What's new in this version?


  • Greatly improved usability across the site
  • Greatly improved speed across the site
  • Wider, more usable forms
  • A single theme for simpler customization of our stylesheets

Paste Submission

  • Multi-section pastes
  • Drag/drop files onto the page to upload
  • Automatic detection of syntax when dragging/dropping
  • Shortcuts (Ctrl+S to submit paste, Ctrl+M for a new section/paste tab, Ctrl+Alt+X to close a section/tab, Ctrl+D to detect the syntax of a section)
  • Fullscreen editing

Paste Viewing

  • Better copying, viewing raw, downloading (including full pastes as zip files)
  • Client side highlighting
  • Notices when a paste was removed by an administrator, either for copyright claims or violating our AUP


  • A new Application/API system to allow better usage of the API by Applications and Users
  • A list of all your pastes on your account overview
  • Email notifications for logins and granting access to new applications
Last modified on February 7, 2017 at 11:24:24 am