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Submitted by cummy on December 8, 2021

# Q: In your opinion, which VTuber has the bigger boobs? Is it Mori Calliope or Ouro Kronii?

A:  Well its Mori the reason she's shorter is because her boobies is too heavy therefore Mori Calliope has the bigger boobies 

B:  You aren’t looking at the facts. Kronii clearly has the bigger boobs because you can judge the depth of field with the tits window and the shadow on her stomach. Thus, the shadow emphasises the width and curvature of her boobs. Unlike Mori which exhibits none of these features. 

A:  Kroniis boobies stay up but Mori's sag a little from the weight of the boobies and including that sag Mori's boobies are definitely bigger even by just a little bit 

B:  Kronii's boobs are held up by her own outfit. If we compare the length of the extension from the bottom of Mori's and Kronii's tits to chin ratio of diameter, we can see that despite Mori sagging, Kronii still exhibits the greater length. 

A:  Hmmm, I see however I truly believe that Mori's are bigger by just the slightest bit due to the sag a proper comparison is quite difficult they might be the same size if Mori didn't have a sag but I believe that due to this sag Mori's a bigger since if Kroniis were bigger then even with the outfit a slight sag would still be there 

Edit: Typo

B:  The sag isn't that indifferent to make it a harder comparison. We can also take an alternative comparison and analyse the curvature of Mori's and Kronii's boobs, which defeats the necessity to compare a sag. We can also see that Kronii has a bigger arc within the start of her tits and the end of it compared to Mori's. Implying this indicates that the radius of her tits is also comparatively bigger utilising the formula of s=r(angle in radians). 

A:  Are we comparing their boobs as if they're naked or are we comparing them if they were clothed? 

B:  Lol, I don’t know. I’m just looking at their models. 

A:  Damn, same lets agree that we both wanna suffocate in their boobies