 B701 8AFF 11CE C9A5 E309 A247 5E78[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Saruman[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]6809 FF92 5EF1 9312 B5CA 83D8 D93D 51E5 2E3E A52C[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Sellingaccs[/url] ([b]9907 6318 B26F F410 26BD  1EB5 A920 C997 304E 7578[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]ShiftKeyBroken[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]0x7C455218D9F8B28C[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]shinohai[/url] ([b]0x260FA57BCE677A5C04BF60BA4A75883CC1B1D34C[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]shorena[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] --- [url=]LINK 3[/url] ([b]0x940A17DBBD6B68E2[/b]) ([b]4E32 814C 98C2 B12E C473 228B 940A 17DB BD6B 68E2[/b]) --- [url=][color=green][b]NEW Key[/b][/color][/url] --- [url=][b][color=orange]OLD Key[/color][/b][/url][/li]
[li][url=]SmartIphone[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]9CF3 453C DDF0 2C77 5545 96FE 75DA EAA5 56D1 C25F[/b])[/li]
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[li][url=]soopy452000[/url] ([b]B79D 90DF B67C 8C5C CDF0 A4FD 657A 3BBD 9AD6 C868[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]TheButterZone[/url] ([b]84D0 3070 F720 471F 5DB2 FF1D 4C8F 5066 43AB 27C3[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]TheFuzzStone[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]D87F 7157 05F2 4AEF BA40  301B 6D8D 5CB3 9ADC 3EA7[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]thesame12[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]9B2F 6B20 ED1C CC55 C1FA 34C2 869A EF60 2A4B 2C65[/b])[/li]
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[li][url=]zazarb[/url] ([b]4009 94EE 6AFC 72AD 5385 B6DE F6B8 73D1 8CFF 5BE8[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Zebedee23[/url] ([b]6848 498C 6A29 BD56 F331  3D79 32F9 4630 6EA9 9D3B[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]zedicus[/url] ([b]48FA 6225 9686 8108 43B9 5CF5 656A 052C 5A8A EB13[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]Zeroxal[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]62C5 A99E 8413 78D2 3B3F 7A53 1A0A CDAC 16CF F2A6[/b])[/li]

[size=14pt][b][u][color=red]CONFIRMED SCAMMERS LIST - BEWARE!!![/color][/u][/b][/size]
[li][url=]master-P[/url] --- [url=][color=red][b]Scam Accusation/Proof Thread[/b][/color][/url][/li]
[li][url=]Alaki[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]F994 3AE6 C7E4 B852 C784 FC0E B440 C40F B2B0 2556[/b])[/li]
[li][url=]satmass[/url] --- [url=]LINK 2[/url] ([b]2DCB FE1F 6424 F6C7 89C4 84F6 CEED BF15 B348 FC60[/b])[/li]

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